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Written by HarmonyMotion

Commissioned by Rjjt

Chapter 1

“Deep in the jungles of South America, where no man had dared to tread… Baron Nero took the first bold steps! Hacking through dense bushes with thorns thick as thimbles, armed with nothing but a torch to ward off dangerous, frightening creatures, Baron Nero discovered… this! Behold, a winged beast, first of its kind ever seen by human eyes!”

The curtains pulled back to reveal a humanoid female in a large, glass dome. She was clothed in some sort of stained, shimmering, torn fabric. It was clearly elegant and majestic at some point in the past, but not anymore. She held onto the scraps to cover her modesty while being subject to the gaze of hundreds.

The crowd stared at the panicked, skittering creature within its confines. Apart from seeing a slightly emaciated, yet clearly beautiful, modelesque woman, there didn’t seem to be anything special about her. She scuttled backwards in fear until she hit the transparent barrier, only to turn around and realize that the crowd was all around her in a circle, with no way to put any extra distance between herself and the spectators.

Only when she had slammed against the glass enclosure did it become clear that she was out of the ordinary. One large, arching wing with its elegant black feathers was suddenly fully on display, its plumage unhealthy and spotty. Her other wing also flowed into view but remained slightly contracted, sticking close to her back. Part of it was clearly misshapen. She pressed her back against the glass cage as she stumbled along its circumference. The healthier wing retracted itself into her back, tucking itself out of existence once again, but the other one struggled and jerked clumsily as she tried to hide it.

The crowd pointed, whooped, and hollered at the fantastic beast they were witnessing.

“Mommy, look at that crazy lady’s black wings!”

“Whoa, what a freak!”

“Does it lay eggs!? Ha!”

“This is the work of the devil!”

The female winged-beast covered her ears as she tried to fly, managing to float off the floor for a brief moment before losing her balance with only one functioning wing. She crashed back to earth to the sound of roaring laughter. Writhing on the floor, she covered her ears, tears streaming out of her shut eyes. She wailed loudly in fury and helplessness, causing her cage to rumble perilously before a large crack appeared along its entire height, and waited for everyone and everything to go away.

Bradley swept all of the popcorn and discarded food refuse off the latest exhibit floor. He had heard whispers and seen posters announcing the reveal of the new creature, but had never laid eyes on it himself.

There was a blanket draped over the entire enclosure. Placing his large broom gently on the floor, he bent over and gingerly reached under the covers. He saw a beautiful female face, eyes puffy and drenched in sorrow, lying on the floor, breathing gently in slumber.

Unmoving, Bradley merely regarded the sad creature as he memorized the lines of her face. She looked so lost, so lonely. It felt stupid, but he felt some kind of connection to the strange beast. Always an outsider, always made fun of for his speech impediment… no, this was some serious self-pity and projection. He wasn’t in a cage like she was.

Suddenly, her sickly yellow eyes bolted open. Both startled, they gasped as each backed away from the other. The blanket that covered the cage fluttered back into place, blocking his view of her.

With trembling hands, Bradley continued his janitorial duties, casting glances at the strangely large shadows moving within the cage. He could hear her scuttling inside.

Finally, he cleaned up the entire area and rolled his trash can away. He contemplated taking a look again, but decided against it. The sound of the wheels rolling was the only audible noise in the tense silence. Looking at the cage one more time, he could see that her shadow was completely still. He turned off the low level lighting with a loud click.

Bradley got home that night, haunted by the image of her eyes that had been burnt into his mind.

He took off his heavy, grubby work shoes, threw his tan cap onto the chair by the door, filled a cup with water from the tap, and went straight to the easel and canvas in his one room apartment. Dipping his brush in acrylic paint, he traced the outline of her face, flush against the floor where their gazes had met, before immediately going to work on those haunting, golden eyes.

After painstakingly blending different hues together, he felt he had finally done them justice and went to bed.

Bradley dreamt of the shifting shadows from underneath the cover of her cage. It was far too large for any normal human. He hadn’t been able to see anything clearly but her face, after all. His blurry imagination pictured her standing up to a full 8 feet to justify the image he had seen. Or perhaps she was short, but had the ability to grow taller at will. But no, the shape of the shadow still wouldn’t be right.

Suddenly, an inspiration came to him. He awoke with a terrified gasp, his body still paralyzed by sleep. He groaned as he tried to regain control of his limbs. He desperately felt compelled to paint his insight.

Finally, he felt his body responding to his commands as he wiggled his toes. As his fitful sleep wore off, he groggily made his way back to the easel and painted in what he knew to be the truth: a pair of large, black wings growing out of her back.

Chapter 2

“Oh Bradley, you don’t look so good! Stayed up all night partying?” a female voice called out to him.

“Yeah N-n-n-norma,” he managed to reply good-naturedly, despite his restless night, communicating with his eyes and his smile that he understood she was being sarcastic. He lumbered over to her security office.

“So, did you see her?” she asked excitedly.


“Yes, her! You know I watch the security tapes! I know you were in there cleaning last night.”

“I kn-n-n-now. But everyone c-c-c-c-calls her ‘it.’”

“Well Bradley, you know that you and I are the only civilized ones here,” she smiled at him.

“Thanks N-n-n-norma,” he answered sincerely. She was the closest thing he had to a friend and the only one who let him finish his sentences.

“Are you going to see her again tonight?”

“H-h-h-hope so.”

“Sir, it’s not eating.”

“What the hell do you mean it’s not eating? It’s a bird, isn’t it? Just toss some worms and fruit in there and see what it does.”

“It hasn’t eaten for days. It can barely hold down the water we give her.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Maybe we can put together a spectacle before the thing expires,” Director Braun plotted. “Pit the creature against some other beast. Like a lion. We’ll charge a fortune for it. People will flock to see it! In the meantime, force feed it if you have to!”

“Yes sir.”

Bradley bought a full roast chicken during his lunch break and then promptly spent the entire hour catching up on sleep. He dreamt of this marvelous creature once more, seeing her pair of lustrous black wings rising up to the sky, casting its large shadow against the backdrop of the bright summer sun.

His hours at this laboratory/zoo were long and tedious, but no day felt as long as today. He checked the wall clock constantly, waiting for his chance to be alone with her. Maybe he could see her properly this time, instead of her being shrouded in darkness with the cage covered up.

