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RPG Girl, Chapter 4-5

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RPG Girl, Chapter 4

“I know exactly where to take you,” said Stacy, towing Kitty behind her toward the curb. In truth, she was thinking more about where SHE wanted to go, now that she had Jerry’s credit card. She wasn’t going to splurge, she told herself, but Jerry owed her at least something. And anyway it would also be fun to doll Kitty up. She was a knock-out now; just wait til she had some decent clothes and makeup!

Cars were whizzing by, and Stacy was watching them intently. Then suddenly she thrust her arm out and yelled, “Taxi! Taxi!” But the cars just kept on driving past.

This happened almost exactly the same way two more times.

Kitty was confused. “Stacy, what are you doing? What are we waiting for?”

Clearly frustrated, Stacy pointed to a yellow car, just passed. “Taxi,” she said.

“The yellow car?”

Stacy looked quizzically at Kitty. “Yes,” she replied. “They’re supposed to stop for us, the ones with their lights on, on top.”

“Um, should I—”

“Yes, you should!” Forget propriety. She was tired of waiting, and with Kitty around, she didn’t have to.

Kitty took a tentative step off the curb, and immediately a bus that was pulling into a nearby stop sounded it’s horn. Startled, Kitty turned to look at it just as it plowed into her. It wasn’t moving very fast, so all that happened was that the bus came to an abrupt stop, it’s steel bumper having slightly dented against Kitty’s indestructible knee.

“Excuse me,” she said to no one in particular, and carefully lifted the bus a couple of feet off the ground by its bumper. She pushed it back a few feet and set it down. Then she continued across the road as if nothing unusual had happened.

Kitty could see that yellow car a couple of short city blocks away, so she hopped over a few vehicles and sidestepped some others until she caught up with it. She reached under its rear bumper and lifted it up, positioning her other hand under the center of the car. Then she turned around and walked, carrying the taxi over her pretty head more as if it were a blow-up toy than an actual car, her bare midriff stretched straight and her substantial breasts standing out proudly. A minute later she was back at the curb, carefully setting the taxi down in front of a snickering Stacy.

“Is this the one you wanted?” asked Kitty?

Stacy nodded, “Yup, that’s the one.” But as she opened the back door to climb on, the driver opened the front door, keys in hand. He looked at the gorgeous girl who had just picked up his car and carried it two blocks, and bolted away.

“Oh, that’s not good,” said Stacy. She looked at her friend and considered. “No keys. Any chance you know how to hotwire a car?”


“Didn’t think so. But maybe we can do something. Here, climb into the front seat.” Kitty did so while Stacy walked around to the driver’s side. Seated at the wheel, she shifted the engine into neutral. “Ok, now you use your power or whatever to push this car forward and I’ll steer it. Just do exactly as I say.”

Kitty was a little anxious about this, but gave it a try nonetheless. The taxi gradually pulled away from the curb and headed towards downtown. They moved smoothly, if somewhat carefully, stopping behind stopped cars and red lights just as if they had been driving for real. Only one unusual thing happened. When they reached the 15th Street department store that Stacy had in mind, there was no place to park. Stacy considered simply abandoning the vehicle in the street, but then hit on a better idea.

“Kitty, see how those four cars all have space between them? If they had parked closer together then there would be enough space for another car.”

Kitty raised an eyebrow. “So, should I—”

“Yes, you should!”

Stacy watched with glee as three parked cars slid forward until they were bumper to bumper, their rubber wheels screeching unhappily against the roadway. She glanced at Kitty, who seemed to be just staring at each car as it moved. There seemed to be no effort output at all.

Finally a space had opened up next to them that looked wide enough to accommodate the girls’ taxi. But only barely. “Ok,” Stacy pointed to the spot. “Can you get us in there?”

“Of course, Kitty replied, “but let’s get out first.

A minute later the two very attractive girls were standing on the sidewalk. They were already receiving looks from pedestrians, but people stopped to watch incredulously what happened next. Kitty lifted her hand and moved one finger in a sort of "come hither" motion to the taxi. The yellow vehicle obediently dragged itself sideways, wheels screeching in protest, until it was perfectly situated in its place.

“How’s that,” she asked?

