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Linda's Transformation Part I

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Linda's Transformation

Part I

Linda avoided all eye contact with Chris. It was a nightmare whenever she looked his way. Of course, she was hopelessly head over heels for him.

Once, when their eyes had met, he flashed her a smile. Her face grew cherry red, and she quickly ducked into her book and pretended to read. She had always been shy, but had thought that at 18 years of age, she would've learned not to completely lose her cool around boys she liked.

Not a chance.

She was always shooting nervous glances at him, hoping to catch his gaze again. This time, she would smile back. Just look this way! He would, and she would immediately fuss over imaginary specks of dust on her shirt. If they had been on a plane, she would have wished that it would crash so that she wouldn't have to live with the embarrassment.

It wasn't that she was unattractive; it was just that she didn't have a presence. With her friends, she was witty, intelligent, and humorous; with strangers, she was someone whose name would be forgotten by the end of the night. And Chris, well, he was into girls skinnier than herself anyway.

Today was the day of the senior trip, and she found that her circle of friends and Chris's circle of friends had lumped together, enjoying various activities and games at the carnival that came to town once a year. Of course, Chris had another girl at his side, trying to win him over. Linda wished she were in that position.

They walked to a booth with water guns, a silly little racing game. Linda saw a sideshow, "The Mirrors of Hidden Desires." It looked fairly abandoned. Just a hokey house of mirrors. Still, it was private. She mustered the nerve to ask Chris to go with her, but when she looked, he was already playing the racing game, with that other girl still at his side, squealing.

Emotionally drained, she walked into the house of mirrors herself.

The first thing she saw in the mirror house shocked her; she was by Chris' side! She quickly shot a glance behind her, but of course, she was alone. She called out, thinking it was just a trick of the mirrors, but nobody answered. Deciding that it was just her mind running wild, she walked on.

When she next looked up, she saw herself, but taller, skinnier, bustier. Now, THIS is a mirror, she laughed to herself. She ran her hands across her now smaller waist and her flat abdomen. Maybe I should start doing some situps, she thought. She laughed as she put her right hand on her hip, cocking her right leg, noticing that it looked as if she had gained considerable length in them. She smiled to herself. I'd like to see Chris say no to this! she laughed, as she swiveled around. Even her breasts felt heavier.

Linda was really enjoying herself now. She turned a corner, and immediately found herself inches from another mirror. Her hair was dark brown, sleeker, shinier. She ran her fingers through it. It felt as if she had spent hours combing it, smoothing out the knots. She loved how it framed her face, and her eyes looked bluer than usual.

She thought of Chris again. God, I can't remember the last time I felt this horny. She half-heartedly looked around while licking her fingers and the palm of her hand and stuck it down the waistband of her panties. She was surprised to find that she was already wet. She stroked the outside of her lips gently, wishing to herself that she was strong and fast enough to vibrate like the little toy in her drawer. She tried it, plunging a finger deep inside, and found that she could, without tiring. Gasping in pleasure, she continued, licking her juices from her hand, and plunging them back down, stroking her clit with a desire she had never felt before.

She imagined moving the earth with her desire; the strength of her will manifested in the strength of her body. She could do anything she imagined. She would have Chris. He would have no one else but him. Her fingers moved faster and faster until they would have only been a blur to anyone else's eyes, and her lust and frenzy drove all thoughts from her mind but one: I want to be a sexual goddess! She screamed as her body tightened, bucking upward, smashing back into the ground, the earth shuddering under her force. She exhaled sharply as the pleasure continued, her breath blowing out a set of mirrors to the right where her head was tilted. She didn't notice. She was imagining seducing Chris, his will absolutely hopeless against the contours of her body, the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed, the legs that no man could resist as they wrapped around him. He would put his arms around her waist, and she would lock her bright blue eyes on his and kiss him, the scent of her hair enveloping his senses, and he would be hers forever.


