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Lucille's Lingerie

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Sarah had never noticed the shop before.

It was only a small shop, a small glazed door and a window beneath a faded purple sign painted with gold letters: “Lucille’s Lingerie.” A lacey bra and panties set hung on a translucent display mannequin in the window.

It seemed an odd place for a lingerie shop, tucked away in a narrow alleyway that was little more than a cut-through between the main shopping streets and the office blocks where Sarah and thousands of other officer workers laboured daily. She’d walked up the alley often enough, but had never noticed the shop before.

She felt strangely compelled to go inside and have a look. This in itself was unusual. Sarah did not usually go into lingerie shops, or even lingerie departments, if she could possibly help it. Her body was not something she wanted to draw attention to, particularly when surrounded by pictures of underwear models with fabulous figures.

Nevertheless, she was drawn to the door. She pushed it open. A bell fixed above the door chimed to announce her arrival.

The shop was a single long room, with a counter at one end where a girl was sitting, reading a magazine. She glanced up as Sarah entered, smiled, and went back to her magazine. The two side walls of the shop were lined with hangers from which hung a large assortment of lingerie of various different colours and styles. Bras hung at the top, panties below.

Sarah walked quickly up one side of the shop and then back down the other. If she had felt uncomfortable entering the shop it was nothing to how she felt now. It seemed that Lucille only catered for women who wanted sexy silky attire. There was nothing like the plain, practical underwear that Sarah favoured. Nor was there anything in her size. All of the bras were huge. The smallest Sarah saw was a DD cup, in a section marked petite. Sarah was at best a B cup (though in reality she knew she was an A). The panties were all the wrong sizes too. They were all sizes 6 to 10, there was nothing in Sarah’s size 16 (or 18 if she was being honest).

Sarah reached for the handle of the door, looking forward to being back in the crowded anonymity of the street, when a voice spoke. “Can I help you with anything?”

Sarah looked back at the girl behind the counter. She’d put her magazine down and was smiling at her in a friendly way. “Um... I don’t think you’ve got anything in my size,” Sarah said, feeling awkward as she did so.

“I’m sure I can find something,” said the girl cheerfully. “We offer a free fitting service and I can guarantee that I’ll find you the bra that you’ve always wanted.”

Sarah let go of the door handle and turned around slowly. Without really knowing why she walked back up the shop towards the counter. She found herself wondering if they had more stock in the back of the store, though there was still nothing in a style that she would have worn. The girl was still smiling at her and she felt herself drawn towards her, as though leaving the shop was no longer an option. “Okay, I’ll see what you’ve got,” she heard herself say.

The girl smiled brightly and stood up. It was only then that Sarah realised quite how attractive she was. She looked as though she could have modeled all of the underwear on display in the shop. She was tall and slender, with long shapely legs beneath a mini-skirt that covered a firm, perfectly formed posterior. She wore a fitted blouse, that tapered in around her slender, toned waist before bulging out around her massive, fabulous breasts.

“Just come into the fitting room,” the girl said, pulling aside a curtain that covered a doorway. Sarah stepped past her, so close that she could smell her perfume and see down the neck of her blouse to a perfect, plunging cleavage, framed by the red silk of her lacy bra. She had a name badge pinned to her right breast, sitting at an impossible angle on her spectacular chest. This was Lucille herself.

Sarah stepped into the changing room and Lucille pulled the curtain closed behind them. The changing room was a small cubicle, dominated by a full length mirror at one end. Sarah stood and surveyed her reflection critically. Compared to the lustrous Lucille she looked extremely dowdy, dressed in a loose fitting and shapeless trouser suit. Her hair looked mousy and unkempt, her face plain and dominated by a pair of thick rimmed spectacles. “Right, just pop your jacket off,” said Lucille. Sarah slowly unbuttoned her jacket. She felt even less impressive in just her blouse, which seemed to emphasize the pear like shape of her body.