There was another exhibit today. He so desperately wanted to peek in, but he had to finish his rounds elsewhere. Bradley could hear the hollering and jeering even from across the complex. And a wail of sorrow. His heart ached at the piercing sound. What were they doing to her!?

Finally, it was his second break before his shift to clean up her area. Slightly peckish from sleeping through his lunch break, he brought his meal with him to her showroom. With a flip of a large switch, the low level lighting shuddered to life once again.

He made his way straight down to the cage this time, ignoring the trash littering the rows of bleachers all along the upper levels. He could see her shadow shifting underneath the covers, nervous, uncertain. With trepidation, Bradley reached down, and slowly lifted.

Her face was streaked with dirt. She barely had any flesh on her bones. And there it was, a pair of wings on her back, one misshapen, the other dirty and uneven. His heart broke for her.

With a large heave, he pulled down her covers and exposed her to the empty stadium. She backed away from him in fear.

Bradley offered her some of his meal, but she just trembled and looked on with her wide golden eyes. He tried to push it toward her through the opening in the glass, but she wasn’t having any of it.

He carved his meal in half and left her portion within her reach as he backed off to eat his own half. The cold chicken was not appetizing, but he tried to make it look like the best meal he’d ever had. Finally, she approached his offering and cautiously took a drumstick in her hands.

Bradley encouraged her by picking up his own portion and biting into it with relish.

She brought it up to her face, sniffed it, and gave it a little nibble. Within a second, she began to devour it with gusto. Bradley watched with relief as she ate like a crazed, starving beast. She was still beautiful to him.

He approached her with his metal cup. She grabbed her half of the roast chicken and retreated back into the cage, holding it protectively. He tried to goad her out, but she continued to nibble while staring at him. He took a sip of the water, smacked his lips loudly, and left the cup by the window as well. Then he went back to his previous position and waited.

She approached once again, eyed the cup with suspicion, and took a sip. Then she gulped the whole thing down.

Bradley approached with his arms out, one step at a time. She backed away again, but only a little. He took his cup and refilled it with water, and extended it to her again. This time, she reached out and took it from his hands and drank her fill once more.

He left the rest of his meal to her. He could afford to skip a meal.

This time, she was the spectator, eating her food, watching the strange creature trapped outside of her glass cage as he performed his menial duty of cleaning up the mess that all those other humans had left.

Chapter 3

Bradley got into work the next day, even more tired than before. He had struggled to get the blanket back on top of the glass enclosure.

“Hey!” Norma whispered him over.

Bradley walked over and acknowledged her.

“What are you doing!? You know you could get in a lot of trouble for this!”

“She n-n-n-needs f-f-f-food...”

“I know, I know. But Bradley, you can’t keep doing this! At least be a little more discreet, huh!?”


Norma stared at him and sighed in resignation. “I know. You’re not going to stop.”

Bradley nodded.

“N-n-n-norma… do you m-m-mind… um…” he stammered. He’d never relied on anyone for a favor before. And certainly not one so large. It was a complex request too. His jaw flapped soundlessly as he pointed at the security screens.

Norma smiled at him. “I already wiped the tapes, honey. I just copied over it with the footage of you cleaning.”

“T-t-t-t-thank you! You’re m-m-m-my an… ang…. angel!”

“Don’t you forget it.”

“I won’t!”

“And keep your head in the clouds, son.”

“T-t-t-thanks Norma.”

Bradley walked past the janitorial break room where his colleagues were all drinking beer and playing poker.

“Hey Bradley, want to come play cards?”

“Um, n-n-n-n-no...” he began.

“N-n-n-n-n-n can’t even speak properly!” another colleague mocked him. “Too busy being clumsy and not watching where he’s going, even when he can’t even speak sentences properly!”

They broke into laughter. Bradley moved on.

“Well, see you, s-s-s-space cadet,” they laughed as they continued to throw cards around.

Bradley turned on the low level lighting at 8:00 PM once again. He made a beeline for the display and peeked under the covers where he saw her shadow waiting. Sure enough, she was crouched with her face on the floor, large, golden eyes in full view, greeting him with a toothy smile.

This time, he found a zipper for the large tarp and opened it instead of ripping it off of the cage, leaving a disorganized mess for himself to clean up after. Spreading the curtains and propping it open, he served her dinner once again, another roast chicken and some potatoes. She picked at the carcass with relish, crunching the crispy skin and ripping apart the tender flesh. Licking her fingers salaciously, her eyes never left Bradley the entire time while he worked.

She stood up straight for the first time, looking much healthier than last he’d seen her. She could easily have passed for a human supermodel, if not for one bent wing that was poking out of her back. Long, slim, svelte legs, supple hips, lean torso with small, perky breasts and her sculpted arms, all adorned with a pair of black angel wings behind her. He’d never seen anything so beautiful, even when it was broken.

She saw Bradley staring at her wing, and self-consciously tried to retract it.

“No, no, no!” he cried out, as he saw her wince in pain. “It’s o-o-o-okay. Let me s-s-s-see.”

He approached her slowly, arms up and palms open, trying to show no sign of threat. Pressed up against the opening of the cage now, he urged her to turn around and present her damaged limb to him.

She kneeled down, back facing him, and gingerly extended her crooked wing. Bradley traced his fingers along the strong bone that made up its frame, picking out random jagged splinters of wood as he carefully, delicately made his way across. As he neared the part of the wing that began to swoop down to the floor, he saw it: a festering wound and a nasty break. Her wing’s frame was completely broken, and it appeared to be jabbing into her back every time she tried to retract it.

“W-w-w-wait!” he begged her as she winced in pain. He quickly went back to the breakroom to fetch hot water and bandages from the first aid cabinet, ignoring the jeers of the remaining colleagues who were still lazing about. Bradley rushed back to her exhibit.

He found her desperately trying to retract that wing, aggravating the wound and stabbing her own back.

“Stop! P-p-p-please!” he begged her.

She glanced back at him with tear-filled eyes and reluctantly spread her injury back out for him. He poured hot water over it, causing her to flinch at first, before letting the clean water flow gently over her wound and wash away some of the infection. He wiped it with the gauze, gagging at the festering stench. This wasn’t something a bandage could fix.