Linda opened her eyes. She was lying on the floor, the back of her clothing was covered with dirt, and her panties were soaked through. Broken glass from the mirrors littered the floor. She tried to look for a mirror to check herself, but the image that looked back at her made no sense. Her chest filled out her shirt, lifting it up and exposing her midriff. And what a tight tummy it was! The bottom of her pants was now above her ankles as if her legs had suddenly grown longer. Hell, she looked like a supermodel borrowing somebody else's clothing. No, she thought as she giggled, I look better than that. If only. Not wanting to be taken in by the false mirrors anymore, she headed for the exit.

She tried to clean and straighten her hair out as she walked into the open. Surely it would be a mess. She wouldn't know how to explain to her friends, but hopefully, they wouldn't ask. As she ran her fingers through it, she was astounded to feel the silkiest, softest hair she had ever felt. She kept touching it, looking for knots that were not present, that would never be present again. Confused, she looked down, and that's when she noticed that her pants really were too short for her! A breeze blew by, and she felt the air across her small waist.

She panicked. I can't be seen like this! I have to get out of here! Linda looked around and started running off toward the buses. A few carnival patrons saw her as she ran by, transfixed at the sight of her profile. Linda was in no state of mind to notice the stares of lust from any of them, however, and kept running.

The bus was there, but the driver had left. Looking back at the fairgrounds, she tried to find the bus driver. Everything seemed sharper and clearer than she had remembered. All of a sudden, her eyes zoomed in on a food booth where the bus driver was sitting. What just happened? She blinked her eyes, and everything returned to normal. She focused again, and in another instant, she could see the bus driver as clearly as if she were standing a foot away from him. Not quite comprehending, she ran off in his direction.

Linda wasn't sure what she was going to say to him. Please, my clothes don't fit properly like they did this morning, my panties are soaked through, will you take me home? As she continued to formulate some sort of articulate request while running, she didn't notice the trail of dust her feet were kicking up. She got there even faster than she expected, still with no good plea.

"Umm…" she stammered out, tapping the bus driver lightly on the shoulder. He nearly fell out of his chair as her finger made contact with his body.

"Ouch!" cried out the fat man as he turned around. He didn't know who just hit his shoulder with a hammer, but he was going to give him a piece of his mind, or fist. "I don't know what you want, or why you did that, but you're gonna be sorry…" He stood up, turned around, and saw the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life. He tried to speak, but was unable to form any words.

Linda wasn't sure what just happened. It looked as if someone had knocked him downward when she had tapped him on the shoulder. Now he was pissed. Well, she would try anyway. "Listen, please Mister, can you take me back to the school? I um, forgot, my um, medication."

The bus driver continued to stare. He met her beautiful blue eyes, clear as the sky. He could do nothing but nod vigorously. He knew he would do anything she asked.

Linda watched as the bus driver headed back to the parking lot, a bit surprised at how easy it was. She shrugged, and followed after him.

They boarded the bus, and he took her back to school grounds. She sat in the seat right behind the driver, and she could tell that he was checking her out in the mirror. It was really… flattering. She laughed to herself as she stretched backward, thrusting her breasts forward, testing her new body. Soon, the bus driver was driving with one hand in his pocket, stroking it up and down. Linda heard the cloth rubbing back in forth, rhythmically, as clear as day. It was disgusting, but to know that she had that kind of effect on him gave her a feeling of empowerment.

As they stopped, the bus driver opened the door. Linda grinned as she stepped forward, swaying her hips a little, noticing that the bus driver had tented his pants. "Thanks!" she said cheerfully, as she began to step down the stairs.

"No wait, please," he cried out. She turned around. He didn't know what he was going to say, but when he saw her face again, he couldn't help himself. He rushed forward, place his arms around her body, and kissed her.

Linda watched it unfold in slow motion, not believing that he was actually going to go through with this. He mashed his lips onto hers and quickly thrust his tongue inside her mouth. Aghast, Linda started to break off the kiss. Before she got the chance though, he began thrusting his hips, driving his penis against her thighs, spilling his come into his jeans.

