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Kryptonian Hunter

Written by d_k_c :: [Monday, 26 September 2005 16:54] Last updated by :: [Monday, 26 November 2012 11:04]

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The front door opened and the Alorian family walked into the house.

The Alorian male was the first to notice him and stared at him in stunned curiosity for a moment. “You have no Idea who’s house you just broke into do you?”. .

Hetman smiled at the Alorian and stood up from the white leather couch that was now charred by the many spent cigarette he had while waiting for them “You, you don’t remember me, do you?”

The Alorians wife, a blonde and incredibly fit woman walked next to her husband and gave the man in there house an astounded look. “Should he die instantaneously?, or should we break every bone in his puny little body” she asked her husband.

It was their son who confronted him first. Hetman looked at the kid. A cocky 15 year old punk who probably was responsible for making several people quadriplegics. Immature spoiled little brat kid, Hetman hated him already.

Standing only a few feet from Hetman he looked at Hetman’s holstered weapon?. “Aren’t you going to try and use that against me” he asked cockily while crossing his arms.

Hetman smiled as he pulled the thick pistol from his holster. “You don’t mind?” he asked the cocky teenager in almost a whisper.

“Do your worst, and then ill do mine” The teenager said with an ignorant smile.

“A proposal I can’t refuse” Hetman pointed the gun at his forehead.

He continued to look Hetman in the eyes fearlessly.

The mother watched the man point the weapon at her son. There was so many times her child wanted to show off his powers. Hurt kids for irritating him, or show off for his lady friends. While he had gotten away with breaking several kids bones he had never killed anyone. She looked at the mess the stranger made of her beautiful couch and thought this was a good time for her son to become a man. This was a good time for her son to kick some ass.

Hetman depressed the trigger.

The Kids head whipped backwards violently but not before the bullet blasted out the back of his head. He fell dead with smoke still pouring out of his massive exit wound.

The mother shrieked. It was an unearthly scream which blasted out the windows of the entire house.

The father charged him, He moved toward Hetman at an incredible speed as Hetman positioned his weapon at the enraged Alorian.

Hetman, realizing within a split second that the father was free and clear of his area of fire adjusted his aim slightly for the mother. There were two large booms. One was the Alorian planting his fist into Hetman’s chest and the other was sound of his pistol.

Hetman crashed through the wall of the house and into the kitchen where his body crashed through the stove. The bullet pierced through what was thought to be invulnerable skin of the mother. Her shriek ended abruptly as she clutched her agonizing wound.

Her husband looked in shock as blood poured from his wife’s side. The weapon used against them was now lying at his feet, and he picked it up for closer inspection. He pulled the clip out and observed the munitions.  Pure gold bullets encased in some sort mineral he had never seen before. His eyes were wet, and his face red with anger. No Earth hospital would be able to treat his wife’s wounds and his son was dead. He had to get her off the planet, but had to deal with the stranger first. He looked at Hetman through the wall he blasted him through and charged him. The Alorian pulled Hetman out of the stove and threw him through another wall. He then put his hand into the steel counters and began molding the steel into a solid ball. He packed it tightly, so tightly in fact that not even his fingers could make an impression. He would take his blunt instrument and break the strangers head open with it. He almost shook with anticipation as he approached the room. The Alorian walked into the room and was greeted by Hetman.

Hetman struck him in the ribs with both fists. The Alorian smashed the steel sphere across his face causing Hetman to fall to the ground. The Alorian looked down at Hetman and saw that his skin was starting to spark from where he made contact. Then the sparking stopped and his eye began to swell and bleed. The Alorian observed him in shock and disgust. “A Human!”. It was beyond comprehension to him, a Human did this. A human walked into his home, murdered his son, wounded his wife and all of this in front of his very own eyes.

Hetman put his fingers on his swollen eye and pulled it back to observe his fingers with his good eye. There was blood all over his fingers, “fuck” he whispered to himself. He looked up at the enraged Alorian “Did I lose an eye?” he asked casually. “It would be most unfortunate if I lost an eye”.

