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Jenny Time

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 10 August 2019 23:39] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 11 August 2019 11:09]

August 12, 2120 AD - Toronto, Canada

The gentle light of a sunny Summer morning entered through the half-open window of Super Goddess Jennifer Martinette's gigantic studio at her renowned mansion. It caressed one side of her perfect face. She giggled, finally noticing all the hours she had been working in her new thousands of different art projects at the same time. She had lost awareness of everything around her during her artistic euphoria and due to that her passive abilities had taken their toll on her surroundings. Her luscious silvery brown mane filled the entire room and had toppled over chairs, tables and canvas while hanging tight to the main pillars like ivies. People all over the city were enjoying a collective orgy thanks to her magical pheromones spreading unopposed and even mixing with the water supply. In fact, the whole region stank of sex just because of her carelessness and moans of pleasure could be heard in the distance.

"Oops, sorry guys but you can't stay there forever." She was apparently talking to no one but then she yawned and stretched her arms, puffing her humongous chest. A blinding flash of light covered the entire room and about a dozen of people were projected outside Jennifer's body as she blissfully laughed. "That tickles!" They were all naked, scared and confused about their whereabouts. "I would say that being in the proximity of an absent-minded Super Goddess is a foolish idea since your inferior biomass will be absorbed without doubt but this time it was my fault so I'll let it slip. You can go now!" The omnipotent read their minds very quick to find about their home addresses and magically teleported them with a wave of her manicured hand back to those places.

As her mane went back to its original shape and length by transforming the excess of hair into a flock of golden butterflies and tying itself into a girly ponytail, the goddess turned to another one of her creations. She sit in her stool and removed the cloak hiding her new masterpiece. There was nothing behind it besides a blank canvas, or at least, not for the limited human perception. Jennifer observed her masterpiece and thought of a way to make it more interesting and unique. The actual drawing could not be seen, heard, felt or even smelt by regular human beings.

Oh but she could. Jennifer stood up and embraced it, then proceeded to passionately kiss it, indicating it was tridimensional and possessed a mouth and a tongue, and that it also produced bodily fluids like saliva. While having her way with the invisible humanoid sketch, she started painting its legs with a brush although the figure was in the middle of abandoning the canvas.

Her new creation was about to fool her into letting it escape from its confinement until she felt something very warm and familiar tightening around her body, big bumps pressing against her back and making her shiver in pleasure, sending her back to Earth and causing the picture to become two dimensional and completely under her control again. She was now in company of Britney Atwater, the woman who raised her and currently an ultipotent Enhanced enjoying her life as a master of reality in her own way. The Super Goddess felt her ponytail being untied, then her gorgeous hair coming loose. “I prefer this hairstyle for you…” Sometimes she appeared all of a sudden wherever Jennifer happened to be just to pay her a visit, a sexual one to be precise.

Her careless hug had enough power to crush a being a thousand times bigger and heavier than her. She loved using her well deserved superpowers, bestowed upon her by the Super Goddess herself. "I thought you were exploring the outer limits of this Universe, Britney." She didn't look back at the perfect body of her lover, instead reveling in her embrace and keeping with her work, morphing the body inside the canvas with a few masterful strokes of her brush, its very human flesh behaving like putty for her magical creator.

The ultipotent laid some cute kisses on her goddess's swan neck, causing her to giggle like the schoolgirl she was when Britney still acted as her legal guardian. "Sometimes having a brain with this level of development makes me unable to stop thinking about making you moan and ask me for more. Once that thought manifests itself… I can't bring myself to wait more than a few attoseconds to come here and fuck you…" Her hands were now stroking dangerous places and making Jennifer blush and pant.

"Don't you see I'm creating an invisible homunculus from scratch using a regular canvas? You are playing dirty here…"

"A very interesting piece of art indeed but…" She inhaled the extremely erotic smell that oozed off her dear Jennifer and rested her head against hers, not before respectfully kissing her butterfly shaped earring.

The goddess laughed heartily. "Everyone does that now, you too?!"

"I’ve watched you soil your diapers in the past but that doesn't mean I don't have to address your status as a Super Goddess." She could LITERALLY hear the distant rumble of the infinite number of synapses happening inside Jennifer's prodigious mind, it was almost like an erratic but impossibly fast and efficient hard drive that would never overheat, no matter the sensory data input it was subjected to. The notion of her cute, little urchin being a sexy and unstoppable creation machine turned her on like nothing else could and flooded her underwear. In her eyes, Jennifer was the perfect being, and there was nothing else she wanted more than to make her feel good. "I think I'm a bit more… up to your pace now, don't you think…?" She smiled while pleasuring Jennifer's pussy with her lightspeed fast fingers.

"You want to trigger a Super Orgasm, am I right? What a smartass…" She smiled smugly and a golden aura covered her entire body. "What if I show you another project of mine?" After that, she put her palms together like a Buddha and closed her eyes. At that moment, in every place that could be considered a seat, a dick grew. A penis. Big, meaty and girthy. A phallic monument to masculinity. All the women in the world that were sitting suddenly got penetrated by Jennifer's sprouting cocks, which also moved on their own and gave them the sex experience of their lives. Those that found themselves standing when it happened examined the magical members for a while until they deduced only a Super Goddess could do that and jumped on the opportunity of getting drilled by a divine dick while blushing in self-disappointment because they were technically cheating on their couples. Needless to say it was totally worth whatever breakup or divorce it would cause.

As the whole planet was surrendering to Jennifer's new experiment, Britney was no exception, she was also being penetrated by a giant dick that came out of the stool she was sitting on. And it was glorious but since she was a Enhanced she could still think straight while taking it. "W-What does art have to do with this?"

"Take a look!" A giant screen popped out of thin air in front of them, it showed Britney's cock crazed face at that moment. But there was something special with it, with their superior vision it was clear that the image was composed of pixels, each of them footage of every single woman in the world getting ravaged by the dicks and putting on a shameful, lustful expression. Jennifer started tampering with each small frame using her super precise nails and for every time she touched them, it sent a new wave of pleasure that overrode their senses and made them cum. It didn't take long to do it to everyone given her inhuman speed and once the last woman on Earth was satisfied and in a coma due to the relentless pleasure, the same happened to Britney. She came and passed out.

When she opened her beautiful eyes, a naked Jennifer was the first thing she saw. Thanks to her powerful brain she gained instantaneous situational awareness and understood that she had just been exposed to a Super Orgasm and survived, now being tended to by the Super Goddess herself on the giant bed at her harem room which in itself was as big as a palace and was decorated as the ancient Roman thermae. There was also some weird stuff going on in their vicinity, apparently a clone of both of them was already fucking half of the girls in the harem like there was no tomorrow while the original Jennifer offered her some hot coffee. "I'm very impressed Britney! You survived a Super Orgasm, those are supposed to be for Super Goddesses only. It speaks volumes of your resilience." She kissed her beloved as a reward. "The truth is that I wanted to figure out a more creative and artistic method of triggering one beyond… you know… using a dildo. Irina is a genius between geniuses but she's definitely a function over form person." She chuckled deliciously. "You and I have been at it for days while you were unconscious."

