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Linda's Transformation Part II

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Linda's Transformation

Part 2

By Goobers

"Wow seriously, I can't believe you're doing this!" Jenny sat, mouth wide open as she watched her friend twirl a bowling ball on her pinky. "Linda, is it… is it heavy? Do you get tired?"

Linda thought about it, swaying her head back and forth as she continued to twirl the ball thoughtlessly. "No, I don't think so. I mean, it's just like breathing. I can do it without thinking, you know?"

Jenny couldn't believe what she was seeing. Linda flicked her arm up and sent the ball flying high into the air, only to catch it on another finger deftly, gently, absorbing the impact perfectly. She had a serene smile on her face.

Her face. At first, Jenny thought Linda was someone else. Maybe a close relative. The changes to each part of her body were subtle, but all together, the effect was overwhelming. Her blue eyes seemed brighter somehow, her hair long, flowing, and lustrous. She couldn't see a single flaw in her complexion.

Linda flicked the ball high into the air again, then pursed her lips and blew at it. The ball descended slowly on a cushion of her warm breath as if connected to wires from the heavens. She stopped blowing and let the ball fall into the palm of her hand. She giggled at Jenny and skipped toward her. Jenny thought for a second that Linda was hovering.

"Do you want to see what else I can do?" Linda asked as she put the ball down.

"You can do more?!" Jenny was incredulous.

Linda grinned. "Of course I can, silly!" She blew a short, playful breath at her friend to ruffle her hair. "Watch this!"

All of a sudden, Linda disappeared from view. Jenny was looking right at her, and she vanished. It took her a moment before she had even realized what had happened.

"Linda? Where are you? Eek!" A startled Jenny jumped a foot into the air from an unexpected tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see Linda, laughing playfully.

"I thought I told you to watch! Are you ready now?"

"What am I watching!"

"This!" Linda disappeared again.

Jenny turned around to see Linda standing there. She frowned. "I don't get it. Are you teleporting?"

Linda laughed. "Oh wow, I didn't realize I was THAT fast! Okay, one more time. Ready?"

Jenny blinked, and Linda was gone. She looked behind her again, only to see the bowling ball that Linda had spun like a basketball on her pinky. That'll probably be in a museum someday, she thought to herself.

Jenny looked all over the backyard and even peeked inside the house. There was no sign of Linda.

"Hey, Linda! Where are you! Are you invisible?"

Did she hear a muffled laugh from… above her? She craned her neck upward, and saw Linda's face, upside down, suspended in midair.

"Ahh!" Jenny fell on her butt. "You can fly!?"

Linda performed a slow somersault in the air to get herself right side up. "Yeah, I guess you could say that." She lowered herself and lifted Jenny back onto her feet. "Sorry if I'm being a little rough on you… you're the only person I wanted to tell."

It took Jenny a moment to realize that she wasn't sitting on the floor anymore. Linda had literally placed her on her feet. "Don't worry Lin, it'll be our secret. You're still the same person, right?"

"Oh, Jenny!" Linda gave her a warm hug. Jenny winced for a second, preparing herself for an embrace like a vice, but Linda was as gentle as ever. Still, she could feel the changes in her body, even if Linda still dressed in her usual baggy clothes.

Linda had really filled out. She had always hidden her lack of figure with her taste in clothing. Jenny always reassured her that she was a late bloomer, that her curves would come, and now she had truly blossomed.

"Wow, Lin. Are you bigger there now?" Jenny asked, hugging her friend back.

Linda stepped back and turned a bright red. Jenny smiled. Same old Linda.

"Um… yeah, I am." Linda looked embarrassed. "This is gonna sound kinda arrogant, but you know me, right? I mean, it's like…" Linda sighed. "Okay, I'm just gonna say it. My body is out of this world now. Think Heidi Klum, times ten."

"What?! No way!" Jenny stared at her. Linda did look like her legs had gotten longer and leaner, but it was still hard to tell through her clothes.

"Actually… I think I made a guy come when I went shopping for clothes before you got here."

"Eww, Linda! You didn't!" This is new.

Linda flushed bright red again. "No, it's not what you think! I didn't touch him or anything. He was working at the mall, and you know, I was just trying out clothes. I stepped out for a second to grab something else off the rack, and I saw him staring at me, you know? I'm not used to being stared at, so I just kinda stared back at him."


"Well, eventually I turned to go get what I was looking for. I walked on, but I could feel him still looking at me, breathing pretty hard, you know. And then, I think I heard him, well, you know." Linda didn't think it. She knew it.

