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Lucy – First Strike

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Written by HarmonyMotion


“Agent L, is your mission clear?”

“Yes, yes, I got it. Kill the researchers and the cartel leaders if they’re around, destroy the facility, leave no traces.”

“Are you fucking with me?”

“Did I get something wrong?”

Don’t kill the scientists! Don’t do any of that! This is a stealth infiltration. We want to extract their data so we can devise countermeasures without them knowing.”

“My way sounded a lot better.”

“Calm down, C. Listen Agent L, in this bag should be most of the tools you’ll need to get in and out undetected. You personally acquired a badge that should authenticate you. An outfit that fits you. An algorithm to crack their computer system. All you have to do is plug it in. Okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, okay,” Lucy pouted. “Can I go now? When is the mission again?”

“One week!!” Director C yelled. “This briefing is over! Dismissed!”

She strolled out of the extra secure soundproof room and heard the swish of the automatic door slide shut behind her.

“She is… incredibly infuriating to deal with.”

“What can we do? We selected her based on her low intelligence and perceived loyalty and duty to country so that we could control her. Who would have thought she would have taken to the gene therapy operation so well?”

“Well, I hope she doesn’t royally make a bollocks of this one. We need that information to limit her. She’s become too dangerous..”

“Ironic, isn’t it? We need her power to find the power to contain her.”

“Yes, hopefully we can control her until then. I don’t suppose… can she hear us?”

“She’s never registered any such thing as heightened senses, despite our predictions. But clearly, our predictions didn’t amount to much, did they?”

Riding a lift at the end of the hall, Lucy smirked at their ignorance.

Drop Off

“This is the drop-off point, Agent L,” her driver announced. “You will need to make your way up the mountain by foot from here.”

“Brilliant! Thanks!” she climbed out of the black, unmarked vehicle.

“Don’t forget your,” he started, but the door had already slammed shut. Before he could even step out to remind her, a gust of wind rattled the entire car violently. He held onto the steering wheel, hoping the wake of her speed wouldn’t send the car flying again.

Mercifully, it stayed firmly on the ground. He checked the backseat. There it was, her mission equipment.

Director C was probably going to hit the bottle again tonight.


Lucy dashed through the forested mountainous terrain almost completely silently. It was a beautiful night for a mission; no light pollution, no clouds to blot out the starry night sky… she was definitely going to have fun.

She climbed to the top of the mountain cliff where she could survey the landscape. They had shown her a map of the area, but she couldn’t make sense of that. With her incredible eyesight and hearing, she never bothered anyway.

Knowing that her shoes couldn’t handle the punishing speed and force of her movement, she bent her knee back one after the other and swiftly removed them.

Her sensitive ears picked up footsteps approaching her position. Had they detected her? She quickly leapt 20 feet through the thick foliage, choosing a spot atop a thick branch perfectly. Landing gracefully and silently on her bare toes, she tuned in her hearing. Nope, they were none the wiser.

They arrived at the edge of the cliff overlooking the ravine and stopped for a smoke. She seized the opportunity.

Lucy fell back down to the ground in a crouch and shot forward like an olympic sprinter who had just heard the crack of the pistol, only about ten times faster. In an instant, she was between the two guards. She wrapped her arms across each man’s shoulder and covered their mouths.

They began to panic and flail, but they couldn’t break her easy grasp, let alone make a sound.

“Now, now, boys,” she whispered. “I need some answers on what you guys are doing here and how to get into your secret lab... wherever that is. But I only need one of you, so…”

She swiveled her head from side to side, mouthing a rhyme silently, before landing on the one to her right.

“Moe! Sorry love, won’t be needing you any longer!”

Lucy slammed him into her flank, knocking the wind out of him. Her arm snaked down to his waist as she maneuvered his body to face her, and then simultaneously pulled her arm closer and leaned forward. Her large, proud breasts did not give for an instant as they slammed into his body. His ribs and spine cracked, squashed by her lovely orbs. She dropped the corpse without a second thought.

“Now,” she whispered into the second one’s ear as she slithered onto his back, wrapping her legs around his waist tightly and arms across his neck as if he were carrying her piggyback, “I need you to tell me everything you know. And if you scream, I’ll kill you like your friend there.”

“No… please,” he begged.

“Don’t worry, I know how to motivate men,” she continued to blast her breath against his ear as she outlined her terms. “Every time you come,” she gave his earlobe a little nibble, “I’m going to squeeze just a little tighter. But if you tell me what I want to know, I’ll loosen up. If you make me happy enough, I’ll even let you go! How does that sound?”

“Make me come?!” he hissed quietly.

“You’ll see.”

Her bare feet and toes traveled to the waistband of his trousers. With a little flick, she tore the top button off and slid her other foot down his zipper, exposing his flaccid manhood to the cold night air.

“Now, let’s get you stiff before we start, shall we?”

“You’re mental!” he whispered in halting breaths.

“Mmm,” she licked his cheek. She traced her toes through his pubic hair and brought both of her silky soles to his penis. Lucy wrapped his most sensitive organ between her feet and began to stroke. Her smooth skin and warm touch were too much for anyone to resist, she knew.

