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Liz Chapter 1: Hostess

Written by oogber :: [Tuesday, 31 May 2011 10:24] Last updated by :: [Monday, 06 August 2012 11:21]

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The last few months of Liz's life flashed before her eyes.  Ultraman was here.  He was not going to save her.  Ultraman was going to rape her.

A fragment of rock broke off a passing meteor and crashed in the middle of Colorado.  There were no warning signs.  It landed in the middle of the afternoon, flattening everything in a 5 mile radius.  The force should have killed or severely maimed most people in the area, but when reporters drove onto the site, they found that civilians, while unconscious, were mostly unharmed.  They were buried in rubble, but once dug out, were perfectly fine.  A large fragment of the meteor still remained, and scientists quarantined the small town and began to study it.

A week later, the team of scientists emerged with superpowers.  They cleaned up the devastation caused by the meteors, and were hailed as national heroes under the service of the United States.


Liz turned off the news.  More heroics from the supers.  Flying men saving cats stuck up trees.  Throwing themselves in front of cars to save children.  Thwarting robberies.  Since when were there so many accidents?  Did the meteor incident also make people bad drivers?  She googled for statistics.  Hundreds of stories on supermen saving chlidren from in front of cars, just in a week alone.  This was ridiculous.  Was she just going insane?

She reviewed her notes.  The group of scientists on the scene came to examine the rock.  Aster Brooks, now more commonly known as Ultraman, collapsed as soon as he touched the rock.  His three fellow scientists quickly rushed to his aid, but they were also infected by the virus.

They awoke not long after, but with superpowers.  At least that's how the story went.  The virus spread, but the effectiveness seemed to wear off as it touched more and more people.  Ultraman, having been the first recipient, showed the greatest signs of power.  He could lift tons, defy gravity, and appeared invulnerable.  His team received a much lesser degree of power, but nothing to scoff at.  Ultraman, Tank, Hypno, and Mach.  They called themselves the Saviors.

Now, 8 months after the original incident, the virus had gone global.  Approximately 5% of all males showed signs of powers.  Fortunately, no one dared go rogue, since none of them could hold a candle to Ultraman and the Saviors.  Still, compared to normal humans, it was nothing to scoff at.

Somehow, women did not seem receptive to the mutagenic virus.  So Liz decided to pursue that end of the story, and that was where her troubles began.

The initial studies months ago were inconsistent, but that was fine.  Nobody knew what it was.  But even now, when she spoke to the male scientists, they gave her science jargon.  She did her best to take notes, and she began to realize that she was getting completely contradictory information.  And when she spoke to the female scientists, they simply said they had not been allowed to work on it.  One of the female scientists had begun to say something, but told Liz to meet her somewhere private before she would tell her.  Liz kept the appointment.  The scientist did not show up.


"This is a reputable newspaper!" Kristen screamed at her.  "You can't chase this story!  They print this in all the tabloids!"

"What if they're right!" Liz countered.  "It's no coincidence that ever since the super incident, women have been treated worse and worse!  I can see it in their eyes as they walk down the street.  They're afraid to look up!  Everyone sheeply says yes to the men!"

"Are you serious Liz!  We all know believe in women's rights and equal pay, but this is ridiculous!  You SEE it in their eyes?  Give me a break!  Have there been any complaints?  How come other news sources aren't covering this!"

"9 in 10 rape victims don't..." Liz began to retort, but Kristen cut her short.

"God not this again!  That means 1 in 10 victims do."  Kristen shook her head.  "Please Liz.  Please, I'm begging you not to follow this story.  Your integrity is at stake.  I can't help you on this... if the chief comes to me, I won't cover your ass this time."

"You're right, Kristen.  My integrity IS at stake."  Liz began to pack up all her evidence and personal belongings.  "Goodbye."

"Liz, you don't understand!  You can't... you just CAN'T..."  But the elevator doors closed.  Liz was gone.  Kristen stood there trembling, lying to herself, "It'll be okay.  It'll be okay.  She won't... it'll be okay."  It didn't help.

Another man stood between her legs, ready to penetrate her without her approval.  The other dock workers merely hooted and hollered.  Liz recalled the events that led up to this.  A few dock workers had promised her information about the supers.  They fed her bits of information, like how the supers had actually learned to administer doses of the virus, which was why new heroes were appearing every day.  He thrust inside her, but she woodenly took it, bouncing up and down on the metal crate.  It was a conspiracy, they claimed, to keep the power to the males.  Another thump as her back hit the crate.  It wasn't clear how the virus worked, but there was no reason to believe that it would't work on females.  In fact, there were rumors that some females had attained superhuman powers, but they were nowhere to be found.  The man reached up to fondle her breasts as Liz's head rolled to the side to stare into the night horizon.  Had Aster Brooks and his saviors silenced them?

The man slapped her face and pulled out of her.  There was a loud whoosh, and all of the men stopped hollering.  She saw a bright red and blue skintight costumed hero.  Ultraman?  Could she be saved from this?  Would Ultraman get Hypno to cause her to forget the last hour?  She began to croak his name, but she saw him begin to unbuckle his belt...

"Good work men.  You'll be rewarded for this, just as promised," Ultraman's voice boomed, as he looked at the battered female reporter his crew had captured.  "Go get your dosage as I teach this woman a lesson."  Liz tried to block out her mind, but as Ultraman entered her, she gasped in pain as his superhumanly large, hard penis thrust inside her.  As he buried himself to the root, she mercifully passed out.