Stacy surveyed the line of parked cars in front of them. Clearly nobody was going to have an easy time of pulling out – not without a supergirl to help! “Perfect,” she smiled wickedly. Then she scanned the crowd of onlookers. Some of them had their cell phones out, but it didn’t look like any were quick enough to capture the act. She grabbed her friend by the arm and pulled. “Ok, let’s go shopping.”

On the way into the store, Stacy asked, “Kitty, you know those things you do with your hands and arms when you are using your telekinesis ability? Do you have to do those things? Or could you just do it with your mind if you wanted to?”

Kitty gave an impish grin. “Nah, I don’t have to do that. Not usually anyway. Sometimes it helps me focus the energy, but most of the time I just do it for show. I like people to know that it’s me who is so powerful. I like how it makes them feel in awe of me. Or scared of me, depending on the situation. And I like how the guys get hard-ons.”

Stacy smiled and nodded. “Thought so. But you’re right, you do look terrific when you move your hands around like that. Like the world is your toy box.”

It was 8:30 in the evening before the girls returned. Harley and I had already eaten dinner with friends at the dorm cafeteria. To his credit, when somebody asked Harley what had happened to his bike, all he said was that he crashed it, and no more.

In fact we had gone out and examined the bike, and Harley thought it had survived the crash rather well. The front fork was clearly bent inward, but mostly everything else seemed intact. He even thought Kitty might be able to bend the steel fork back into shape – an idea that had both of us salivating for a few minutes.

“So,” Harley asked as casually as he could, “I know she’s your girl and all, but maybe I could have a taste of her sometime?”

His question took me by surprise. This wasn’t anything I had ever even remotely thought about. Sharing my girlfriend? Hell I’d never even had a girlfriend before. Not a real one, anyway – if Kitty could be considered real. And hell, I hadn’t even had her for two days yet! After an awkward silence I finally offered a timid, “Um, I’m not comfortable with that. At least not yet.”

But it did get me to thinking about the time Kitty had conducted a threesome, fucking a pair of twins whom she couldn't decide between. She seemed to have no trouble keeping two brothers happy, and neither one of them complained afterward. But I shook my head. It wasn't time for that yet.

Anyway, the girls had returned, and they looked stunning. Yes, even Stacy - who usually already looked pretty good. She actually caught my attention. "Wow, you look great! You both do!" I said enthusiastically (and somewhat lamely).

Stacy curtseyed dramatically. “Thank you, Jerry, FYI that was your present to me.” I rolled my eyes as she handed me back my credit card. I guess I deserved that.

Kitty was carrying no less than three large bags emblazoned with the classy department store’s logo, and she had to model everything for me. She even had to show me how different garments could mix and match with each other. This was the sort of thing that in other circumstances would drive me batty with boredom. But today I found it absolutely fascinating to watch Kitty donning and presenting outfit after outfit. She was just so into it! And it didn’t hurt that her erotic charms were fully on display.

Finally it was time to say goodnight to Stacy and Harley, and for us to wriggle out of our clothes in the bedroom. Kitty was so perfectly gorgeous and sexy, and her evening-full of hot outfits were all conspiring to turn me into an unconscious blithering animal. But Kitty seemed to understand that, and helped me regain my equilibrium.

Another night of mind blowing sex followed.

Later, in the wee hours of the morning, Kitty and I were laying in bed talking. We were both on our sides, facing each other, and the size and sheer voluptuousness of her bare breasts were threatening once again to draw me in.

But something was bothering me.

“Kitty, when we have sex, you are so good with me. I mean, amazingly good. You use all your amazing powers to make sure I am just blown away by your attentions." Kitty's face showed pure glee. "And really, I don't want to seem ungrateful, but I wonder, don't you sometimes want to get some too? Like, don't you also want to have orgasms?"

“Oh yes, I love orgasms!”

“So why don’t you ever cum?”

“That’s up to you, Jer.”

Oh. Lump in my throat. What a selfish, inadequate, boorish male I’d been.

Kitty saw my crestfallen expression. “No, it's not like that!”

I cocked my head, not understanding.

“You really don’t know, do you.” I shook my head slowly. “I don’t cum because you haven’t wanted me to cum. I can’t. It isn't possible for me to cum. You see, I’m really part of you, part of your mind, your imagination. I don’t exist without you. I do only what you want me to do. I mean, sure, I do a lot of things that seem like they’re my idea, but really they’re only things you’ve laid out for me. For example, you know how in my game world I used to destroy buildings for the fun of it? I don’t do that here, right? I could, I could reduce your physics building to rubble with a thought, but I don’t, because it isn’t what you want me to do.”