"How do you know! No way! There's no way you can make a guy come like that!"

"No, I'm serious! My senses are pretty amped up. I KNOW he did!"

"Come on, Linda. I mean, I can see you're probably like, a supermodel now, but this is a superpower I don't think you have."

Linda bobbed up and down a foot from the ground, exasperated at her friend. Then, she got an idea. "Okay Jenny, I'll show you."

"What!? Are you gonna go find a guy now? This is gross!"

"No no! I just wanna show you what I look like now, okay?"

"Okay yeah! I wanna see!" The new and improved Linda. Jenny felt a twinge of jealousy, but she was glad for her friend.

"Okay, check this out." Linda ran her hands over her body, smoothing the clothes over her skin. Her profile was astonishing. A large bust, an unbelievably small waist. Jenny thought she could even see a hint of Linda's toned abs.

"Wow Lin…" Jenny had to admit, it was pretty breathtaking.

Linda snapped her fingers. It sounded like a cannonball being fired. "I have a better idea." She vanished and reappeared in the halter that she was wearing in the store. "See?"

Jenny's jaw dropped. Seeing Linda's profile was one thing, but this… she couldn't decide what she wanted to focus on more, Linda's slender waist, her taut tummy, her full breasts, the small gap between them, her long arms, her smooth shoulders… Jenny felt herself begin to drool. She quickly tried to restrain herself.

Linda smiled. It seemed she had this superpower after all. "Now let me complete the ensemble." She vanished and reappeared again, wearing a pair of tight jeans.

Linda twirled around and posed, one fist on her hip. "Tada!"

Jenny visibly gulped. Linda's tiny waist flared into her wide hips. She couldn't tell where Linda's legs began; they seemed to go on forever. Jenny followed Linda's long, long legs down, tracing the lines of perfect feminine muscle, down to her slender ankles and pretty feet. Jenny trailed her eyes slowly back up Linda's body before they rested on svelte abs.

"Hey, earth to Jenny!" Linda smirked, like a tigress playing with her prey.

"Huh, uh, yeah." Jenny shook her head to try to cool down. No, it wasn't her head that was getting warm. She felt the flush of arousal in her chest, between her legs. Oh God, am I wet down there? She looked at Linda again.

Linda sauntered over one long leg in front of the other. She took her time walking over, swaying her hips, letting her breasts bounce. Jenny was completely enthralled. Linda could hear Jenny's heart racing. She could smell Jenny's arousal in the air.

She now stood face to face with Jenny. Jenny watched Linda's mouth as she spoke the next few words in the sexiest voice she had ever heard.


Jenny watched Linda's lips open and close.


Her tongue playing over those perfect lips.


Linda's hot breath all around her.


Jenny let loose a primal, sexual groan. She took sharp, shallow breaths as she stood there, coming. She reached out for Linda as she felt her knees give way. Linda caught her effortlessly, letting her body grind against Jenny's. A new orgasm rushed through Jenny as she inhaled the scent of Linda's hair, felt the touch of Linda's skin. She cried out again.

"Shh…" Linda whispered into Jenny's ear, nibbling her earlobe. Jenny bucked again, felt another orgasm take its course, and then blacked out.


Jenny woke up fifteen minutes later, in Linda's bed. She could still feel the drain that the multiple orgasms had caused her body. Shifting her legs, she felt a definite squish in her panties.

"You're awake!" Linda smiled. She got up from her dresser. Jenny noticed small piles of ashes on her desk.

Linda's feet left the ground as she hovered horizontally over the bed, a few feet above Jenny. "Well, do you believe me now?"

"L-Linda…" Jenny stammered, "that was a little strange."

Linda sighed, her warm breath enveloping and comforting Jenny now, instead of arousing her. "I know, but we always shared everything. Remember when we used to kiss each other to figure out how it was done?"


"I thought it would be sort of like that, you know?" Linda's lip quivered as she felt herself tear up a little. "Please, please don't be mad."

Jenny noticed the change and immediately tried to placate her. If she ever wanted to feel this way again, she'd have to reassure Linda right now. "Actually, I was hoping, uh…" She coughed. "That-you-could-do-it-again-sometime," she managed all in one breath.

"Really!?" Instantly Linda burst into a smile. Her friendship would be okay. How did anyone ever get along without a friend like this?

Jenny threw Linda's covers off her as she moved to get out of bed. She realized that she would have to do something about her pants and panties before she went outside. They were completely soaked through. Jenny had no idea she could come like that.

