Lily's Windy Wrath

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Lily’s Windy Wrath

Commissioned by anonymous

Written by HarmonyMotion

Welcome to Hell

A scaly, malnourished, neanderthal-shaped Lilith scampered over the barren red landscape of the second circle of Hell. She had just captured the remaining wisps of a harvested soul and hungrily feasted on it.

She hissed as another minor demon made its way toward her. It looked even smaller and hungrier than she. They stared each other down, scaly hackles rising in anticipation, before he made a weak lunge at her. She sidestepped easily.

A small but vicious cyclone appeared in his landing zone. He screeched as he headed on a collision course, right into the path of the storm. Lily watched his weakened form crash right into the onslaught of swirling winds. It swatted his head to the side, churning and twisting his whole body as its localized forces cut into his scaly skin and drew what little blood he had left. His body disintegrated into dust as it entered the tornado, scattering his remains along the hellscape. Lilith watched in fascination as it blew off into the distance. Once upon a time, she could conjure and control these forces at will. Oh, how she longed for that power once again!

This was not an uncommon occurrence. Once, the second circle of Hell had been flourishing, bountiful souls to go around for all demonkind. Mortals opened portals to the underworld, seeking out Hell’s agents to satisfy their lust, and duly got more than they bargained for. Hell overflowed with the souls of mortal fools. But now, the mortal realm seemed to be handling its own lusty affairs without the help of succubi, incubi, sadistic demonic mistresses, and the like. If Lilith didn’t know better, she could have sworn that social media was the new Hell, and it had taken all of their business.

What used to be a beautiful red hellscape with lusty windstorms, maintained and controlled, was now a dusty, barren wasteland. Uncontrollable tides of air whipped up without rhyme or reason, skittering across land and ripping apart anything in its path.

Even Lilith used to be able to control and dispel these winds before they did any real damage. She gave her thin, small, bat-like wings an experimental beat. She could barely conjure up any wind force at all, let alone dispel the cyclone that had just dispatched her assailant. Lilith fully expected to end up like her assailant some day—dust in the wind.

Suddenly, her ears picked up a sound that was all too infrequent now: A potential portal opening! She hurriedly finished off the remains of the soul and licked her front claws. Then, with little snorts, she made her way to the coliseum where they would determine who would get to go to the mortal realm.

Can’t We Get Beyond Underdome

What a pathetic turnout. This used to be the most prestigious event of Hell, but now, their numbers were few. Only a handful of high ranking, fully powered officials looked on. The rest of the coliseum was full of emaciated weaklings, like Lilith herself.

The portal was opening in the sky above the arena, slowly growing in diameter. A group of hooded mortal men stood in a circle, chanting.

It was the task of the champion to cross through the portal, capture mortal souls and send them back to Hell to be farmed to sustain their existence. Of course, they earned the right to have their fun and consume a pure, unadultered cut of fresh soul as well, giving them status and power for when they returned. Lilith couldn’t wait.

This was her chance. She had just eaten. All of her competitors would be weak as well. And if she failed here, well, better here than out scavenging the wastelands for the rest of her miserable existence.

Apparently many others had the same thought. A swarm of other demons jumped into the arena, preparing for battle. Many who were in much better shape and more advanced forms than Lilith’s neanderthal-like body. Maybe she shouldn’t have had so much bravado about it…

A horn sounded three times. On the third blare, all the participants charged into battle. Lilith stayed on the edges, surveying the mayhem. She just had to be the last one standing to be selected to go through.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one with that idea. Even as the more bullheaded demonic beings battered and destroyed each other, there were other wiser, shrewder ones standing along the perimeter of the circular arena as well, biding their time. One of them was bipedal with cloven hooves and a furry tail, standing tall, wielding a giant, gleaming axe. Her large breasts were covered by a criss crossed strap of cloth, and she exhaled hot smoke out of her nostrils. Fuckin’ Hagatha. Of course. That bitch was the reason she was in this emaciated state.

It didn’t help that she was larger, stronger, and more sadistic than everyone. She was also intelligent. Agatha had tortured and bullied many of the lesser demons, preying on their already weakened scavenging selves to procure her current level of power. If only Lilith could put her in her place... 

She nearly had her hopes and fantasies dashed when she almost failed to recognize that one of the other waiting participants launched an attack at her. Only her sensitivity to the wind captured his movements, feeling the sudden shift in the air. She shrieked and jumped back, feebly beating her wings at her assailant. He pushed through her wispy gust and continued to attack right through her ineffective self defense. This wasn’t good!

On the run now, she looked at the portal high in the sky, above the center of the arena. It was expanding, revealing more of the mortal realm’s surroundings and incanters. A group of robed men were performing the ritual, and the last demon standing would be the one who got the honor of going through.

Unexpectedly, a vicious wind ripped through the arena, grabbing demonic corpses and ragdolling them around in its wake before turning them to dust. The invisible winds took shape and became visible, touching down at a focal point in the middle of the arena, growing into a cone that seemed to reach almost high enough to touch that portal…

“Stop!” cried some of the high ranking officials. “We shall dispel the hellwind and continue the fight after to determine a victor!”

No! Lilith thought. This is my chance! The winds of lust had always been her element. She flexed her wings, hoping that even in her weakened state, their power would be sufficient for what she had in mind. She didn’t need to apply force, just agility and grace.