“So you’re not separate from me then?”

“Well, yes and no. I’m separate in that everyone sees me as separate, and I seem to make my own decisions. But as an extension of your imagination, I can only do what you’ve given me permission to do. It’s not even possible for me to do otherwise.”

I still wasn't getting it. It was a strange concept, this separate but not separate thing.

"Let me try it this way. It's not that you control my every move, far from it. I do what I want to do. But it's like, I am who I am, and who I am would never pull down a skyscraper or fry a bunch of people for fun, even though it would be child's play for me. I am who you want me to be. In fact, you know these powers I have?” Oh yes, I knew them! “If you thought I should be ten times more powerful, then I would be. If you thought my tits should be ten times as big, then they would be. If you thought I should be able to, oh I don’t know, turn invisible, or teleport, then I could.”

Tits, ten times as big? I stuck my face between her breasts for a second and felt how her nipples already reached beyond my entire head. Ten times bigger would be outrageous and ridiculous, and I didn't want that. But the added powers gave me pause, and I filed it away for another time. Kitty was plenty powerful for now. But still, the cumming?

“So, you don’t cum because I don’t want you to.”

“Yet,” she corrected me. "For now, the person you have wanted me to be is someone who takes care of your every whim, sexually, with no thought for herself. And I'm happy with that, because that's who I am. That's who you want me to be, and I get tremendous unselfish pleasure and pride from doing it.

But you’re a strong, virile stud,” she went on, "and you’ve got fantastic equipment. I would love for you to take me and drive me to climax. Like, again and again! It isn't easy to bring off a girl like me, which is why I always used to grab two or three guys at a time. But you could do it yourself, I’m sure of it. You just have to want me to want it.”

I thought that over for a bit. I did want it. I wanted it a lot.

"Listen," she continued, "you don't even have to decide. When you want it, you'll want it, and I'll turn from the girl who wants nothing for herself into the girl who wants you to fuck her senseless."

I smiled broadly at that. We were silent for a minute, and then Kitty glanced down at my cock, which was hardening once more. "In the meantime," she said, taking my boner in hand and starting to spin her tongue around its head, "let's take care of THIS."

RPG Girl, Chapter 5

Monday morning, and a full day of classes awaited me. I felt like I had barely slept though. How was I going to keep my eyes open?

Just a little more Kitty play, I thought, knowing full well it was going to be hard to stop once I got started again. But reaching over to where Kitty should have been, I found only the disheveled blanket. My eyes snapped open, and I was suddenly terrified that the last few days hadn’t been real, that the euphoria of those days were only a very wet dream.

But just as I noticed the destroyed bookcase across the room, the dorm room door opened and in strode my sweetheart, wearing her new tiny pink gym shorts and white sleeveless blouse that totally showed off her massive mammaries.

“Morning, sleepyhead! Time for breakfast!” And trailing behind her, like an adoring puppy, was none other than Dan, the oaf who had tried to flatten Harley’s face. My first instinct was anger, but that faded quickly as it became obvious that this idiot was completely under Kitty's spell.

"Danny boy here agreed to take me to this alleged gym you keep talking about today, since you and Harley don't seem to be able to manage it." His eyes were pinned to Kitty's ass as she leaned down to pick up a pen from the floor and set it on my desk. "Right, Danny?" He nodded. And I think he drooled a bit.

Kitty pointed to the desk. "You can put the breakfast bag over there." I stared as he dutifully set down a large white bag bearing the logo of our cafeteria.

To me, she continued, "Hope you don't mind but we're going to take off now. Enjoy your breakfast!"

"Hey, wait!" Kitty turned, and I stepped closer to her. "How did you get him to be such a puppy?"

She giggled. "Easy, silly. Didn't have to do much. I just teased him a bit, and now his small mind can't think of anything else." She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and kissed me lightly on the lips. "And don't worry, I wouldn't let him lay a finger on me. I'm nobody else's but yours."

And with that they were off, and I was left alone to chow down two containers of instant oatmeal with maple and brown sugar.


“And here we are,” said Dan, striding up to the glass doors. Beyond them, Kitty could see a wraparound desk containing several employees helping patrons check in, answering questions, handing them folded white towels from a rolling laundry bin. Dan pulled one door open and gestured for Kitty to enter.