Bradley swore he could see a spark of… something, glowing from their broken, jagged ends, trying to reattach. A stream of golden energy, disconnected and fizzling ineffectively into the air. He knew what he had to do.

He smashed his broom handle against the metal bleacher until it cracked. Scraping the worst of the splinters away, he smoothed the broken end by rubbing it against the concrete floor.

Taking off his jacket, he rolled it up and handed it to her. She looked at him in confusion. He opened his mouth and mimed biting on it in demonstration, before handing it to her. Reluctantly, she took the rag in her mouth and did the same.

With pleading eyes, he gestured for her to turn around.

She acquiesced, slowly presenting her broken wing to him. She bit down hard, squeezed her eyes shut tightly, and prepared for the worst.

Bradley cleaned out the wound as best he could, discarding a large pile of used, gauzy tissue at his feet. Then, with a burst of determination and swallowing his pity, he grabbed the two ends of her wing and pried them apart, straightening them out over her scream of pain. He could feel the shockwaves of her voice rumbling through his body as spiderweb cracks appeared throughout her enclosure. He had to hurry!

He could feel blood spurting out of his nose from her sonic scream. His arms were giving out, both from the exertion of fixing her broken bone and the powerful echoes vibrating through his body. With the last of his strength, he aligned her hollow bones, reconnecting the circuit of energy in her damaged, black wing. Finally, her shrieking descrendoed, the floor stopped trembling, and she collapsed into a quiet sob. The jacket that he had given her to bite down on was soaked with her saliva.

Bradley’s body quivered from exertion and adrenaline. Wiping his nose clean, he tied the splint to her wing tightly with his leftover bandages. Finally done, he collapsed into a heap on the floor before he heard the sound of footsteps rapidly approaching. Oh no, what now!?

“Bradley! Bradley!” A familiar voice!

Norma was at the door at the top of the stairs.

“What the hell did you do! Is she okay!?”

“N-n-n-norma! I… I...” he couldn’t speak through all this trauma! He pointed at the splint he had tied for her.

“We have to go! All the surveillance equipment shorted out when she started to scream! They’re sounding the alarm! The guards are coming!”

Bradley struggled to his feet.

“And don’t leave anything!!” she hissed.

Bradley gathered his bucket, his broken broomstick, and all of his first aid materials and sprinted toward the exit with Norma.

In the cage, passed out from pain and exhaustion lay his black-winged angel, with his jacket still in her mouth.

Chapter 4

“Sir, the disturbance and outage from last night appeared to originate from the beast.”

“How do you know? All of our security cameras went out.”

“It seemed to spiral outward centered from around her cage, if our readings are correct.”

“Interview everyone who had shifts during that time.”

“One more thing, sir. It appears to be growing healthier. We found a foreign object in her cage, but she was quite unwilling to give it up. It appears to be a janitor’s uniform. It got shredded to pieces as we tried to take it from her. And… she appears to be able to fly now.”

“Tighten security. Reinforce the cage. Do not let it get out!”

“Yes sir!”

Bradley awoke early again, despite the trauma he had suffered at the hands of that angel’s painful scream. He went to his easel once more and put a pair of large, elegant black wings onto her back, no longer marred by injury or malnutrition. The frame of her wings were regal and elegant, its feathers healthy and lustrous.

Two hours later, he got dressed for work, still exhausted, but unable to rest. He stared at the clouds above, absentmindedly bumping into people or forcing them to get out of his way. They yelled at him, but he didn’t even hear their angry protests. Not today.

Before he could step into his workplace, Norma greeted him at the steps with a worried look on her face.

“Bradley! They’re interrogating people about what happened yesterday! They have the remains of a janitor’s uniform! They know it was your shift!”

“Norma! H-h-help! W-w-w-what do...” Bradley began.

“Okay, okay, calm down dear. There’s no footage… thanks to what she did last night. I think you gotta go talk to them. Anything else will look more suspicious!”

“O-k-k-k-kay, Norma.” He took a deep breath. Hopefully this would be fine.

“Bradley, is it?” Director Braun adjusted his glasses as he glanced over a document.

“Yes, s-s-s-sir.”

“You were scheduled to clean the creature’s area yesterday?”

“Yes s-s-s-sir.”

“Is this your jacket?” He held out some ripped tatters.

“Yes, s-s-s-sir. I-I-I didn’t...”

“That is quite alright. These are extraordinary circumstances. Tell me, how did it get your jacket?”

“S-s-s-she,” Bradley corrected.

“I’m sorry?”

“I t-t-t-think...”

“Speak up!” Director Braun lectured him.

“It’s… s-s-s-she,” Bradley insisted, followed by a more demure, “s-s-s-sir.”

“And I think it is an abomination. A fascinating abomination, but a slight against God, nonetheless. Now, answer my question.”

Bradley tried to contain his anger as he tried to weave a tale. “I was… w-w-w-working, and sh-sh-... i-i-i-it was l-l-l-looking at me…”

“Stop. So you opened the curtain?”

Oh shit! “I, uh… yes, s-s-s-sir. S-s-s-sorry.”

Director Braun huffed. “Inappropriate... but understandable. Continue.”

Bradley tried to speak, but it was impossible. He stood up and began to mime the actions. Sweeping the floor, taking off his jacket, offering it to her, then fighting viciously over it.

“Quite a beast, eh?” Director Braun smiled.

“Yes, s-s-s-sir.”

“What happened that knocked out all of the cameras?”

“I’m s-s-sorry, s-s-s-sir?”

“Did she do something?”

“I’m, um… not s-s-s-sure, s-s-s-sir.”

Director Braun merely stared at Bradley and waited.

“S-s-s-s-screamed...” Bradley tried to give him something without being specific. Still, he felt like he had betrayed her.

“I see. So you peeked at the beast, and you did not do your work.”

“I’m… I’m s-s-s-sorry s-s-s-sir.”

“Very well, Bradley. Dismissed.”

Bradley walked out of the room, trying to keep his composure as the sweat beaded on his face.

Director Braun nodded to his underling. “Keep an eye on him.”

“Yes sir.”

Bradley looked at his new work assignment in helpless rage. He had been scheduled elsewhere in the compound now, away from her. He stormed past the security room.

