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Midnight Encounter

Written by njae :: [Thursday, 14 May 2020 21:58] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 16 May 2020 20:30]

Midnight Encounter

By Njae

Special thanks to Kathy Dettwiller and AuGoose

It was Saturday night. A time usually reserved for going out and meeting friends. But tonight, Derek was actually relieved to have nothing going on. The young man was alone in his apartment and didn't really plan to do anything. Just as he wondered whether to watch TV or start up a game, a strange sound came from his bedroom. Naturally, he went there to check up. His bedroom window had been open, and he wondered if some kind of bird had made it into his chambers. Since his apartment was on the fourth floor, he was pretty sure that there was no possible way for a person to enter there. Still, he couldn't fully rule that out.

Derek opened the door and to his surprise there was a woman standing in his bedroom. It took a few seconds for his brain to process this weird information. Where had she come from? Sure, the window had been open, but this was impossible to reach from the outside. She'd need some special equipment for that.

Now Derek actually paid attention to this mysterious woman's appearance. Even in the dim light, she was clearly very attractive.

He switched on the light. And what he saw made his heart almost stop. She sported a body that had "out of your league" written all over it. A gorgeous face, framed by long, dark brown hair that ended in red tips. She was dressed in a track suit that seemed to serve as comfort clothing.

Wait a second! Why was she dressed like this? Sure, he wasn't exactly one to talk, wearing only an old plain T-shirt and PJ pants - but this was HIS apartment. He could here anyway he liked. She… shouldn't she do that at her own place?

"Who the hell are you?" He asked. He sounded more annoyed than he initially intended. But a grim thought was going through his mind. What if she was just a decoy, distracting him while some partner would knock him out cold?

The woman's eyes widened. Apparently, she took issue in his tone. Well what did she expect, breaking into someone's home like this?

"Oh, ummm, well I'm just a cute girl that was just passing by before I noticed you sitting on your couch all alone on a Saturday night." she said. Her voice was like an angel, sensual, melodic yet sexy. "I mean, that's no way for a cute guy like yourself to be spending a Saturday. So, I guess I figured I should drop in and give you some company, no?"

Now that was odd. He gave her another once-over. Her body was quite toned, she could easily make the cover of a fitness magazine with these looks. She wasn't quite in the bodybuilder category - and Derek actually preferred that. Then he noticed that something was off about her clothing. Her top was stretched over her body and looked way too small for her. Derek did appreciate the free view on her abs, a six pack that was only barely hidden. Similarly, her trackpants were way too tight on her legs - he could clearly see the muscle tone of her calves which made way to a beautiful pair of bare feet.

Was she for real? That sounded way too good to be true. Right now, the home invasion theory sounded even more believable. He looked around nervously, trying to pick up any sound that could hint at yet another person in his apartment.


He sighed.

"So, you're just here to give me company? How did you see me? And how did you get in here?" he asked a bit louder than normal.

He clenched his fists. If her partners heard that she had trouble, they might rush their attack on him. In theory he could get the drop on them since he expected them now.

A chuckle came from the woman's lips. "Sorry, you seem to be quite tense just now. But that fist won't do much against me."

Derek gave her a sharp look. Was she threatening him?

The woman just rolled her eyes at this. "Ok, seems like I have to show you right away."

She took a deep breath before she looked at him. Then her view started to rise higher as her bare feet left the carpet floor. She started to rise higher and higher until she was now around eyelevel with him. To prove her point, she brought her legs in and sat on the air, as if she was sitting back on his couch.

"Yeah, I know, pretty wild, right?" she added with a heartwarming smile.

Derek just stood there, perplexed and stunned by the display. That woman was floating just a few feet away from him. This ridiculously hot woman was doing a levitation act in his bedroom. He gulped. He knew that this was no trick.

This was too much. Eyes still focused on this floating woman, he walked over to his bed and sat down. That helped, but it didn't make the situation any less weird.

And why? Because that woman was saying the truth?

Of course, she was. Derek couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something about her, that felt … familiar? The way she talked, there was just something about it that he liked. And then her appearance. Her beauty, the revealing clothes. And that she was performing his absolute personal favorite of a fantasy right in his bedroom.

It was almost too much. Almost,

"You're really…" he managed to say before he fell back onto the bed. The realization that he was not in immediate danger had made the adrenaline rush fade.