Soon, he was as erect as he could get. Still massaging the underside of his shaft, she traced her other toes over his wet slit, then wedged his purple cockhead between her digits. The tight grip produced by those beautifully painted toes was too much for him to bear. He erupted faster than he had ever thought possible, particularly from a footjob, as she swirled them left and right, back and forth directly over his sensitive cockhead. Each orgasmic pulse was synchronized with a tight tug of her toes, goading him to ejaculate harder.

As he erupted, Lucy’s thighs and arms constricted around him. “Does someone have a foot fetish?” she teased.

“No! No! I, hnng,” he struggled to breathe, “swear I don’t!”

“Aww, really? Could’ve fooled me. I guess… I’ll choose to believe you. I’m a nice girl, see? Alright then, let’s keep playing. So, since you told me the truth...”

She loosened the vice of her arms and legs. He gasped in relief, but only for a moment. He had just ejaculated, and she was still torturing his penis! He squirmed under her ministrations, his body too sensitive for these heavenly sensations. At least, it was impossible for him to orgasm again for a while. Did this impossibly sexy seductress not know how men worked?!

“Where is your compound?” she asked.

“I… I’m not going to tell you!” he hissed.

“Oh, right, I have to make you come.” She sped up her rubbing as she tilted his head in for a kiss. The magnificent swell of her breasts pressed into his shoulder blades as the smell of her perfume invading his nose and the taste of her lips sent his heart soaring. A few flicks of her tongue, a few more strokes of her pretty feet, and he spurted once again, body bucking in her tight embrace.

Again, Lucy tightened. “Compound?” she whispered straight into his face.

“Unnng! Underground! Lake!”

She loosened again and flashed him a bright smile. “This is only going to get harder, you know.”

Covered in his juices, she vibrated her feet at superspeed against his exhausted, but still hard member. He shuddered as this marvelous creature somehow immediately pushed him over the edge again. His semen shot all over her pretty toes as she curled them against his slit, and she traced them along his whole throbbing cockhead once again as she tightened up.

“I see three swimmers in that lake. Are there more of you? What are they doing?”

“Tr… training!” he blurted out as he tried to push her legs off him. He couldn’t take much more of either the squeezing or the pleasure!

“Okay, fine, come for me again,” she ordered. His arms wobbled, ceasing their resistance as his body shuddered through another orgasm.

“You answered, but shame you came again, mm? So, I can keep gripping you tightly like this,” she smiled triumphantly. “Think I can make you come one last time?”

He couldn’t answer. His face was streaked with tears, his complexion purple. He shook his head desperately.

She smiled sadistically and continued to footfuck him. Massaging his balls with the bridge of her foot, stroking his sore shaft, rubbing his head with her swirling toes… within 30 seconds, his erection spasmed again, though nothing came out.

“Tsk, tsk, no loosening for lying to me. It’s been fun! Thanks love!”

Lucy crushed his bones and organs as she gently wrapped herself just a little harder around him. They fell to the ground together.

“Well, I better take a bath now.”

She stripped off all her clothes and left them on the cliff. This was an infiltration after all. She would need one of their uniforms.

Fully nude in the moonlight, she leapt off the side of the rock face, contorting midair into a 200 meter dive into the freezing lake below.

Gone Swimming

Lucy’s long brunette locks whipped in the wind as her metahuman body carved through the air in freefall. Her body, straight as an arrow, would have entered completely silently, if not for her bulging breasts causing a minor splash.

The freezing water hardly slowed her downward velocity. With a few minor kicks of her lithe legs, she propelled herself toward the three divers. Her eyes had no trouble seeing in the darkness.

She sized up her prey and thrust once more, trajectory completely on target. Grabbing her victim by his wetsuit, she halted her descent and flipped her body around 180 degrees. Immediately, she changed direction, heading for the surface. The change in pressure disoriented him, but it wasn’t enough to cause him permanent harm. Lucy would make sure to do that herself.

Breaking the surface of the water, she pulled the breathing apparatus out of his mouth and removed his goggles.

“Wha… who…” he stammered, completely disoriented.

Lucy ignored his muttering and dove underneath him, removing his flippers. Then, she stripped his wetsuit off, leaving him shivering.

“Do you want to swim to shore?” she looked at the distant land, “or would you like some help?”

“N-n-nn… helpppp pppplease…” his teeth chattered.

“Sure thing!”

She placed a hand underneath his armpit and flung. The savage force killed him in mid-flight as he twisted and spun through the air, landing at the cliff face where she had originally jumped. She could clean him and his two friends up later.

Lucy slipped into his wetsuit, not impeded at all by being half submerged. She looked like an inflated balloon, what with all the water that had flooded in. She ducked underneath the surface and ran her hands across the contours of her body. Her powerful stroke traced up her long legs, past her hips, ran across her flat torso and exquisite chest, forcing a gush of water out from around her neck where the opening was. Much better, she thought, admiring her form.

A surface dive sent her carving through the water once again like a torpedo. At the last moment, she remembered to put her snorkel and goggles on to try and keep up appearances. Possibly they wouldn’t even have noticed the brief minute where she had abducted and taken the place of their colleague, and it might be dark enough that they wouldn’t notice her luscious figure. But even if they did, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Decelerating hard, she got back into formation just in time to see one of them give her an “OK” hand signal. They hadn’t noticed the switch or even registered the wake of bubbles behind her.

The three of them swam laboriously slowly toward the secret hatch, buried deep in the middle of the lake. Lucy resisted the urge to bury them in the bottom of the lake and waited patiently for them to key in the sequence to open the entrance.