Inside, at the desk, Dan opened his wallet and paid for two day passes. They accepted the requisite towels and headed in around the corner, where Kitty stopped short. They found themselves in an enormous room with a high ceiling filled with lots of pipes and cables. The hanging lights were bright, but didn't seem to be able to do much to reduce the dingy feeling of the space below. It was also surprisingly cold in the room, and Kitty wondered why that would be. Not that it bothered her; she remembered once rising to 10,000 feet to lounge around inside a cloud, completely naked, and that hadn't bothered her in the least.

The room itself was filled with row after row of strange machines, and men and women doing strange things with them. Some were running, some seemed to be climbing stairs, some were doing this weird mix of walking and running with hand sticks, and none of them seemed to be getting anywhere. But they were all sweating. A lot. Kitty licked her lips; she loved the taste of male sweat.

Beyond the deliciously sweaty folks were several rows of machines with odd dangling handles and bars hanging on cables. They were all different, some low, some high, some with places to sit, some with short hard places to lie down. She could see men and women pulling and pushing, with arms, with legs - it was a complete jumble. These folks weren’t sweating as much, but they were grunting and clearly working hard.

And beyond them, she could see the weight lifters. This she understood - mostly beefy men sitting, standing, or laying down while trying to lift the heaviest weights they could manage. Kitty zoomed in on one guy who was laying on his back and repeatedly pushing a metal bar with black disks on both ends up above his head. It looked so hard for him. For fun, she telekinetically lightened his load, just a bit, and saw him double his speed. Wow, she thought, these guys really are at their limit.

Dan took Kitty’s elbow and tried to propel her forward, but Kitty wouldn’t budge. “Tsk tsk tsk, no touching!” She wagged a finger at him.

The big man retracted his hand as if he had touched a hot stove. “Oh, sorry, my bad!”

“Right, you’re bad. Now, where to?”

“Well, can I show you the weights?”

Kitty nodded, and they headed to the back row.

“These here are the free weights,” he pointed, “you curl these with one arm.”


“Yeah, lemme show you.” He picked up a 25-pounder and with his elbow locked by his waist, began lifting it up to his shoulder over and over again. He started fast, but after a short while he was clearly slowing down. “Ten reps, that was. Now you try. You should start with this one over here and work up over time.” He pointed to a small one labeled “5 lbs.”

Kitty knew that she had more than enough strength to do what he just did with a military tank, and not have to stop at ten reps, either. But she wasn’t here to show off, so she dutifully did ten reps with the small weight. As she put it back on its shelf though, she couldn’t resist the urge to pinch it flat in the middle with two fingers. Just for fun.

Dan was already moving away, toward an upside down V-shaped rack holding two barbells, one on each side. “Good,” he said. “So now let me show you these. This bar by itself weighs 20 pounds,” he said, pointing to one of them. “And then you add the weights on either side. So you can make this as heavy as you want.” He proceeded to mount two pairs of 20-lbs weights onto the bar. “There, that’s, um…”

“A hundred?” asked Kitty, wishing she could show him how she could lift ten thousand.

“Yeah.” He laid down on his back, head near the rack, and placed his hands on the bar above him. “You gotta spot me now. Know what that means?” Kitty shook her head. “It means you stand near me and…” he paused, glancing at Kitty’s prodigious breasts, and clearly distracted by the thought of her hot body standing near him, but then continued, “you stand near me and be ready to help me if I start to lose control of where the bar is.”

“Ok,” replied Kitty, placing herself next to the rack. She was getting antsy though. This all seemed so pointless to her, and she thought it was stupid for her to have to pretend to be weak. She decided to help move things along. “But I know this is going to be easy for you, cause you're such a big strong guy right? Let me add some more just to make it challenging, OK?” Without waiting for his answer she grabbed two 50-lbs weights from the shelf and quickly mounted them on Dan’s bar. “So now you got 200 pounds. How many times can you lift that?”

“Reps,” said Dan.


“They’re called reps. I should be able to do 5 reps pretty easily. Now help me get this bar off the rack. Don’t try to lift it, just make sure I don’t start tipping forward or backward.”

Kitty rolled her eyes. SO TEDIOUS! But she didn’t say anything. And apparently he hadn’t noticed that she’d just picked up a hundred pounds with no effort at all.