The participants had scattered to the outer perimeter of the ring as the cyclone built in intensity, buffeting everyone in the arena and causing them to shield their eyes. Some of the weaker, taller ones collapsed to the floor and rolled up into a tiny ball to prevent their high center of gravity from getting carried away. Most tucked their heads in and pulled their garments to shield their bare skin from the shear cutting forces of the wind whipping against them. Those too blinded by their single-minded combat suddenly found themselves swept up, feet leaving the ground, being spun in the centrifuge violently until their bodies crumbled and turned to dust, scattered over the Hellscape.

Lilith simply stood there on all fours and took a deep breath to steady her nerves. Then, rear and forelegs in tandem, she began to move with purpose.

She ran toward the winds of the cyclone, trying to feel its flow. Extending her wings, she felt the wind lift her up even as she screamed in pain as the cyclone threatened to tear them right off. She twisted and flexed, retracting them just enough to prevent from being flipped inside out like an umbrella.

“Hey! What’s that minor one doing!” she heard over the roar of the wind.

“Stop her!”

But Lilith rode the winds of fate, staying just out of its event horizon where she would be sucked into the cyclone and be destroyed. Spiraling on the outside, she adjusted her flight, swirling ever upwards as the winds lifted her. She reached the apex of the cyclone in a few rotations, tucked her head in, straightened her body, and shot herself in a beeline straight through the portal.

Welcome to Earth

“Whoa! Fuck! What happened!” screamed the males around the pentagram.

Lilith carried the violent gusts with her entry, the Hellish wind blowing out the ring of candles that would have crafted a protective barrier from the mortals who summoned her.

She slammed into the wall of the dilapidated, musky basement of the forgotten library. Fighting through the pain of her spectacular entry, she immediately leapt on top of one of the startled mortals in the room.

Before he could scream, she had wrapped her limbs around him and sealed her lips over his. She began to suck gently, teasing, willing his soul out of his and into herself. He couldn’t resist her soft sucking, his strength fading as he felt the very air rush out of his lungs, every gasp dry and pointless as she continued to pull the air out of him. He tried to push with his arms, but they were weak, unable to resist, before falling limp to his side. His eyes went dull, his body shuddered, and he collapsed without making another sound.

The mortal men were trying to relight the candles so they could see. Lilith took the opportunity to dispatch another. She thrust her tongue over his lips and into his mouth, feeling the thrill of arousal as she drank him up. Her sweet, demonic breath easily pulled its soul away from its owner.

Her spine was straightening out as she consumed the souls of these fresh, young, frustrated virgins. The cracks in her skin began to smooth out, their red shine positively gleaming in the darkness. Her wings felt good, cuts from years of wear and tear fading away, her muscles stronger than they had in a century. Her sharp talons began to wither away, replaced by long, sensual, elegant fingers. She needed more!

The remaining three had relit some candles. They panicked at the sight of her and their two dead colleagues lying on the floor. With a sadistic smile, she pursed her lips and exhaled her sweet scent, putting them all out again. As they all fled for the exit, she tested her newly invigorated form. Her singular powerful wingbeat rippled through the room, sending books swirling chaotically in the air, rattling the shelves. Another beat, and the single exit slammed shut, unable to be opened by mere mortal strength against the forces of her gale. Still, they ran toward it and pulled on the handle, trying to brace themselves against her breeze. One final flap, and she sent the three men flying, twisting in her wind until they slammed into the walls and remained pinned above the floor.

Lilith positively sauntered forward, enjoying her restored health and demonic sexuality. She grabbed another victim and, blocking the exit, gave him the same kiss of death. This one shuddered and moaned, staining his pants with his orgasm even as she plucked his soul away with her easy kiss.

She knew she was supposed to send a fraction of these souls back to the underworld, but damn, this felt good! She could always send more later. Her breasts were growing larger even as they perked up, her skin was getting smoother, her limbs longer and more lithe. Her demon tail lengthened and grew slimmer, flicking back and forth powerfully like a whip. Her pussy ached with arousal.

Only two left. One of them was rising to his feet. She sent a little kiss his way, exhaling continuously, willing her breath to cocoon him. Her powerful gust spun him in circles on the spot, enveloping him, invading his senses, penetrating his clothing and puffing it out as it massaged his flesh violently. His feet left the floor as he continued to spin in midair, helpless to control himself. The hood of his robe blew off. His unkempt hair fluttered wildly. She strutted up to him, cutting her breath at just the right moment, allowing him to fall. Completely dizzy and stunned, he couldn’t even register her presence. She fingered her wet snatch, throbbing, pulsing, desperate for stimulation. As she sucked in a gasp of arousal, his soul detached from his body and flew right into her.

Its power fed her, washed through her. As her lengthening, sinuous legs trembled, she flooded her own hand with a gust of her juices, strengthening wings flexing and not only rattling the bookshelves, but also sending them through the air to smash against the wall, broken into a million pieces, all still pinned against the concrete in midair. It flung her last survivor against the wall as well. Her torrential winds of her orgasmic fluttering wingbeats were too much for him to handle. He grimaced and squinted as the air washed over his face and refused to go into his nostrils or even his open mouth, and he passed out from lack of air.

Coming down off her high, Lilith examined her surroundings. Mm, she felt good!

The portal was still open. Fuck! She thought, as she saw Agatha ascending on the champions’ platform, axe gleaming, face full of battle lust. Lilith ran to the chalky pentagram drawing and hastily leaned over, rubbing her new feminine digits over it. The opening began to shrink as she desperately wiped, but a giant burst of flame erupted through the portal.

Fuck! That goat bitch breathes fire now too!?

Unable to endure the scorching hellfire, she grabbed the unconscious male, taking her meal to-go, and fled the library into the night.