The Alorina swallowed and moved toward the human. Oh he was going to beat him. Beat him to a bloody pulp. He stepped forward and gasped in pain. He stopped in his tracks and observed where the human had struck him. His so called invulnerable body had been compromised. There were two slits in his ribs and he had no doubt some foreign object was left in his body. In actuality there were two solid gold 1mm thin blades crisscrossing through his internal organs. Hetman stood up and walked past the Alorian. The Alorian was too afraid to move, afraid of the agony his movement caused him. Hetman walked over to where his gun was and picked it up. He grabbed the clip and snapped it back into the gun then turned to the Alorian. Two rounds boomed out of the gun and blasted into the Alorians calves. One round exited through his shins the other did not. He screamed in agony and tried with all his strength to remain standing. The Alorian collapsed causing the blades in his body to tear up more of his enternal workings. The Alorian cried in pain. Hetman holstered his weapon and dragged the suffering Alorian to his wife.

Hetman lit up a cigarette and sat down on a near by chair. “It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t recognize me, After all, how many humans have you killed, hmm?”. His question was met with groans of pain. Hetman took a deep drag from his cigarette “There’s an old saying on earth, I’m sure you’ve heard it, Pay backs a mother fucker, aint it?.”.

The Alorian female sat up, her face twitching in pain as she tried to smile. “Do you know who I am, You don’t know what you’ve done Human, your entire race will extinguish like a flame in space for this, I swear it!”.

Hetman butt out his smoke on the carpet and pulled out his pistol. “Maybe, but one thing is for certain, you won’t be around to witness it”. Hetman fired a round into her head. Her body fell limp onto the ground. Her husband whimpered at the sight of his dead wife.

“How does it feel Alorian?, How does it feel to be completely helpless, your fate being predetermined by someone else” Hetman asked. “Me personally, I know how it feels. But I would like to know how you feel?”.

The Alorian groaned in pain and he looked at Hetman with absolute detestation. “Pray that there is no afterlife human. For one day, I intend to find you there”.

Hetman nodded at the Alorian, stood up and walked over to him. Hetman emptied the remainder of his clip into the Alorians chest.



Kayla was in her first year of college. She was excited about being away from the farm and more importantly out of high school. She sat under a tree reading a book when Carla, her roommate pulled up next to her in a car nearly packed with a bunch of guys she did not know.

“Hey geek, were going to the beach, c’mon lets go” Her room mate called out.

Kayla smiled and walked over to the car. “I’ve got some studying to do, but thanks for the offer”.

Carla couldn’t help but snicker at what Kayla was wearing. She was wearing loose jeans and a baggy thick sweater. “Kayla, its almost 100 degrees, how on earth do you get away with wearing that outfit” Carla asked.

Kayla smiled at her roommate and then she caught a glimpse of the guy in the passenger seat. Bright blue eyes, dark hair, square jaw, toned body. His description could have described thousands of other men. But for some reason she felt something for this one.

Carla smiled awkwardly at Kayla who’s eyes scanned Carla’s passenger. “Umm, let me introduce you to the crew. In the front seat here is Ben, The two in the back are Kyle and Jason”. Ben looked at Kayla and politely smiled, not seeing anything he was overly impressed with he looked away. “So, you coming or what?”.

Kayla thought about it briefly. In high school her adopted parents made her conceal her beauty with bulky sweaters and thick glasses. But she was an adult now, she had to make her own life choices. How much harm could come from going to the beach with them?. Ben was so damn cute and she missed out on so many good times back in high school. She wasn’t wearing a bathing suit but underneath her sloppy clothes she wore a black sports bra. Her whole life she was prim and proper, today she decided she was gonna have fun. “Let’s go” she said to Carla as she pulled off her sweater revealing the large perfectly shaped spheres that rested high on her chest. The sports bra itself looked as though it could tear down the seams at any second. She let her blond hair down and now all eyes were on her.