It unlocked with a huge thud and creaked as the hatch rolled to the side. They floated into the flooded airlock. The hatch creaked and groaned again as it reversed direction. When it clicked shut, heavy machinery started to whir, pumping water out of the flooded antechamber. This was quite an installation!

As the water level lowered, the two men removed their goggles and oxygen tanks. Lucy kept hers on.

“Come on new blood, let’s go have a nightcap, shall we?”

Lucy nodded. The water continued to drain. She wouldn’t be able to hide her identity much longer.

They began to peel off their suits as the water receded, not paying her any mind. Well, it was now or never.

Lucy removed her facial gear and peeled her entire wetsuit off at superspeed. Fully in the nude, she waited for her companions to strip and finally notice.

And notice they did.

“Charlie?” one of them asked, stupidly. The other simply stared at her heavy chest and drooled.

“Do I look like Charlie?” she retorted.

“Where did… wha…” he trailed off, the sight of her jutting spheres and perky chocolate nipples completely ensnaring his mind as well. Both men were as stiff as they could get.

Lucy sashayed up to one of them like a runway model, her pendulous breasts mesmerizing them further, rooting them to the spot. She stopped right in front of one of them and traced the back of her hand from his stomach, up his torso, and gently placed it behind his head. He shivered at her touch.

Before he could enjoy it too much, Lucy pulled, slamming his head into her spectacular cleavage. Her delectable flesh was far too tough for his head, as his nose flattened and skull cracked, killing him instantly. She let him drop to the ground and smiled at her other toy.

“You like how I look?” she teased him.

“Holy fuck!” He rushed to a communication device, but just before his finger could press the button, he felt his arm bend backwards, a searing point of pain emanating from his wrist. Those breasts that had killed his teammate were pressing firmly into his back. The air hissed out of his body as she applied more pressure.

“Uniforms?” Lucy asked with a little squeeze. His eyes bulged, but he just about managed to point to the compartment.

She dragged him along as she chose the outfit that best fitted her—a belt looped to the tightest threshold to accommodate her thin waist and a large shirt to hide her upper torso.

“Now, how do we open that?” she gestured at the inner airlock.

“We can’t! It takes two of us, and you killed him!” he yelled loudly. The sound died within the airtight chamber.

“What? What about someone on the other side?”

“There’s no one else patrolling close enough to this corridor at this hour. You’ll have to wait six hours!”

“Ugh!” She walked up to the inner hatch and jabbed her fingers into a groove. She could just about wiggle her fingers, molding the metal to her hand.

“You’re… you’re that black ops agent! The ghost! We thought it was a myth!” he blurted.

“Yeah yeah, I get that a lot. I’ll make my own way in. Thanks love.”

She gripped a fistful of cloth and pulled him to his feet. Locking her lips with him, she kissed him deeply, her tongue battering his and swatting it at will. As he groaned and began to enjoy his throes of forced ecstasy, she sucked the life out of him, collapsing his lungs. She put both of the corpses in the utility closet, plucked their badges from their uniforms, attached one to her own, and slid the door shut.

Placing her ear on the heavy metal, she tried to listen for sounds from the other side to confirm what the guard had said. But all she could hear were vibrations in the metal from the machinery running within the compound. Oh well, nothing else to do but try her hand at it.

She jabbed both her hands into the dense metal, slowly pushing inward to get a good grip. Taking a deep breath and placing a leg on the wall for leverage, she began to pull as hard as she could. The metal squealed and slowly peeled to the side as her leg sank into the steel in the opposite direction, resisting her powerful pulling but still giving way.

Sweat beaded on Lucy’s forehead as she stopped to take a breather. She pulled herself up to peek through the little porthole that she’d created. Indeed, she didn’t find any guards patrolling.

With more leverage to work with now, she stuck an entire arm through, bent at the elbow, dug her heels into the floor, and dragged it forward. She bit her tongue to prevent herself from grunting and screaming at the effort, and eventually she’d created a hole big enough to crawl through despite the screaming metal.

She stepped through carefully, not wanting to damage her disguise. Wiping the sweat off her face, she took stock of the bare, soulless hallways. Why couldn’t the mission briefing have given her maps of something actually useful?

Inside Job

At superhuman speed, Lucy ran down hallways, peering into every open window she could find. Mess hall, lavatories, dormitories with a dozen sleeping goons—where the hell was the science lab?

She heard a pair of footsteps coming in the opposite direction. She could backtrack, but even with her speed, she might not be able to traverse this entire labyrinthian maze before daybreak. So she played it cool, slowed down to a normal gait, and strolled forward.

The patrol approached her immediately.

“Hello. Tough shift, isn’t it?” she smiled, expecting them to get distracted by her beauty and simply let her pass.

“Where is your partner?” one of them asked, as the other basked in her radiant smile.

“Hmm? Oh, he’s in the loo.”

The two glanced at each other with a worrying look, and the pair immediately reached for their guns.

Shit! These guys are good!

She grabbed both of them by their wrists and twisted, causing them to drop their guns. Dragging them behind her, she ran into the nearest room. Placing a palm on the outside of each of their heads, she slammed them together with a sickening crack.