Behind her, Agatha, the proper victor of the Underdome and rightful journeyer of this portal, finally climbed though, and the portal winked away.

Lily in the Club

“You! You’re supposed to be under our control!” the amateur summoner bemoaned when he came to as she dragged him along.

She turned to face him. “How’d that turn out for you?”

“You’re not even that sexy! What the fuck kind of shitty demon did we summon?”

Lilith seethed at the comment. “You human trash! How dare you insult a demon! And for the record, you were going to get goat-lady Agatha. How does that sound?”

She flapped her wings, sending him stumbling backward as he tried to regain his balance. Another beat, and he fell on his ass, screaming as her gust caused him to slide against the crumbling floor until he hit the wall with a dull thud.

“Fuck! Just kill me already!”

“Not yet, mortal. I’ll show you what you’re dealing with once I become powerful enough. Now, where are you humans gathered? I understand there is lust and sin at this time of night.”

“Why would I tell you!?”

“Don’t you want to see the true form of the demoness you summoned? I am an entity of lust, you know… if not, I can torture you before I take your soul.”

With a large beat of her restored bat-like wings, she engulfed them in a swirling blistering wind that reeked of brimstone. Lilith stood in the center of it, completely unaffected, but her victim was not as lucky. He gagged and choked as the heat scorched his skin, causing it to redden and blister. The dry air creeped into his nose and lungs, slowly roasting him from the inside as well.

“Please! Stop!” he choked.

Lilith smiled and exhaled, dispelling the hot cyclone she had conjured so easily. Bringing the burnt male in front of her, she blew again, wafting a much sweeter scent over his face. Her gentle breeze caressed his skin as it washed over him, swirling and wrapping his burnt body like soothing aloe.

“Isn’t that nicer?”

He gasped in pleasure as her gust invaded his senses, lessening his burns and filling up his lungs.

“Wouldn’t you like more of this?” she asked huskily as she traced her mostly naked scarlet-red curves.

“Go to the club… downtown…” he pointed in its general direction with a groan of lust.

“Good boy. Give me your robe.”

He gingerly removed his loose garb, handing it to Lilith. Underneath, he was nearing some jeans and a t-shirt. Lilith laughed at his appearance.

“Some conjurer of demons you are.” She tucked in her wings and slipped on the dark, drab cloth.

“Hey, it’s costume night! You think jeans and t-shirt can come in? The lady can, though. Nice skin!”

She smiled at the bouncer. “Thanks, darling. This is my pet virgin slave—would that work?” Her tail slithered out from underneath her robe and coiled around his neck. Its pointy tip flicked back and forth near his face.

“Holy shit, lady! Ok, you can both come in!”

They walked into the booming club, the sweltering heat and stench of human sweat exciting Lily as she inhaled. She could taste the lust flowing in the air. Now this is what she came for! Licking her lips, she couldn’t wait to gobble up their souls and send some fraction of it back down to Hell. There was plenty enough to go around. Maybe that would curry some favor from Agatha and her demonic overlords.

Lilith took the remaining mortal who had summoned her into the men’s bathroom and claimed an open stall. She slammed him against one of the barriers.

“Are you… are you going to suck my soul out here? You could’ve just done it anywhere!”

“Oh no, I’m going to let you watch me drain everyone here, baby. Then you can see what I can really become…”

“You can’t keep me in here!” he protested.

“Oh yeah?”

Lilith licked her lips and spread her wings. She should be strong enough for this now. She beat her wings once, letting the air flow puff out her robe and snake out from the bottom, creeping like a sentient ghost with faint whispering echoes as it slithered its way up his body and pressed him to the divider.

“W...what?” he cried out in shock at her illogical feat. He couldn’t even wiggle his fingers! He could feel her wind pushing him back, even as she stood watching, completely idle. His hair would not stop fluttering.

With a smirk, she blew a kiss at him that struck him across one cheek, then doubled back and struck the other, with a pair of resounding slaps.

As his cheeks face and tears welled in his eyes, Lilith leaned in close and whispered in his ear, “Wait for me here...” while her words simultaneously sent a blustery wind snaking down his torso and into his pants. He gasped as he felt his member being massaged by invisible flowing fingers, swirling around it.

“And try not to come!” she teased.

She closed the door on him and stepped back onto the dance floor.

Lily Devours the Club

“Hey babe, nice skin!”

“It’s more than just my hands and my face, you know?”

“No shit!?”

“Yeah, it goes allll the way down.” Lilith opened her robe and flashed her improved, luscious body at him. She watched his gaze drift slowly downward, admiring her polished cherry red skin. His eyes lingered at her breasts, those spherical orbs far too large for her slender frame, ripe and inviting, perfectly round, decorated with a darker scarlet bud just above their center. He ceased his scan of her body and simply ogled those spherical swells.

Lilith could sense the winds of lust pick up around him. She manipulated it, took control of it, caressing him back and forth, pressing into his skin, stoking his arousal with her invisible massage.

“Want to do more than just look?” she goaded.


She led him like a lamb to the slaughter. He followed her excitedly and obediently to the restroom, a conspicuous bulge tenting his disco costume. She could sense his lust building, intensifying, billowing over him. He didn’t even realize he was being swayed back and forth, so lost was he to have more of Lilith.

They entered the restroom, which was empty aside from her immobile victim. As he stepped inside, a small blast from her wings flared her robe once agin and slammed the door shut, a wall of wind holding it in place to make sure there wouldn’t be any unwanted intruders. Any mortals on the other side would be able to feel the incredible gale force slipping through the cracks.