She felt a pleasant tingle as Lucille ran a tape measure around her, once beneath her bust and then around it. She couldn’t help noticing that Lucille held the tape measure very loosely and barely glanced at the measurements. Sarah guessed that she had lost interest in her unglamorous client.

“Okay,” said Lucille cheerfully, “I think I know just the bra. I’ll be right back!”

Sarah waited for a moment, looking at her reflection and wondering if she should leave. Perhaps she’d make her excuses when Lucille returned.

Lucille returned, pulling the curtain closed behind her. In her right hand she had a beautiful deep purple silk bra, delicately edged with white lace. It was gorgeous. It was also massive. She handed it to Sarah, who glanced at the label. 34F. Sarah looked into Lucille’s eyes reflected in the mirror. “You’re joking, right?”

Lucille smiled. “Of course not, silly! Right, take your top off and try it on!”

Sarah intended to refuse and then leave the store, but to her surprise she found her fingers had already started unbuttoning her blouse. She automatically removed it and handed it to Lucille, who hung it on a peg outside the changing room. She had expected Lucille to leave at that point, to give her some privacy, but to her surprise Lucille’s quick and delicate fingers unhooked her own plain, practical white bra and then slid the straps from her shoulders. Lucille casually threw the bra out of the changing room.

Sarah looked at her topless reflection sadly. Her small breasts looked pudgy and unappealing, particularly with her sadly flabby belly. The contrast in the mirror between her and the gorgeous Lucille could hardly have been more pronounced. She felt awkward and upset and desperately wanted to put her clothes back on and leave, but her feet weren’t listening to her mind as Lucille hooked the huge bra around her chest and pulled the straps up onto her shoulders.

Sarah looked at herself in the beautiful bra. She looked ridiculous. The two huge cups were essentially empty, her breasts seemed tiny and lost amongst the silky fabric. She looked at Lucille, expecting her at any moment to produce a camera and take a photo for the internet.

“I look...” Sarah began, but before she could finish she felt a strange tingling sensation in her chest. She gasped as a wave of pleasure coursed through her body. She looked down. Somehow her breasts seemed bigger, occupying more of the two huge cups of the bra. She felt her nipples harden with arousal and suddenly they seemed to be seeking the fabric, rising steadily on two visibly expanding mounds of goose-bump covered flesh. She heard herself moan with delight. In the reflection her growing breasts were visible now, rising steadily against the silky fabric, pushing together in an impressive cleavage. Lucille was grinning and Sarah found herself reaching out, taking Lucille’s hands and placing them on her growing bosom. Lucille’s fingers felt wonderful through the soft material against her sensitive flesh and she could feel Lucille’s own large breasts pressing against her back.

Her breasts were huge now, completely filling the bra that had seemed so enormous only moments before. Sarah kept her body facing the mirror as she turned her head to kiss Lucille. The tips of their tongues met and it felt like an electric shock. For a moment she was lost, enveloped in that kiss, her hands holding Lucille’s against her own incredible mammaries, wonderful enormous breasts that were now stretching the already taut bra. Sarah could feel the bra’s underwiring rise from her skin, could feel her nipples straining against the delicate fabric, could see the cups pushing her breasts together in a magnificent deep and entrancing cleavage.

Finally she felt the wave of pleasure ebb, then pass. She stood staring in amazement at her incredible new boobs, awestruck at what had just happened. Her breasts looked amazing, big and firm and pert, staggeringly sexy. She turned to face the still smiling Lucille, kissing her with a passion she had never felt before for any man or any woman. As they kissed she felt Lucille’s fingers probing around the edges of the bra and when they finally broke apart Lucille said: “It feels a bit tight.”

Sarah laughed. “It feels amazing.” She returned her gaze to her reflection. “They look amazing!” She placed her hands under her breasts, cupping them, staggered by how little of them she could fit in her hands. “They feel amazing!” She lifted them in her fingers. “They’re so big and heavy!” she gasped with delight.