Dan carefully lifted the bar off its rack, and with grunts and loud breathing, proceeded to do his “reps.”

Kitty was officially bored. She spent the time looking around the gym at all the guys who were “practicing” to make themselves stronger. So sad, she thought, that they couldn’t get quest points in this world. They had to work so hard just to add such infinitesimal amounts of strength.

She idly zoomed in on a handsome young man further down their row. Like everyone else he was focused and pushing himself to his limit. But she also noticed that he had somewhat of a hard on. Was it arousing for guys to work out, she wondered?

Looking for some fun, she started to lightly massage his dick telekinetically, and was gratified to see it stiffen quite suddenly. She rubbed it quicker and with a little more force. The man finished his rep and got the bar back on its rack with some difficulty, then quickly sat bolt upright and looked around. His eyes settled on his spotter, probably his girlfriend, and his expression turned lustful. The pretty girl raised one eyebrow and cocked her head invitingly toward the door. His tenting shorts hadn’t gone unnoticed. Kitty was finally having fun! Looking at the girl now, she started telekinetically stroking her clit. The girl suddenly raised both eyebrows, grabbed her boyfriend’s arm and started pulling him toward the exit.

Kitty chuckled, and Dan, struggling with his third rep, said angrily, “hey, this ain’t funny. It’s HARD to lift this much weight! You try it!”

Oh how she wanted to show these folks what she could do! But no, this wasn’t the time. Instead of picking up Dan’s piddly barbell and twisting it around her little finger, she lowered her chin and replied, “No, I don’t think I could handle that.” Dan seemed satisfied with that as he started his fourth rep.

Kitty on the other hand allowed her frustration to get the better of her. She smirked quietly, then with a quick, sweeping glance around the room she proceeded to give all 118 males simultaneously a hand job with her powerful mind. That at least was one way she could have fun without exposing her powers.

“So, how was the gym?” I asked her as we made our way to the dorm cafeteria for dinner. Harley and Stacy were tagging along behind us. This was going to be our first time out among the regular student body, and I was more than a little nervous. My plan was to just introduce her as my new girlfriend, from out of town. But I was known (and I thought of myself) as a real nerd. Having a girlfriend was not really part of my character.

“Boring as anything,” answered Kitty. “But I made the most of it.”

“No open displays of strength and power, right?”

“No, nothing anybody could tie back to me.”

“What does that mean?”

Kitty just smiled. And then it felt for all the world as if she were tickling my cock gently with her fingertips. I looked down spontaneously to see no real fingers there, just as I heard a soft, breathy shriek from behind me. I turned, and saw Stacy’s eyes wide and her mouth open in surprise. And Harley was standing rigid, where he had stopped walking four steps back.


“Who, me?” Her face was now the picture of mock innocence. But the physical sensations subsided.

“Wow, you did that at the gym?” asked Harley. “That’s amazing!”

Stacy just looked from Harley to Kitty and back again. Her face was flushed and she seemed like she was still in shock.

Kitty nodded vigorously, obviously holding back her laughter. “You should have seen those guys! Some of them actually started rubbing their dicks right there in public!”

“Some of them?” I asked. “How many people did you, um, do that to?”

“All of them. All the guys, anyway.”

“Next time do the girls too. They really missed out,” said Stacy finally. She was looking at Kitty with renewed interest.

“Um, ok, well why not?” I shrugged. “Great way to have some fun. And make the world a happier place at the same time.”

Kitty was beaming as we continued to the cafeteria.

It was dark. I knew it without opening my eyes. No light seeped through my lids. And I felt pain, excruciating pain. It was my penis. It was so stiff and so hard that it was almost unbearable. I touched it with my hand. It was large, throbbing, and unbendable, a warm steel rod.

The sound of soft, shallow breathing came from beside me, and I knew it was kitty, lying on her side, facing me. Eyes still closed, I reached out sleepily and touched her stunningly large and soft breast. There was SO much flesh there! She inhaled more deeply, then returned to her calm breathing as I stroked the incredibly sensual skin lightly with my finger tips.

I moved closer, so my lips could brush that softest of surfaces. My tongue tasted her large nipple, engorging and hardening as I began to swirl all the way around it. Her breathing caught for a second as I started to suck Kitty’s now diamond hard nipple, and again when I bit down on it, knowing I could never actually hurt her. In the game world, I had seen her carve her name in steel with those nipples.