Carla’s eyes looked at Kayla’s profile in shock. Huge tits, narrow waist, toned body. She could have passed for a number of things from playboy bunny to porn star, or from model to actress. Carla couldn’t help but wonder how the hell she never noticed her roommates body before. She always knew that Kayla could be sexy if she wanted to be, but had no idea it was so easy for her to make the transition.

Kayla got into the back seat and the boys were all over her. Ben turned around and talked with her, asking her all sorts of questions. Where she was from, what courses she was taking. She caught him glancing at her chest now and then and found it cute how embarrassed he seemed when she caught him. Kyle would periodically and supposedly accidentally bump her chest with his elbow which she found not so cute.

They finally arrived at the packed beach. “Me and Kayla are gonna go bathing suit shopping we’ll catch up with you guys in a bit”.

Kayla looked around briefly in one of the shops on the beach. Finding a one piece bathing suit she liked she went into the woman’s change room and as quickly as she entered she came back out.

“Hey Kayla, how about this one?”, Carla asked holding up the red and black bikini. Carla swallowed hard as Kayla approached her. Her legs seemed to go up forever. She could have sworn she saw Kayla’s bare skin glisten. Her sexy hazel eyes looked frighteningly deadly, and in her one piece bathing suit Kayla’s tits seemed to blast out of them like torpedoes. The bottom half of Kayla’s bathing suit was white and the top half was black and showed an amazing amount of cleavage. Carla did all she could to keep her jaw from hitting the floor. “Alright, level with me Kay, where did you get them?”.

Kayla’s brow rose curiously “Get what?” she asked

“Get these!” Carla asked while placing her tiny hands on Kayla’s marvelous breasts while giving them a squeeze.

Kayla’s breasts had never been grabbed like this by anyone. She felt extremely awkward as Carla held them in her hands and marveled at them. “I should pay for the swim suit” Kayla said and moved out of Carla’s grasp.

Carla could not believe what she had felt. She wasn’t a lesbian. She didn’t even consider her self Bi. Through high school she felt many of her friends developing chests through harmless play or even bragging right rituals. But Kayla’s tits had a combination of firmness and softness she could not describe. If she had no other choice but to describe Kayla’s tits in one word she would say they were powerful. She desired to feel them again based on the belief that there was no way her tits could have felt so pleasurable to the touch.

Kayla paid for her bathing suit and the two girls walked along the beach to where the boys were. Kayla was still not used to the amount of attention her looks were grabbing on the packed beach. But, she promised herself that today she was going to enjoy herself.

“You never answered my question” Carla asked her.

Kayla smiled uncomfortably. Carla was her room mate and whether or not it was her business she was going to press this issue until she got an answer. “When I was 14 I was flat chested, and the summer when I turned 15 they just started growing and didn’t stop”.

“Wait a sec!, your telling me there real!?” Carla said in shock

“If they were fake, why would I try to always hide them with bulky sweaters?”

“Good point, and what about your body. I don’t see you eat that often but when you do it always seems to be fast food, and I’ve never seen you in the school gym. How do you keep your figure?”.

“I don’t know, good metabolism I guess”.

They were still a fair distance away but the boys caught a glimpse of Kayla’s spectacular profile. Carla grew concerned, “Look Kayla, thought you should know, I’m trying to get closer with Ben. You know what I mean”.

Kayla’s eyes were already running up and down Ben’s body as Carla spoke. She did not want to hear Carla say that. “Of course” she sweetly replied.

Kyle tossed Kayla a beer and after a few hours Kayla was already on her 9th drink. The booze had no affect on her whatsoever but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to play the role. Carla couldn’t stand the amount of attention Kayla was getting and it drove her insane when Ben got up and asked Kayla to come out for a swim. Kayla playing the stumbling drunk made sure her firm chest rubbed up on Ben’s arm on more then one occasion. Ben’s hand stabilized her in a straight direction, his hand flying dangerously south of the border. Kayla could feel his finger rub the top part of her pert ass. His touch caused a chill through out her body causing her nipples to become noticeably erect.