Lucille giggled. “I’m glad you like them. Would you like to try the panties?”

“Hell, yeah!” Sarah gasped. She didn’t wait for Lucille to ask her to remove her clothes, she was removing them even before Lucille had left the changing room.

She looked over the rest of her body critically. She still had a bit of a belly and there was too much flesh and cellulite around her hips and thighs. Her ass was a bit saggy. Her incredible new chest dominated the upper half of her body, though she wondered if her arms looked more slender as well. Certainly there was no longer any evidence of bingo wings. Her face looked better too, her cheek bones more pronounced, her lips fuller, the skin clearer. Even her hair seemed more lustrous and less mousy.

Lucille returned with a tiny pair of deep purple silk panties, again trimmed with white lace. They were a size eight. She handed them to Sarah, who fought the urge to snatch them. She stepped into them and pulled them up. They were unbearably tight.

In the mirror she looked ridiculous, her flabby figure bulging out over the edges of the tiny panties.

Then it hit her again.

In seconds she was gasping with delight. The cellulite shrank away to nothing as her smooth skin was drawn up tighter into her rising, peachy ass. She watched her belly shrink away to a smooth, toned perfection, the ideal compliment to her massive pert breasts. She felt taller, sexier, better than she ever had. She could feel every muscle in her hips contracting. Her ass looked amazingly taut. Deep inside her she could feel her muscles overloaded with orgasmic delight.

“I look like a porn star!” She gasped, “And I feel like one too!” She kissed Lucille with fiery passion. She could feel Lucille’s right hand on her perfect smooth belly, whilst her left effortlessly unhooked Sarah’s bra. The bra fell to the floor, Sarah’s liberated breasts barely moved, every bit as pert and impressive out of the bra as they had been in it. The fingers of Lucille’s left hand caressed her left nipple, so firm and sensitive, whilst her right hand eased down inside her panties. She felt Lucille’s fingers, delicate and warm, part her lips and find her yearning clitoris. She came at the first touch, a deep all consuming orgasm that seemed to roll over her again and again and again.

For a moment she was lost to all senses save the intense pleasure of her orgasm, but gradually the waves of pleasure subsided and she was able to open her eyes and once more stare in wanton admiration at herself in the mirror. She was panting, gasping for breath. Then Lucille whispered in her ear: “There’s one more thing you might like to try on...”

Lucille stepped out of the changing room, leaving Sarah to admire herself in the mirror. She found that her hands, totally unbidden, were running over her magnificent body, stroking and caressing her flawless skin. She looked incredible. She was getting aroused again just looking at herself. Her right hand slipped inside her panties and she touched herself. She closed her eyes and moaned with delight.

Lucille came back in. “Here we are!” she said brightly. Sarah drew her hand away and opened her eyes. Lucille was holding a small blue t-shirt, emblazoned with the letter S in the instantly recognisable Superman logo.

Sarah’s eyes opened wide. “Will it...” she began.

“Just try it on,” said Lucille with a playful giggle.

Sarah didn’t need to be told twice. With no hesitation she pulled the t-shirt on. It was tight, far too tight for her massive new boobs. The top didn’t even stretch over her tits, leaving a gap between the underside of her breasts and her exposed, perfectly flat stomach. The logo was stretched tight as well, distorted and elongated around her. Sarah felt her nipples harden and watched as they stretched the fabric still further.

“I don’t feel anything...” she began, but once again she was cut short by a sudden surge of energy.

Sarah looked at her eyes in the mirror and caught a sudden, brief burst of red light, spreading outwards from the irises and momentarily enveloping both her eyes. Her eyes were blue now, a brilliant blue behind obsolete glasses.