“Bradley! Be smart!” he heard Norma’s voice, but ignored it.

“Shit!” she yelled, as she worked to re-use old footage.

He jogged through the mostly empty hallways, his ears extra sensitive to other people’s footsteps. Soon, he made it to the main exhibit, raced down the stairs, and spread her covering.

He gasped in awe at the sight before him. She was standing—no, floating!—at her full height, a few inches taller than his own nearly six-foot stature, eyes closed in meditation. Her wings were nowhere to be seen. Utterly transformed, she no longer looked like the broken victim from just 24 hours ago.

Her long legs hovered just above the dirty floor. It only seemed proper; how could a beauty such as hers interact with something so filthy beneath her? His gaze traveled upwards, starting with her pointed toes, marveling at the smooth feminine swell of muscle flexing in her tight calves. Her thighs were densely packed with luscious flesh, flaring just the perfect amount while still remaining slender and elegant for her supermodel’s stature. Bradley’s gaze took forever to traverse just the outrageously long lower half of her body.

Her hips weren’t extremely wide, but every inch of her perfect skin looked smooth and supple. He sucked in a breath as he got to her waist—so tiny, compared to her hips. Her stomach was perfectly smooth, but if he looked closely, he could see the subtle hint of her abs just underneath the surface, waiting to be unleashed with every languid movement.

Despite her slender frame, her breasts were so much larger than he’d first seen. They looked so full, so tantalizing, so much more than a handful. She was meditating with her arms by her side, crossed right underneath those breasts, pushing them together and supporting them to be even more irresistible than they already were. The cleavage formed by her pose ensnared his mind. He couldn’t help but try to imagine how it would feel to embrace her, to be in her embrace, swirling his tongue over her pert chocolate nipples, to have his head trapped in between her lush, feminine swells...

Bradley had never felt like this before. He’d never been interested, let alone aroused, by anyone in particular, but there he stood, completely entranced, his stiffening organ tenting his pants uncomfortably. He whined in arousal as he struggled to decide what part of her to stare at while he uncontrollably touched his rapidly growing erection through his pockets. The decision was made for him when her magnificent midnight wings flared into view, filled out with healthy, ruffling feathers and soft down.

Suddenly, her eyes bolted open. Her pupils, no longer yellow, were a bright, glinting shade of translucent blue. The contrast between her midnight black hair and velvety wings only made them all the more hypnotic. They seemed to glow, giving off their own light.

Aware of his own borderline masturbation, Bradley turned beet red and immediately stopped touching himself. What would she think of him, standing there and staring at her!? He scanned the worried look on her face. Oh no, had he messed it up? Had he offended her?

Snapped out of his reverie now, he heard footsteps approaching this exhibit from both sides. Oh shoot! It was probably security! He was way far off his route! Bradley began to panic as he gathered his things, unsure of what he would actually do or say.

“Come closer,” he heard the voice of an angel in his mind.

He looked back at her. As soon as he made eye contact, he felt a gentle warmth invade his mind as his thoughts were filled with her voice.

“Do not worry. Come closer.”

With all his belongings in tow, Bradley walked swiftly toward the cage, throwing all caution to the wind, eager to please this angelic being.

“We must hide.”

Suddenly, her wings shot forward, fully extended in all of their glory. Before Bradley could gasp, those black wings seemed to phase through the glass and wrapped themselves around him. She hovered back toward the ground and toward the border that separated them, and simply… pulled him through with a gentle flex of her wings. He felt as if he were traveling through a warm, thin body of water as he stepped through the glass as if it were insubstantial.

Her large, black wings enveloped him fully, surrounding both of them and hiding him from view. He could hear the footsteps of the guards outside, circling the area, looking for intruders. But all that mattered to him was how close he was to the ethereal splendor of her beauty, the intimate contact between her nearly naked body and his own. He could stay here forever, feeling the wonderful curves of her body and the warmth of her down enveloping him.

“How did you do that?” he thought to her.

“You have helped me heal. I am regaining my true self.”

“True self?”

She nodded.

“What do you mean by that? What is your…” and Bradley gasped loudly, shocked at his own perfect articulation. He was having a fluid conversation, no longer handicapped by his speech!

She placed a long, single digit on his lips to shush him, chuckling at the fact that they were not communicating through such primitive means. Tracing that finger down his chin, she undid his buttons with a single hand, unwrapping him one tiny inch at a time. When she got to his pants, unbuttoning and lowering them, his member sprang free, his bulbous cockhead doing its best to salute her as it pointed stiff and rigid, straight into the air.

“I’m… I’m sorry! I’m very inexperienced in this!” he thought in embarrassment.

“Don’t be. I am very happy. I have not been this happy since I awoke in this prison.”

“Oh, thank you!” He thought with relief and embarrassment. Then a pause as he remembered his original question. “What is your true self?” he thought to her.

She frowned. “I am still remembering. I do not know yet.”

The footsteps outside came closer. Bradley’s heart thumped even faster as they tapped on the glass.

Keeping her wings perfectly still, she lowered herself to be eye level with him even as he heard their murmurs outside. Locking her steel-blue eyes with his, she plumbed the depths of his mind with ease, teasing out all of his newfound sexual fantasies, all featuring her. He struggled to control it, but his mind was melting with pleasure, visions of her wrapping her limbs over his hips, squeezing tightly with those slender, powerful legs, aligning his manhood with her intimacy, all while being cocooned safely within the warmth of her angelic wings…

And suddenly, he felt her hot, slick, steely warmth slide over his organ. He tried to moan, but she had her entire hand over his mouth. He had never known the intimacy of a woman, and the feeling of being inside this majestic being was too much! Bradley’s eyes opened wide at the unbelievably tight squeezing of her vagina. He tried to buck his hips, but she had him completely wrapped up, far too strong for him to budge at all. Her hot, wet, fleshy walls squeezed and tugged at him, vibrating along his shaft and pulsing over his oversensitive tip, causing him to spurt inside of her immediately. His eyes rolled back into his head as he drowned in pleasure. His fluid arced into her forcefully, jetting his hot fluid against her steely folds. The sound of footsteps departing outside caused him to buckle and clench harder, the danger of being caught fueling his excitement even further.