Lucy stopped to scan her surroundings. She was in one of the dormitories, but it wasn’t full of sleeping soldiers. Instead, one absolutely huge beast of a man occupied the whole room. His insanely muscled torso rose and fell with his regular breathing as he slept.

His neck was so thick, it looked like one smooth, continuous muscle that connected his head to his torso. Large, bulging veins visibly pulsed through the massive swells of flesh that were his shoulders. She had to simultaneously stifle a laugh at how small his head looked while being in awe at his insane musculature.

She crept closer to examine this… caricature of Adonis. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open.

“Oh fuck me!” she cried in fright as she fell on her ass.

This lumbering hulk climbed out of bed. His legs were even bigger than his arms, and his head nearly hit the ceiling. What was he!?

Despite his gargantuan size, he rushed at her with incredible speed. His thick, hairy fist connected with her head, driving her hard into the floor. That hurt!

Lucy’s temple bled from his savage blow, but she saw that he wasn’t undamaged either. He cradled his fist with a grimace of pain. She could see that two of his fingers looked rather misshapen now.

She climbed to her feet and lunged at him. At her average height, she actually had to swing upward to take a shot at his stomach! Although, he had a much more sensitive target she could swing for…

But his reach was too long. He sent a jab her way, snapping her neck back and stunning her in her tracks. A dazzling combination struck her face, splitting her lip and bruising her cheeks. The giant super soldier lunged forward and tackled her.

Pinned to the floor by his massive frame and tree trunk thighs, she saw his deformed hands flying her way. Yes, she hadn’t felt pain since her highly experimental, secret super soldier operation, so this was a jarring, terrifying feeling. But she could definitely take more of this, whereas his hands looked as if they were about to rip apart like wet paper.

She brought her arms up to shield her face, letting him break his fists on her elbows. He emitted a primal roar of anguish, cut short by her pretty fist embedding itself in his swollen 8 pack. Her single shot caused him to fold over on top of her, now completely unmoving.

Lucy threw his massive corpse aside. That fucking wanker had really done some damage! And it was about to get worse. No one had sounded any alarms, but she heard rustling from nearby quarters. Their scuffle had only lasted a minute, but their blows were so powerful, they could have woken the dead.

Stealth was out of the question now. She sped out of the room and ran deep into the compound, making tight turns around corners hoping that no one would see her. At the very least, if anyone did see her, they couldn’t keep up with her… unless there were more of those hulks around. She must have run for miles in five torturous minutes, her enhanced heart pumping blood through her veins harder than she’d ever pushed it. Her legs burned.

Miraculously, she stumbled upon the science wing after outrunning all of the guards on alert near the underwater entrance. A woman in a lab coat looked at her battered face and torn uniform in shock and let Lucy in as she pounded on the transparent glass pane from outside.

“Oh my god! Are you okay? Where’s your partner?”

“He’s dead. There’s an operative here! I think it’s the ghost! I have orders to get you to safety!” Lucy improvised much better this time.

“The ghost!? Are you certain!?” The scientist’s eyes almost lit up in excitement. “Did… did he face off against one of our behemoths?” she asked eagerly.

“We don’t have time for your experiments! I have orders to escort you to safety! Gather any samples you may have; we don’t want the ghost getting them!”

“Oh, oh, yes, of course!” She grabbed a row of test tubes and placed the precious draught meticulously into a titanium briefcase. After that, she removed a flash stick from her computer, and with a quick set of hotkeys, scrambled the hard drive.

“Will we make it?” the scientist asked nervously.

“I hope so,” Lucy replied. She wasn’t lying.

“Wait, your face! You’re not bleeding anymore. Your lip is… healing… in front of…” she gasped as the revelation hit. “You’re the ghost!?”

“Oh bugger,” Lucy spat. She stripped off her tattered uniform, planning to kill the female scientist and take her outfit. But when she saw the sudden arousal flushing in her victim’s cheeks, she had a naughty revelation.

“How does your behemoth serum work?” Lucy probed.

“We have them imbibe small doses twice a day,” she responded dreamily to the beauty she was ogling, before realizing what she’d done. “NO!”

“Yesss!” Lucy hissed greedily. “Give me that!”

The scientist turned to run deeper into the lab, but Lucy appeared right before her. Grabbing the suitcase, she flipped the buckles, swiped a tube, and took a big swig.

“You… you’ll die from that much!” The scientist stared in terror at the unexpected splendorous beauty of the so-called ghost. “Our behemoths took months to drink a single tube!”

Lucy dropped the briefcase in response to a sudden jolt of pain deep in her abdomen. The rest of the remaining test tubes spilled onto the floor as the glass vials shattered.

“No!” the scientist screamed.

“UGHH!” Lucy moaned as she fell to her knees. She retched, a dribble of saliva trailing out of her mouth, before falling face first onto the floor. She really might die!

Daily Recommended Value

Lucy twitched on the floor, foaming violently at the mouth while the scientist just stared. If the ghost died here, they could perform an autopsy and really further the cartel’s research into metahuman development.

But even as the serum threatened to unravel Lucy’s insides, her already enhanced body was at work, stitching it back together, stronger than before.

Her ugly dry heaving slowed as the acute pain began to dissipate. The behemoth serum flowed through her veins, infecting her cells and attempting to trigger a rapid breakdown. Any other human would have been eviscerated from the inside out from the excess quantity. But Lucy was not just any other human.