Getting into the water Ben grabbed Kayla under the knees and back and playfully tossed her into the water. It must have been something to do with the salt water but he could have sworn she weighed no more then 20 pounds.

Kayla popped out of the water in dramatic fashion and ran her hands through her wet hair. Leaning back she emphasized her irresistible profile and gave Ben a naughty look.

Bens stomach was in a knot and he felt he was dangerously close to blowing his load.

Kayla playfully tackled Ben into the water. Her firm tits rubbed against his strong body. Her erect nipples pleasurably scratched at his wet body. It was Kayla that popped out of the water first.

Not realizing how close he was to Kayla’s body Ben popped out of the water smacking his head on the underside of Kayla’s amazing breasts. He rubbed his head and looked at Kayla. Kayla grabbed her chest and gave them a quick massage. With a dirty look she looked at Ben “Watch it buster” she said playfully and approached him.

In the water his hands gripped her tiny waist. He looked down at the incredible cleavage she showed off and then his gaze met her deep hazel eyes. “My God you are beautiful”.

Carla began calling to them, yelling that it was time to go.

Kayla gave him a wicked look and moved out of his grasp and out of the warm water.



Hetman pulled into the parking lot of what appeared to be a 3 story apartment complex. Getting inside he stepped into the elevator and hit the basement floor button. The elevator went down for 3 minutes before the elevator doors opened again. Hetman stepped out of the elevator and into a massive facility with dozens of men with white coats working on something or other. Dr. Martin greeted him and quickly and got to the point.

“Were going to need you in cardiology right away for some tests, also the Boss wants a full report on his desk concerning your dealings”.

“Maybe later”.

Martin looked at him curiously and then his eyes widened. “What the…What the hell is this?” The Doctor asked motioning his hand to his eye. Still in shock the doctor asked him “Do you realize how hard you have to be hit for this kind of damage to incur.”

“Pretty hard?.”

“Unbelievable, follow me, when the boss sees this he’s going to have a fucking conniption.”

The Doctor observed Hetman’s eye for five minutes. He took off his glasses and rubbed his forehead. “You’re going to lose the eye, your going to have to be reset”.

“Fuck that, I’m not going to be reset, do something to cover it up”

“Cover it up?. With what?. A paper bag?. Hetman as far as I can see the cornea of your eye along with the iris has been completely torn. I can only speculate how badly damaged the optic nerve is. It’s not going to heal and the swelling is going to get a lot worst”.

Hetman nodded. “Fine, we’ll keep this between me and you for the time being”.

Martin shook his head “Hetman, you are no good to us without depth perception”. The door to the office opened and Bill Ortega walked in. He was a huskier set man, bald standing at about 5ft8”. “What’s going on in here, He’s supposed to be in Cardiology right now”. Bill caught a glimpse of Hetmans eye. He drew a frustrated sigh and looked at the Doctor “How bad is it?”

“His eye is lost”.

Bill shook his head in frustration “You had surprise on your side, what did you do, formally introduce yourself before you killed them?”

“As a matter of fact”

“Doctor, inform Lewis in cybernology to prepare for a reset”. Hetman got up from the bench and began walking out the door “Where do you think your going?”.

Hetman left the office and headed to the elevator. No one would try to stop him. He would fall dead at any second and wake up back in this facility. But he would be damned if he was just going to sit there and wait for it.