With her lips still locked on his, Linda was shocked at what had just happened. She moved off, and shoved the bus driver back into his seat with one hand. He clutched his chest as if he were in pain, but he continued to come all throughout. Seizing her opportunity, Linda stepped off the bus, leaving the pathetic bus driver to himself.


Linda stood in front of the school grounds, leaving the spasming bus driver to himself. Her only plan for now was to get home and figure out what had happened to her, as well as find some clothing that actually fit her properly.

Feeling in a slight rush, Linda took off in a jog toward her house. Now she really had time to engage her senses, since she was mostly alone. The entire world seemed brighter, more vibrant. She noticed the rustle of every leaf on the trees, and could peer into the houses across the street with perfect clarity. She giggled as she ran, never feeling so healthy before in her life! In fact, during the run, her entire body felt weightless. She did a hop and a skip, and found herself flying forward 20 feet. A moment of panic seized her in the half second that she was in the air, but it felt like an eternity to her, with the wind rushing against her body. She felt weightless, as if she were flying. Not entirely sure of what was happening, Linda landed, stared in amazement at the distance that she had covered, and took another hop. Whatever it was, she was drinking it in fully.

She saw her house coming up, and took off with renewed gusto. She didn't even feel the slightest bit sore as her new long, slender legs carried her. Everything around her started to blur. Oh god, thought Linda, what's going on? Maybe there were some side effects after all! Maybe I'm going crazy. She stopped her run and looked around. She was… 5 blocks past her house? Linda blinked, double checking her vision. I certainly don't feel dizzy…, she thought, as she peered at the street sign another 5 blocks away. And my vision seems to be normal. Well, "normal." She giggled to herself. Then, with a devilish grin, she said aloud, "Actually, I wonder…"

She focused, willing herself to see to the end of the street. "Fillmore," it read, with perfect clarity. The gas station at the corner was selling for 3.13 a gallon. She laughed out loud, her newfound body rippling in a way she had not known before. Feeling more relaxed, she looked even further down, finding that concentrating was unnecessary. This is as easy as breathing! she thought. Actually, it's easier. She must have been looking tens of miles away by now, watching a maid clean somebody's house. Linda watched intently as she went around the house, picking up various pieces of litter, when suddenly, the view disappeared from sight, to be replaced by a wall. Whoa… was I just looking through the wall!? Okay girl, one thing at a time! I gotta get home!

Still, she couldn't resist. She stood at that street corner, peering into houses on streets she had never even been to. If she wanted, she could strip away anything and everything that blocked her vision with her glowing baby blue eyes. When she got bored of peeking into someone's house, she would simply continue past it, looking through any more obstructing walls until she reached her next target. Peeping Toms, you got nothing on me!

Finally, she realized that she could be doing this from the comfort of her own room. And she was still dressed ridiculously. Remembering the reason she had stopped in the first place, she began to go back to the events that had occurred.

She was running, feeling great, putting on more speed, then all of a sudden… Wait! Was that it? She was running so fast that the world had seemed like a blur to her? She thought back to it. When I'm driving, and I'm going 80, I guess sometimes grass fields can seem like a blur. But I can still read the signs… I must be going twice as fast? No, that can't be right. Three times? Oh my god, how fast was I going? Not daring to believe, she decided to run as fast as possible to the next block. She took a deep breath, tried to calm her beating heart, and ran to the next intersection. In reality, it looked more as if she had teleported. She moved down to the next block. Then the next. Before long, she found herself miles away.

No… fucking… way! Linda sat down and just started to laugh. It was a full bodied laugh, the kind that leaves you unable to catch your breath, and you wished the happiness would stop because your cheeks were hurting from smiling. It was too good to be true.

Wiping the tears from her eye, she stood up and decided to run back home. It probably took her less time to reach her front door then it did to decide. A huge gust of wind followed in her wake, knocking over garbage cans, as a pink blur rocketed down miles of sidewalk that no human eye could ever follow.

Linda reached the front door and took a deep breath, but found herself not needing it. She rummaged around for her keys, and inserted it into the keyhole, turning it so quickly that it snapped.