The successful behemoth test subjects were humans at the peak of fitness and physicality beforehand, ones who were able to endure and grow stronger from the serum’s violent breakdown of their muscles. They lay bedridden for weeks before their superhuman muscle mass appeared. And only after months of slow treatment did they become the 7 foot tall giants that Lucy had faced.

But Lucy’s metahuman, feminine physique was something else entirely. Her body grew in power immediately as it repaired itself in response to the serum’s effects. Instead of packing on more bulk like any normal human, her muscles and bones grew denser. The serum continued to attempt to break her body, creating a feedback loop within her as she twitched on the sterile lab floor.

Eventually, her physique had packed as much power as it could into her normal frame, and it had to expand. She put on more height, mostly contained in her legs, as they lengthened, beautifully carved calves pulsing with power, thighs swelling. Her arms grew longer as well, making room for new flesh and muscle in those slender, toned limbs. No sign of bulging behemoth muscle; only elegant, delicately carved, infinitely powerful female strength.

Her previous pencil figure began to change as well. Her body reconfigured itself, slimming her waist while her hips widened. Lucy’s already flat belly lost any trace of extra flab, looking like sleek steel covered in supple skin. Her bum, a natural target in the human body, packed full of muscle, swelled pleasantly and lifted, looking deliciously tight and pert.

Lucy’s torso began to rise from her prone position, but not through any conscious movement of her own. She still lay immobile on the floor as the serum coursed through her, magnifying her, enhancing her, perfecting her. Instead, her already prodigious breasts grew even firmer and sat even higher on her chest, pressing against the floor and making it seem as if Lucy were doing an unaided push up. The luscious swells, which she already previously used to devastating effect, became absolutely mind-bending. Each beautiful orb was topped with a beautiful, harder than diamond chocolate nipple, sitting perfectly symmetrically on her flawless flesh.

As her nipples carved deep grooves in the stone floor, she began to writhe not in gut wrenching pain, but in sexual ecstasy. Her perfected body had incorporated and defeated the behemoth serum, and she luxuriated in the feeling of raw power coursing through her veins. Her sleek arms and longer fingers traced down her new body, caressing her tingling body and caressing her generous hips before reaching her wet, velvet folds. She rubbed her smooth, hairless intimacy harder and faster than she had ever been capable of, her sexual drive adjusting and growing accustomed to her heightened needs.

Lucy began to buck in earnest as her body grew hotter, a searing heat burning deep in her womb. She moaned as she fingered herself with one vibrating hand, her folds sucking on those digits while the other swirled circles on her hard, engorged clit. The rough stimulation of the crumbling floor against her jutting breasts didn’t hurt either, and she detonated, just as her body overcame and destroyed any trace of the serum inside of her.

As her nether lips thrummed and squeezed her fingers like a vice, trickling her love juices down her hand, the final vestiges of the serum took their course. Her thick, luscious hair, starting from the roots, began to turn from a dark coffee brunette into a seductive shimmering auburn. The color traveled down the length of every strand, her mane growing thicker, longer, more voluminous.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuck!” she cried out, smashing the floor into broken rubble with a few thrusts of her hips.

“What… what are you…” the scientist whispered.

Lucy’s eyes finally opened after this incredible sequence of events. She felt no pain from the toughest brawl of her life, no lingering ache or weakness after her incredible orgasm, no fatigue from her constant physical exertions throughout the entire evening! She climbed to her legs and found that she now towered over the terrified female scientist. Still in the nude, hands on hips, Lucy turned her now sparklingly sapphire blue eyed gaze upon this apparently brilliant mind that had created the serum.

“Oh my, lucky me. Looks like I’ve met quite a randy lesbian, haven’t I?” she smiled at the mousy scientist who was actively fondling herself to the sight of Lucy. Even heterosexual men didn’t succumb this strongly to her beauty this quickly.

“Not… lesbian…” the scientist squeaked, even as she writhed in her chair and shivered in pleasure.

Lucy’s ears picked up the sound of more guards stirring from nearby quarters. She had covered too much distance from the entrance for them to chase this fast, but now the entire base was being put on alert.

“Can you get me out of here? I need clothes.”

“Yes…” she drooled as she continued to jill herself helplessly.

“Ugh! Finish already, Pamela!” Lucy read her name printed in small font off her badge.

“I’m… coming!” she twitched in her chair at Lucy’s order. The wheels clattered from Pamela’s violent shivering.

Waiting for Pamela to recover, Lucy scoured the lab. She found some oversized hospital gowns and slipped herself into one.

“Now Pamela, I need to get out of here. I can either kill you here and take your thumb drive, but I’d really rather not have to leave it to my idiot superiors to try and figure it out. Or, if you cooperate…”

“Cooperate! Cooperate! I’ll do anything you say!” Pamela immediately squeaked, pure adoration in her eyes.

“Good. Let’s go.”

Blocked Egress

“Do you have a waterproof container for that drive?” Lucy asked as she tied the unflattering cyan gown behind herself.

Pamela nodded meekly, her eyes never leaving Lucy’s beautiful face, framed by those luscious locks.

“Okay. When we find trouble, you will act like you are evacuating me.”

“Yes, mis...tress,” Pamela stammered. She hadn’t intended to say it, but the words tumbled out of her mouth. It just felt right.