He didn't want to look weak in front of this woman, so he quickly lifted himself back into a more upright position. But still, this was too weird.

"What is going on here?" he stammered.

The woman smiled. She switched from a sitting in midair to a reclining position. Her head was lower than his right now, but only by a small margin. And she still floated higher than the top of the bed.

"I mean, does it really matter at the moment? Here, I think I might need to spell it out for you." she said before she pointed to herself. "Me. Supergirl." She then points to Derek. "You. Cute guy." Then back to herself. "I want you. End of." She pointed the finger at him again, and gently pushed him backwards to half-lie on the bed again. He had neither the physical nor mental strength to resist. She casually floated closer, now outright floating about an inch above the bed itself. Her deep blue eyes were locked with his. From this close, they seemed to outright glow on their own. She then playfully averted her gaze.

"Unless, that is, you still want me to get out of your apartment?"

"No!" he answered a bit too quickly, too clearly. And he immediately regretted this. Of course, he wanted her company. Any straight man on the planet would. But this was too weird.

This was literally a fantasy come to life. Derek hadn't spent his childhood reading comics about sexy superheroines, but he had a certain interest in this genre for two reasons: First, the superheroines tendency to be super-hot and second the tendency to be able to fly. He always had a thing for levitation acts and hovering girls. Naturally he had fantasized about something like this happening. And that was why this felt so unreal.

"I mean, of course you can stay. It's just a lot to take in."

She smiled. It was the kind of smile that could light up a whole room. Her finger danced around his chest while she looked at him with those intense blue eyes.

"Yeah, try to put yourself in my shoes. Things are even wilder when you find yourself suddenly having superpowers."

As Derek saw it, there were two possible explanations. This was either really happening and this could turn into one hell of an interesting night. Or he was dreaming. In the latter case the next logical step would be ripping her clothes off and making love to her and pray he would see the end of that before he woke up. In the former case it was better to take things slow.

It didn’t feel like he was dreaming.

"So… uhm, how does it feel? Flying I mean?" That could have been smoother, but it was the best he could come up with right now. He just hoped he would come out of this shock as quickly as possible.

"Oh, umm, I mean, it's actually really awesome. I'm not going to lie. Even just doing this is so cool. Actually, I think doing this might be a bit cooler than being able to outright fly. And honestly, I don't even know how fast I can actually go. But I did fly to the beach and back in like ten or fifteen minutes? And that's like several states away! I didn't really want to fly around the world because, some satelite might see me and all."

Derek listened to her rambling as if she was explaining the secrets of the universe to him. The shock of her display of superpowers was only slowly dissipating. His eyes were glued to her floating body, bobbing up and down slightly. This mysterious beauty responded by slowly floating higher, then positioning herself so that she was floating directly above him. He wondered, why her hair remained in place rather than falling into his face, but the simple answer was probably for the same reason she was flying at all.

Her face was so close now, he could smell her.

"All in all, best superpower ever."

"It's really funny you say it that," he started. "Personally, I always preferred the casual display of flight." Realizing that his statement sounded much weirder now that he said it out loud, he quickly added "In the media, I mean."

Great, now he had to follow up with that. Why did he have to nerd out now? He had a literal superwoman floating inches above him with clear intentions and this was where he steered their conversation?

"Oh yeah, me too. I have been following some of these superhero shows. And there was this one scene where Supergirl just casually floated in a sleeping bag and the woman on the couch just commented 'I wish I could sleep-fly!' and I was like 'Girl I hate your guts for your name alone, but when you're right you're right'."

Derek looked a bit surprised. Of course, he knew the scene she referred to, but had not expected her to be even remotely familiar with it - much less have a strong opinion about the characters involved. He didn't like that particular character either but couldn't understand why this woman already hated her name. It was wiser not to ask and stay on topic.

"Yeah, there's too few scenes like that," he agreed. "I know it's for budget reasons, but it kinda kills the mood that those powers are only shown in very few scenes."

"Honestly, I'd never let my feet touch the floor for any situation. It's just so comfy and convenient to just hover everywhere, even if it's for no other reason at all but to do it. And, I don't hear any objections from you, far from it."

The mysterious woman grinned.

"Let me tell you a secret: figuring out that part of my powers was a fun ride. I’ve barely touched the floor ever since then."