She began to gyrate upon his still stiff erection once he was finished. Her abs rippled as she undulated against him, her large, firm breasts crashing into his shoulders and slamming into his chin with every movement. Her heels dug into his ass, forcing him into her velvet, vice-like depths, helpless to escape.

As he recovered from his earth shattering orgasm and very first sexual encounter, he looked up at her once again, hoping to communicate with her. Her eyes glowed in the gentle darkness, locking their minds as one again.

“I’m sorry, I’ve never done this before. Is this okay?” he thought. He sounded remarkably calm, considering his just-a-minute-old life-changing ecstatic release.

“I saw this in your mind. It is okay with me. And I know it is okay with you. I can see your desires. I can see that you were willing to let me know, even though you would never have said it out loud.”

“I’m sorry… I’ve never seen a creature as beautiful as you. I’ve never felt desire like this before. I… I can’t even believe I’m communicating with you like this. It’s so easy!”

“You think me a creature?” she cocked her beautiful face at him with a mischievous smile.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it as an insult. Being. Woman. Angel. I’ve never been attracted to anyone like this before. I’ve never… come like this before. My entire body is tingling. My… shaft… it feels like you are sucking out my soul from down there!”

“I know you like it,” she smirked at him once again.

“It’s so intense…” he quaked in her embrace.

“It is alright. I can read, hear, and feel your thoughts. You are mine. And I am yours. Look at this.”

She expanded her previously impaired wing, flexing it high and proud. He gasped at the sight its full majesty, beautifully and evenly filled out with feathers in the process of regrowth.

“This is because of you.”

She shielded them from the outside world again with a large swoop of her wing. The only thing he could see was the otherworldly glow of her eyes amidst the backdrop of her obsidian feathers. Everything else was pure sensation and heat, the warmth of her body, her silken skin gliding over his, her nipples dragging up and down his upper body, the squeeze of her hips and legs…

He could feel it growing even wetter, slicker down there. He continued to look into her eyes, experiencing the joy of unfettered communication.

“How powerful are you? I can’t even move in your embrace!” he thought to her as he tried to wriggle free. She continued to squeeze him and ride his unflagging erection.

“Stop speaking for now,” she chided him sternly as she continued to thrust.

“Oh! Sorry! I’ve just never been able to communicate like this before...”

She gave him a look, thrusting even harder, moaning as she felt him deep and twitching inside of her.

Bradley nodded and zipped his lips. She closed her eyes, closing the channel between them.

He continued to gaze at her closed eyes, her face serene as she weightlessly bobbed up and down. The tight, heated pressure continued to build as her sexual juices lubricated him and dripped down his legs. Her moans became more regular, more urgent, growing in intensity. Her wings and feathers began to flutter and tremble, fanning the hot breeze of their sexual tryst all around him. Her voice grew louder as she continued to pleasure them both.

“Shh!” he actually whispered out loud, trying to get her attention. He was losing control too, feeling the onset of uncontrollable release as she rode him, burying him to the hilt before gliding all the way back up for her lips to slide and grip over his head. Her moans were growing in intensity, and he could feel the vibrations from her voice echoing through his body in their little cocoon. His entire being began to shiver in tandem with her pleasure.

“W-w-w-wait, I-I-I-I-I’m going to…” Bradley stammered, unable to control his body.

Her eyes shot open, boring into his soul as they connected once again. She felt his pleasure, combined with her own, letting it rush through her entire body. As he erupted once again, her own pleasure burst as well, their combined ecstasy magnifying her own push over the edge. She squeezed even tighter as she gushed all over him, her wings spasming and causing them to bob up and down through the air. Her guttural moan, soft in volume, slammed against the glass cage, her shockwaves putting yet another large crack into it.

Bradley could only stare into her eyes and come helplessly. He shivered in a daze when she released him. They floated back to the ground as she finally loosened her hold on him, letting him gently slip out of her. He crumpled to the floor, his jellylike legs unable to support him after two rounds of intense sexual ecstasy unlike anything he’d never known before.

“You have to go.” She projected into his mind the guards rushing to their location after the most recent shockwave.

Bradley struggled to get up and get dressed. With pleading eyes, he answered back, “I want to see you again.”

“You will. But I am not strong enough to flee on my own yet.” And with a large swoop of her wings, he found himself transported to the nearby men’s bathroom, nearer the compound where he was supposed to be.

Chapter 5

“Sir, the videos show that she did it again last night.”

“She? I believe you mean ‘it.’”

“Right, sorry sir. She—I mean, it—is looking, rather, um, feminine these days.”

“Never forget! It is an abomination! ...But perhaps one we can use. What did it do?”

“It seemed like a lower level incident from what happened a few days ago. But this time, it didn’t blow out the cameras. It… appears to be able to generate powerful shockwaves with its voice.”

“What of the janitor, B-b-b-bradley?” He mimicked him.

“He didn’t appear to be in the area.”

“Very well. Put the sonic nullification collar on her.”

Despite being utterly drained, Bradley dreamt of his fantastic winged lover throughout the night. In it, he was speaking to her, completely fluently, without the aid of her telepathy. She would wrap a single toned arm around his waist, and just like that, they were in the air, soaring through the dusky sky, breaking high above the clouds. Her beautiful, black wings provided shade against the sun as she glided across the air currents, flapping her wings powerfully once in a while to take them higher.

He awoke with a raging boner, but he had more urgent things to take care of. Still naked but for his boxers, he went to his canvas and began to paint her once more, this time a much smaller dot on the blank canvas. The only recognizable part of her was her large, black wings, and she was soaring off toward a distant city in the clouds.

Norma wasn’t in the office today, so Bradley spent his day at work keeping to himself. He was still stationed far away from her enclosure, but at 2:00 PM, all of the guards and workers seemed to abandon their post and headed for her exhibit. He meekly followed along.

Bradley made it just in time to see the curtain rise. His beloved angel had a metallic collar around her neck. The crowd gasped and jeered as she tried to cover her naked form with her large wings as she pried against her collar helplessly, jerking around and slamming into the glass cage. She opened her mouth to scream, but its echoes were absorbed into the collar, jolting her with electricity. She fell out of the air and slumped to the ground, sobbing.