Lilith could hear her summoner moaning in arousal, just out of view, probably nearing his orgasm. She blew a kiss at the bathroom stall, slamming the door against the stall divider. Her brief puff caused it to swing so hard that it rotated back and forth, flitting on the hinge until it simply sheared off from the force, smashing into her summoner. He groaned in pain as his face bruised. That would help him contain himself.

“Whoa! What the hell is that?!” the disco outfit guy asked.

“Mm! Mm!” he cried, unable to speak against her persistent wind that pressed his lips against his teeth and prevented him from opening his mouth.

“Oh, he’s just the one who brought me to this realm,” she smiled, showing off her gleaming teeth. Opening her robe, she let it blow off of her back, flying up high and drifting to drape over a stall divider. Her long, dark, obsidian hair fluttered in the wind. Her black, leathery wings were on full display, and her pointed tail clacked against the tiled floor.

“Whoa! What the fuck! This isn’t a costume!”

He ran for the door, only to be blown against it facefirst from her gusty barrier.

“What… is… this...” he uttered, arms struggling and collapsing against the door, unable to muster up enough strength to move.

“Like it? This all comes from you, you know. I just redirected it. That’s how horny I made you!”

“I… don’t… understand…”

“Oh, just Dante’s inferno stuff. Lust blows needlessly and aimlessly, something like that. Flowery stuff.”


“Oh, do shut up. Darling, come out here, will you?” She snapped her fingers, releasing her summoner from his invisible prison. He collapsed onto the floor before she flapped her wings once more, lifting him up, getting under him and twisting his body around, seating him in an invisible chair in midair. A pair of invisible cuffs blew on his limbs and bound his wrists and legs, holding him in place.

With another flap of her wings, she spun her victim around. His open mouth caused his cheeks to puff out in the direction of his spin, lips flapping wildly.

She traced the sharp tip of her tail across his outfit, slowly tearing it off him. The pieces fluttered in the wind for a second before they began to rip apart of their own accord. She jabbed him at various random points, pricking his skin and laughing as droplets of his blood splattered against the bathroom wall.

She moved onto his pants, slicing them neatly in half as well, exposing his erection. It began to bend against her gentle hurricane forces. He screamed in pain.

“Aww, it’s so cute! If you didn’t get so hard for me, this wouldn’t hurt, you know,” she taunted.


“Tell you what… if you can get soft, I’ll stop torturing you like this.” Completely unaffected by her own winds, she pressed her firm, ripe breasts into his chest. She slithered her leg up against his, her warm demonic skin sending tingles through his tortured erection. Lifting her knee, she used her thigh to brace his penis from ripping off from her gust.

“But if you can’t… I’m going to suck out your soul all for myself. How does that sound?” She continued.

He gritted his teeth, lips still flapping in her lusty wind. It also continued to tug at his penis, rubbing his shaft and stroking his angry cockhead. He tried to close his fist, but couldn’t even manage to curl his fingers. All the meanwhile, Lilith continued to trace her tail across his chest, leaving tiny red lashes. He gasped both in pain and pleasure, her constant lust-wind now puffing and blowing his cheek out.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” He could only moan, his mouth completely disabled by her hurricane forces. She blew his raging erection a little kiss.

She watched as her puff wrapped itself over his boner, pumping his shaft up and down. It gripped him hard, sliding with furious pressure that even his own hand couldn’t achieve. He gasped at the heady pain as he began to leak precum, all to be blown away in little dribbles, pooling against the wall with his blood. Not letting up, her invisible windjob began to rotate on his shaft along with its pulling. It felt even better than her lascivious body pressing up against him and her thigh and calf grinding against his erection!

“Want more?” she taunted.

Another kiss, and her hot balmy gust enveloped his tip and began to swirl. His angry penis, blown sideways, getting stroked from the base to the shaft, constantly pumping up and down, a moist heat swirling over his tip, collecting his precum and lubricating itself… he was so slick and sensitive now! And her little puff only picked up, sliding against his raw head even harder, even faster as she teased the more and more out of his shaft.

“How… can… you…” he moaned.

“It’s all you, baby. This is your lust given physical form, don’t you know? This is how hot you got just from looking at me. And I’m not even close to reaching my ultimate power or beauty yet.”

Lilith puffed again, adding a gentle massage to his balls. They rubbed up and down in her invisible windy grip, stroking and teasing his delicate organs.

It was too much. He caught a glimpse of her perfect scarlet body, black eyes twinkling in anticipation at her domination over him, the incredible sensation of receiving the best handjob and blowjob he ever had, all at once, her hands on her hips as she regarded him… He came in huge gouts, ejaculating his very soul away.

“Oops! Looks like you lose!” Opening her mouth, she inhaled deeply, sucking all of her sexual ministrations away. As he came, mouth agape in searing, hot, painful pleasure, his soul left his body. With a final twitch of his emptied cock, he fell to the ground, lifeless.

Lilith rubbed her thighs together as she began to consume his soul. Should she send some of it back to Hell? Her tail grew longer, its tip gleaming sharp, never to be dulled again. Her waist cinched even further, hip bones growing wider, breasts fuller yet firmer… her own lust blasted a powerful gust from the top of her head down to the floor, causing her hair to billow upwards. Her little blast cratered the floor, just a tiny bit, before her wind dissipated in a circle to slam into the bathroom walls. Fuck it. Maybe she’d pass along some of the next one.