"Hey Lin, could you let me borrow some of your clothes?" Jenny grinned sheepishly as she pointed to her crotch.

"Sure thing. Take em off." Linda floated next to the bed and landed on her feet. She stood there, waiting.

"Could you not watch me? A girl gotta have some privacy, you know!"

Linda giggled. "Oh please. You don't want me to see your day of the week panties, is that it?" Jenny was aghast. "By the way, it's not Wednesday. Do your privates know that?"

"How did you!" Jenny looked down… she was completely covered up.

"I don't know if even lead can stop these baby blues." Linda smiled as her eyes shone bright, piercing right through Jenny's clothing.

"Are you looking at me right now?! You can see through my clothes?!" Jenny quickly pulled the covers over herself, but Linda just laughed harder.

"That's not gonna help, you know. Besides, it's not like I haven't seen you before."

Jenny sat there before finally bursting out into laughter. "Okay fine!" She threw the covers off and jumped onto her feet, fully clothed. "Here I am, in the nude!"

The two friends stood there in Linda's bedroom, getting a good laugh. It was the first time they had laughed like this ever since Linda's demonstration of powers. Everything's going to be all right, Linda thought.

After the laughter died down, Jenny finally stripped and handed her clothes to Linda as she waited in bed. She watched Linda take her clothes into the sink, vigorously scrub them, her hands becoming a blur. She wrung the water out of them and took the clothes, still thoroughly wet, into the bedroom.

"Okay, I have a few things left to show you," Linda informed Jenny.


"Yeah, almost done." Linda held Jenny's pants at arm's length and focused her eyes. The air sizzled as laser beams shot out of Linda's eyes. She traveled her gaze up and down until the pants were completely dry. "That'll be 15 bucks," Linda quipped as she tossed the jeans back to Jenny. She did the underwear the same way.

Jenny looked on, amazed. There really was no limit to Linda's powers. She glanced back at the ash on top of Linda's dresser, making the connection. "How hot can you get it?"

"Oh I don't know, I've mostly just been burning pieces of paper. But as you can see, I have pretty good control too."

"Yeah, at least I still have my clothes." Jenny got up and began to dress. She began to feel a warm spot on her backside. She turned around and saw two red beams emerging from Linda's eyes, now focusing on her stomach. "Hey!"

Linda giggled. "Oops! My aim was too high!" She narrowed her eyes, this time right over Jenny's vagina.

"Aaah! Linda!"

"Hey, there's one more thing I need to tell you about, but you already know it." Linda began to take off her clothes.

"Oh god Lin, are you gonna do it to me again?"

"Not if you don't want it." Linda pulled off her halter in one swift motion and unclasped her bra. Jenny noticed how high and pert Linda's breasts were, but she didn't find herself yearning for Linda's touch.

"Oh my god, your tits are unreal! They're so perky, and how can you get cleavage like that without a bra! But how come I'm not totally speechless?" Jenny remembered how Linda had been fully dressed, and yet she had been unable to form any coherent thoughts at all, just an overwhelming desire to see more of Linda.

"It's hard to explain," Linda responded matter of factly. She took off her pants, now standing only in her underwear. "It's like I have tons of control over my body. I can heat it up with my eyes or cool it down if I want to, but I can even keep it at a normal temperature. I can decide what it does, you know? And the same goes for turning you on. Can you imagine how super awkward it would be if my parents saw me like that? I'd never been able to talk to them again!"

"So that guy in the store…"

"That was a total accident. I had no idea it could be like that." Linda smiled at Jenny now, turning on a bit of her charm. She rubbed her pussy through the outside of her panties, letting her scent fill the air. "Well? Do you want another one? Say nothing if you do."

Jenny's pants lay at her feet. She couldn't get a single word out. She felt like she was being manipulated by her friend, but it wasn't bad if her friend was just making her feel good, was it? Any such treacherous thoughts completely evaporated though, as Linda bit her lower lip seductively and flashed a sultry gaze at Jenny. Jenny quickly nodded her approval.

Linda smiled as she moved with purpose, not mesmerizing Jenny with her stroll this time. She sucked on her fingers, then placed them on Jenny's slit. God, she was so wet already, and the friction between her clit and Linda's super fingers felt so good.

Linda leaned in to kiss Jenny. The feeling of her lips was pure pleasure as she began to move her fingers up and down, up and down. Jenny felt Linda's tongue massage hers forcefully. She tried to push back against it, but Linda gave no ground.