Britney smiled knowingly and took another look at the orgy at their side. The moaning and panting were impossible to ignore. "Well I prefer what we are doing now over there, but why is the dressed version of yourself the one I'm fucking?"

"For my next project, I need to be in this state. I'm going to travel back in time and deliberately change stuff!"

"Okay, but for what reason? Isn't that dangerous for the space-time continuum?"

"Not at all! Just a mo-"

And then she ceased to exist in that reality, just like that, leaving her copy with Britney and the rest of the girls.

The goddess walked slowly through a sepia-colored trail containing many important moments in human history like they were part of an old Super 8 roll with her hands at the back, examining when was the correct time for her to make an appearance while humming a cute lullaby with her beautiful and jolly voice. For someone like her who didn't have a limited perception of all the dimensions like humans do, travelling through time was second nature, and could be done by simply moving in one direction. The discovery of fire, the origin of the Xia Dynasty, the assassination of Julius Caesar, the fall of Constantinople, World War I…

April 29, 1752 BC - Southern Isle of Britannia

She spun it back to an earlier point in time with her fingers. Basically rewinding the entire fabric of reality at her whim with but a gesture. "Ahhhhh this looks sooo turbulent, I want something more peaceful… There it is!" She dived into one of the negatives and carefully floated down until she landed in a wild glade, surrounded by many hectare of virgin forest from the 18th century before Christ was supposedly born. Well, there was only one God between humans now since this was a time before M'Wela, the first Super Goddess was even born. Nevertheless, that was only a technicality. The moment a Super Goddess acquired her omnipotence she became eternal and existed in every time period at the same time, completely removed from the laws of cause and effect.

The goddess enjoyed the clean and fresh air so much that she chose to keep exposing her perfect naked body to the world, thus causing an explosion of pheromones around her. As she walked around, bathing in the smells and sounds of a time when everything was simpler and more genuine, some animals came to her side. Butterflies and birds sat on her hair and shoulders while a few squirrels joined her in the stroll. It was like the entire forest was paying tribute to the true and only mistress of existence.

Jennifer passed by some trees and caressed one of their trunks. "It feels so good, this would be a good place to start my project, now I just need to find some people. They should be civilized enough to have a decently modern hierarchy system by now." Thanks to her magical touch the tree basically came to life and moaned erotically, some leaves fell after it shivered because of the pleasure. Jennifer giggled for the fact that even plants would become horny in her presence and answer to her pampering as if they were human.

The pike of an iron spear stopped ten millimeters short of stabbing her right eye as she easily caught it between two fingers, still smiling calmly like she always did. She had been found by a young hunter apprentice probably trying to prove his value by catching a big animal so his ascension into adulthood would be recognized by his peers. She could see the combination of fear and relief in his innocent eyes the moment he noticed he had almost killed a woman, and not only that, she easily blocked his ambush attack and couldn't move his weapon anymore thanks to the tremendous strength of the goddess. He tried to get away from his mistake and yelled at her in an unknown ancient language that sounded nothing like modern English. She reached into his mind and pulled all the necessary knowledge from it, including the stuff he didn't know yet but would eventually in the future. Jennifer learned and processed it all instantly to a greater level than him. "You shouldn't go around pointing your spear at people like that, you might hurt someone." She giggled playfully. "Not me though, I'm God."

He noticed Jennifer's incredible body, much taller and healthier than most people that had ever existed at this point, with her powerful pheromones preying on his vulnerable teenage hormones. He found himself flustered and blushing in front of this divine creature who also smelled wonderful. He got an erection, the need to mate increasing, but as an adult he had to act consequently. She was a stranger, he had to bring her to his tribe so they could interrogate her. She could be a spy from a new enemy trying to invade their homeland. "G-God?! What are you talking about, woman? You are not from my village, what are you doing out here in the forest?!" Jennifer twirled her fingers, making the spear point upwards at a perfect 90 degree angle and lifting the entire weight of the boy who was now hugging it tight and clinging for his life. "A-Are you a monster?! No man is that strong, let alone a woman! Let me go, let me go or I'll tell my father!"

"But I want to meet your father, and the others too… you will help me right?" Her smug gaze started digging inside his mind and then glowed as if they were made of pure energy. In a matter of seconds, the guy's loyalty wasn't to his family, but to this stranger he had just met. This irrationally hot stranger whose eyes made him obey like a dog. "No… not like a dog, you are going to be my fearless steed." Jennifer plucked a flower from the soil and conveniently reality warped it into a brush with white paint on it. She started painting the air around the dazzled boy, actually covering it in a different color despite all the impossibilities with this that science could describe. After thousands of swift strokes at an astounding speed, she had completely transformed him into a two dimensional unicorn in the style of renaissance paintings that was uncannily detached stylistically from everything around him. It looked like something out of that famous 90's crossover movie with the cartoon rabbit and his big titted singer girlfriend. "A bit cruel from my part, turning a human into a horse that only lives to serve me… well, it's not like this is the 'real' reality anyway. I can experiment a little right?" She said to herself as she mounted sideways on her new pet. After a quick slap on his buttocks, the beast neighed and ran towards what was originally his village. His new home was under Jennifer's plentiful asscheeks.

She eventually reached a pretty cute village with houses made of wood and straw with a short, circular wall around it and what she could tell was a metal forge and a well in the middle. "So they are this advanced already eh? Pretty enlightening." She floated down her new steed and engaged the guards on the door, who were wearing primitive metal armors and spears. They were slightly shorter than her but very muscular. She let out a chuckle at the idea than an average sized woman from the future was taller than even the most fearsome warriors from the past, and even decided to humor the fact by humiliating them for a bit.

"You cannot pass woman!" The pointed their weapons at her, instantly assuming a combat pose. They had never seen a woman this tall besides their chieftain Menulica but she was naked and unarmed, and her body was all baby fat. In the right places though. "Why does your horse have a horn? What are you doing here? Explain yourself or die!"

Remembering one of those tasteless internet memes on how to treat short people, Jennifer bent her upper body forward with her hands on her waist and talked to the guard as condescendingly as possible, with a deliciously smug smirk on her face. "Does the wittle babwy want to tawk with an adult wike me? Yes you do, yes you do!" She patted him in the head. He was completely devastated by being ridiculed like that and started to get very angry although also horny in a weird way. Being treated like that by such a goddess was pretty erotic for some reason, he had never experienced something like that. The other warrior kept his composure but swallowed and blushed at the sight of Jennifer's massive, hanging tits.

"Damn you, woman! I'll finish you!"

"Okaaaaaay, whatever. Any of you wittle babies know where I can find an actual adult?" She observed a well built woman with skull pauldrons walking towards the center of the village, evidently angry at the guards for not doing their job and apparently blaming them for waking her up from her nap. "Oh is that your chieftain? She's very pretty! Although a bit of a tomboy." She bit her lips, she was not bad at all for a woman from the negative 18th century. Tall for her era, fit and athletic, long, red hair and an exotic face with an unusual hotness to it. A prime specimen of bronze age pussy. As expected, Jennifer felt the sudden need to fuck her.