An unauthorized space shuttle landed on the lawn of the Presidential Mansion. The ship was immediately surrounded by armed guards all aiming there weapons at the hatch of the ship. The hatch opened and two people got out. The man stood at 6ft5, black hair, and had an incredible physique. The woman was almost as tall as him and nearly as big. She wore a tight black rubbery costume which showed off her well defined curves which gained all of the guards attention, especially the V neckline which proudly presented her packed cleavage. The man’s name was Jacent and the dark haired woman beside him was Gwella his wife. Gwella looked at the soldiers pointing there rifles at her and she became excited. It was her first time on earth and when she was told hours ago it would probably be her last, well she couldn’t refuse to come to the blue planet she heard so much about.  The guards knew exactly who they were dealing with and much to Gwella’s disappointment did not open fire.

Jacent and Gwella climbed the steep presidential steps and the guards opened the door for them. There was a panic they could sense in the air and the humans scurried around like ants. “I will be only moments” Jacent said to his wife in their native tongue. The office door opened for Jacent and he casually walked into the President of the free Countries office.

President Brooks had already been alerted of the Alorian’s arrival and stood by his office door waiting to greet the Alorian. And not just any Alorian but the Prince of Aloria. He watched the prince approach him and he extended his hand in friendship.

Jacent looked down at the Presidents extended hand and then walked past it and into his office. He walked behind the President’s chair and grabbed the top part of it. In a foreign and unusual accent he asked “Is, this your chair?”.

The President closed the door and used the opportunity to swallow hard. He then turned to the Alorian. “Please, be my guest”. The president gestured for him to sit down.

Jacent’s eyes made contact with the Presidents. “I think perhaps, It is you, who should sit down”.

The President politely smiled and walked over to his desk and sat down. He folded his hands on his desk and straightened his posture.

Jacent walked around his room observing his collections. “Just the other day I was informed of some tragic news. My sister, my brother in law and my nephew were murdered on earth in a most horrific way”.

The president nodded “My condolences, I cant tell you h..”.

Jacent cut him off “Imagine my shock when I learned that weeks ago five other Alorians died in a similar fashion. Imagine my distress when I learned that the weapons used in their demise were all forged here…on earth”. Jacent made eye contact with the President “My advisors even told me that I should not step one foot on this planet without a military entourage”. Jacent smiled at the President and snickered. “The media on my home world are calling this human the Alorian hunter. Can you imagine?”.

The President looked into Jacents eyes “Let me assure you Prince Jacent that if that is indeed the case. The culprit of these horrific crimes will be brought forth to face your justice. This will take the highest priority and we wi..”

Again the President was cut off “I understand something of your Politics. I understand that in no way can you admit that your administration had anything to do with this”. Jacent took in a deep breath in an effort to contain his anger and then wagged his finger at the president. “But assume that I am Simple! but once more, And I shall end you. Have I made myself clear?”


“Very good”

The President was careful when choosing his next words “What shall you have us do?”

Jacent smiled at the president and placed an Alorian pistol on his desk. “I was so hoping you would ask that. Tell me, Have you ever heard of a Kryptonian?”



Hetman woke up on the bench he was sleeping on to the buzzing of his cell phone. Surprised that he was waking up here and not in the lab he answered it.

“Hetman we’ve got an emergency, get down here fast”.

Hetman arrived to the facility only to find it swarming with politicians. The president was no more then 30 feet from him. He was being explained how everything worked in laymen terms.  How Hetman’s consciousness or brain was downloaded into a super computer and inside his actual skull was the latest in shielding technology. Every square mm of his skin could resist thousands of pounds of pressure, and how his thought pattern from the super computer was being sent to his body kinda like a wireless hub. The president was then taken through the reset process, where if the body was to die, the computer would be able to transmit into one of many cloned embryo’s of himself. Next the President was taken to the weapons room where he was shown how they solidified pure gold into an extremely hard metal and how this was able to compromise Alorian invulnerability.

Bill signaled Hetman to join him in the other room. Closing the door behind them he drew a deep sigh, not knowing exactly how he planned to tell Hetman.

“What’s going on?” Hetman asked

“You remember that family of Alorians you took out on your last assignment”.