Derek blinked his eyes in surprise. He could totally understand her wanting to fly all the time. It probably felt incredible. He imagined her soaring through the air, with no other care in the world. Only logical for her to focus on that,

"And how long ago was that?"

She gave him a curious look. Derek was sure she was contemplating whether or not she'd answer truthfully.

"Not long ago," she almost whispered. The mysterious woman seemed lost in thoughts, apparently remembering the moment it had happened. She blushed. "And that's all I'll say about that," she concluded.

Derek wondered if he should ask her about any physical change on her body a part of him was getting nervous again. While she was perfectly charming in every possible way, he wondered if her outright flirting earlier was to be taken seriously. Maybe she really just wanted someone to talk to? Was it a good idea to bring the topic to her appearance? That could backfire, she was quite toned after all. Maybe that was more than she had wanted for herself? Great, maybe he shouldn't have stared at her chest while thinking about it.

"Like what you see?" she asked, blushing further, but then looking at him seductively. "If you're wondering, yes they grew a bit. You wanna feel… for yourself?"

She lowered herself down a bit, her face dangerously close to his.

Derek gulped. There was no misunderstanding her intentions now.

What had he been hoping for anyway? A ridiculously beautiful woman that you've never seen before shows up at your place - wasn't sex the very best thing he could hope for?

Yet the way she talked, the way she moved, the way she pulled the hair behind her ear - it all was strangely familiar and comfortable to him. Had he fallen in love in the few minutes since she arrived?

Maybe that's why she moved this along? To prevent things from becoming painful later? To not give him hope for something that wouldn't happen anyway?

Or perhaps she just really wanted to have sex? Her body had gone through some changes and there really was no precedent outside of fiction. Wait, if her body was different from before, wasn't it possible for her to be someone he knew? This was the first time this possibility crossed his mind.

He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. ‘Way over thinking it, Derrek,’ he chided himself.

The time to ponder her motives was over. She asked him if he wanted to feel her up. What kind of question was that? Of course, he did.

He raised his hands, but rather than touching her breasts as she suggested, Derek stopped his fingers just about when they would have touched them.

All the time their eyes were glued to one another. They definitely were having a moment there. Derek could see her anticipation grow, she was waiting for it. This close, he could hear her breathing becoming quicker.

‘Wanna touch my boobs? My ass!’ There was only one way this could go and he would do it right.

She began descending, but Derek slowly pulled his hands back, a smirk appearing on his face. Then, he quickly put his arms around her, bypassing her breasts entirely and then pulled her down even further. The mysterious beauty didn't resist, it was as if she wasn't anchored in the air at all.

Then their lips met.

Their kiss began chaste, it was a surprise after all, and Derek didn't want to overdo it. But the moment of surprise was quite short for the mystery woman. Her lips parted and her tongue entered his. Derek couldn't prevent that even if he tried. As his tongue tried to dance with hers, he felt the difference in strength immediately. He couldn't stop or even alter the way her tongue moved in any way. A second later, she seemed to relax, letting him guide in the kiss. Derek wouldn't consider himself a great kisser, but he knew what he was doing. And now that she played along, it was incredible. Her breathing became even harder. Derek could feel her nipples press against his chest, then her breasts in their entirety as she lowered herself onto him. He thanked god that he was already wearing his PJ pants tonight as his member was already fully standing at attention. This was hot! He started to fear that he wouldn't last very long with this sexy stranger assaulting his senses. Their kiss grew more and more passionate, he felt her crotch grind against his, her hands on his face to make sure the kiss went on.

"Unnnf! Ohhh! Ohhh fuck!" She gasped and broke the kiss with wide eyes.

Derek saw how she willed her body upwards again, suddenly clinging to the ceiling facing down on him as she closed her eyes.

Even in the dim light, he saw her impressive abs flexing and contracting as she continued to moan in tune with the contractions. Her toes curled as she gasped. Only then did Derek recognize the tremors rolling through her body for what they were. Was this really happening so soon?

A smug smile appeared on his face. How many men could claim to have gotten a woman to come by just a kiss? It was pretty obvious from her surprised expression that this superwoman had not expected this to happen. This was the superpower equivalent of losing her virginity. The first time she had sex since she had gotten her superpowers. And she had chosen him for that.