"You idiots! I told you not to make loud noises while I’m sleeping!" Everyone kneeled to her as she swayed her motherly hips around. Jennifer passed by the guards and they tried to stop her but an all-powerful, intelligible force that they couldn't quite grasp made them weak in the knees, rendering any act on the trespasser impossible. "And who the fuck are you, slut? I'm Menulica, chieftain of the Menullians and I don't take kindly to foreigners walking around with that stupid smile on their faces on my watch!" She smiled, showing her overdeveloped fangs. The kids of the village stood behind her, scared of the intruder.

"My name is Jennifer Martinette and I'm the one and only God of this world. My power knows no end and mankind only exists to serve me. I suggest you surrender your chief powers to me and become my concubine at once." She said that with the most deadpan delivery possible and the chieftain roared in laughter.

"You are so funny. A god you say? Surely you can prove such an outrageous claim? Whatever, I'll humor you before capturing you and telling my soldiers to rape you." She pointed at the forge with a spark of sadism in her emerald eyes. "Put your arm deep inside the molten metal. If you survive I might recognize you as a goddess. If not, I believe the one who is going to become a concubine for everyone on this village is you." The perpetual grey clouds of southern England suddenly began to cry as a storm started. Some people were weirded out at how Jennifer's body was dry despite being under the rain but Menulica was too far away from her to appreciate it.

Everyone gasped when the miracle happened. The Super Goddess submerged her entire right arm into the molten metal and smiled at the chieftain who couldn't believe what was happening. She wasn't crying in pain and her arm was definitely unharmed as she proved when she retired it from the forge. It was covered in liquid metal that quickly solidified with the exposure to the cold climate of the region. Steam coming from it with each drop of water that fell on its surface. "Is that enough?" Menulica grunted, she had been made a fool of in front of her tribe.

"This is some kind of trap. I can't believe this is possible so you must be in cahoots with someone here to have made this trick possible. If I catch the traitor…"

"I'm your God and you'll worship me. As for the rest of you, watch how much good I can do to your daily lives. I can control the weather and make your harvests better. I can teach you all the science I know and provide you with superior technology. I can make you taller, stronger, faster and give you food and water to feed yourselves everyday. Behold! The ultimate proof that you must serve me instead of that powerless little human woman!" Acting was also art. And she had made sure to go as ham and theatrical as possible, using the lessons she learned in her time as a Shakespearean actress. In her mind, it was pretty convincing and godly, even if that wasn't her usual personality.

Menulica snapped and rampaged towards Jennifer with the intention of bear-hugging her and crushing her bones but the goddess proved once again that she was almighty and made her hefty tits start vibrating at the speed of the wings of a colibri. The winds created by this simple but magical action destroyed the houses around her with ease. Everyone had to hang to something not to fly away and the chieftain fell on her ass, hitting the well and then falling into it. She added to the intensity of her titflapping in the last seconds and the entire sky was instantly cleared of clouds, leaving only a pleasant Summer afternoon. After her controlled typhoon ended she teleported Menulica to her side, now naked and wet. "Sorry but you are my personal bitch now." Jennifer touched Menulica's womb with her palm and it instantly made her pregnant of many months, to the amazement of everyone. Her already enormous tits started lactating instantly and the goddess didn't deprive herself of some of it, drinking directly from the nipple and making the former leader of the tribe moan and cum. "Good girl, I'll build you a nice house after the reconstruction. After that you'll be my baby factory for a while. I need some superior genetic soldiers from my own blood." Jennifer slapped her ass and she fell on her knees, unable to speak. Completely defeated but obviously lusting for Jennifer despite what just happened. She touched her tummy and a new kind of happiness she had never experienced awakened on her. She was going to be the mother of God's children, that was her new vocation, and she couldn't be more content with it.

After that, Jennifer addressed the peasants, and with those displays of relentless and unopposable power in mind, they couldn't deny her divinity. In the next weeks, she would become Goddess Queen Butterfly of the Jenniferians of Southern Britannia. That title was given to her due to her trademark earrings and the scaled steel armor she chose to forge for herself, which had metal butterfly wings and a lot of shapes inspired in that animal around its frame. To dye it, she chose to physically pick the rainbow and use her own hands to splash its colors onto the plates. Thanks to this, the color pattern changed almost at random, always fascinating her new subjects and making her look like some kind of magical fairy. The look was completed by an impressive scepter with a big chunk of ruby gemstone shaped like a flower adorning it.

Where did she get the ruby you ask? Well, Jennifer introduced every other element on the periodic table to the tribe, and taught the villagers about how to apply them to new kinds of objects and marvellous inventions that set them thousands of years into the future technologically. She would personally go and teach the children how to read, write and use the scientific method in various contemporary (to them) languages as well as to appreciate the arts, no matter the period. She loved acting as a teacher and she had experience from her former college lectures, needless to say she was one of the best, if not the best at it, and even the kids that had more difficulty learning became knowledgeable and erudite in very little time. As for the adults, who had a harder time learning at their advanced age and were dragged down by the cultural zeitgeist of their era, she decided to make them operate all their new machines and build all the stuff with the infinite resources she created. She would even provide the farmers with perfect weather for their crops by flapping her tits and dispelling the clouds when they needed it, or summoning rain by singing with her beautiful voice if they required the other. All of this helped them easily trump the rest of the tribes in Britannia, and later on, northwestern continental Europe. Jennifer could easily make peace and conquer them with ease using her eloquent speechcraft and dashing looks, by explaining to them that they were too inferior to her people to even resist, and that they would greatly benefit from joining her ever growing empire. Those that didn't comply and fought back were made short work of by the numerous hordes of genetically superior super soldiers, who had grown up to adulthood in a matter of a few years thanks to having Jennifer's flawless DNA within their bloodstream. Yes, her combatants were all her biological children, fruit of her sometimes week-long mating sessions with her harem of tribal women, including Menulica.

In two very fast years Jennifer was the empress of the biggest confederation of nations in the history of the world, superior in technology, medicine and firepower to everyone else including giants like the Chinese and Babylonian dynasties, and extending from the British Isles to all of continental Europe, a big chunk of Russia, the Canary Islands and northern Africa. She eclipsed them all in size, population and cultural relevance without even trying. And at this point it was time for her to do what she had been thinking since the beginning: Invading the most important civilization in the world and completely erasing any proof of it ever existing in this timeline with the exception of an art piece that she would make and keep as a souvenir.

The Jenniferian Empire had modern looking cities with proper sewage, hundred of feet tall metal and brick buildings, automobiles, planes and self-propelling ships. All of them surrounded by miles and miles of planified hydroponic farms and greenhouses, all the meat and dairy products were genetically engineered while the animals run wild and free in country-sized reserves that contained various biomes. Jennifer had copied M'Wela with this and twisted space so stuff bigger than it looked fit in less actual land. They also had self-sustaining school, sanitation and healthcare systems with up to date procedures and understanding of modern science. Its citizens were educated, self-policing polyglots that worshipped their Goddess for all the gifts she had bestowed upon them and especially for her sacred teachings that made it possible for all of them to progress. Her reality-warping power being capable of speeding all the processes that made some public works that would normally take years take months instead, all while handling every political decision at lightspeed thanks to her mind-numbing brain and ability to multitask, down to the most local and minor laws.