“All Alorian Royalty”

Hetman smiled, and then began snickering. “So, how bad is it”.

“Bad, but could be a lot worst, which brings us to you. We need you for one more assignment and then we’ll be shutting you down”

Hetman nodded “uninterrupted sleep, sounds kinda nice. What do they want me to do?”

“They’ve given us the name and location of a college girl, supposed to be a threat to Alorian security. The mission is simple, they’ve given us the weapon you simply go in and shoot her with it”.

“I kill the Prince’s family and as a punishment he’s making us kill a college girl. Hmm, I guess the trip from Aloria to Earth didn’t calm him down much did it?”

Bill snickered. “I don’t understand it either, but we gotta job, and were going to do it.” Bill slid the file of the girl across the desk and Hetman opened it.

Her name was Kayla Brant, she was 19 years old. The pictures in the file were of her wearing thick glasses and bulky clothes. The file also included her hobbies, chores and test scores. Hetman held a picture of her in one hand and read one of her hobbies “volunteers at local hospital, volunteers at cancer fund raisers…you got to be kidding”.

“You’ll be working with a team this time, at one o’clock she will walk across campus to her next class. That’s where you’ll tag her, I don’t care how you do it, just remember you’ve got one shot”.

“And what exactly will I be shooting her with?”.

“We had scientists look over the weapon and the bullet that will be used. The gun seems to work quite similar to pistols made here on earth. The bullet is completely a different story. Everything about it is foreign to us, there is a red fluid like substance were guessing is poison but none of our instruments can find out for sure.”

Hetman shook his head “I don’t like this at all”.



It had been three days since that day at the beach. Everything was going wonderfully. She and Carla had become close friends due in large part to the fact that Kayla ignored Ben and all of his advances. She knew she could have Ben but felt she needed a good friend more then anything else. Carla even took Kayla shopping, Carla was eager to see how Kayla looked in some tight outfits. The next few days were interesting for Kayla. She walked into her class wearing simply a cotton pink shirt and some jeans and it gained everyone in that class’s attention. Her contours looked dramatic even in average clothes. Kayla loved every second of it. This was who she was, and she had no regrets about what she was doing. It was one thing to restrain her self when it came to using her powers, it was another thing to hide from life in ugly clothes.

Kayla had finished her class and began walking across Campus to her next class. She met up with Carla and the two began chatting. Half way to her next class she heard a question that sent a chill down her spine.

“Kayla, may I speak with you?”.

She turned toward the voice and looked at the man. He was in his early thirties, brown hair and wearing dark sunglasses. He was wearing a medium long brown leather coat. Her vision already alerted her of how heavily armed he was.

Hetman took a drag of his cigarette and looked at Carla, “Alone please”.

“You know this guy?” Carla asked Kayla.

Kayla’s heart began beating incredibly fast, inside she was panicking. She calmly smiled at Carla “Yeah, I’ll meet up with you after school”.

“You sure?”.

“Yeah, its fine”.

“What would you like?” She politely asked the stranger. Her heart rate increased even more. Her eyes now were picking up snipers hundreds of yards away. Soldiers were surrounding her. A tear began forming in her eye. She now regretted coming out of the costume that kept her safe for all of these years.

“Kayla, If you can come with me I’d like to ask you some questions”.

Kayla sniffed her nose, her mind succumbing to the panic that besieged it. “I didn’t do anything, I’m a good person!, please don’t take me away” she whined.

Hetman looked at the terrified girl and felt sympathy for her and a renewed hatred toward Alorians. His plan was to take her out of the public environment then shoot her. The plan was not going to work.

Kayla rubbed both of her eyes trying to stop the flow of tears. She did not initially see the man reach into the small of his back to grab the pistol. She did see him point the gun at her and with very little hesitation opened fire.