Bradley ran away, as fast as he could. He made it to a telephone in an office and barely managed to call Norma, his hands trembling as he waited for the rotary dial to reset after every number.

“Hello?” her voice sounded on the other end.


“Bradley!? Are you at work? Why are you calling me on my day off?”

“S-s-s-she’s… p-p-pain!”

“What do you want me to do!?”

“P-p-p-please help!”

“Bradley! I’m an old woman! I can’t help you with this! This is crazy! Why would they listen to lil’ old me?”

He could only sob. “T-t-t-tonight…”

“...Dammit! I’ll be there. But I still don’t know what you think I can do.”

“N-n-n-norma! Th-th-th-”

The line went dead before he could finish.

Norma arrived on the front steps to the building at 8:00 PM, much to Bradley’s relief.

“Bradley! You owe me big time for this! I never should have gotten involved in the first place!”

He nodded and thanked her profusely by squeezing her hands tight.

“Come on!” she threw his hands off. “Let’s go. What do you want me to do?”


“How can I do that!? There’ll be other security guards in the camera room!”

He beckoned her to follow anyway. They made their way to the empty camera room.

“Where’s the guard!?” she hissed.

He pointed to a cup of water, and he wagged his finger at it.

“You... you poisoned him!?”

His eyes went wide in panic. “J-j-just… lax…”

“Bradley, you really are head over heels for this girl, aren’t you?”

He nodded desperately.

“Okay, I’ll fix the tapes. But this won’t last forever. I’m only doing this, nothing else! I’m leaving, okay?”


“You can thank me by not involving me again!”

Bradley shuffled down the hall with his garbage can, figuring he had called in the last favor he possibly could from Norma. He still had a second piece of the plan to put into motion.

He reached the head security office, where he saw a large keyring hanging on the wall. He knocked on the door. The lone guard waved him in.

Bradley pretended to be lost, scuttling along the wall, looking for the trash can. The guard was focused on his little television, the sound of laughter erupting from whatever late night talk show he was watching.

He peeked over his shoulder, seeing that the guard was paying no mind to him at all, and in one swift movement, grabbed the keyring off the wall during an especially loud burst of laughter.

“Hey! What are you doing!?”

Bradley’s heart stopped. There was no way he could hang it back up now. It would make too much noise and look too conspicuous. In a cold sweat, he turned slowly to face the head guard.

“Trash is over there,” he pointed to the opposite side of the room. “What are you, retarded too?”

“S-s-s-sorry… I-I-I-I for-for-for-got…”

“S-s-s-sorry indeed!” He waved Bradley away and went back to his show.

Bradley emptied the trash and made his way back outside, keys stowed safely in his pocket.

Moving quickly now, Bradley emptied his garbage bin and grabbed one of the laundry carts. He could only hope that Norma had doctored the security tapes like she said, god bless her soul.

He ran down the steps to her enclosure and pulled the covers off. She was kneeling on the floor. Her bloodshot eyes met his with hatred, then softened when she realized who it was.

Bradley looked into her sapphire eyes but felt no connection to her mind. She clawed at the collar desperately. Bradley presented his large keyring. She would have yelped with joy if her voice weren’t completely suppressed by the collar. But her expressive eyes glowed with genuine affection and relief.

She presented her neck to the small opening in the cage, waiting patiently as Bradley fumbled with every key, trying to find the right one. He didn’t know when the actual assigned janitor would be here. He had to hurry!

Finally, one clicked. He turned the key hard, seeing the metal collar click open. She pried it off her neck, a dark bruise clearly visible where the choker had been. She opened her mouth and began to make a sound, but Bradley put his finger on his lips to silence her.

He unlocked the cage now and opened the door, ushering her into the laundry cart he had brought. She was about to throw the hateful collar away, but he urged her to bring it too. She listened obediently and crawled into the pile of dirty, smelly clothing.

Bradley locked the cage once more, throwing the cover back into place, and began to wheel them out of the room. He passed the janitor on shift on the way back.

“Bradley? You get lost again?” he snickered.

Bradley did his best to look embarrassed as the guy wheeled by. As he rolled past, Bradley dropped the security guard’s keys into his colleague’s trash can.

Chapter 6

When they were far enough from the compound, Bradley tapped on the back of the company truck, signaling his angel to come out. She climbed out of the dirty pile of clothing in all of her naked glory, wings nowhere in sight. Bradley blushed at her immodesty as he nearly lost control of the vehicle as he stared at her bewitching curves in motion. He handed her a large white clean uniform and tried to avert his gaze like a gentleman. She smirked at his discomfort, giving him a little swivel of her torso, breaking his attempt at politeness with a lascivious bounce of her generous bosom, enjoying his reaction before getting clothed.

He dropped her off in his tiny apartment before depositing the company laundry at the laundromat. Then, he went back to work, clocked out, and hailed a taxi to take him home. Everyone at work seemed to be none the wiser to his little ploy. Still, he wouldn’t risk waiting for the bus today. He hailed a cab, eager to get back home.

As soon as he unlocked his front door and stepped past the threshold, he was greeted by a powerful airborne hug. The front of her shirt was unbuttoned, hanging loosely and leaving her ripe, pert breasts on full display. Her fragrance was completely overwhelming as well. He could almost feel a growing power, vibrating inside of her. Was she glowing?

She locked eyes with him and established another link. Her wings expanded regally into view, wrapping him up fully and caressing him with her black down. He trembled at the soft, warm affection she was enveloping his whole body with. The sudden inflow of her thoughts overwhelmed him, almost causing his legs to crumple, but she held him upright with the incalculable strength of her own legs and arms, wrapped around his torso.

“Thanks for getting me out of there! I’m feeling more like myself by the hour.” Her eyes glowed bright blue as she communicated with him.

“Is this… your true self?” Bradley could barely remain upright in her angelic presence. “You’re so beautiful…”

“Not yet. Soon, maybe. Watch.”

She slithered her long legs down his, touching down to the floor on her bare tiptoes. She seemed to reach into herself with her wings, retracting and unfurling them once again. Reaching out with an arm, she dropped the hateful suppressive collar that she had stored from within her feathers and caught it in her hand.

She licked her lips and squeezed the thick metal ring with both hands. Her fingers sank deep into the disc, deforming and squashing it despite its protests. She ran her palms over it and smoothed it, molding it into a little ball. She tossed the unrecognizable lump into the air a few times and smiled at Bradley.