Right now, it seemed to have been a very short ride for him as she was still clinging to the ceiling moaning and moving as the orgasm continued to rock through her. Derek just had to stare, trying to burn this sight deep into his brain. He'd probably never be able to forget it. If things ended here, this sight alone was worth it.

The mystery woman's eyes opened, and Derek could see that the faint glow he had seen before had not been a hallucination. Now he could clearly see them glowing blue even from a distance. She gave him a seductive smile. Her orgasm was still going strong, but apparently, she had gotten the upper hand on actions again.

Slowly, she descended. Derek could still see her abs contract as she landed lying on top of him again. He barely had time to wonder about how to proceed as her lips once again found his.

'Sure, we can continue with that,' he thought to himself as they resumed their kissing. Her kiss was more passionate than before, yet she was still perfectly able to keep her super strength in check.

Derek was in heaven. They continued kissing for several minutes, and every now and then he felt a wave going through her, indicating another orgasm for her. But those didn't overwhelm her like the first one had. The mystery woman had quickly gotten used to the fact kisses set her off. Derek couldn't fault her for sticking to a make-out session if it already had this impact for her.

Still, he was only human and could only resist her initial offer for so long. Even more, he was constantly breathing in her sweet scent. He couldn't really identify it, but it was safe to say she smelled great. With her lying on top of him, his hands began exploring her body. Her track suit was still covering most of her torso, but the material couldn't mask what was underneath. She really had a fitness model physique but even though Derek had never had the pleasure of feeling that up before, he could clearly tell that this woman was much much stronger than what her physique implied. Eventually he couldn't resist any further as his hands groped her breasts. Even with the fabric between them, they felt both soft and firm.

The superwoman gasped and broke the kiss once more. Derek clearly felt another orgasm go through her. God, given how easy that happened, the real challenge was touching her without causing an orgasm. He didn't really want to play that game though.

And neither did she. Looking at him with those glowing eyes, she seemed to contemplate what to do next.

Derek didn't wait for her to finish. His hands grabbed her top and began to move it upwards. She assisted him by letting him pull it over her head.

His heart almost stopped as he looked at her exposed upper body. She was perfect. Those big round tits sat firmly on a toned chest, not needing a bra to support them, yet still looking natural. He barely found the courage to reach out, moving only slowly.

"Guess you like what you see," she calmly observed, still with that seductive smile on her face. She stuck out her breasts, all but commanding him to fondle them.

Derek happily complied. As before, her breasts felt soft to the touch. Unlike her muscles that had felt like steel, he was tempted to believe these could pass as normal.

"Fuck… fuck yes… more!"

And they were clearly just as sensitive as the rest of her. Derek smiled as she was rocked by another orgasm. He had totally lost count about how many there had been so far. But what he did notice, was the glow in her eyes getting brighter with each mini-climax.

He fondled her a bit longer, enjoying the effect it had on her.

Eventually, she looked back at him and gently tugged at his t-shirt. His heart wanted to jump out of his chest. He quickly straightened himself up and felt her pulling the shirt off. He was just in time to raise his hands, otherwise she would have ripped it apart.

Slumping back down onto the bed, Derek felt her naked chest press against his once more, as she kissed him once more. Derek's hand frantically searched for her pants, quickly sliding it down as far as he could from his position. She assisted him, by floating her legs a bit higher, then pulling them forward so he could remove the pants fully. That sweet scent entered his nostrils again - even stronger this time.

Now fully naked, the superwoman took the cue and broke the kiss again. She remained in a horizontal position, though and floated backwards, down his body and grabbed his PJ pants, slowly removing them from him as well.

He looked down and his eyes found hers, although Derek wasn't even sure if she met his gaze or focused on his erect member that was right between them in this angle.


The sudden noise broke the pleasant tension. It came from behind the mysterious superwoman. From his vantage point Derek could see what had happened. As she flew backwards in a horizontal position, her feet hat hit something on the sideboard on the other side of the room.

Startled, the superwoman turned around and inspected the damage she feared she had caused. A framed image had fallen over. She picked it up and looked at it.

"No harm done," she announced, eyeing the image further. "But what is this?" she pointed the image in his direction.

"Uhm… team picture with colleagues," Derek answered. It should have been pretty obvious from the group of people still being in the office, but the witty part of his brain had clocked out for a break right now.