Lucy picked Pamela up gently, sending another thrill shuddering through the researcher’s body as she felt her captor’s mind-bending curves through the sterile gown.

She sprinted down the hallways, expecting to be burdened by having to carry Pamela. But it seemed she had underestimated her own now twice-enhanced abilities. Her longer legs never grew weary, taking enormous strides with unbelievable grace, at unmatchable speeds. The only burden was not injuring her delicate cargo. Her hearing had become so receptive, she knew exactly which hallways to avoid, changing directions on a whim, but making sure to decelerate toward turns so the G-forces wouldn’t crush her passenger into soup.

Unfortunately, as they neared the sole entrance and exit, there was no way to avoid confrontation. The corridors were filled with guards, walls echoing a cacophony of barked orders. Some were investigating the behemoth that Lucy had killed with a single well placed gut punch. The mangled steel hatch entryway was completely blocked with stationary goons.

Lucy put Pamela down as they neared the crowded hullabaloo.

“M-m-mistress? What can I do?” She was still more shaken by lust than the arduous minutes-long five mile sprint that Lucy had performed.

“Just do your best! Try to get me out of here!” Lucy whispered.

“I will try, Mistress!” she proudly stated as she puffed out her chest.

Lucy hunched over, disguising her gorgeous stature and diminishing her newfound height. Pamela took the lead assertively, like a completely different woman, and led her “test subject” through the crowd. Everyone made way for her, despite the chaos. She obviously had a lot of clout here. They soon reached the exit hatch.

“Move aside! I need to get a new test subject out of here!”

“Dr. Holmes, we have been explicitly ordered to let no one leave. Is… is that a female behemoth!? I thought those were impossible!”

“So you do have a brain. You understand that you will compromise everything we are doing here if you don’t let us pass!”

They looked at each other with uncertainty.

“Our military strategists don’t understand what’s at stake here; they never did. I will take responsibility for whatever happens. You have my word,” she declared firmly.

“Ok, I, I guess you can pass, Dr. Holmes. We can’t open the gate anymore, so you’ll have to go through there.”

Pamela ducked through the original opening that Lucy had carved. As Lucy made her way through, she resisted the urge to widen the opening for herself, her taller body not fitting quite as easily anymore.

Just as Lucy’s final leg was about to slip through, she heard a shout from behind her.

“Hey! What are you two doing! No one is to be let out!”

Pamela’s eyes widened in fear, silently pleading Lucy for help.

“Oh, piss off!” Lucy yelled back. She slipped through the opening, grabbed the metal hatch that she had worked so hard to open before, and pulled her arm back. It squealed, mostly closing up the gap from her easy tugging.

Some other guards tried to operate the controls from outside, but like they said, it was clear that something had jammed. The barrel of a gun pointed through a small gap, but Lucy pushed the hatch with a little nudge of her toe, jamming the barrel against the metal wall and crushing it, preventing any possible gunfire.

“Mistress! I’m sorry!”

“Don’t apologize, Pamela. I was actually quite impressed.”

“What do we do now? Please, please let me go with you! I don’t want to be without you!”

“How do you usually get out of here?”

Pamela opened the compartment where Lucy had stashed the two corpses. She gasped.

“Did mistress...” she covered her mouth in shock.

“Naturally. Focus, Pamela. How do we get out?”

She immediately complied with the order, composure restored. “We’re all trained in diving. But they’ve removed all of the oxygen tanks and wetsuits! And, we need a partner pair of guards to even open the exit hatch!”

They heard the sound of blowtorches hissing at metal behind them. This bloody partner system of theirs was proving quite effective.

Lucy marched toward the large main hatch and examined it again. She prodded it with a finger. The metal sank under her delicate touch, something she certainly couldn’t have achieved before her transformation here. Lucy smiled wickedly.

She removed her gown, letting it drape over her tight bubble butt before it fell to the floor. She heard Pamela suck in a deep breath, but her goal wasn’t to titillate. At least, not titillate Pamela.

Lucy scraped her nipples over the thick outer hatch, carving deep grooves into it. She loved seeing her femininity overpower such sturdy material even more than the vibrations and tingles it sent back through her new, supercharged nerves. It was decided, then.

“How long can you hold your breath?” Lucy turned to face Pamela, teasing her with her words and her naked body. Okay, maybe she wanted to titillate her just a little.

Pamela gulped. “Erm, there’s no way I could… Even if I could hold my breath long enough to reach the surface, I couldn’t ascend that fast! The change in pressure would…” Tears began to well in her eyes. Would she no longer get to be with her mistress?

“There there now, Pamela. I’m a ghost and a behemoth now.”

Pamela wiped her eyes. “No, I think you’re… something divine,” she whispered softly. Lucy’s ears picked it up, and she smirked.

The shouting outside was getting louder, and a thin molten line was beginning to appear in the metal that blocked the guards’ path.

“I’ll get you out of here, Pamela. And you’ll help me with your valuable insight and knowledge. How does that sound?”

“Oh, yes, yes! Please, mistress! If I cannot leave here, I would rather die by your side…”

“Not today, love. Not today.”


Lucy turned to face the hatch once more. Leaning forward, she caused the solid reinforced steel to yield to her bosom. Then, she inhaled deeply, imprinting her perfect orbs even deeper.