“Did you like that?” she looked back at her captive prisoner, his own lusty wind buffeting him. “I think I’ll have a few more…”

Lilith flapped her midnight black wings, carrying the robe back to her newly improved body. Another flap, and the vacuum suction pulled the one-way swinging door open. She strutted back out to find another plaything, ignoring the pleading cries of her prisoner still locked in his vibrating, invisible, windy chair.

Agatha on the Streets

Agatha was prowling the city streets. The shroud of night did not suit her at all. She chased one heat source after another, following glowing lights. 

Agatha was going to play this game smart. They would both be sending the proper soul quota back to Hell, and she knew Lilith was no match for her. There was no way Lilith could possibly catch up, even if she took more than her fair share. But this was a real boon for Agatha. She could impress her superiors with her efficiency on Earth, capture Lilith who would surely be executed for her crimes against the portal ritual, and drain Lilith of any of the extra life essence she had taken. And none would be the wiser. How would they know how much Lilith owed? And what were they going to do, force Agatha to pay Lilith’s debts? She rubbed her cloven hands and snorted in pleasure.

Another handful of homeless people. They were warming their hands around a garbage can fire. She roared, charging them with her demonic speed and cleavinb them down unceremoniously with her axe, draining the souls leaving their bodies, sending half of each down to Hell.

Her arms bulged with power with every soul she consumed, her legs growing ever thicker. Her calves grew muscles larger than baseballs, her thighs thicker than tree trunks that could flatten a steel plate if she so wished. Her tight torso grew from a 4-pack of moderate definition to deep, veined grooves tracing her 8-pack. Her obliques gained definition as well, making her stomach look that much more impressive.

Even as her biceps and triceps swelled with power, her breasts grew ever larger. Their tight, taut, leathery skin kept her powerful chest high and firm, jutting out almost half an arm’s length in front of her.

She flexed a bicep, rippling and popping with power as a baseball-sized lump appeared on top of the already mountainous muscle. What strength! Her upper shoulders were laced with pure, raw muscle, each one bulging and completely discrete from the next.

She roared with delight as she breathed her Hellfire into the night sky. This windy whelp stood no chance against her fire or her strength! And once she captured her, she would grow so much stronger and get away with the crime!

Lily Done the Club

With the bathroom now piled full of corpses, Lilith took her prisoner out onto the dance floor.

She stood in the middle of the wide open space in the eye of her own hurricane, her thrall hovering besides her. She had merely disrobed slowly, letting her own winds strip her robe off one tiny fraction at a time, letting everyone admire her lascivious, mind-bending, demonic shape. That was all it took for her to conjure from their lust this most forceful hurricane yet.

All of the club’s patrons had been slammed to the ceiling or walls. The ones who weren’t dead on impact were pressed and battered by her cyclonic forces, eventually either suffocating to death or smashing all of their bones.

She’d grown powerful enough to simply kill and absorb their souls now. No more sucking necessary. Lilith licked her lips as every last mortal in the club faded away.

Taking 100% of their essence into herself and leaving none for Hell, she scowled in pleasure. The feeling of over a hundred souls at once was pure, unadulterated ecstasy, even for a lust demon. Her womb was hot with pleasure, her lower back and chest radiating hot, brimstone-scented heat. Sweat dripped down her entire luscious body, tracing the perfect contours of her smooth red-marble skin and outrageous curves.

Her legs grew longer once again, their lascivious length giving her a new commanding height. Her blood red toenails shined with a bright gleam, her ankles looking perfectly delicate and elegant, her calves svelte, sinuous, slender… succulent. No knobby knees here. Thick, tight thighs and wide hips gave her a beautiful thigh gap, providing a perfect frame for her hairless nether lips.

Her stomach grew sleeker, a thin line tracing down the center, showcasing her tightly muscled tummy. As her waist sucked inward, her chest and shoulder grew outward, giving her an outrageously exaggerated hourglass shape. Her breasts grew larger, firmer, rising up on her chest, irresistible to gaze upon or touch, crimson nipples tougher than diamond thanks to her natural demonic armor.

Her sleek obsidian hair flowed down to the wonderful, tight hemispheres of her ass. Her midnight ebony eyes looked as if they were swirling, completely mesmerizing to look upon. Even her lustful scent could bring mortals to conniptions.

She was dripping wet with arousal, panting with need as her body processed the changes. Each little lusty gasp sent furniture flying, painting a dent in the far wall. She touched herself with her powerful fingers, hefting a large breast and flicking her nipples while she stroked her large, aching clit that had protruded from its hood.

Her lust fueled the power of her cyclones. Her gasps became deeper, each exhale needier and more powerful. The wall formed ever deeper cracks as her breath battered it. Her pussy sucked in air and expelled it, thundering against the foundation of the building, causing it to bounce. Miniature cyclones formed around her toes as they flexed and uncurled, craving grooves in the floor as they skittered off.

As she processed the entirety of the final soul, saving absolutely none for Hell, she cried out in one final orgasmic scream. Her burning fire of need finally detonated as her cyclones blew down the far wall, drilled deep into the earth, and sent waist-high cyclones swirling off in destructive swaths. She stood there, dripping sweat off of her new marvelous, luscious form, still aroused from the joy of all her new power. Finally, the hurricane that had crushed the entire club dissipated.

Finally, she looked at her prisoner. He was staring at her, drinking her in, lust overflowing even as he came in his jeans nonstop. Lilith could see that they were absolutely soaked through.

She turned to face him, a grimace of pleasure plastered permanently over his features.

“Want a blowjob?” she snarked at him.