The woman gave him a puzzled look. Derek barely noticed it. After all, she was hovering there naked. Her body was a work of art, perfection incarnate. And even though he had felt it, he hadn't gotten a full view like this yet. Hell, it was still contracting - her soft orgasms were still ongoing.

"Why do you have a picture of your colleagues in your bedroom?"

Derek's heart sunk. Was she really going to focus on his photo now? She literally had him with his pants down, now she wanted to talk about his decoration?

"Uhm, well… why not?" He already knew that he had totally failed at a convincing answer.

"You don't put that into your bedroom, perhaps your home office." A knowing smirk appeared on her face; her eyes were still glowing in the dim light. It looked a bit spooky now. "Unless you have a crush on a co-worker!" she announced with a broad grin.

"What… uhm … makes you think that?" Derek blurted out, before realizing that she had already explained why.

She just gave him a knowing smile before looking at the image again. "The hot blonde in the center?"

"No," Derek sighed, staring at the ceiling. The last thing he wanted to do now was to talk about other women when he had a literal goddess in his room naked and until a moment ago fully willing. But he figured that she wouldn't let this go now, so the best he could do is answer truthfully and hope they'd continue where they left off. After all, she still looked very much in the mood. "Felicity is the redhead standing next to her," he finally admitted, hoping she wouldn't press him on the fact that he knew exactly where on the image she was.


Now she had pressed something else - and with too much force, clearly. The image frame had been snapped in half just as another contraction ran through her.

"Oh shit… sorry," she cried out. "L-let me fix it. Or rather clean that up."

She suddenly disappeared from his view, a gust of wind hinting at what had happened. A second later, she was back there, floating with the bare photo in her hand. "I'll get you a new frame," she announced apologetically.

Derek gulped. Had she just super-sped out of the room, thrown out the broken frame and returned with just the picture itself? In a second? He was painfully reminded that this girl was more than just a floating hottie. She was a force of nature. And if she accidentally broke something she held, what would she do to him if the passion level was too high for her to care?

"I'm really sorry about that," she repeated, looking almost miserable. Quite a feat with a body this hot.

She remained floating at the foot of the bed. "Are you mad? Or scared?"

The whole situation had gone sideways quite a bit. Moments ago, Derek was eager to continue with their lovemaking, now he wasn't too sure. The mood had definitely suffered there. She had noticed it and he could clearly see that it hit her hard. Harder than he would expect.

"I wouldn't say scared, but I am a bit nervous." he admitted, facing her to make sure he got her reaction.

Her face brightened up a bit, but she still looked far from happy. "Try to put yourself in my shoes."

She had said that before, but this time Derek really took the time to think about it. It didn't take long for him to figure it out. This just now was probably her worst nightmare. He had been intimidated by her, even though she had done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Other than this little incident with the picture, she had been perfectly charming and so far, the good clearly outweigh the bad by a huge margin. Derek felt himself get stiff again - whether it was his memory of their make-out session or the fact that this sex goddess was hovering a few feet away from him stark naked.

It didn't go unnoticed. She began to smile again, one of those mischievous smiles when someone had an idea. "Maybe I can help with that nervousness."

With that, she changed position again, floating horizontally facing him, similar to how she had been before. The only difference was that her legs and ass seemed to be a bit higher - probably to avoid collision with the wall behind her again.

Derek crawled a bit backwards to give her more space.

She followed him, slowly coming closer, hovering only a few inches above the bed, passing his legs as she reached out for his cock. Derek gulped, but just before the mysterious woman was about to touch him, she halted, flashing him another smile before she moved her arms backwards, her hands now completely on her back as she floated closer.

Derek could hear his own heartbeat, he had figured out what she was about to do and rather than being scared, he couldn't wait for it to start.

Her lips parted and she began licking his member. His body tried to push more blood into it - as if he wasn't hard already. One more lick, and then she began to take him in. He held his breath as she descended slowly, came to a halt, rose up again and repeated the process. He shuddered. It wasn't her head that was moving. But her entire body bobbed up and down. This incredible sexy woman was totally suspended in mid-air and gave him a blowjob using nothing but her flight powers. The sight alone was already more than he thought he could handle, but the sensation was even better than he had ever dared dream.