“Wow… and this isn’t your true self?!” he stared in amazement.

She retracted her wings back out of existence. “No. My memories are still fuzzy. Your… people… have disrupted my flow of energy. It is everything to us. Without it, we are nothing. If you had not come along, I would have been turned into a mindless beast forever.”

“I’m so sorry for what we did!”

“You are not like the rest of them.” Her eyes blazed again. “I have never been able to make a connection to any other human like I have been able to with you.”

“What is your name?”

“I don’t remember.”

“May… may I give you one?”

“You may.”

“How do you like Ange… Angelina? I can’t help but think of you as an angel…”

“That feels… familiar. It is a fine name.” She smiled at him as she brushed his cheek with a feathery wingtip.

“Angelina, can I show you something?”

She nodded.

Bradley went to his paintings and pulled the tarp off of them. She approached them, crossing her arms below her chest, holding her loose shirt in place. Taking a seat on his stool, she crossed her legs and stared at the painting of the city in the sky. Her eyes began to glow as her entire body radiated a golden hue.

He tried to look into her eyes to speak to her again, but he felt no connection. He tapped her shoulder. No response. He began to shake her.

“H-h-hey! Are yo-y-y-y-you okay?”

There was a sharp rapping on his door.

Now what!?

He moved the bench with his angel in front of his drawing… At least she seemed to be weightless. Throwing the tarp over both of them, he went to check who was at the door.

It was Norma.

“Bradley!” Her eyes were panicked. “Where is she!? They’ve sent all the guards out, including me! They’re looking for you!”

Bradley ran to the covering and yanked it off, revealing a glowing Angelina, deep in trance.

“Well, let’s go!” Norma screamed. “My car is outside!”

Bradley shook Angelina’s entranced form violently.

“What’s wrong with her?!”

Bradley shrugged helplessly.

“Well, pick up your damsel and let’s go!!”

Apologizing silently, Bradley wrapped his arms around Angelina’s slender body and hefted. She was still weightless, but he had to maneuver carefully.

As he wiggled his way through the door with her unresponsive body in tow, her wing flashed out for a second, her soft down rubbing against his face, and flicked in the direction of his painting with the city in the sky. It flew off its stand and headed straight for her. Bradley ducked to prevent from being hit, but it stopped just as it reached them. As he carried Angelina out of the apartment complex, the painting hovered behind them all the way.

Norma didn’t witness any of it until they got in the car. Bradley deposited a cross-legged, floating Angelina in the backseat. The painting followed, hovering right in front of her half-lidded eyes.

“What is she, magic!? Bradley, what have you gotten yourself into!”

Behind them, a pitch-black car turned on its headlights and began to follow them. Norma eventually caught sight of it in her rearview mirror, along with a still floating, glowing, Angelina. She began to slow down and pull over.

“N-n-n-n-orma! Please!” he begged.

“This is crazy! We have no idea what she can do or who she is!” She kept the car drifting forward, slowly. “Why is this so important to you?!”

“W-w-w-we… t-t-t-talk! Mind only!” Bradley uttered in frustration and desperation, as he pointed between his eyes and hers while zipping his lips shut. “I’m… f-f-f-f-f-f-fluent… in th-th-th-th-ere...” He begged Norma with tears in his eyes.

Norma looked at him in disbelief. It finally struck her. She nearly lost control of the car as tears welled in her eyes.

Wiping her tears away with a little sniffle, she sighed and floored the accelerator. “Dammit Bradley! I’m gonna catch a bullet in the back for this!”

The car tailing them sped up as well. Two more headlights flashed into view on either side of her as she crossed another intersection. They immediately joined the chase.

“Can your magical girlfriend wake up and help us yet!?” Norma shouted over the smell of burning rubber and car fumes.

Bradley crawled into the backseat and desperately shook Angelina, but she remained deep in trance.

Suddenly, Norma slammed the breaks. There was a huge crash. Bradley lurched forward and slammed into the back of the carseat in front of him. Angelina remained serenely still.

The smoky tang of burning metal filled the air. Norma was moaning in pain in the driver’s seat. In front of them was another private security car that she had t-boned.

Coughing and sputtering, making her way out of the wreckage, Norma struggled and pushed the bent door open. As she crawled onto the asphalt of the road, two gunshots rang out. She sucked in a deep, final breath as they struck her in the back. Norma fell to the floor, unmoving, blood soaking into her shirt.

Norma! Bradley fought back his whimpers. He couldn’t believe it…

A bunch of armed guards ran up to her corpse.

“Shit! That wasn’t the beast!”

Finally, they noticed the glow in the backseat of the ruined car. Bradley lunged forward, shoving the mangled door open, and grabbed a holstered gun from a guard’s hip. With half of his body still in the car and half out, he immediately shot two of them dead with a bunch of rounds.

A stinging pain hit him in the shoulder, but he barely registered it. He shot their third assailant dead. Climbing out of the car, he lay on the ground, touching his bullet wound. He stared at his bloody fingers and the three corpses around him in shock.

More cars arrived. More guards stepped out. He aimed his gun limply with his remaining good arm and squeezed the trigger. It clicked empty. Soon, the other guards were upon him. They grabbed him and sat him up, tying his arms behind his back. He groaned in pain.

Bradley’s vision was starting to fade. He saw them grab Angelina and drag her floating form out of the wreckage, still looking pristine and deep in contemplation.

Bradley saw Director Braun approach with a triumphant look on his face.

“Well Bradley, looks like you helped us out after all. You’ve rehabilitated it into a powerful, deadly weapon. We’ll be sure to learn everything we can as we dissect its corpse. It wasn’t much use to us while it was a stupid, mindless animal.”

Bradley seethed, his hate for the vile man who had killed his friend and tortured Angelina helping him to hold onto consciousness.

He opened a suitcase and unpacked another metal collar.

“Get rid of the loose ends,” he ordered his men.

They unholstered their guns and pointed at him. Bradley’s eyes were only focused on Angelina, even as he awaited his execution. Director Braun was approaching her. He clicked the collar open in sync with the click of the guns’ hammers, all barrels pointed at him… Bradley squeezed his eyes shut tight and awaited the sweet embrace of death.