But she didn’t stop inhaling. The air was getting thinner within their confined space. Meanwhile, Lucy began to sway her torso, enjoying the thrill of her new sensitive skin in contrast to her incredible new strength and toughness.

She could feel the cold depths of the lake on the opposite side. Meanwhile, Pamela had scooted up behind Lucy, hiding from the increasing heat of the searing metal that her former colleagues were working to cut through.

Soon, Pamela struggled to suck in oxygen as all of it rushed into Lucy’s endless lungs. Gagging and choking, she collapsed into a sitting position on the floor, propped against Lucy’s lovely legs. She clapped Lucy’s perfectly sculpted flesh, hoping to get her attention, each strike growing successively weaker as her lungs burned.

Just as Pamela was about to black out, fearing the worst as she saw the guards’ faces appear through a small metal window they had carved open, she heard Lucy’s voice ring out.

“It’s been fun, boys!”

With a final swivel and shove of her torso, Lucy knocked the entire outer hatch off its mountings. The cold freshwater poured violently into the antechamber. Making sure to doom the compound, Lucy ran faster than the eye could follow and gave a gentle kick to the inner hatch, sending the metal flying and crushing everyone in its path into a bloody paste.

Then, she picked up her catatonic prisoner-turned-devoted-slave, planted her lips on hers, and exhaled ever so gently. She felt Pamela suck greedily for her oxygen as the water flooded over their heads.

Wrapping her now longer, lithe limbs around Pamela, Lucy held her tight, sealed their lip lock precisely, and tried to envelop as much of Pamela’s body as she could with her own to shield her from the harsh pressure outside.

As the compound began to flood, Lucy swam out into the lake. Her body heat kept Pamela warm enough not to go into shock as they slowly, gracefully floated toward the surface.

Two female heads broke the surface of the serene lake, locked in an entrancing lifegiving kiss. Lucy withdrew first, letting Pamela suck in a deep breath of freedom… who immediately lunged back in for another deep kiss from her mistress.

Lucy denied the kiss by placing two fingers on Pamela’s lips.

“We have to go.”

“Mm… okay,” she replied in a faraway voice, eyes closed.

Lucy swam them to shore quickly, leaving a slipstream that a speedboat would be jealous of. Pamela crumpled to the floor, her strength giving out after everything that had happened. She wrapped her arms across her chest and shivered in the cold night air. Her damp lab clothes didn’t help.

Lucy stood in the darkness, buck naked. She didn’t register the temperature at all, but clearly she needed to attend to her new thrall if she wanted to get any use out of her.

“Wait here. I’ll get you some dry clothes.”

Lucy took a running leap, preparing to jump as far as she could across the lake and climb up the cliff face where she had originally descended. To her surprise, her leap propelled her through the air, flying and carving straight into the rock face! Luckily, the dense stone was able to stop her velocity, but if she had jumped any harder, who knew how far she would have gone?

Extricating herself from a Lucy shaped cavern, she made it back to the outer wall and dug her fingers and toes into solid stone. Carving little handholds and footholds for herself, she pulled herself up and rapidly climbed her way to the top of the 200 meter elevation in large leaps and bounds.

She found the corpses where she’d left them, as well as her own clothing before infiltrating the compound. She picked up her own outfit and stripped both of them of their uniforms—they certainly wouldn’t need it anymore. She didn’t have time to stash the corpses like she’d thought. This mission had really gone tits up.

Balling up the clothes, she looked at the distant shore with her enhanced eyes and prepared a jump. Hopefully she could get it right this time.

From her standing position, Lucy pushed off again, putting just a little more into her jump, for safety’s sake. It would be pointless if she splashed into the water again. She soared right over Pamela’s head and crashed deep into the forest, smashing trees in her path.

And then the sound of crashing trees echoed in the opposite direction as Lucy came sprinting back.

“Get out of those wet clothes. Put these on.”

Lucy’s prior outfit wouldn’t fit her anymore. She let Pamela use it as a drying cloth as they both put on their donated uniforms.

“C-c-c-can you hold me?” Pamela’s teeth chattered. “Just for a little bit…”


As they cuddled, Lucy grabbed her secure private phone and called for her own extraction, ignoring her agency’s planned rendezvous point. No sooner had she sent the message did her sensitive hearing pick up the sound of two swimmers heading in their direction.

Double Header Rematch

Two behemoths stepped onto the shore, announcing themselves with their primitive grunting and heavy breathing. There were slight variations between them, but each one certainly looked no smaller or weaker than the first she’d fought off.

“Pamela! How tough are they? The first one I killed actually gave me a bit of a fight!”

“Mistress! Those are the only other two successful subjects we’ve had! They’re… they’re stronger than the one you faced! Hang on, let me try to talk them down!”

“Do it!”

Pamela left Lucy’s safe embrace and stepped forward to face the pair of behemoths.

“Subject Mu, Subject Theta. Stand down. This is Dr. Holmes, one time code Victor Romeo five niner eight fower Echo. We must prepare you for examination and testing.”

“ARRRRRGH!” they both screamed, 450 pounds of pure muscle sprinting forward at incredible speed.

“Pamela!” Lucy cried. She grabbed the scientist from behind and ran.

“Mistress! That code should work! I’m the lead scientist on the project. They… they must have overridden me! Dammit, I’m so stupid! I’m sorry!”