Puckering up, she placed her palm under her chin and exhaled his way. His tormentuous lust transformed into a shrieking wail of wind, hurling him into the distance. Lilith would find more delectable prey elsewhere without him.

Lily out the Club

Lilith stepped out of the wreckage of the former dance club. She was barefoot and barenaked… a fitting outfit for a demon. Still, some fashionable garb would be welcome. With a little spin of her foot, she conjured a cyclone beneath one, then the under. It was so nice to be able to conjure these vicious winds and control them perfectly. She glided through the air as those powerful storm-force winds carried her and massaged her beautiful arches. This was all unimaginable as much as one day ago, when she was still scavenging in Hell.

The concrete sidewalk crumbled under her hovering feet, branches bending and breaking, being sent off into the distance. As she floated along, she came across a boutique with a beautiful flowing dress. A wave of her fingers shattered the glass window, and a little kiss flew under the mannequin and lifted the dress right off it. It flowed toward and above her, straps and sashes fluttering in the wind, and she lifted her arms and let it descend like a parachute, gently draping over her irresistible demonic curves.

The flowing, floor length hem of the chiffon dress and the long, elegant fabric draping off her single shoulder billowed and swirled in the wind. She had to contain the tides of her arousal to weaken the gusts from ripping the beautiful, precious fabric apart.

All Fired Up

Agatha laughed as she stood outside a red brick firestation, exhaling a conflagration out of her open mouth. Black smoke billowed into the backdrop of the sunrise. She consumed the half of the souls of the recently burnt-to-a-crisped, packing on even more bulk into her massive frame. Sending the remainder of the souls back to Hell, she struck a powerbuilder pose, even the simple movement of a finger flexing all the muscles of her thick, rock hard forearm, her veiny biceps and triceps, and contracting her delts deliciously. Her pecs bounced, causing her enormous breasts to rip through yet another cloth covering.

As the sun rose, she felt more and more at home. Only a celestial object could match the might of her fire now. She was a total beast, standing twice as tall as a human, muscles packed upon muscles on her gargantuan quads. Her footsteps thundered, cracking the concrete and shuddering the earth beneath her. She left a molten crater with every step.

A fountain of lava burst from the earth near her footstep, awakened by her heavy weight and fiery battle lust. On the same level as a second story window, she peeked through, seeing a family panicking from her local earthquake. She raised her gleaming axe high into the air, summoning a meteoric fireball out of the sky to crash into the house.

Three more souls joined her cause. One human remained alive, charred but crawling toward her.

“Please…” it moaned.

Agatha squirmed in satisfaction at its pleas. With a little exhale, she burnt the survivor to a crisp. Donating two souls to Hell and absorbing another two, Agatha grew even taller, more swollen, heavier, bigger. She snarled in pleasure. It was time to find Lilith.

Windy City

Lilith soared through the air, her dress’s long fabric fluttering behind her, the horizon tainted a dark vermillion. It looked similar to a Hell sunrise. She thought Earth would have had a different hue. Oh well.

From her vantage point above the trees, she could see a playground of children with their parents. This would be fun! She leaned forward, parallel to the earth, cushioned by her own lust. Using her immense power turned her on so much, sometimes she wasn’t even sure if she could perform a feat simply because it aroused her greatly.

The torrents of wind she fired toward the ground kept her body levitated, suspending her in midair, and smashed into the Earth below. The violent force ripped branches off, scattered leaves, and sent even cars crashing and rolling away. Every neighborhood she flew over was ground into a smooth, desolate wasteland, littered with the ruins of the civilization that lived there only moments ago. Every kill was another soul she consumed 100%, making her pussy ache with desire and firing off another burst of air around her.

Controlling herself, she landed in front of the playground with its metal bars and handholds. All of the children stared at the strange, beautiful, red skinned lady, while all of the adults looked on in sheer lust. The long slit of her well-chosen dress revealed her flawless leg as it constantly billowed from her demonic intimacy. Her smooth, elegant shoulder and collarbone was enough to induce enough lust in others for her to send them far into the sky, just as she had her summoner. And the perfect, rounded swells of her large breasts and smooth, red canyon of cleavage… nobody stood a chance.

But she didn’t want to do it this way. Not again.

Instead, she announced, “Hold on tight…”

Nobody knew what she meant until she started blowing. No swirling winds yet, just a gentle puff from her maroon lips to get the point across.

All of the mortals shielded their faces and braced against Lilith’s effortless kiss, leaning forward to prevent from being blown away. Everyone struggled to reach a handhold. Lilith smiled when everyone latched onto one, her breath never subsiding even though she had stopped blowing.

Then, with a little pucker, she blew again.

The rubber surface of the playground tore apart, each rectangular interlocking piece no match for the force of her breath. All of the mortals screamed as any loose clothing or jewelry was ripped away. The children flew fully horizontal, hanging onto various metal bars for dear life.

Walking through her own incredible gales, placing each long, smooth leg gracefully in front of the other without registering the force of the hurricane at all, she stood in front of one of the children and just smirked.

Reaching out and pinching one of his stubby fingers, Lilith smiled sadistically as she pried it off the metal bar. Immediately the rest of his hand slipped, flying into the distance.

Lilith laughed and blew once more, putting no extra effort into it than before. Now even the adults were fully horizontal, screaming for dear life. Those who couldn’t hang on were sent flying several miles per hour, ultimately slamming into some distant object and shattering their bodies, donating their souls to Lilith.

The adults who managed to hang on were stripped of their clothing as Lilith’s gales disrobed them. Her own gown merely flowed in the backdraft of her own lust.