A part of him wanted to lean back and just enjoy the sensation, but he couldn't avert his eyes. This really was one of his wildest fantasies happening. And he knew just how outrageous that was. For several long minutes, she continued like that before Derek couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh my …" he gasped as a warning for her. She didn't flinch and kept going as Derek exploded in her, swallowing it all down. Somewhere in the back of Derek’s head a part of his brain managed to wonder how exactly she did that, as she worked against gravity there. Once his brain got more of his blood supply, he would realize how ridiculous that question was considering this woman tendency to utterly ignore the laws of physics in general and gravity specifically.

"Hm," she moaned as she rose from his member, shifting position in midair to float in a more reclining position.

With hazy eyes, Derek noticed that she wasn't putting up a show either, her abs were visibly contracting again. Now this was weird even for her. Derek could understand her super senses setting her off before, but now this seemed a bit ridiculous. While he recovered, he also noticed that she seemed to act strange this time around. Her beautiful eyes were closed, moving underneath her eyelids as she was clearly struggling with the sensations that went through her body.

Then a weird thought came to Derek. Maybe those contractions were not really an orgasm? Maybe it was the super sense version of being aroused? It could seem like a climax, but it was just a growing desire for the real deal – whatever the super powered version of that looked like.

He chuckled. His brain worked in strange ways sometimes. That theory was 80% comic book logic after all.

Right now, however this goddess was frozen in place hovering in front of him, with the occasional moan showing some kind of struggle.

Maybe he could help her out here?

All that nervousness from before had been literally blown away, and Derek now crawled forwards, so he could sit on the edge of the bed. Reaching out, he slowly guided her to float a bit closer. The mysterious beauty wasn't anchored at all, so moving her around was as easy as moving a balloon. He quickly got her into the perfect position for him. If there ever was a definition of what the perfect pussy should look like, he was staring right at it. There was no denying it: She had passed the point where she was ready to go a long time ago. Her juices were almost flowing freely. And there seemed to be a faint glow coming from inside her. Not as intense as from her eyes, in fact he wasn't sure he saw it right. A carnal desire inside him wanted to enter her with his manhood rather than his tongue - but he was in recovery mode right now.

He leaned forward, trying to get some eye contact, but hers were firmly shut. Still, his lover reacted by spreading her legs and moving them over his shoulders. She knew what he wanted to do, and she clearly approved. Encouraged by this, he began.

The first thing he noticed was her taste. She tasted sweet like honey. He had never eaten a woman out before, but he was pretty sure that she wasn't supposed to taste that good.

"Oh fuck!~" she moaned above him.

To Derek this was a sign he did alright - although after what he'd witnessed so far he had a feeling that there was simply nothing he could to wrong with her. Who would have thought that having superpowers came with such great perks? His tongue continued its exploration of her pussy and as it did, it was rewarded with more of that sweet nectar gushing out of it. Derek found himself actively gulping down her juices. With each passing second, he became more and more ferociously eager to please this goddess.

Derek brought his arms forward. With her legs behind his head and his tongue deep inside her, he thanked god for her tendency to fly. This way, he could easily reach her torso, and his hands caressed their way upwards and touched her breasts. So full, yet so soft. He began groping them, playing with them, twirling his fingers around her nipples.

All the while his tongue continued its assault on her pussy. This was as much multitasking as Derek was capable of. And he continued to do that for quite a while. She moaned and cooed to inform him that this was indeed to her liking. His entire body tingled, yet the pleasant feeling in his neither region grew as he continued to swallow her juices. Eventually, after several minutes of eating this goddess out, the urge to go all in finally won against the desire to keep worshipping her.

His cock had already recovered and stood at attention. As he removed his tongue from her canal the pleasant pressure of her legs was getting weaker.

Standing up to slowly embrace her, he looked her in the eyes one last time before he knew the final part of this incredible experience was a about to start. They mysterious woman had finally opened her eyes again and they were different from before. The slight glow he had noticed several times tonight had totally taken over. Derek stared into two glowing orbs that had no visible irises, but he knew that she was holding his gaze. Slowly he guided her floating body, so she was on the same level as his manhood - Something about that felt different too. Still, he didn't let this distract him from the task at hand. Derek didn't want to waste any second in which his goddess wasn't stimulated on her high, so he guided his member into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck yessssssss!" she all but screamed as she fully embraced him, tackling him so he would fall back onto the bed. But he never arrived there. The superwoman kept them both floating slightly above the bed.

