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Tough Day at Work

Written by oogber :: [Saturday, 09 January 2021 18:09] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 09 January 2021 18:13]

Angel heard her boyfriend grumble as he walked in at 8 PM.

“Tough day at work, sweetie?”

“Yeah, someone fucked up our servers and brought the whole west coast cloud down. I couldn’t leave until I restored the backups,” he groused.

“Oh, so that’s why I couldn’t work on my commissions!”

“Yeah, babe. Sorry,” he said insincerely, knowing that she could pump those stories out with her super speed, no problem.

“Hey, don’t be mad. You wanna come? That always helps.”

“No, Angel, I don’t think that’ll work this time.”

“You sure? You always like it afterward.” Angel paused to consider it. “Yeah! I think it’ll be good!”

“No! Angel, really! I’m hungry and not in the mood…”

Angel blurred, only to reappear in front of him, gently grabbing his protesting wrist with two fingers. He sucked in a deep breath as he groaned from such minimal contact. She traced the back of his hand with her thumb, her silky skin and electric touch sending tingles down his spine, straight to his suddenly erect penis.

“Uh-huh. Suuuuuure...” she smiled mischievously at him as he groaned in lust, unable to control his response to her sexual allure. “And as punishment for lying to me, why don’t you come in your pants?”

Her eyes glowed as she licked her bee-stung lips, her thick tongue looking so delectable as it glided tantalizingly across those swells of soft flesh. He screamed at the sight of it as he orgasmed, his pulsing organ soaking his underwear in mere moments.

Still holding his wrist in her unbreakable grip, she waited for his grunting and whimpering to die down as she prevented him from collapsing in a heap. She leaned in close and whispered hotly in his ear. “Don’t you feel better now?”

“Unf, oh god, Angel...” He tried to catch his breath. “Yeah, that was so good… thank you.”

“Good! Now that your punishment is over, it’s time for me to really improve your mood.”

Her eyes glowed as she played her lasers over him, disintegrating all his clothes but leaving him unharmed. She whistled in appreciation at the still-hard erection he was sporting for her, glistening after his forceful ejaculation. Moving at a normal speed so that he could appreciate it, she wrapped her long fingers around his throbbing member, completely encircling him and enveloping his sexual organ in her powerful, irresistible embrace.

She didn’t move her hand at all, simply keeping it still and squeezing him with a bit of pressure. “Ooh, look who’s lasting longer today! Have you been working on it?”

“I just… want to… satisfy… you…” he replied in raggedy pants before his voice became an inevitable scream of ecstasy as he spurted once again, bucking involuntarily under the delicate caress of her silky fingertips that were strong enough to mold metal.

“Aw, I know! That’s so sweet!” she encouraged him as she began to stroke his still-pulsing erection. She turned so that she was directly facing him, his uncontrollable orgasm splashing onto her nude, superhuman form. Reaching out with her free hand, she gripped him by the neck, using her tactile telekinesis and hoisting him off the floor gently so as to avoid crushing his windpipe.

Suspended in midair, one of her hands around his neck, the other around his penis, he felt so completely overwhelmed. Helpless. Aroused.

“Comfortable?” she asked sweetly.

“Mmm-hmm,” he whimpered, unable to form actual words, still under assault by the sensual, warm, silky fingers that gripped his member.

“Why don’t you hang out for a while?” She giggled at her own pun. “I want to get off too.”

Angel released his organ from her sensual grip, allowing him a moment to suck in big gulps of air, finally able to breathe again. She took that free hand and roamed her naked body, from her collarbone, to her perky breasts, flicking and pinching those protruding nipples with superhuman force. She moaned and shuddered at superspeed, her exquisite body blurring in front of his very eyes, even as she held him aloft. Tracing her nails down her chiseled abs, she reached the wet folds of her intimacy, inserted two fingers, and spread her lips. He could hear her fingers churning, the air charged with the scent of her arousal. Her dexterous fingers massaged her inside while her thumb vibrated hard circles against her clit, and she hovered higher into the air in tandem with her budding orgasm. Her body flushed red as she got closer and closer - the same body that was invulnerable and didn’t register a trace from bullets pinging off of it. The blazing inferno inside of her exploded. She seized up, exhaling hotly as she came.

The sight of his super girlfriend coming and the irresistible pheromones she was releasing was too much for him. As he rose helplessly with her, head almost hitting the ceiling, her scorching breath ignited his third orgasm in as many minutes, even harder than before. In the midst of it all, he caught a glimpse of her, smirking smugly at him.

“Wanna fuck now?” she asked.

“Hnng! Unnf! Ahh!” was his only reply.

“You’re gonna have to answer more clearly!” she scolded him.

“Ah! Ah! Angel, wait!” he managed to stutter in between breaths.


She laughed as she adjusted her grip on him and floated up to meet him eye to eye, five feet in the air. She wet her lips, then mashed them against his, stabbing his mouth with her own superhuman tongue, stoking his flames of arousal even hotter as she had her way with him.

His screams of ecstasy were muffled by her unbreakable liplock. He could do nothing to stop the kiss even if he wanted to, her strong tongue swatting his aside and exploring his mouth, occasionally stopping to nibble his lips. He was drowning in her delicious taste and scent. His erection never flagged, and his heart skipped a beat as he felt himself enter her wet, velvet folds.

Her superhuman muscles rubbed his oversensitive cockhead as her deeper tissues gripped his shaft tightly. How could she do that!? It was like receiving a masterful handjob and a blow job, all while completely engulfed in her slick warmth.

Angel herself was getting worked up as well, applying her magical touch to her nipples, shooting bolts of pleasure through her body as she rubbed her core with her boytoy. The look of utter bliss and devotion on his face drove her to new heights. Her superhuman body burned red hot in arousal as she imagined dominating him even further, using him violently as an indestructible dildo whilst she bathed in lava, making him beg for respite even as she continued to command his arousal. She came.

She wrapped her long legs around his hips, pinning his arms to his sides, then pushed him into her fully with her heels. Her body, contorted in pleasure, began to spasm, her breasts grinding into his chest as her pussy gushed her juices all over his lower body. Her bright, hypnotic eyes glowed with power, scorching the ceiling above.

Her arms and legs constricted him powerfully as she gave voice to her ecstasy. Her super strong, intimate contractions goaded yet another orgasm out of her boyfriend. She could feel his urgent spasms and copious fluid inside of her as she clamped down even harder and began to massage him, her pussy milking him internally without loosening her full-body embrace, gripping and gliding him inside of her, up and down, up and down. He would have screamed in pleasurable agony if not for her warm steely bind driving all the air out of him.

Naturally, Angel recovered first from her earth-shattering ecstasy, her eyes snapping open in an instant, fully refreshed. She grabbed her boyfriend by his hair and pulled his head back, enjoying the permanent grimace of arousal plastered on his face, forgetting that she was still milking him with her pumping pussy. Just when it looked like he couldn’t take it anymore, she released her leglock and floated slowly away from him, letting her folds caress his overworked penis gently as he exited her.

“Mm, that was nice,” she whispered into his ear. He was barely conscious, but gurgled in agreement.

Floating back down, she dropped him in a chair, his body slumping, a stupid grin on his face. He probably wouldn’t be moving for a while.

“Acute angle…” he muttered their safeword in a happy stupor.

“I’ll get dinner ready!” she chirped cheerfully, leaving him to recover.

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