All of the leaves on the surrounding trees had long since been ripped off. Now, even the branches were cracking. She applauded and mocked the mortals who were still hanging on, but it wouldn’t matter much longer whether they could or couldn’t.

With one last, languid breath, Lilith twisted the winds, sending all of her victims spinning in circles around their handhelds. Her full bellied laughter was the only thing that could be heard over the impossibly powerful cyclone. Eventually, even the metal structures were uprooted and sent swirling higher in the wind funnel. Rubber, concrete, trees, sidewalk, cars, all took to the air, twisting to the top of the cyclone, then sent over the horizon with her little playground and victims.

Flying into the air, she awaited the influx of souls coming her way. Licking her lips in anticipation, she began to dildo herself with a concentrated funnel of wind, massaging her g-spot and filling her deliciously, twisting against her tough yet tingling flesh. As she moaned and bucked in the middle of her hurricane, finally, the deceased human souls came flying to her. She absorbed their essence, growing even more powerful, flesh even more sensual than before. Her legs twitched, her pussy gushing its hot juices all over her hands. The pleasure caused her to come, cursing the earth below with her orgasmic winds. It looked as if a solid steel sphere the size of a mansion had crashed to earth, instantly flattening everything deep into the ground. She continued to moan as her newly wrought destruction earned her even more straggling souls.

Back arched, toes clenched, she continued to grind her wet clit and pinch her scarlet nipples. The tingling sensation from rolling those diamond-hard nubs sent shivers through her spine. She blasted hurricane force cones of wind from her nipples, ripping the sky asunder for miles as she pleasured herself. As her body trembled and her tail fully extended, rigid and twitching, both her breasts continued to blast rhythmically with unbelievable force wherever they happened to be pointing as she spasmed.

Her not-so-innocent self satisfaction had created an impassable storm that traveled for miles. They rattled a jet airliner beyond her demonic vision. The plane began to quiver in the sky from her extreme nippular turbulence, before the orgasmic detonation hit. Her little pleasure ripped both wings and engines off, tilted the fuselage vertical, before sending it spinning and shearing it in half.

Another flood of souls welled into her, and she didn’t even know where it came from. This was the fucking best! She tilted in the air as she came even harder, firing blast after blast from her nipples into space, nearly taking the atmosphere with it.

Suddenly, she felt a hellish heat approaching her backside from the earth below.


Lilith barely conjured a shield of wind in time. The fire scorched her beautiful chiffon dress, leaving burning embers and ash where Agatha’s hellblast had struck.

Turning around to face her earthbound opponent, she sized her up. And size was the correct word.

Agatha had to be as tall as a building now, covered in bulging, impenetrable muscle. Her axe was comedically small for her new size, but Lilith knew from experience that there was nothing funny about its cleaving power. She saw Agatha raise that axe. What was she doing?

Suddenly, she felt it. A searing heat behind her again. How could that be?!

Turning around, she almost screamed at the size of the molten boulder headed her way. It almost distracted her from registering that Agatha had fired yet another hellbaze from below simultaneously. She had to move!

Lilith propelled herself away just in time, her dress burning to nothing as she twisted through the narrow gap between Agatha’s twin conjured blasts. Only her incredibly tough demonic skin saved her from taking real damage.

Lilith had consumed so many souls, she thought for sure that she would be more than a match for Agatha! But as she watched the volcanic earth erupt below Agatha’s feet, she had second thoughts.

Agatha raised her axe again, calling four meteors simultaneously this time. Lilith couldn’t dodge forever! But maybe…

She carved a path through the air, trying to hide her intent. The meteors tracked her slowly, but accelerated as they fell. At the last moment, Lilith stopped in a direct path between herself and Agatha, watching the molten boulders’ freefall. She assisted it with her own gust with her strongest wingbeat, and then desperately tried to soar out of the way.

The edge of a searing hot boulder grazed her directly, and she screamed in pain as she tried to cradle her burnt arm. Cradling her blistering skin only burnt her supporting hand, adding insult to injury. She blew her cold breath against it, trying to quell the flame from traveling through her body and devouring her entire being.

Meanwhile, Agatha merely swung her axe, crushing the boulders into fragments, letting it rain directly on her. They pelted every inch of her twenty foot tall frame, bouncing harmlessly off the muscles atop her muscles atop her muscled physique. She threw her arms back and pushed her chest out, roaring flames into the atmosphere.

“Little Lily! You thought you could face me!?” Agatha’s voice roared, shaking the earth. “You were no match for me in the second circle, and you are no match for me here! I will take all the souls you’ve gathered here for myself, and then I will return to Hell and restore our glory!”

Lilith scoffed. All that power, and she couldn’t even take it for herself.

Agatha opened her mouth, powering up another inferno, and blasted it at Lilith.

Lilith couldn’t dodge forever. She quickly flapped her wings, flying off the ground and blasting back a cyclone of swirling wind. Putting her breath into it as well, she pushed the flame right back toward Agatha, engulfing the environment behind her with their combined destructive might. The flame swirled for miles, turning anything it licked with its burning tendrils into ash. A large plume of it even went straight back into Agatha’s mouth!

Yes! She thought, hoping beyond hope that she could defeat this giantess she-demon with one tricky attack.

Agatha merely coughed up black smoke and spit, her giant ball of saliva sizzling to steam before it could hit the ground.

The battlefield truly did look like home now. Just like when they fought for the rite of passage through the portal.

“Thinking what I’m thinking?” Agatha’s voice boomed from the sky.