From the moment he entered her, Derek was in heaven. His coherent thoughts were washed away by the sheer pleasure that assaulted him, centered in his manhood. He had expected a lot of things, but not this. Her pussy literally sucked his member in and massaged it in a way that he had assumed impossible. It took a while for him to notice that with their levitation act, she had robbed him of any traction to thrust into her. Instead she massaged him with her inner walls to a point of pleasure way beyond anything he had ever experienced.

He wondered why he hadn't exploded in her right away.

"Uhh," he grunted, as her inner walls massaged him again, teasing him yet again. Even without any thrusting of his own, she would eventually get him there.

It was getting clear to him. He was no longer in charge. The tables had turned. While she was quite passive after the blowjob, she was now in full control of his pleasure.

Still, he was not totally passive. His hands still found her perfect breasts, caressing and pinching her nipples once more while his lips searched for hers, his eyes locked onto the glowing orbs that were hers.

She then wrapped her hands around him, leaned in and kissed him on the lips. The kiss was proper, filled with passion and with love.

Derek returned the kiss her like there was no tomorrow. There wasn't much more he could do. Sure, he still fondled her breasts while they kissed but the truth was that he was moving on instinct alone. No calculated self-control to maximize her pleasure. Fortunately, this made no difference. Even some restraint couldn't make it any better than it already was.

Things weren't much different for her either. Breaking the kiss, she sat upright and began arching her back.

This was it!

Derek witnessed the supernatural beauty prepare for her big finish. It wasn't hard to miss either. After her eyes had turned into lightbulbs, the rest of her body seemed to follow suit. It seemed like her skin was covered in a blueish aura but quickly this turned into a bright light.

The level of pleasure he was experiencing increased with an alarming rate, whatever that glow of hers was, it felt awesome. And while they were no longer in a tight embrace, he could clearly feel his cock being assaulted by that light as the superwoman continue to massage it with her inner walls while riding it as if they were lying on the bed instead of above it.

But unlike the goddess he was entangled with, his body did have its limits.

"Just a bit longer…" he gasped as her super pussy's pulses had finally brought him over the edge. With a loud grunt, he exploded inside her.

The superwoman reacted by glowing even brighter, and

"Ohhhh!" she suddenly screamed in pleasure.

Even though she glowed so bright now, that Derek barely could make details of her body, he could clearly see her being rocked by convulsions that made the previous "orgasms" seem like the child’s play they were compared to this.

He felt his cock pumping wave after wave of his cum into her all while she massaged him perfectly prolonging this ultimate pleasure even further. For several minutes, she had kept him on a level that no man had ever felt.

Still, whatever vitalizing effect she had on him; it had its limits. Eventually his body could no longer keep up with her. A wave of tiredness overcame him quickly and Derek realized too late that there was no fighting it. The last image he saw that night was a goddess grinning from her very first super-orgasm.

When Derek woke up, he could hear birds chirping, and quickly noticed the sun shining in his face. It took a moment for him to realize where he was. This was his bedroom on a Sunday morning. All that was unusual was the fact that he had failed to draw the curtains. And apparently, he had decided to sleep naked this time. Well at least he had managed to get under the blanket.

Then the events of last night came back to him. He shot up in his bed and looked around.

Derek was alone. The mysterious superwoman was nowhere to be seen.

He got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. No sign that she really had been there. Had this all been a dream?

When Derek passed the bathroom mirror, he stopped in place. There was something wrong with his reflection.

"Since when do I have a six-pack?" he wondered aloud. His entire body looked like he had been hitting the gym for quite some time. And Derek knew for a fact that this was not the case. As he checked for further changes, he found one more thing that was different. His cock seemed like it was twice as large as before now.

This was too weird. Derek had only one explanation that made any sense to him. It was not a dream. That superwoman had been here last night and somehow turned him into a hunk.

By the time he stepped out of the shower, he had become fully convinced that this must have been what happened. The how’s and whys where hazy but Derek couldn't find a better explanation. And then he remembered there had been one trace she would have left.

Returning to his room, he quickly found the group picture with his coworkers. It was lying on the sideboard without its frame: Next to it was some cash and a message. "Good Luck!"

It was pretty clear that last night had been a one-time thing. And for some reason Derek was ok with that.

Focusing back on the photo, he smiled as he stared at the cute redhead, he had been crushing on for several months now. He grabbed his phone and dialed a number.

"Hey, Felicity…"

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