The bullet inched it’s way toward her. Her mind was filled with sadness. She knew a bullet would not harm her but it showed that they wanted her dead. How was she going to tell her adopted parents about this?. Where was she going to go?. Everything she knew and loved was lost. The bullet contacted her skin just below the neck. Dimpling her skin the bullet broke apart revealing a green pin that stuck into Kayla’s body. And through the pin the small amount of liquefied red kryptonite entered her blood stream.

“Ow!” She yelled and pulled the pin out of her skin and threw it onto the ground. She felt a wave of confusion overwhelm her and then supreme confidence filled her mind. She had power beyond human comprehension, power beyond Alorian comprehension. How dare this little man try and intimidate her. She was a fucking Goddess here on earth and from now on that’s exactly how she was going to be treated.

Hetman gave her a curious look. It would seem that all the weapon managed to do was turn her fear and sadness into anger and supreme confidence.

Kayla’s hands went to her hips and stared with defiance at the little worm who thought for a moment he could bring down a God. “Get down on your knees worm and beg for my mercy” she told.

Hetman smiled and gave her a surprised expression “And if I refuse?”

She gave him a smile “Have you ever felt what 700mph winds feel like?”.

“Are you insane, what are you talking about?” Hetman asked as Kayla began to draw air through her nostrils. Her breasts began to swell and her tight cotton sweater could be heard stretching. Hetman stepped back from her and prepared for every other attack except the one she gave him. All he heard was the strong whistle of an incredible wind gust. All he saw was the skinny but large chested girl in front of him with flared cheeks blowing at him. The next few moments were confusing for Hetman as he sailed 5 feet from the ground at a speed of well over 300 mph. His body ripped through a red VW and his back rammed through a concrete wall.

Kayla crossed her arms with self contention. Never in her life had she used her powers in this way. She had to admit it felt incredibly pleasurable. The snipers had yet to open fire on her. Her eyes trained on one of them, she could have incinerated him with a small dose of her heat vision. But instead gave him the full fury of her heat vision. The air sizzled loudly as the two powerful beams cut across the courtyard and smashed into the office. The sniper didn’t feel a thing as the entire office he was in exploded into a magnificent red fire ball.

The fire Alarm sounded and the crackle of a gun shot could be heard in the opposite direction. Kayla casually grabbed the snipers bullet between her thumb and forefinger. Taking aim at the sniper herself with his own spent bullet she flicked the bullet back at him. The bullet hit the concrete building and easily smashed through it. The wall below the sniper broke open and the bullet blasted through his knee cap.

Hetman gave his head a shake. The car he went through was pulverized but its alarm was blaring. If he was moving slightly faster he would have cleared the brick wall he hit making him ask one question. Did that just fucking happen?. Hetman stretched his neck and back and acknowledged the fact that he was seriously wounded. “I think…I think we’ve got a situation here” he said into the mic on his collar.

The schools fire bell was ringing, the snipers were neutralized, and the man she blew a 700mph gust at was….standing up?. She smiled and as quick as an instant she appeared in front of Hetman.

Hetman pulled out the custom side arms and took aim at her. Her expression no different then those Alorians he had killed with the exact same weapons. Arrogantly smug and cocky, but he knew that the bullets would cut them down like grass. This time, he was not so sure. Aiming the pistols at her chest he fired in rapid succession. Her breasts dimpled and sometimes even bounced significantly when the massive slugs made impact.

Kayla smiled at him “was that the best you an do?, it was nice. But you can do better, can’t you?” Kayla asked him while closing the gap between them.

Hetman waited for her to close in before striking. Hoping that her softest flesh would be her most vulnerable flesh his fists made contact with her breasts. The wrist bands ejected the long solid gold blades. Firing at an incredible rate the blades managed to make an impressive dimple in her incredible breasts. Like a rubber ball effect the blades went in as far as they could before they were rebounded out. The thin solid gold blades fired back into Hetmans wrist bands, broke through them and wedged themselves into Hetman’s forearms.