The changes were visually more subtle this time. Her hair, already looking better than it ever had, seemed to become yet more vibrant. Her cheekbones rose, her lips became fuller, her neck seemed to become more graceful. Across her body she felt her muscles tighten. Her slender, curvaceous form picked up a defining hint of musculature. Her breasts seemed to rise slightly on new powerful pectoral muscles. Her smooth belly drew in around a defined six-pack, her arms and legs grew subtly bigger, but still barely hinted at the tremendous well of power that she could feel inside her. She felt herself rise up slightly, and when she looked in the mirror realised that her feet were no longer quite touching the floor.

She flexed her right arm in a tight bicep pose and watched as a hard know of muscle about the size of a lemon rose from her arm. Lucille placed her fingers around it and squeezed gently. “More!” she whispered in Sarah’s ear. Sarah squeezed harder, concentrating on the muscle. The power inside her felt massive now, a vast unstoppable mass of energy. Her bicep continued to grow, bigger and harder, now the size of a grapefruit. Lucille’s fingers could no longer close around the muscle, though she continued to caress it. Again Sarah looked over her shoulder to kiss her, their tongues meeting like a lightning strike. Her bicep was huge now, about the size of a watermelon and rippling with power. She laughed and relaxed her arm, the muscle shrinking back inside her slender, sexy limb.

Sarah turned to face Lucille. She smiled, gently placing her fingers on the collar of Lucille’s blouse. Then, with one effortless smooth movement she ripped the blouse off. Lucille squealed with delight, her huge breasts jiggling in her bra as she did so. Sarah placed her delicate fingers on the straps of the bra, then tore it off with the same ease with which she’d removed the blouse. Lucille let out a small gasp, her fabulous chest rising and falling as she did so. Her rosy pink nipples called to Sarah. She bent to kiss them, her lips and tongue exploring Lucille’s areoles as goosebumps rose across her skin. Sarah slid a hand under Lucille’s pert bottom and lifted her easily, holding her without any strain so that her breasts were level with Sarah’s mouth. Lucille gasped with delight.

Sarah smiled and lifted her higher, amazed at how light she felt in her powerful hands. With one hand she raised Lucille so that her hips were level with her shoulders. Lucille’s head was nearly touching the ceiling as she wrapped her thighs around Sarah’s head, putting her whole weight on Sarah’s shoulders. Sarah tore off her skirt with the same ease she’d removed her blouse. Lucille wasn’t wearing panties. Sarah’s tongue skilfully parted Lucille’s lips and found her clitoris. Lucille gasped with delight. Sarah let her tongue play softly over Lucille’s sodden quim, then gradually she moved her tongue faster, flicking it lightly over her clitoris at breathtaking speed. In moments her tongue was a blur, faster, more powerful and more controlled than any vibrator. Lucille screamed with delight as she came.

Sarah kept the orgasm going, drawing it out with her impossibly skilful tongue. Lucille was shuddering, gasping, dripping with sweat. As she writhed her body tore great chunks of brick and plaster from the wall, until finally she punched her fist through the partition wall to the shop. Finally Sarah drew back, letting Lucille finish with a final massive climax.

She gently lowered Lucille to the floor and they kissed, giggled, held each other close, their naked flesh soft and tender against each other. They were covered in brick and plaster dust, but neither of them minded.

“So, how strong am I?” Sarah asked excitedly.

Lucille smiled, as she gently brushed some of the dust from Sarah’s breasts. “Let’s find out.” She took the mirror from the back wall and placed it to one side, then gestured at the brickwork. Sarah squared herself up to it, drew back her fist and punched forward. It wasn’t a good punch, not well aimed or properly thrown, but Sarah’s strength was now so massive that the wall seemed to explode as though it had been hit by a truck. Sarah stepped through the smashed wall, laughing with delight as she squeezed bricks into powder between her delicate fingers.

Beyond the wall was a garage and storage area where a small car was parked. “Is this your car?” Sarah asked Lucille.

Lucille grinned. “Yes, but go right ahead!”