And everything froze in place. The blast of the muzzle, the bullets in midair, Director Braun, and the collar, all ceased their movement.

Bradley opened his eyes, surprised that the end was taking this long. He saw Angelina before him, wings wide, eyes blazing. She floated into the air, the inferno of her beauty dwarfing even her unbelievable power.

Her ill-fitting clothes disintegrated, revealing the naked splendor of her perfection for a brief moment. Then, a fine cloth materialized across her bare flesh, as midnight-black as her wings. It left her shoulders and back bare, a necessary requirement considering her wings. A pair of thin straps holding the entire thing together. It hugged her figure perfectly, revealing the firm, upper slopes of her breasts, showing off her slender figure, the short dress tapered off at her upper thigh. It sparkled and shimmered without any discernible reason, signifying the garb of their royalty.

As she rose into the air, spiraling upwards, letting her body extend to its full height, she fluttered her angelic wings powerfully, letting go of her telekinetic grip on the 3 security guards and sending them flying with the gust of her wingbeat. They screamed as they soared into the distance.

Floating back to the ground now, she retracted her wings as she landed next to Bradley. She stared into his soul, willing him to stay conscious.

“Focus on me. Awake and alert.”

Bradley felt warmth return to his limbs as he basked in her glory. He didn’t even register any pain as she dug her slender fingers into his wound and fished out the bullet with her dainty nails. All he could do was stare into the infinite depth of her eyes. She recovered the bloody bit of metal, peered at it in disgust, and squashed it into a disk with a pinch of her fingers.

“Angelina… I’m sorry we couldn’t protect you...” Bradley gazed longingly into her eyes. She was so beautiful, so regal in that dress that was perfectly cut to allow her wings full motion.

“You did protect me. You saved me. You showed me my memories, and I understand now how this is possible. Let me show you.”

Angelina flooded his mind with her memories of the flying city he had painted, just like the one she had left. She had argued long with her mother and father, king and queen of their province. Young and idealistic, she wished for the reunification of their lost people, and that the earthly inhabitants below could be worthy. They yelled back at her, stating that the extreme power that came with their royal bloodline made her naive and clueless. She disagreed. They proposed a test, and she accepted their terms.

Her convictions strong, she flew miles out into open air whereupon she broke her own wing, crashing down to Earth, seeking to prove that their long-lost brethren could be trusted, could co-exist with them once again. Her sacrifice was not permanent, unlike those who had been cast out and had their wings cruelly cut from their bodies, denying them of their true essence. The ones who survived lived as humans, crippled in some way from their incompleteness as Bradley did, always feeling a hollow ache of emptiness.

Bradley gasped as her wing grazed his bullet wound, feeling his skin tingle as his flesh stitched back together under her feathery touch.

“Yes, Bradley, you are descended from us, a long time ago. I came here to find those like you, to prove to the others that you should be welcomed, and to take you back. To take you home.”

“Director Braun… Norma…” Bradley cried, finally processing his only friend’s death. Angelina’s unbelievable revelations did not distract him from her sacrifice.

“Ah yes.”

Angelina released her hold over the tyrant who had imprisoned her. He dropped the collar with trembling hands and immediately drew his gun. Taking aim at Angelina, he emptied his clip. All of his bullets hovered in midair with a gentle sweep of Angelina’s wing.

“You… monster! Our species will not be defeated by wicked beasts such as you! You cannot stop us! There are more like me!” he yelled in fury, knowing that his fate was sealed.

“Perhaps,” she spoke for the first time, the sonic waves of her voice emanating powerfully, causing the director’s skin to vibrate and crawl. “But there are also those like her. The ones I advocated for.” She gestured at Norma. “And I was right to do so. She saved my life. And now... there will be one less of those like you.”

Her eyes glowed incandescently. The collar rose from the ground and wrapped around the director’s neck and slammed shut. She balled her fingers into a fist. The choker constricted ever tighter as she molded and warped the metal to his neck.

As he struggled to breathe, two thin beams of blue light blasted from her eyes. They incinerated the man’s head in an instant. His corpse crumpled to the floor.

“Angelina…” Bradley thought in fear from her terrible display of power.

“Do not worry. Remember, I am yours. And you are mine.” She lifted Bradley to his feet. “Come with me.”

“Norma… she gave her life to help us…”

“Yes, let me attend to her.”

“You can heal her!?” Bradley’s heart soared.

“Not quite.”

Bradley knelt before Norma’s lifeless body, choking down sobs and apologizing for all the trouble he’d caused. The two bullets rose out of the wounds around Norma’s shoulder blades, Angelina flicking them away with a gesture of her fingers. Extending her wings, Angelina took a deep breath, gasped in pain as she aimed carefully, pelting Norma’s fresh wounds with her long, black, feathers, stabbing them deep into her flesh.


“That was a bit painful for me,” she shuddered as she flexed her wings, rubbing them gingerly with her hands. “Now, let us go. I will take you back home. We will both go home.”

Before Bradley could protest, she lifted him into the air with her mind and burst from the floor herself, catching him in mid-flight and soaring into the night sky. One large wing cocooned him, protecting him from the elements, occasionally opening up to give her another large burst of lift as they headed for the city in the sky.

Hovering there, bathed in a column of light from the moon, she gave her rescuer and long-abandoned brethren a tender kiss.

Bradley looked up at her with adoring eyes.

“What did you do to Norma?” he asked.

“She sacrificed everything for us. This is how one who is earthbound can get her wings.”

Angelina pressed her lips to Bradley’s once more. Then, she shunted her wings outward as a glow surrounded them both. And then they winked away, off to the city that Angelina was in line to rule.

Norma awoke in her bed with a groan. There had been some crazy incident at her place of employment. It seemed like they had been running some secret experiments, afoul of the government or some other private competing company. There had even been a shootout with the security guards and the director himself…

In any case, she had to find a new job. Crawling out of bed, Norma thought her legs looked longer and slimmer than usual. Probably just sleepy, unfocused vision to start the day.

She struggled to reach behind her back to scratch a strange, burning itch around her shoulders. Shrugging hard and pumping her arms to relieve the unfamiliar sensation, Norma found temporary relief as the newfound bone and feathers began to grow out of her back...

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