After a while, it looked like good old Babylon didn't want to participate of the greatness that was becoming part of Jennifer’s empire, so she had to storm the region with her troops, dispatching a small garnison of her best warriors by sea to Egypt, now hers, then making them walk on foot towards the land between the rivers.

It took a day to reach the inner cities of the Empire. The Jenniferians were so superior they could literally plow through armies much more numerous than them without fear of being hurt thanks to their Enhanced physiology, making them able to lift much more weight, run faster and deal killing blows with a simple tap on the head. It was a complete bloodshed for the Babylonians and from the 100 soldiers Jennifer sent to Babylon, only two died and those were separately ambushed by the entire armies of Sumer and Uruk. After a while, using the materials found in the conquered polis they used their superior intelligence and creativity to buy rudimentary weapons and artillery, much inferior technologically to what they had back home, but still enough to destroy the enemy’s walls and strategies completely. This included swords, spears, catapults and even trained elephants which easily stomped over the Mesopotamians.

Jennifer herself blinked out of reality and appeared floating over the main gates of the capital megalopolis of Babylon with her butterfly armor and scepter in hand. With an arrogant and almost out of character nastiness, she proclaimed the following. "Old and wise King Hammurabi, the days of your dynasty are over. On the verge of death, you can only choose the course of action that is best for your people. Babylon now belongs to the Jenniferians and their invincible Goddess, me! If you want to prevent more bloodshed I suggest you surrender the land and the subjects you rule over to me. After all, I can tell they have already started to worship me by reading their minds, including yours Your Majesty…" She said in a mocking tone. And she was right, she was eclipsing the Sun itself and hovering over them like a true, undisputable Goddess, with all those magnificent feats of progress and war backing her words. But for good measure, she shot at an enormous Gilgamesh stone statue with her scepter and it became one of herself.

After being advised by his court of wise men, Hammurabi stepped out of his palace alongside his entourage and guards and, in front of the people he had been ruling for decades, in front of the former greatest and most advanced empire in the world that he had partly built, he kneeled, effectively giving carte blanche to Jennifer to start governing his country. With a cruel smirk on her perfectly featured face, Jennifer denied him any forgiveness. "Nah. You took too long. Kill them all, destroy this pathetic civilization my children." She pointed at the center of the city with her ruby flower scepter and shot a beam of magical energy that teleported about ten thousand of her super troops to Babylon, this time actually armed with modern day technology including tanks, planes, drones and assault rifles.

In the next days the entire region of Mesopotamia was genocided, and the cities and civilization of Babylon and Sumer completely erased from the map. Jennifer herself had some fun by milking her own tits and streaming trillions of liters from her delicate nipples, causing the rivers Tigris and Euphrates to overflow and flood their surrounding polis without mercy.

Before choosing another period of time to jump to, the Super Goddess snapped her fingers, creating a small film roll that contained thousands of hours of perfect definition footage of the destruction of Babylon. All the battles and massacres perfectly captured from all angles and points of view, masterfully edited and shot. In her superior mind, this relentless cruelty was still a form of art, one that she would keep for herself until further notice.

Jennifer abandoned time and space and freed herself from the laws of causality and continuity to appear in a vacuum. There, she started sobbing, where she made sure no one could watch or hear her cry. Her fairy armor quickly dissolving into nothingness. This dimension wouldn't accept less sturdier stuff than a Super Goddess and thus would instantly eliminate it. The naked omnipotent covered her eyes as the tears dropped to the floor, becoming gemstones so resistant that they could keep their physical form for minutes before ceasing to exist.

"Damn this stupid Super Empathy I was born with… Ahhhhhhh those poor people me and my soldier have killed, all for this senseless art project… I hate it and myself!" She kept with that for a while until she calmed down. "It's okay, I'll revert everything, make as if nothing of that ever happened, then start in another time with a better motivation! In fact, now that I think about it, erasing everything about what just happened makes the film roll even more valuable, you are a genius Jennifer!" Of course she was only convincing herself of this. It was true that she could make her Babylon escapade irrelevant by wishing for it to never had happened, perhaps even erase it from her own mind altogether, but the facts were there. She had acted like a tyrannical demon and killed tons of innocent people for her selfish artistic needs. It is astonishing how easy it is for beings as powerful as the Super Goddesses to let themselves go like this, since we are practically ants to them and they have the power to decide our fate in any way they deem correct, at any time. Nevertheless, we must be grateful that they choose to be kind, easygoing and empathetic, at least in our reality.

Just by willing it, all the suffering and destruction in that timeline had turned into conceptual nothingness thanks to Jennifer's ridiculous reality-bending magic. By that copy universe's account, Menulica had always been the chieftain of the Menullicans and history had gone as exactly as in our version of it.

June 1, 1875 AD - London, British Empire

Her usual smile returned to her mouth, being now free of any blame. "Let's not torture ourselves any longer." The Super Goddess saved what was the equivalent of a genocide snuff film in her pocket hammerspace cleavage and exploded in a light show of pretty colors, now dressed as a Victorian lady with the frilliest and most beautiful dress her mind had ever conceived, including a crinoline that made her already humongous ass and childbearing hips even more obvious and mimicking the color pattern of her well-known high school uniform. A matching umbrella appeared in her gloved hand.

"I'm in the mood for something romantic!" Not wanting to wait more she simply materialized in a similar copy of our nineteenth-century England, falling from the sky and using her umbrella to softly hover over the chimneys of the working people houses in the outskirts of the biggest metropolis in Europe like some beloved magical nanny that I shouldn't mention as to not get a copyright strike by a certain soulless megacorporation bent on world domination. Sadly, people couldn't take photos of this event to properly document it so they just stood there with their mouths agape, pointing at the flying woman until she decided to land on the Serpentine Bridge at Hyde Park, to the amazement of everyone involved. Men instantly got a boner looking at her while women felt jealousy and corrected their inappropriate drooling husbands, even when they themselves were attracted by her. But those feelings were very repressed in this puritan time so they kept them to themselves.

In short words, she was the most wonderful and beautiful woman they had ever seen, with proportions out of a wet dream, and her smug and charismatic smile melt their hearts while her potent pheromones clouded their reason.