“Oooo that kind of felt good, any more bright ideas?” Kayla asked.

Hetman gasped in pain, the blades caused him excruciating pain and he fell to his knees.

Kayla smiled at him “worshipping me now will do you no good”.

Hetman pulled a micro chip off his belt, it may not have looked like much but it was the equivalent of 20 pounds of c4 explosives. Hetman endured the pain of his wrists and threw the chip at Kayla.

Kayla caught it in her mouth and swallowed it. Hetman awaited her detonation.

A large rumble could be heard in her belly and then Kayla let out a burp. She blew the contents at Hetman causing him to ignite into flames.

With most of his shielding exhausted the flames began to burn at his flesh. The pain was excruciating and in his mind he hoped that control was seeing this and that he would be reset soon.

Kayla laughed uncontrollably as Hetman did his best to put out the flames. As soon as the flames were almost completely out she gave him a small dose of her heat vision. His hot body combusted again as Kayla ran beams from her eyes down his scorched body.

Hetman groaned in agony as he learned his lesson in humility and then his body fell limp and he dropped dead.

Kayla smiled and then looked down at her clothes. They were completely ruined. She needed clothes that were invulnerable as she was and she knew exactly where to get them. Hovering a few feet in the air she blasted into the sky.



Jacent watched one of the many monitors with pleasure as the man who supposedly killed his relatives suffered and died horribly. Gwella came to his side and he rubbed her rock hard body.

“Why not simply finish them. Drop a planet buster on them and end their pathetic little lives?” Gwella questioned.

“There are some on Aloria who would consider that an act of mass genocide, perhaps even question my ability to lead. But if a Kryptonian took over their Human Government and became a legitimate threat to Alorian security then such an act may be deemed as an unfortunate necessity”.

Gwella admired her husband’s brilliance. It turned her on immensely and as with all Alorian females the more turned on they were the harder their breasts firmed. She grabbed her husband’s wrist and guided his hands to her firmness. He pulled open her V neckline and squeezed with all his Alorian might her ever firming full breasts. She kissed him passionately and gasped in ecstasy as his hands worked vigorously on her incredible bust.



Hetman awoke in the lab. He sat up and felt pain run across his body. It was Pain from muscles that existed on his body but have never been used. He stretched his neck and dreaded the weeks of physiotherapy he would have to endure to get him back to par.

The door opened and Ortega walked in. “So, what do you think?” he asked.

Hetman sighed stretched his shoulder and looked at Ortega “I think I need a bigger gun”.



Kayla blasted through the sky with incredible speed, her clothes all but disintegrating to the high wind chill and friction. She remembered her parents dropping her off at the university weeks ago. It was a nine hour drive. Only now did she realize how pointless of a drive it was for she made it back to the farm in under five minutes. Hovering fifty feet above the house she scanned it with her x ray vision in search of her birth right. After only moments of scanning she found it. Her adopted mother hid it in the attic and in a flash Kayla was standing overtop of it. She pulled out the blue leotard and squeezed it over her voluptuous form. The sheer fabric pressed on her bust like no other did. The big S on her fantastic chest warped to the deep contours of her incredible bust. Next she put on the red panties and loved the way it showed off her curvaceous butt. She ignored the cape and skirt and put on the knee high boots. She walked in front of a mirror and stared at herself and was content. The sheer fabric squeezed on arms that looked delicate but could displace the moon with but one mighty swing. She smiled to herself, wondering if the massive S on her wondrous chest could be misconstrued as Super Boobies instead of Super Girl. It didn’t matter, in a way that’s exactly what they were. She couldn’t believe she concealed them all these years, all the fun she could have had with them in grade 10 she reminisced. Her hands cupped them and she squeezed as hard as she could causing some of the sheer fabric which molded the flesh so tightly to start spilling out of the spaces between her fingers.  She smiled at herself in the mirror. The world was an erection and Kayla and her super boobies were going to fuck it all night long.

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