As Linda's fingers began to vibrate faster and faster, Jenny felt her orgasm rapidly approaching. Linda threw her free arm around Jenny's waist and held her fast. She broke off the kiss as her fingers continued to take Jenny to new heights. Jenny began to quiver. She couldn't hold it in anymore.

Linda stared straight into her eyes, her lips curling into a smile. Get ready, Jenny. "Now," said Linda, as she stuck out her tongue and give Jenny's lips one last lick. She finished off Jenny with one final stroke of her fingers. Jenny stood there, trembling in Linda's gentle, unbreakable hold, her juices splashing onto Linda's perfect hand every time her body spasmed.


"Bye Mom, bye Dad, I'm gonna miss the bus!" Linda shouted as she rushed out the front door, dressed in her usual all too baggy clothes.

She boarded the school bus and found Jenny saving her usual seat. Some of the other high schoolers did a double-take as she walked by; Linda grinned in satisfaction. The clothes hid her figure, but her face was still perfect. Maybe she would have to do something about that later.

"Hey Lin, did you do the math homework? What'd you get on 12?" Jenny asked.

"Hang on." Linda pulled a blank sheet of paper out of her backpack and began writing.

"You didn't do it?! This calc stuff is pretty hard, do you wanna copy mi…" Jenny started to say, but she suddenly felt a finger against her lips. With one finger, Linda kept Jenny quiet as she looked at her math book through her backpack. Her right hand became a blur as line after line appeared, neatly printed. She finished the assignment in seconds, every answer correct.

Linda winked at Jenny. "Yeah, I got 12. By the way," Linda's eyes glowed as she peered at Jenny's homework, "You might wanna double check your answer to 15." She gave Jenny's lips a parting caress as she removed her finger, allowing Jenny to speak.

The two friends had understandably grown closer over this life-changing weekend, when Linda had revealed her abilities to Jenny. Jenny had watched Linda demonstrate her newfound powers with fascination and interest, not shying away or getting freaked out. Linda was so relieved to be able to share her secret with the best friend she'd had since she was a child.

Jenny took out her homework and quickly fixed what she had done wrong. "So, what are your plans? Are you gonna take over the school with your little toe?"

Linda giggled. "No, I'd probably get in trouble for walking around barefoot."

"At least tell me you'll blow down the auditorium."

Their plans for high school domination were cut short as the bus brought them to the front steps. Linda's first class was PE. It was her least favorite class; she hated getting sweaty and then having to endure the rest of the day like that, but now a ten-mile run wouldn't even have her breathing hard.

Too late did she realize that there were other complications; her plan to remain in the background as she always had would not work. She had to change into her PE clothes in the girls' locker room. Her shorts rode a little higher now thanks to her longer, leaner legs, and her t-shirt was just a bit too tight. With her superhearing, she picked up whispers among the girls about how the school wallflower seemed to have blossomed overnight. She watched in horror as some girls pretended to pop her breasts like balloons.

It was endurable at first. With walls no longer a boundary to her vision, Linda spent a lot of time spying on the teachers. The principal had a flask of bourbon in his desk drawer. Sometimes, during lunch, he and the secretary would have a quick screw in his office. Her English teacher kept a journal where he wrote erotic fiction about superhuman women. Linda enjoyed that one. She couldn't wait to try out some of his crazy ideas. Was it even possible to make a funnel of water by spinning?

Still, the rumors were spreading. Some of the girls began giving her ugly looks. The boys whistled when they passed her and made some lewd jiggling motions with their hands. Jenny tried to stop the rumors, but she couldn't change anything.

The torment only continued throughout the week. Linda stood at her locker, looking at an ad for a boob job that someone had taped to it. She wanted to scream in frustration. She could knock people out with her pinky and make them fear her, or even make the entire school submit to her sexually. Instead, she stood at her locker and tore her entire notebook in half.

In her rage, Linda hadn't noticed one of the football players approaching her. He leaned against the locker next to hers. "Hey babe, are you frustrated that nobody's appreciating your toys? Trust me, I can be very appreciative." She saw him look back toward the rest of the team as they all snickered. The team egged him on.

"Is it true they sink? Do you sink into a swimming pool now?" He laughed as he began to put his shoulder around Linda.

Linda's arm shot out as her dainty fingers grabbed his hand. Slowly, she began to apply pressure to his knuckles. He was shocked by the sudden movement, and now he was trying not to show the discomfort that he was in just from her casual grip. Some tears began to form in his eyes as her grip tightened.

Linda intended to leave some damage. This was the last straw. But just before she broke any bones, someone familiar came forward and gave the football player a shove.