As the bystanders surrounded her to admire her otherworldliness, she stopped to stare at the Lake Serpentine. It was beautiful, much more than it was in present times. This view paired with the golden, evening sky kicked her artistic inspiration into overdrive. Not caring at all about showing her powers in public she started twirling her gloved hands and the water obeyed her without question. At first she just had fun by creating waves in different directions and forming small whirlwinds to lock ducks and gooses and then shoot them up with a spurt, which caused people to both fear and applaud the big titted witch. After a while she got confident and made her fingers dance to create liquid human-like figures dressed as ballet performers and carried them through an improvised routine greater as both a technical and an artistic achievement than anything that had ever been composed until that point while joyfully humming along with the music inside her head. Soon the wind between the tree branches, the chirping of the birds, the steps of the people that were visiting Hyde Park and even a coal powered locomotive in the distance joined her new masterpiece, perfectly emulating the instruments she wanted them to replace and following the designated notes streaming from her almighty mind without any mistake despite the fact that most of them could not produce such sounds naturally. At some point, Jennifer was using the entire city of London as an orchestra to put music to her water puppets dancing.

It didn't take long for those culturally enlightened, mostly noblemen, to attend to the spectacle and enjoy the most beautiful performance of their lives. Some of them cried, being musicians themselves, both because of its artistry and emotion and because at that moment they understood that their music was outdated and could never surpass Jennifer's. Although no matter the social or economic class, everyone seemed to love what was happening to the point of being moved by it. She was giving them a life changing experience.

Once the smiling Super Goddess thought it was the perfect moment to end, she ceased to conduct the ballet with her hands and suddenly the magic stopped, London stopped singing her tune and the ballet dancers became petrified in a thick layer of ice, forever to be preserved so everyone in the city would remember her performance. Jennifer would call this little improvising exercise: Music by Lake Serpentine, and it would become a hit back in her original reality too.

The omnipotent conductor sighed calmly and rested on a bench, giving attention to her new hundreds of fans that were asking her pretty understandable stuff, like how was she using magic or why was she so talented with music and dance composition. After a while it got a bit tiring so she decided to streamline the process and reality warp the entirety of the planet so everyone would inherently acknowledge her as a famous musician with perfectly explainable magical powers for no reason other than she wanted it to be so. All of mankind suddenly just accepted her divinity without even renouncing to their traditional religions and not even the best scientists at the Royal Society had the thought of investigating the matter. Whenever it was brought up, other intrusive thoughts would organically drive the topic away from Jennifer and all her impossibilities that could only be compared to actual omnipotence. It got to the point of making her a celebrity but still mundane enough not to bother her. She might have the looks for it, but Jennifer has never been an attention whore, despite her outgoing and charismatic personality.

The only problem she might have had with it was when a group of policemen started asking questions in a way that would make it appear they wanted her to properly identify herself and to explain her magic tricks if she didn't want to go to jail.

"That's very suspicious lass, you might have to come with us to provide your identification documents and your license for performing here in Hyde Park. I don't think I have ever seen you around this neighbourhood." Jennifer easily detected a wad of bills in his back pocket with her unblockable vision, and by doing a quick analysis of his memories she could pinpoint the moments in which three different people bribed the captain to arrest her. A jealous composer… It made sense. A banker? Why? Oh, her bitch of a wife forced him to do it because she wasn't the one getting the attention. A royal servant? Wow, it seemed the Queen was aware of her existence and not too happy with the fact that her divine right to rule was real, unlike hers. She would have to pay Victoria a visit a bit later.

"Ah but officers, you all just need to relax a little. You are so uptight, London is a city of culture and pleasure for everyone to enjoy. What if I give you a little appetizer of what you could get everyday from now onwards if you don't mess with me again?" The Super Goddess suddenly appeared ten times more smug after snapping her fingers.

A pack of beautiful mermaids came out of the lake and easily charmed the police officers, then took them to its shores to have wet, fishy sex in public while Jenniffer was responding to those that didn't want her in shackles and actually appreciated her work.

She kept answering the questions of those who came to her side, and they even started kissing her hand and her earrings without her telling them to. For some reason, people from any reality would eventually develop the same habits around Super Goddesses, at least whenever they were worshipping them.

Jennifer pretended to yawn as if a being as powerful as her could ever get tired or have the need to sleep just to get the last of her fans to quit, it was nighttime now and she had had enough of it. Fortunately they got the clue and left her alone. But there was something else to do in this time and place… her perfect, romantic love story. Taken directly from a Victorian novel but in real life. It was about to become real in a moment once she manifested an entire mansion from the ground up in the middle of the park. In the collective subconscious of everyone in London, that house had been there since like forever.

"Please wait for a second…" She turned, smiling gently and with a hand on her waist, her marvellous light brown mane flowing with the wind.

"Can I do something for you, stranger?" Her golden eyes started glowing in the dark with unbelievable intensity as a group of cicadas offered background music. There he was, her new lover. Tall, dark, handsome and judging by his expensive designer clothes he was the son of a wealthy family. "Or should I call you Mr. Roger Cavendish, son of the queen's doctor? What is someone as important as you visiting my humble shed in the middle of the night?"

“H-How do you know my…?” Her reading him like an open book unsettled him a bit, but it was also erotic and alluring. Part of her mystery so to speak, so he rolled with it, however she was doing it. "Well, I was watching your spectacle before, it was like nothing I have ever seen before, the ultimate expression of art and beauty. Unfortunately I'm too shy to approach beautiful ladies like you so…"

"You stood far away from me and only observed."

He blushed. "Well, y-yes… uh… I was thinking… If you don’t mind…"

"You want to know me better?"

"Exactly! But I would understand if you didn't want to, someone like you is way out of my league."

"Not really. If you wish to hang out tomorrow I'll be waiting for you at one of those chess tables over there at 6 PM. I hope you are not afraid of a little challenge!" She blew him a magical kiss with golden sparks that dissolved into a small cloud of butterflies and then she entered the mansion.

This was the day Roger fell in love for the first time in his life. He had never met such a beautiful and confident woman ever before, the mystery that she exuded had completely conquered his heart.

As expected from a young gentleman of his era, he made sure to be on time the next day, wearing his best garments and with his hair combed back to perfection. He had been up all night long practising what he was going to say to her in the case of a lot of hypothetical questions he had conceived in his mind. But the truth was that he was incredibly nervous, on the verge of shitting himself.

By the time he arrived at the park he was met by a bizarre sight, Lady Martinette was sitting playing chess with some guy with a moustache, and apparently he was raging hard after suffering a complete defeat at her hands. Roger observed for a while and let out a giggle once the other player slapped the board, sending all the pieces flying, to Jennifer's delight. Poor prick, Lady Martinette was too intelligent to fall for his simple tactics, but when the opponent turned around he suddenly understood the caliber of her victory. It was none other than William H.K Pollock! One of Great Britain's best chess masters ever and currently one of the top dogs in the rankings! How was it possible for someone to be this good? And a woman at that?! Fortunately for good old William there weren't a lot of people around because he would have lost all of his reputation had someone saw that.