Sarah stepped over to the car, placing one hand on the roof and reaching down with her other to grip a wheel arch. Then she lifted. She had expected the car to at least feel heavy, but it was almost weightless in her powerful hands. She raised it over her head, gasping with delight at her incredible strength. Lucille giggled and clapped her hands playfully. “Don’t stop there!” she said.

Sarah gripped the front axle of the car in her left hand, feeling the metal yielding like playdough beneath her fingers. She pulled the axle towards her, the car’s chasis buckling under the pressure, the metal folding like tissue paper in her arms. With the chasis crumpled, Sarah reached out and and grabbed the other axle in her right hand. She winked at Lucille.

Lucille stood watching as Sarah began to crush the car, calmly and effortlessly crushing the metal against her impossibly curvaceous body. With the car folded in half and crushed flat, Sarah began squeezing it tightly, delighting in the sensation of metal being crushed between her breasts. Lucille began touching herself as Sarah raised the heap of twisted metal over her head with one arm whilst she flexed the bicep of the other. Lucille gasped with delight, then she walked across the room to stand against Sarah, their huge pert breasts pressed against each other as they kissed, their tongues dancing together with unalloyed passion as Sarah crushed the car still smaller and Lucille’s hands danced against Sarah’s yearning body.

Finally Sarah had crushed the car into a block of solid metal about the size of a soccer ball. She tossed it lightly away, ignoring the crash as it smashed a great hole in the concrete floor. She took Lucille’s ass in her hands and lifted her easily off the floor as they continued kissing.

“There’s something I have to show you.” Lucille whispered in her ear.

Sarah let Lucille go and watched with interest as she walked over to the crushed remains of the car. Lucille picked it up, held it between both hands, then began to crush it ever smaller, smaller and smaller until it was about the size of a golf ball. Sarah gasped in astonishment. “That’s impossible!” she said.

Lucille smiled. “I’m afraid I always save the very best for myself. I thought you should know, I didn’t want you to be disappointed.”

“Disappointed?” asked Sarah in amazement. “I’m ecstatic! I couldn’t ask for any more from you.”

“Well, that’s good!” Lucille said. She let the golf ball of metal fall from her fingers. It crashed through the concrete floor with a load pop, disappearing deep into the foundations of the building. “Would you like to come upstairs for some coffee?”

They spent the next few days making love in the flat above the shop, careless of time and with limitless energy and limitless lust. By the time they had finished everything inside the flat had been destroyed, crushed or smashed by their energetic passions.

Sarah kissed Lucille goodbye with tenderness and sadness, then she squeezed into the blouse and trousers that she had originally worn into the store and went home.

Sarah couldn’t say exactly why she didn’t return to the store, but in the same way as some energy had lured her inside a vague sensation kept her away. She was very busy enjoying the limitless possibilities and unrestrained libido of her new body, so much so that several months had passed before she found herself in the alleyway again.

Sarah was very different by the time she returned. She still worked in an office, but now she was the office manager. She wore tight blouses, cut low to show off her tremendous cleavage, and short skirts to display her toned, slender legs and perfect ass. But work was just a distraction. Sarah now did what she wanted, satisfying her libido with a string of sexual partners, both male and female. She’d adopted an alter-ego for showing off her super powers and had done a large amount of well paid topless modelling and sex videos. She walked down the street with absolute confidence, enjoying the lustful stares of men and women and the knowledge that she was infinitely stronger than anyone she ever met. The world was her plaything.

She stood once again in the alleyway, looking at the blank grey concrete wall where Lucille’s Lingerie shop had been. There was nothing there, no doorway, no window, nothing. Just a blank faceless wall. For a moment Sarah was tempted to smash the wall down, but instead she opted to look through it with her x-ray vision. Behind the wall was an empty stock room at the back of a derelict warehouse. There was nothing to show that Lucille or her shop had ever been there. It was if Lucille and her shop had never existed. Or so she thought.

It was only when she looked deeper into the ground that Sarah saw a golf ball sized lump of super-compressed metal.

Sarah smiled and went on with her day.

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