Oh shit! What am I gonna do? She reached for the bit of key that had snapped off. There was just enough for her to get her pretty nails around it. This is hopeless. She took another deep breath, and tried to pull the key out with all her might. To her surprise, her nails simply pinched off the remaining bit that was sticking out!

Dumbfounded, Linda looked at the shard of key in her hand. It certainly looked as tough as it ever did. She took the head of the key and held it with her nails. Exerting just the smallest bit of pressure, she found that she sliced through it once again. She picked up the pieces between her thumb and forefinger. Unable to resist the unnatural forces at work, the metal flattened and bulged out to the side as she placed her fingerprints into it.

In disbelief, she walked back to the sidewalk and put her nails in between the concrete blocks. She was afraid that curling her fingers would crack and break her beautifully manicured nails (since when have they looked like that? she thought to herself), but her fears were unfounded as she curled her fingers upward. Chunks of concrete came out of the sidewalk, and she left the indentations of the backs of her fingers on the opposite slab. I… I'm… She jumped up ten feet into the air and knocked a thick branch off a tree by simply flicking it. Super… She walked up to a lamp post and nudged it gently with her toes, putting a thick dent halfway through it. Strong!!!


"Okay, time to see what I'm made of."

Linda brought her eyesight back into focus, her pupils glowing as she looked right through to the bolt in the lock. Delicately, she pinched onto the last tiny piece of metal from the key and turned it very gently with her fingernails. Her efforts were rewarded as she witnessed the main bolt receding. Then, she slowly pulled the metal out, leaving the lock completely intact. She smiled as the faint glow left her blue eyes, her vision returning normal, by relative standards. Only she would be able to see the metal on the lock that had been deformed by nothing but her manicured digits.

Stepping inside the house, she vanished and reappeared at the top of her stairs. The paintings shook a little in her wake, but remained otherwise unharmed. Gently, she stepped into her room, closed the door, and leant back against it, letting the day's events really sink in. It all started with that earth shattering orgasm. Remembering it was enough to cause her to flush. She slid her hand back into her pants, and exhaled a sigh of contentment.

To her surroundings, however, it was more than a simple exhalation. The blinds rattled against the window, and the paperweight on her desk smashed against the far wall, sending her documents all over the room. Her laundry basket literally exploded as it hit the wall as well, looking like a grenade that launched dirty clothing instead of bits of shrapnel.

Linda immediately stopped stroking herself and gawped at the sight before her. She watched in slow motion as the papers spun in the air, strewn across the floor by her little sigh of relief. She didn't doubt for a second now that it was her breath. She knew nothing was out of her reach at this point.

Once again, the room exploded into disarray as she moved at superspeed. But this time, in another fraction of a second, everything was back in order. Linda surveyed the room with an approving nod, and decided to experiment with this new gift of hers.

Preparing to blow, Linda began to inhale slowly. Air rushed through her lips endlessly, and to her surprise, she didn't feel as if she needed to stop. After 2 minutes, she closed her lips, still finding herself completely untaxed. I guess I don't need oxygen anymore! At least, not for breathing. Now let's see what I can do with it…

Opening her bedroom window, Linda set her sights on the tree nearest her house. She began to take another deep breath, realizing before long that it would of course, be neverending. She pursed her lips, and slowly exhaled at normal levels. No effect on the tree. She blew just a little bit harder, and the leaves began to rattle.

The strong breeze abruptly stopped. Linda's mouth curled into a smile. She had watched every tree on that leaf bend away from her, and she wasn't even short of breath. She pursed her lips again, pausing for effect, and unleashed a sharp sigh. This time, the branches bent back with it. "I'm sooooooooo powerful!" she exclaimed, her voice carrying to every house within the block.

Linda focused her sight on a solitary leaf, seeing it as if she were standing right in front of it. She pursed her lips tightly, leaving a small, accurate channel, and blew a puff. In an instant, that leaf and every one behind it snapped off the branch and flew miles away into the atmosphere before beginning to come back down. She watched the whole thing from her bedroom window. Targeting another leaf, she let out an even stronger puff to find that she was just as accurate. Focusing at the base of the tree, she blew again, without much effort, but saw the tree bend diagonally out of the ground, its roots dragging up the soil. The leaning tree of Linda, she mused.