Roger approached slowly as Jennifer used her telekinesis to put the board and the pieces back on the table, her infallible memory keeping this last match in her mind forever for research. She crossed her legs once she saw him and smiled pleasantly while waving at him. "Ah, there you are Mr. Cavendish! It seems you have taken my invitation to come play chess. Don't worry about the gentleman from before, you can tell he is not used to lose. Anyway, I think we'll both learn a lot after this fierce battle we maintained." For about a few minutes. "There, take a seat dear. Is something wrong? You seem a little under the weather." She noticed his fidgeting and the cold sweat running down his neck and deduced he was nervous, as expected. In her eyes, that was one of the cutest reactions to her presence. The Super Goddess cheekily extended her hand and removed her glove, expecting to have it kissed by Roger, and so he did. Pretending to be a 19th century lady like this was so funny for her, especially mimicking the accent and the expressions, but making people follow formal etiquette with her despite begin a nobody in this time felt beyond fantastic.

“A-Actually I feel good today because…” He tried to calm himself a little and sit down, and now that he was in front of her he noticed her gigantic mammaries and her eyes, golden at first sight but filled with millions of little details and colors when appreciated from a closer distance. He lost himself into them but was interrupted by the goddess. "Hey! Are you there?"

"O-Oh indeed! Good afternoon Lady Martinette, t-that was such a good match. I’m impressed, I didn't know you were so good that you could beat the best player in the city!"

"It's not anything special Mr. Cavendish but-"

"Call me Roger please, a woman as beautiful as yourself shouldn't be bothered with ridiculous formalities like that. In fact, I would be honored if you called me by my Christian name." Jennifer could appreciate that he was surpassing his fear and trying to appear confident and social in front of her. That was the extent of his love.

"Alright, Roger it is!" She started playing as she talked, spontaneously challenging her new crush. "The truth is that I met William back at the Royal Society this morning. There were all these old men spouting pseudo-scientific nonsense and I had to demonstrate they were wrong with some educational experiments. It’s stronger than me but I always have to correct my peers you see? By the end of it they understood a lot of new realities; the fundamental laws of physics, the biology of a lot of unknown species and the equivalent of thousands of years of medical advancement. They were dumbfounded for sure but at the end they had to accept my intellectual superiority and the truth of my knowledge despite being a woman. I have been named an honorary member for now but it's not like I care much for it. I consider myself more of an artist that a scientist anyway." She huffed. "Well, at least it kept them entertained as to not ask about my powers."

Roger started having trouble keeping with her flawless tactics. She was predicting everything he wanted to do and beating him fair and square, while executing moves on the spot at that, as if she didn't even think about them, while he had to stare at the board and concentrate for minutes. He barely noticed what she was saying because of how immersed in the match he was. However, she was casually babbling about her achievements and magical powers while destroying him. "Well…" He tried to follow the conversation, although it looked more like a monologue from outside. "What if I ask… ? Why are you so powerful and intelligent… ? It doesn't really make sense right? All the unbelievable things you manage to perform. And you are so beautiful too, it's like you aren't even real, like you come from a dream." Yes, rich people were this cheesy in 19th century London, shut up.

"Awwwwwww that's adorable. I tend to agree that my behavior and abilities are strange my dear Roger but it happens that I am a Super Goddess, as omnipotent or even more than your Christian God. I know this may sound very blasphemous but I think I have proven I'm no regular witch already. I come from a different time and reality altogether just to have some fun and…" She silently checkmated him and put her delicate and dainty hand over his. "To find someone to share true love with…"

"That… that sounds a lot like those science fiction novels that have been becoming so popular lately… why should I believe you? Perhaps everything you do is staged and fake and I'm being taken for a fool." He cleaned his sweat with his pocket handkerchief. "You are telling me you are God, right? How can you ask me to believe that… ?"

"Indeed, I'm practically God, and there are a few more like me where and when I come from. I can assure you this is very real, no one wants to make a practical joke at your expense." Jennifer patted her right leg and as if he was 5 years old, he obeyed her gesture like he did with her mother in the past, walking around the table and sitting on her lap. It was so comfortable and she was holding his weight with complete ease, in fact for the Super Goddess the bigger man was completely weightless. He felt home, loved. "You know it's true because you love me, and I love you too. We don't need to know each other better because it borderlines on the motherly." She gently kissed his neck and hugged him from behind. "Because I can read your heart as easily as your mind. And I share those feelings I found there. Relaxing, isn't it?"

"It is… I have never felt better in my life…" There was no doubt about it anymore. "Only my mother could love me like this, and you do it too, I can tell… I can't deny it… you are God."

"Indeed, my love is eternal and unconditional. I'm here for you, always. Do you want to be my boyfriend?"

"It would be a pleasure Lady Martinette…"

"Call me Jennifer."

"Alright, my beloved Jennifer…" They embraced and kissed in that position, not caring about how the society of his time would judge such a thing.

"Hey Roger, try to move my hands…" She giggled cheekily and put her hands parallel to each other, leaving a distance between them. "Try to close the distance between my hands, you can use all your strength if you wish."

It was a strange petition but anything for her new girlfriend. Roger tried to move her hands but it was practically impossible, she just wouldn't budge. "O-Oh dear you are pretty strong."

"I'm not even trying. I'm just that much stronger than you, sweetie." She became even smugger when Roger kept trying, putting all his body strength into closing her hands together, then she decided to do it herself making him lose balance and almost fall forward. Despite this display being a tad emasculating, he managed to laugh it off alongside Jennifer, who was having a great time showing her powers to him.

For the rest of the week they always met at the same bench at the park and took off for a stroll around the streets of the city center, Roger would sometimes invite her to food and gift her flowers and jewelry despite knowing very well she could magically produce them herself. For Jennifer, it was the thought that counted. After his parents gave the pertinent blessing for their union they went on to make love, which, as expected, was a reality changing experience for Roger, who on top of everything was a virgin. Jennifer was gentle though and guided him through the process until he made him orgasm thirty times per fuck at the minimum, including all the dick enhancements that he needed or even asked of course. By the end of it, Roger was the most virile and sexually experienced male in 19th Century Europe.

Jennifer herself used the contacts of his father, the official doctor of the royal family, to get invited to an audience with Queen Victoria. She finally got her 'revenge' by ripping entire regions off the continents of Africa, Asia and America and turning them into sexy humanized versions of themselves. The common denominator? They were all British colonies. So, in other words, she brought the colonies to their empress and then made them fuck her good. It was fun for her in a twisted meta way.

"Well, it's been a month already darling. My objective is now complete, with the romance I have experienced with you I have the inspiration to actually go and change history in my own timeline. The true artistic masterpiece I was waiting to make." The Super Goddess kissed her human boyfriend passionately.

"So I guess that means you are leaving me for more adventures, right?" He sighed, although accepting that he was incapable of convincing a superior being like her to stay around with someone like him. But it was beautiful while it lasted. "It's all good, it was foolish of me to think I would get married with God"

"Actually I wanted to thank you by bringing you along with me, you can be a part of my harem for eternity if you wish."

"Harem… so I would be sharing you with other people… that's a bit unfortunate because it doesn’t sound too good for me…" She could sense the sadness in him, it always happened in these cases, but at least he didn't decide to fuse with her or something like that. That would have been tragic since Jennifer loved him for real.

"Indeed, but that name is just a designation for the sake of it. It's true that I have more lovers than you but you will get my undivided attention." She put his hand on her soft tummy. "And even children if you want…" Jennifer waited for Roger to think about it, he had quite the forward thinking mind for a man of his time. "Well, what do you think?"