"Hey! Why don't you leave her alone and go jerk off with your football buddies?"

Linda quickly let go of his hand and beside her to see none other than her biggest crush, Chris. The football player cradled his hand and whimpered away.

"Bunch of assholes. What did he say to you?" He asked her.

Linda couldn't believe it. Chris was talking to her? She was still dressed the way she always was, and he must've heard the rumors… "Nothing. Just what you would expect them to say, I guess," she replied sheepishly.

"It's not true, right? The rumors, I mean." Linda shook her head. "Yeah, I didn't think so. I hate those guys."

"They're probably going to cause trouble for you, you know," Linda warned him. "But… thanks."

Chris smiled at her. "I gotta run. See you later, okay?"

Linda watched Chris as he left. She breathed a sigh of relief as she calmed her nerves down. She had almost done something really bad because she lost control of her temper. If Chris hadn't come around… well, from now on, she'd learn to control herself.

When the final bell rang, Jenny and Linda were walking out of the main exit when they saw none other than a few players from the football team impeding Chris' path. One of the players gave him a hard shove.

"Hey, your knight in shining armor is in trouble!" Jenny pointed out.

"He'll be fine." Linda reassured Jenny. She had a mischievous gleam in her eye.

Chris recovered his footing and shoved the other guy right back. Linda puckered up and blew a short, sharp breath right at the bully. His feet left the ground as he flew backward and collapsed into a heap. The entire crowd was stunned.

Linda took this chance to move at superspeed and tie another one's shoelaces together. She reappeared next to Jenny before anyone even realized she had moved. Then, she narrowed her eyes and completely disintegrated the bottom of another guy's backpack. His belongings fell all over the floor.

By now, all of them had decided to rush Chris. The one with his shoelaces tied together tripped and fell on his palms and face. Only three left now. Linda focused her eyes once more, aiming for their shoes. Immediately, all three of them felt the burn and began jumping up and down on the spot. Chris nailed one of them in the chest, and he fell to the floor, desperately trying to untie his laces.

Linda could barely contain her laughter. Now, this was a much healthier way of getting rid of anger! She trotted up from behind the players and gave him a light one-handed shove, sending him to the floor. Grabbing a hold of Chris's arm, she asked him sweetly, "Are you okay?"

Chris just looked at the players in disbelief. All of them were either too stunned to move or too busy trying to get their shoes off. He looked at the one he had shoved twenty feet backward. "Yeah, I'm fine, I guess."

"Good, let's get out of here." Linda looked back at Jenny, who just gave mouthed, "Go! Go!" With her arm still wrapped around his, they left for the school parking lot.


Jenny was breathing heavily, a thin sheen of sweat covering her face. Linda sat cross-legged on the floor with her palms on Jenny's inner thighs.

"Hang on Linda, just one more!"

Jenny's thighs clamped together one final time. Then, they went back to resting position. Jenny wiped her face off with a towel.

"Okay, can we do leg presses now?"

Linda floated straight up from her seated position as Jenny lay down and lifted her legs. Linda landed softly on Jenny's feet, still cross-legged, and slowly began to exert downward pressure.

"Oof! Okay, stop!" Jenny began to press Linda up and down. "So what time is your date?"

"Oh, about a half-hour from now. We're just gonna go watch a horror movie." Linda rolled her eyes. "Boys."

Jenny grunted as she continued her workout. Linda goes up, exhale. Linda comes down, breathe. "What are you gonna wear?"

Linda looked at her t-shirt and slightly baggy pants. "I dunno, this?"

"You could do a lot better than that, Lin."

"Yeah, but I'm worried about his health. The sexual frustration might cause his brain to explode."

"Hmm, his brain? Don't you mean his… Hey!!"

Linda increased her downward force just a bit more, causing Jenny's legs to tremble furiously.

"Okay, okay! Remind me to get weights that don't get offended next time!"

Both girls broke out into laughter. Linda hovered back to solid ground, placing one leg on the floor at a time. Jenny wobbled to her feet.

"Thanks for the workout, Lin. Knock em dead!"

"Will do. By the way, Jenny, you look really hot. Later!"

Linda blew Jenny a kiss, then flew through her open window. She watched from the clouds with satisfaction as Jenny went to shower, beginning a more intimate workout with her fingers.

Linda met Chris at the bus stop for the movie theater. They had arranged this date the day Chris stood up for her, preventing her from seriously injuring anyone. He didn't know her that well, but he knew that she was one of the nicer people in school and didn't deserve the bullying she was receiving. He never realized just how pretty she was, though. How could he have missed it?