Smiling, she turned to a street sign. She just couldn't resist. Opening her mouth wide, she exhaled hotly, and brought her lips closer and closer together, focusing on the sign. At first, it only bent over, the metal squealing, but when her lips were nearly closed, the entire sign iced over in an instant! Linda closed her lips immediately, and the frozen stream of blue in the air began to recede as well.

Linda brought her finger to her lips and traced them. Wow, did I really freeze that sign? My lips don't feel cold… She pressed her finger against her tongue, which was equally warm and inviting. Even my tongue feels sexy! No wonder that man couldn't control himself! With her finger still in her mouth, she let out another puff, trying to imagine exhaling the arctic wind.

It worked better than she could have possibly imagined. Her finger was coated in thick ice. Panic seized Linda for a second; she hoped she hadn't wrecked her finger! Experimentally, she tried to move it, and it easily shattered the ice into pieces. Silly me. Of course I can't hurt myself that easily! She traced her finger around the outside of her lips again. Man, I'm just too hot! They don't feel cold at all! She puckered up and kissed the air, then let out another puff, stronger and even chillier.

Her room was beginning to feel the effects of her experiment. Water particles in the air froze, leaving little bits of snow all over her desk and bed. She laughed as she walked around the house, blowing a little breath, and watching snowdust settle wherever she aimed. "I'm dreaaaming of a white Christmas…" she sang deeply and lyrically, as she created another patch of snow.

Getting truly excited now, she blasted at superspeed back down the stairs, still blowing her cold breath around. A path of snow suspended in air formed wherever she went, the only proof that anyone had moved on that path. Human eyes wouldn't even register her movements. Linda got to the sink and turned on the tap. Forming a little puddle of water in her hands, she exhaled on it. She was rewarded with a little ice cube the shape of her palm. Giggling, she flexed her palm outwards, the ice making a little pop as it flew into the air, out of her hand. Her tongue darted out and caught it. She swallowed it in a second, and formed another puddle. This one froze as soon as it touched her hand.

Something registered in her mind. How could this one freeze if she hadn't blown on it? Her lips had remained warm even as she exhaled sub zero temperatures. She kept her finger between her lips as she exhaled cold air from her lungs. Quickly, she put her finger in her mouth. No, it was still warm. Strange…

She slipped her finger out, her lips making a slight pop. She focused hard, and let out another stream of cool air. This time, she brought her finger back in, and it was freezing cold! Shocked at the difference, she lost her concentration, and immediately the temperature around her finger went back to normal.

I guess I can control how my body reacts! Linda thought. She poked herself in the flat, flawless, beautiful tummy. No, still normal, but.., Linda prodded herself again, harder and harder, until it sounded like a gunshot when her finger pinged against her stomach again. She felt nothing. She tucked her third finger behind her thumb and flicked herself as hard as she could. Another gunshot, but no feeling. She poked herself softly, and she felt as normal as any human.

"Geezus…" she breathed out loud, freezing her lips again. She moved quickly to the window and placed her lips on it. Immediately, the window was coated in ice, as the cold transferred itself across the pane. Smiling, she began placing frozen kisses on everything she could find.

By the time she was back in her room and done, various parts of the house had been frosted over. She found that she was hornier than she realized. A devilish grin appeared on her face, as she thought, Wow, I bet they don't teach girls this one, as she slipped her finger into her mouth again, swirling her tongue around it, feeling the strong muscle push against and wrap around her finger. She exhaled over it, making it ice cold, and put it against her completely hairless slit. The cold surged across her nether lips, and she screamed as she pushed it inside herself, coming immediately.

An hour later, she had to stop when she heard her parents pulling into the driveway. Mmm, I'm definitely taking my bed's virginity tonight! she smirked, as she changed into some oversize clothing, hopped over the railing and landed gracefully on her toes like a ballerina at the bottom floor.

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