“How do you control them?” Lucy asked over the sound of whipping air. “You can’t just talk to them?”

“No mistress! We made them stupid because we didn’t want them out of our control!”

Lucy harrumphed. Sounded familiar.

“Besides, if we kept their intelligence, I’m not sure we could have gotten them to this level of power. The serum is very brutal on the body. We… we were preparing a contingency in case someone… someone like mistress actually existed!”

Looking back, Lucy knew she could outrun the two. But not with Pamela in tow. And she would have to deal with them eventually.

“Can I take them?”

“I don’t know, mistress! They are trained in coordinated attacks as well!”

“Bloody hell.” Maybe it was a slight mistake to have skipped those close combat training sessions.

Lucy stopped running and put Pamela down.


“I’m going to fight them. You’re obviously… odd, and under my control. If I die here, go and help my agency if possible. An agent is on his way right now. And if these commands don’t stick after I die, then what’s the difference? Just promise you’ll think of me a little.” She reached out and pinched Pamela’s chin tenderly.

“Mistress, no!”

“I don’t have a choice, Pamela.”

Leaving a wailing Pamela behind, Lucy turned and ran head on toward their pursuers. With any luck, they weren’t too much stronger than the first one. She had simply outlasted him with her durability until there was an opening. Despite being outnumbered, maybe she could just absorb the blows now that she had processed the same serum.

She expected some sort of synchronized attack, maybe both punching with their rights, or maybe one right one left. But it only took a split second before she realized she had the wrong idea. This wasn’t a choreographed dance. One of the behemoths took the lead and went for a full on grapple as the other followed behind. With her arms pinned to her side by the lead hulking beast, the follower went for a huge haymaker right to her nose.

Lucy closed her eyes and tucked her head in, preparing for the worst. She heard a sickening crunch. Was that her skull?

An enormous, rumbling, masculine cry of anguish filled the air. She peeked open with a single eye. His entire hand had shattered, his forearm sticking at a weird angle. She expected to be dazed or feel some pain, but she felt nothing at all!

She looked down at the behemoth who still had his beefy arms wrapped around her, hands interlocked behind her back. He was trying to tackle her, to get her in a prone and vulnerable position like the first one in the compound had. He carved trenches in the earth as he tried to shove her, but she didn’t budge an inch.

Lucy brought her arms outward and immediately broke his bind. Brushing him aside, she went after the injured one first. Duplicating her first kill, she threw a punch into his midsection. He tried to protect himself with his remaining good arm, but she shattered it as if it weren’t there, driving her pretty fist straight into his ribs. He gurgled and collapsed.

The other had grabbed the back of her shirt and was mid punch. Lucy turned around, causing her top to shred into pieces. His punch connected with her forehead with absolutely no force at all. His fist just rested against her cool skin, no damage to either party.

The 7 foot tall manbeast was staring at Lucy’s irresistibly enticing bust. He began to pant like an animal in heat, tongue hanging out of his mouth sloppily. She placed a hand on his chest just as he began to lean forward to hug her, stopping his advance. He just stayed there, bucking his hips, humping like a dog, until he jizzed in his pants a few thrusts later.

The previously terrifying, towering behemoth fell to his knees in supplication once he was through with his orgasm. He looked at Lucy, seemingly waiting for her commands.

“Are you quite done now?” she tried.

He whimpered.

“You won’t attack me or Dr. Holmes anymore?”

He shook his head side to side, quite an amusing image for someone with as large a neck as he.

“Good. Come with me.”

She led him like an obedient puppy back to where Pamela was waiting.

“Mistress! What… what did you do!?”

“Pamela, can you try to access him again?”

“Subject Mu, this is Dr Holmes. One time code Foxtrot Tango Whiskey one decimal three. Prepare for examination.”

His eyes closed gently as he fell into a deep sleep.

“How did you…” Pamela began.

Lucy smirked and swiveled her torso. “I guess I broke their control over him.”

Her private vehicle arrived just in time. Shoving the sleeping giant into the back of the unmarked van, Lucy and Pamela climbed into the rear seats as they headed for her personal secret base.


“Agent L, you did not make the rendezvous last night.”

“In case you didn’t notice, I ran into a lot of trouble.”

“It wouldn’t have been so much trouble if you had prepared properly and taken your mission gear!”

“They had a behemoth.”

“A what?"

“7 foot tall, all muscle, unthinking supersoldier. That’s what they call it.”

Director C’s pen dropped to the floor and rattled in the sudden silence before coming to a stop.

“They’ve already come this far!? I didn’t think they had working experiments yet. ...Did you fight it?” he asked.


“Did you win?”

“Yes. But I might not be so lucky next time.”

Director C fidgeted nervously. Agent L had been a huge windfall. There was no guarantee they could scout, vet, and then create more like her. Lord knows they had tried. A bunch of test subjects with not many relations—existences erased. “Did you at least get the data?”

Lucy fished the thumb drive out of her purse.

“Yes. I really hope you can do something with this, Director. I’m not sure we can go up against that shadow organization if they make further advancements.”

“Alright, alright. Well done Agent L. I’m sorry. I didn’t know about extenuating circumstances. Please go and see the counselor for a session. Take a week off. Brilliant work.”

Lucy got up to leave.

“Oh, and Agent L, I like what you’ve done with your hair. Quite fetching.”

Lucy smiled and walked out.

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