"I… I think I'm on board with it, if it's with you. Jennifer my love, I need you so much I don't care if I leave everything behind. My family, my apprenticeship, the city were I was born and all of my memories here. I want you in my life, so if you part I must too."

She smiled, pleased with his answer. "Very well then, I have thought of the best time period to visit for this."


August 18, 1969 AD - Bethel, New York, United States of America

Both Jennifer and Roger were zapped into her original reality, the one she created now but a memory collected in a film for her. This was the ‘real’ past and everything she did here could dramatically change the future of her Universe, not hers though since she already existed beyond puny concepts like causality and time.

"W-Where are we?" He was a little scared, he didn't expect time and dimensional travel to be so fast and painless. For him it was like being in one place at one second and being in another after blinking. On top of that they were inside of what looked like a field of corn in the middle of nowhere, while naked. He felt a breeze running through her Enhanced private parts and a shiver run down his spine.

"This is the United States in 1969! We are going to attend a very important historical celebration almost forty years after your original death!"

"M-My death? I was going to die in 1929?" This talk about death as a certainty was too much for someone of his era.

"No, no. October 1930 actually! Fret not though, now that you belong to my harem you are an immortal superhuman that will look young forever so you don't have to worry about that! Come on, let's have some fun together!" The enthusiastic Super Goddess grabbed his hand and trotted happily out of the crops, dragging her lover along while humming the symphony she had composed for Lake Serpentine.

When they reached the road, everything around them was farmland. "Seems like the old colony hasn't changed much in the last 100 years, it's as rustic as ever." He observed.

"Not at all, in this age there are already skyscrapers, buildings as tall as small mountains. Also flying machines called planes and combustion engines instead of coal powered ones. I think I even told you about nuclear energy and its devastating effects in World War II!"

"Yes but back when you told me about about all that paraphernalia for the first time it sounded like science fiction honestly."

"It's not fiction, it's very real. And you are also going to see how free the spirit of mankind has become since your heyday."

The Super Goddess floated near a sign with '3 days of peace & music' on it and snapped her fingers. Her naked body was covered in a more decent attire than usual. A puffy, dark turtleneck sweater that was still deformed by her perky supertits, a long skirt with tribal patterns and a pair of thick glasses. Many butterflies appeared from a forest nearby and chose to become her hair accesories.

"You look so weird Jennifer, but I won't deny it, stunning as always!"

"Thanks darling, time for you to dress up too!" After sending a beam of magical reality bending energy through her index finger, his outfit became that of a typical 60's hippie; including messy, long hair, a bandana, bell bottomed trousers and a dirty moustache.

"How do I look?"

"Wonderful." He shouldn’t know.

Jennifer rejoiced in the atmosphere of the place when they entered the Woodstock farm, the whole estate was filled with young people in the age of love and arts, sharing one of the most important moments of their lives. Although all of them were heavily using recreational drugs, this didn't impede their abilities to paint on the wood panels and posts or to compose soothing love and peace songs with their cheap guitars. The spirit of Woodstock was one of Jennifer's favorites, alongside Renaissance Italy and early 20th century Paris.

"Oh dear this smell is horrible, do these people even bathe?" Roger said while pinching his nose.

"I doubt it, but it's okay." Jennifer magically erased Roger's ability to perceive bad odors for a while.

"Oh wow!"

"Yeah." She stood in the middle of a very packaged crowd cheering for the day's most important performance at the stage, Jimi Hendrix, the best guitarist in the world. The music was incredible and inspiring and she couldn't help but hum alongside it. Of course Mr. Cavendish wasn't prepared for a sound this modern but it wasn't like he despised it or anything. He was just confused as to why newer generations enjoyed such bizarre stuff.

A cloud of weed smoke came from nearby and Jennifer willed so it would contain thousands of peace signs inside, surprising everyone and making them cheer even more. While a supernatural feat, most people there were baked enough so they would discard it as an hallucination later. After wandering around for a while they sit together on a hill to rest a little, the Super Goddess picked up a few books from her cleavage hammerspace and read them in seconds by turning the pages like a blur, not skimming a single word and perfectly understanding all their messages and subtleties with ease. Obviously, she had memorized them by heart and could recite them verbatim. Roger seemed interested in one that was about cardiology, so he asked Jennifer to read it together at a slower speed. Although she wasn’t used to this, she accepted because she found this shared activity very cute and novel, this behavior wasn’t present in any of her former lovers. Even then, it was pretty hard for him to follow what she considered snail pace.

"I love this feeling of uncompromised freedom, I want to partake of it. Wait for me here!" He was suddenly left alone by the goddess and before he knew it he was getting skirmished by three different girls that started rubbing against his crotch and trying to kiss him. He eventually fell to the floor, becoming prey for the little devils. Apparently Jennifer's alpha presence and superior pheromones were enough to fend off lesser girls, but now that she was gone there was nothing between him and females that wanted a handsome piece of Victorian beefcake.

After the astounding final song from Hendrix, one of the handlers of the event told people not to leave yet because the most important starlet of the concert was about to make her first appearance in a live stage. Jenny Time was a weird designation for a solo artist but it was the name Jennifer chose for her secret identity as a cute hippie guitarist from the sixties. Since she didn't want to leave a trace of the Super Goddesses before M'Wela's birth she needed to pull a good old Brunhilde and fool everyone.

Naturally, the moment she came into the stage everyone roared and whistled at her ridiculous beauty and enormous bazoongas, she was by far the most physically gifted girl at the festival and her pheromones instantly overpowered the smell of burned plants in the air, driving both sexes crazy. Paired with her well calculated movements and expressions, reminiscent of her short idol career at national TV back in the 40's of the 21th Century, she managed to make everyone hyped at her performance despite not knowing her from before. It may sound impossible but Jenny Time was making Hendrix look like a supporting artist with the silly level of good reception she was getting.

A myriad of golden butterflies exploded like a pyrotechnics spectacle alongside a dense fog, both produced by her powerful imagination, making her reveal the most intense of the entire event. "This is for peace and love, let's build a better world together!" They didn't know it but she was teasing at the arrival of the Super Goddesses half a century into the future and how they would change the course of human history for the better later on.

As expected, her singing and guitar skills were beyond anything else in the concert and quickly captivated the audience, they had her songs learned by heart after listening it to them once and promoters were going crazy while watching her on TV, already travelling there to contact the diva and offering a contract with their big discographic companies. At some point Jennifer jumped off the stage and retroactively changed the rules with her powers so it was allowed and no one would stop her.

She performed while walking and looking at her fans, doing cute gestures like stroking their cheeks and winking her eyes. They didn't touch her, as if she was some kind of spotless idol, instead preferring to form a little path she could walk over, until she turned around at one of the biggest trees and started rocking hard, presenting the people of the sixties with a heavy metal-like sound that wouldn't have been invented until years later. Now she would be quoted as responsible of innovating that genre. While they were appalled by such an 'unchill' style of music, they still embraced it and went with it, going crazy and dancing along.