Lilith smiled gingerly. “Yeah. You smelled back then, and you smell even worse now.”

“You won’t be joking for much longer.”

Agatha charged at full speed, her inhuman overbulked musculature belying her agility. Lilith desperately tried to fly out of the way, but Agatha was far too large and leapt through the air, tackling the tiny Lilith in midflight. She wrapped her arms around the beautiful wind demon, completely dwarfing her, pulling Lilith in between her enormous conquering breasts, and squeezing Lilith tight against her own volcanic body.

Lilith screamed as she was simultaneously being burnt and crushed by the muscle demoness. Even Agatha’s pectorals were flexing, bouncing her breasts violently and battering Lilith’s head around. Only a thin, vibrating forcefield of wind kept her from being immediately incinerated.


“You have gotten more powerful, Little Lily. But not even close to what I’ve become,” Agatha’s hot breath blasted her. She began to writhe in arousal as she squashed her old target.

Wait, arousal? Lilith felt it. Even amidst the pain, she could feel the blowing forces of lust inside of Agatha. But they weren’t strong enough for her to tug out of Agatha’s hypermuscular armor which she called her body. Not yet. Lilith’s discovery was interrupted as she screamed out in pain again as Agatha squeezed harder, smoldering even hotter. And she felt it strengthen. Agatha’s breathing became shallower, more rapid. The lava in her overbuilt arms and enormous breasts swished even hotter and faster. She could even feel Agatha squirming her legs.

Lilith hadn’t planned to give Agatha the satisfaction of her pleading, but now it might actually accomplish something. That, and being brutally tortured tended to mute pride in the first place. She was being squashed and burnt to death at the same time.

“Please… Agatha… stop hurting me…” Lilith said in a tiny voice.

Agatha’s shallow breathing quickened at Lilith’s plea.

“Don’t… don’t kill me… I’m begging you! I’ll do anything!” she tried to squirm in Lilith’s embrace, attempting to rub her sublime shape against this muscle beast, in case Agatha could even feel it.

“I’m so weak… so helpless… please don’t hurt me anymore…”

Agatha grunted as she began to twitch and spasm at her total domination. Her enormous nipples began to billow smoke as she roared fire into the brimstone-scented air. She loved killing her victims in her orgasmic embrace.

And just like that, Agatha’s orgasmic gasp of fire was accompanied by a cyclone erupting out of her mouth. She cried out in pain and confusion, not knowing how this vacuum had formed inside of her, swirling and slamming her inner flame against her own body. Her already muscular body began to inflate unnaturally like a balloon, even as the fiery cyclone ejected from her mouth, eyes, and nose. The built swells of her body began to crack open, all along her biceps, her tris, her delts, her thighs, her back.

And even as she inflated in pain, she couldn’t stop coming! It was no longer under her control! She released Lilith in a panic. Maybe that would stop it!

Lilith limped away, badly burnt and broken. Agatha collapsed to her knees, unable to process both the pain and pleasure that Lilith was controlling.

Lilith had to work fast. With a large wingbeat, she summoned multiple cyclones around Agatha. They weren’t able to do any damage to her, but all of Agatha’s souls and power leaked out of her orifices. Lilith puckered up and blew Agatha a kiss, creating more solid wind, tweaking Agatha’s twitching nipples, spinning on her clit, pounding her giantess pussy.

“Unnng! NOOOOOO!” Agatha screamed, as she placed her meaty hands over her cracking, orgasmically spasming body.

But Lilith conjured more, each one whipping and flicking against Agatha’s open wounds, spilling lava and souls all over the place. Her obedient little cyclones whipped them right to her as she integrated them into her being.

Agatha began to shrink down to size, her skin no longer searing to the touch, her muscles no longer layered twofold on top of each other. Writhing in orgasm, leaking power, she shrank down to size as her veins and skin cooled. Before long, she was just scavenger bully Agatha once again.

But Lilian’s lust for more could not be contained. She positively glowed with power amidst a swirling cyclone, rising into the air. Her beauty became even more transcendent, too powerful and compelling for human, or even demon eyes. Every bundle of souls she consumed was another orgasm, constantly pulsing wind outward in a sphere around her. She cried out in ecstasy while watching Agatha shrink. Her arms trembled, her body clenched as her legs grew even longer, breasts even fuller, tail and wings flicking wildy, her eyes alone radiating pure seduction. With a huge shudder, she quelled the raging hellfires and flattened the entire area into smooth, red rock.

Finally recovering, effortlessly pleasuring herself with permanently conjured cyclones upon her own sensitive body, she floated over to Agatha and picked her up by the chin. Waves of air traveled down her arm, through her hand, blasting Agatha to float parallel to the ground. Only Lilith’s grip kept her from flying away.

“Now, you sadist, why don’t you tell me where you sent those souls?”

“The… the eastern refectory…” Agatha answered. She came under Lilith’s touch and simply stared, completely entranced. Another orgasm followed just from gazing upon her. Then another as Lilith’s windlust traced over her body. Then another. Her body shrank back down to size with every pleasurable seizure.

Lilith beat her wings once, a swirling dust tornado drawing a perfect circle as five more materialized and drew a perfect pentagram. Humming with power, the red stone shimmered and formed a portal.

“Thanks, Agatha.”

Previously Little Lily trapped her former tormentor in the eye of a hurricane that she was too powerless to escape, slowly draining her souls away. Jumping back to Hell, Lilith revelled in her unopposable sexual beauty and power. She had a feast of souls to find and devour.