Kitty moved her leg, her knee rising, the light blanket sliding off behind her. I think she was still asleep as she reached down to her pussy with one hand. My eyes were open now, taking in the magnificence of her amazing body in the dim moonlight which filtered in through a hazy sky and a half shaded window. She was rubbing her clit slowly, dreamily.

Then I heard her sigh as her hand stopped moving and fell to the mattress. And she sighed again, more like a groan this time. And I found myself being dragged slowly toward her, my hip drawing the sheet along with it. I realized Kitty must have been using her telekinetic power in her sleep, to get something she really wanted! Her aim was true; my raging hard cock entered perfectly through her warm, wet and inviting nether lips, sliding smoothly in until we were pelvis to pelvis, facing each other on the mattress.

I started reaching for her other breast when there was another groan, louder this time, and she rolled over in her back. I found myself rolling over as well, finally laying on top of her, penis still buried deep inside her.

And then I was sliding in and out, my face now between her glorious tits, my lower body moving of its own accord, hips, legs and feet gently rising and falling. The motion continued lazily for a while, her love canal the perfect home for my aching member. She slowly increased my speed, still sliding my cock’s full impressive length and girth all the way in and out, tip to balls and back again, my entire lower body going along for the ride.

Kitty’s moans became louder and more frequent. It was obvious she was bringing herself to a climax, and I was her dildo. In her sleep! It was Kitty’s version of a telekinetic supergirl’s wet dream! And I loved it! It was one of the most erotic things I had ever experienced in my entire life.

But she was moving me faster and faster, and more forcefully as well. My cock was still warm steel, for which I was thankful. Any softness at all could have been disastrous!But I needn’t have worried, she seemed to know just where to position me, just how to move me, so that my member remained solidly, painfully engorged.

The pace picked up, as did her moans. I wasn’t concerned about being overheard; I’d heard similar noises from the dorm rooms around me and they would make me jealous, but not horrified or embarrassed. But I began to wonder what she might do telekinetically when she came. A girl with as much telekinetic power as Kitty had, out of control? She could bring down buildings without meaning to, even flatten the city, in the throws of a major orgasm! The thought was both frightening and exciting, but there was nothing I could do about it either way. I was just her tool, nothing more.

Finally Kitty’s moans turned into cries, and her cries melded into one very long shriek that had me wondering where all that breath came from. A wooden bookshelf across the room twisted halfway up, splintered and collapsed in on itself, books piling on the floor. But thankfully she had caused no earthquake, no wholesale destruction.

And then she quieted down, rolling back to her side, flopping me over with her. The pain in my dick was unbearable, and I grabbed her backside mercilessly and pulled myself in and out. It only took a couple of thrusts for me to finally find sweet release. I kept my softening cock inside of her for as long as I could, during which time I saw a tremendously contented smile appear on her face.

I was happy for her. I had created her, invested her with all her beauty and all her powers, lived with her almost constantly for six years, and finally breathed life into her. She was here now, inexplicably but undeniably living in my world now, and I wanted nothing more than for her to be happy. The fact that I could bring her to a satisfying orgasm was tremendously thrilling and exciting, but even more, her contentedness filled my chest with pride and joy and made tears roll down my cheeks.

I stroked Kitty’s lustrous dark hair, my heart overflowing with tenderness and love for this amazing woman who had literally dropped into my previously normal life. She was smart, sexy, and powerful, beyond all human reach. She was fun but caring and sensitive. And she loved me, was dedicated to me, and would always be.

Kitty’s breathing relaxed further as I began to stroke her flawless cheek lightly with the backs of my fingers. So far, we had managed to keep her and her remarkable gifts out of the public eye, but I knew that wasn't going to last forever. There were probably already rumors about her, floating about social media, and the time would come when through some overzealous super-play or some spectacular super-rescue, her presence would be revealed to the world.

And then, the world would demand her help. She more than anyone else I was ever likely to meet had the potential to change the world, to fix it in ways that had only been dreamed of before, and then to come back to be my lover and friend.

I snuggled closer to her and laid my arm around Kitty’s large, warm breast. Images floated through my mind of her saving the world in ever more sexy ways, until fatigue finally overtook me and I drifted off to sleep.

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