By the end of that song, she decided to suddenly stop and sit against the trunk of the tree, not because she needed to rest but because the regular humans around her were exhausted, including Roger who wasn’t able to resist the seduction of her music himself despite the difference in time periods being even bigger with him.

The Super Goddess invited her fans with her finger to gather around her as she started playing a slower, more soothing tune that relaxed them. She didn't care if some of them went as far as hugging her thick, motherly body or even kiss her cheeks. She loved human contact both emotional and physical. Other hippies fell asleep as new people came to see the new star of the music industry in the making performing her lullaby, leaving their drugs and their other illicit activities just to get closer to her, and if they were lucky, catch a whiff of her marvellous bodily perfume.

It didn't take long for it to turn sexual as they removed her clothes and started groping her magnificent supermodel body and stealing one or two smooches in her kissable lips with obvious intentions, the problem was that about two dozens of people surrounded her but only a few had access to her body so Jennifer did what any horny goddess that wanted to be fucked would do in that situation. She made her body change to become thicker, more voluptuous and larger as a whole while her milkers grew into literal udders, giant sacks ready to burst to feed several babies at the same time with nipples and areolas so big they would need many mouths for them to be milked correctly. She stopped once she was around 3 meters tall and almost as much wide, the adult hippies clinging to her meat looked like children in comparison to her colossal size. Now she looked like a true Venus, worthy of being called a fertility goddess. "There there my children, it's time to drink from mommy's breasts, but try not to choke on it, eh?" She joked with an harmonious, motherly tone.

"Y-yes, m-mommy~" Some of them answered sheepishly, and then climbed up her sizeable body to suck on her titties, around three or four of them were lucky enough to enjoy the soft texture and taste of her nipples, some of them even biting them which caused Jennifer to moan. Tits so big were doomed to be ultra sensitive but she was alright with that as milk started to cascade faster and faster to the point of filling their bellies pretty fast and causing them to sleep on top of her. New people replaced them as soon as they tired themselves out to completely drain her boobs while the ones under and over them kissed and caressed the other parts of her body, which were equally as sexy. The potent pheromone smell generated by the orgy made it so everyone that lived counties away from Woodstock started fucking relentlessly including farm animals. "Ahhhhhhh~ Keep sucking, cuties, it feels so good…" Her vision became a bit foggy from the pleasure.

"J-Jennifer…" Roger appeared in front of her and pulled out his monster dick which he promptly inserted inside her girlfriend's oversized and needy pussy which was already wet from everyone else attending to her body. As some people dropped from her upper ‘floor’, bellies full and unconscious he kept drilling her with all his power and stamina, trying not to lose it. The feeling was indescribably good because they were practically made for each other with such enhanced sizes. "I-I love you Jennifer, have my seed, have it all and bear my children…" He repeated constantly in his sexual frenzy as he couldn't prevent cumming many times inside her and fill her up. Once the Super Goddess hit the next orgasm one of her boobs spilled so many liters of milk that the people sucking on it couldn't hold it and some it covered Roger's entire body but he kept going at it until he hit the bottom end of her womb and then discharged all the leftover semen that he was retaining, successfully impregnating her.

"A-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jennifer finally cummed and managed to articulate some words in the middle of a wave mind destroying pleasure. "I-I love you t-too Roger… I'll have your children, I'll have them all!" Her premonitory abilities were already telling her that they were going to be triplets. Naturally, the others were jealous of Roger since he had been allowed to fuck and get Jenny Time pregnant while they were only allowed to touch and kiss their new mommy with the limit being sucking on her tits and drinking her milk which had already run out, but they were either too tired to complain or simply asleep.

After a while everyone but Jennifer was down, resting on her body which she made progressively smaller again. She was panting and sweating, wondering if such an indecent orgy would be registered in the history books. She magically created a technological interface to access the internet from the year 2120 from there using only her eyes to project the information into an holographic screen and turning pages with her nails. Yeah, in fact 'Jenny Time’' appeared in Ayuwokipedia and many other sources including internet ones and even printed books. She was the highlight of the Woodstock festival and ambiguously referred as an anonymous artist that never appeared in public again with every effort from the fans to contact her being fruitless. On top of that, other places went as far as to doubt her very existence to begin with, calling her a collective fever dream, one of those events that people tend to remember but they have no way of proving they were real since she had made sure to make every camera on the region malfunction with her magic. However, she also changed reality so every TV recording and physical media that depicted her performance was also universally replaced by one from another artist that for some reason was allowed to go after Hendrix.

She giggled when she found about an interview in which Jimi himself cited Jenny Time as an inspiration and acknowledged her as his superior to him in every way. Of course, all these tons of information were consumed in a matter of seconds thanks to her hyper fast hands and her superior Super Goddess brain. Beyond that, nothing else in history had changed, the only thing being different is the recollection of the festival from those who attended it when they were young. And those claims were impossible to prove and easily refutable by mentioning the high quantity of drugs everyone was consuming back then.

Furthermore, she decided to clone herself in different parts of the planet at the same time and thank her hippie friends by materializing her copies in endangered forests and jungles to protect them from companies causing deforestation in order to make place for new buildings or to extract valuable resources from the earth. After being told to step aside many times she made her identity as a goddess very evident by frowning cartoonishly at them, effectively multiplying the power of her presence millions of times which caused that standing in her vicinity felt like a dreadful, no, I would go as far as to call it terrifying, experience. Of course they had to turn back to where they came from as if their lives depended on it. A single bad look was able to strike an unnerving and unshakeable breed of fear in the hearts of the men as well as make the digging equipment and other machines explode on the spot or simply sink on the floor by applying tons of pressure over them. Even when the owners of these companies came back accompanied by the police and trying to scare her away with guns and tear gas she just shrugged everything off and drove them back by making them act like scaredy-cats. This was the power of the gaze of the ultimate and most powerful alpha predator in the Universe, a Super Goddess. Despite these obvious displays of omnipotence, the accounts of the people that she resisted were almost universally regarded as stupid rumors and salty fabrications that made them look like sissies at best and madmen at worst. Fortunately, while she left no real trace of her involvement, the planet experimented a notable improvement because of it and as such the Earth had become cleaner and greener in the future.

She exhaled triumphantly. "I did it… I changed history without anyone noticing or causing it to diverge dramatically. I'm the best." She congratulated herself as she stood up and willed her usual high school styled uniform back to her body. The sweat and milk stains disappearing instantly as her hair magically fixed itself to its modern do.

August 12, 2120 AD - Toronto, Canada

"-ment." The Super Goddess appeared back at her harem's room as quick as she vanished but this time she was surrounded by a pile of the most attractive between the hippies she slept with, including poor Roger who was still erect and mumbling Jennifer's name in his dreams.

"What have you done?" Britney asked, a bit surprised by this development.

"Come on, I'll show you! I think you'll love it!" The art queen answered with a luminous smile that could resurrect a dead puppy. "Let's just say I had a ton of fun back there…"

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