That day, as they got off the school bus together, Chris realized that he wanted to ask her out. He started to say something to her, but mumbled lamely. Linda could only laugh as she recalled the memory. Her knight in shining armor, too nervous to ask her a simple question? She interrupted him and suggested the movies.

They were seated now, side by side, watching the movie. The movie frightened Linda, despite her new abilities. In real life, she could hear the masked murderer breathing from a mile away no matter how quietly he walked. She could see right through his mask if she wanted. But in the theater, it was just startling camera cuts. Much more terrifying than a real killer.

She squeaked as she tried to lean into Chris, but the armrest was in the way. She waited for the next crash from the speakers and immediately broke the armrest with a snap as she gently shoved it upward with her fingers. She took his arm and placed it over her shoulder.

Chris's heart raced as he felt Linda rest her head on his shoulder. She still had her hand placed on his, absently moving her thumb back and forth over the back of his hand. He could feel her breast resting against his. It was difficult to focus on the movie. He closed his eyes and sighed.

Linda smiled at the effect she was having on Chris. Her eyes were on the movie, but she focused entirely on him, stroking his hand gently. She could see the bulge in his trousers and hear Chris's heart thumping through his chest. If this continued any longer, she would cause him to blow his load right there. She puckered her lips and blew a stream of cold breath over his crotch.

Chris's eyes flew open as he felt something extremely cold waft over him. He decided it was some strange burst of air conditioning. He felt Linda's hand slow down. If he ever met the technicians at the theater, he'd have to thank them for preventing him from embarrassing himself.

From the bus stop, they reached his house first. They walked hand in hand, and as she said good night, she leaned in to kiss him. She exhaled on him just before their lips met, and after a few seconds of massaging his lips with her own, she pulled away. Chris' eyes burned with lust as he stood there against the door, breathing heavily. He said good night, then quickly ran inside the door. He could still smell Linda's perfume or shampoo or whatever on his clothes. He spent that night relieving himself over and over.

Linda stood outside, smiling over her sexual control, ecstatic that Chris hadn't tried to make any moves on her.

She was walking home when she heard a scream from 10 blocks away, downtown. She recognized the voice; it was Katie, the leader of her own group of mean girls, queen bitch of the high school. Linda was tempted to let her get what she deserved, but she heard Katie cry out again. It sounded as if she were really in trouble.

Linda sped onto the scene in the blink of an eye. She saw Katie in a torn nightclub dress in the alley behind a club and two men blocking her exit. The one with a knife spoke to her first.

"Little girl couldn't get into a real club with her fake ID, could she? Let's show her what the grownup world is like."

Linda chose this moment to announce her arrival. "Hey!"

"Look what we have here! Looks like we won't have to share tonight!" Knifey said to baldy.

"Run, Katie!" Linda screamed.

"Oh no, you don't!" Baldy grabbed Katie by the wrist. "Nobody's going anywhere!"

Linda grabbed a garbage lid and flung it like a frisbee at baldy. He was struck hard in the solar plexus, leaving him winded. Katie took her chance and ran off, sobbing.

"Hey, are you okay?!" He focused his knife on Linda.

"No, he won't be okay. And neither will you."

Linda ran at him at normal speed. He slashed at her, but she dodged easily, then flicked his nose with her finger. A spurt of blood erupted from his shattered nose as he stumbled backward. He slashed again blindly, in desperation, but Linda grabbed his wrist, squeezing it hard enough to force him to drop his knife. With her other hand, she grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off his feet. He dangled for a second, kicking and thrashing, before she squeezed a little bit harder, causing him to pass out. She let him go.

The bald one watched the entire thing happen. An unarmed girl had taken out his buddy in under a minute, and now she was glaring at him. He begged for mercy.

"Please, please don't hurt me…"

Linda sneered at him in disgust. "And who are you gonna tell about this?"

"No one, nobody I swear please leave me alone!"

Linda walked up to him with her fist balled up. She punched him lightly in the gut, causing him to double over.

"I… won't… tell…" he managed to say, his voice raspy.

"Oh, I know you won't." Linda lifted him by his chin with one hand, forcing him to his feet. "But it'll have to look like you got in a fight with your buddy here."

With her nail, she sliced him in three places as he tried to scream out in pain. She covered his mouth and muffled any sounds coming out. When his screams died down to a whimper, she held him against a wall with her left hand and presented a finger to his forehead.

"Good night." Her poke knocked him out cold as he slumped to the ground.

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