"She survived.  None of them ever survive."  Liz kept her eyes closed but heard soft feminine voices hovering over her.  "What are we going to tell her?  Maybe she's the unlucky one..."

Liz ached all over.  She felt the tubes in her nose assisting her breathing.  Slowly she opened her eyes... it looked like she was in a basement, the only lighting coming from several computer terminals.  She noticed that most of her body was covered in bruises.  Trying to move her legs, she felt a horrible pain lurch in her entire lower body.  She cried out in pain.

"Steele, she's awake!  Come quick!"  The masked woman gently touched Liz's face and watched her with sad eyes.  "Don't move, your body has been through a lot."

"Wh... am I?" Liz tried to speak, but the words were hard to form.

"Bring some water too!" The woman cried, her voice rattling the walls.  "My name is Siren.  Don't talk, don't move, just listen for now."  Another woman, dressed in what looked like skintight metal armor showed up with a large pitcher of water.  "Here, drink up."  Sonic poured the water into her mouth slowly.  It even hurt to swallow.

"You must have really made them mad.  Ultraman usually doesn't make an appearance unless somebody's been getting way too close.  I'm sorry we couldn't save you... Ultraman is too much for us to handle."  Siren looked at Steele with despair.  Steele avoided eye contact.

"We call ourselves the Fem Freedom Fighters, but there's not many of us left.  Men aren't the only ones who benefit from the virus that landed on Earth a few months ago, but Ultraman being the first to touch it seems to have gotten the most from it.  Him and his team are the top of the food chain, as you undoubtedly know.  I don't know if they were always this evil, or if the power corrupted them, but you must understand what's been happening.  Women being oppressed, fearful of all men.  We have our ways, but they've battled us down.  All we can do now is mostly wait on the sidelines."

Liz noticed Steele tending to another woman sitting expressionless in the corner.  She questioned with her eyes.

"She's one of us.  Goes by Allure, though you wouldn't know it now.  The Ultramen found her and took everything from her until there was nothing left.  Unfortunately, having powers doesn't mean we can't get hurt.  We could drop a building on Steele and she'd come out without a scratch, but she's not invulnerable.  The men... they took everything from all of us."

Suddenly, the room filled with red flashing lights as a screeching alarm went off.  "They're here!" A voice shouted over the intercom.  "Tank is here with a contingent of supers!"

"Shit!" cried Siren.  "Tank!?  They haven't tried this hard to stop us since the incident!"

"Siren!" the woman cried over the intercom.  "Get out!  They're coming through!"

The earth trembled violently.  The ceiling shook, stone dust raining on all of them.  The shocks were rhythmic, as if it was being caused by someone's footsteps.  "Steele!  Get Allure, I'll get Liz, come on, we have to go!"

Liz looked around in panic.  She tried to get up, only to fall back as pain wracked her body.  She noticed Steele putting in earplugs as she went to get Allure.  The metal door to the complex suddenly shrieked.  Liz just barely noticed a fist shaped indentation in the door right before it flew off the hinges.

"Ahhh, that was fun!"  A masked man stepped through, someone Liz didn't recognize.  Siren stood at her side and began to sing.  "What are you doing!?" Liz began to protest, but suddenly she was feeling too sleepy.  The man at the door struggled to fight it, but collapsed.  The song ended.

"Siren, we're not going to make it!"  Steele shouted, as the earthquake thundered closer and closer.  Every new shock grew in intensnity ominously.  "Tank's here!"

Steele stood in front of Siren, shielding her from any projectiles that were being hurled in.  The men threw rocks in at blinding speed, only to have it crumble to dust against Steele's body.  Siren began a new song, and the men she had enchanted to sleep got up and began to fight for her.  Liz herself felt complete devotion to Siren.  If she were able, she would have gotten up to fight too.

The footsteps grew higher in intensity.  A large amount of debris blocked the entrance, and Siren stopped her song.

"We don't have a choice.  Do it."  Siren said.

"How!?  We haven't prepared it!"  Steele cried out, her costume covered in grime.

"I had it set up in her IV.  I... I felt bad for her.  We haven't even told her how badly Ultraman ruined her inside."

Another chunk of debris crashed down, landing and destroying the computers.  The room grew darker.  Outside, the fighting seemed to abate.

"Do it!"  Siren cried.  Steele looked at Liz, still unsure.  "Don't make me trance you into it," Siren threatened.

To everyone's surprise, Allure stood up and walked directly to Liz, with confidence.  As Liz watched her, she understood they called her Allure.  Without hesitation, Allure leaned forward, locked her lips onto Liz, and began to kiss her.

Liz felt sexual arousal flow through her body, immediately followed by the pain in her nether region.  Just what had Ultraman done to her?  It was too much to bear.  The more it aroused her, the more pain she was in.

"It won't work," cried Steele.  "She's too broken!"

"We don't have a choice!" answered Siren.  They could hear the debris beginning to get scraped away from the other side of the entrance.  Siren began to sing her final song.

Under the influence of Siren's soothing tones, Liz felt the pain wash away.  No longer distracted by the horrible condition of her body, she responded to the kiss, and in that moment, felt another consciousness flow into her.  The images that flooded her mind were terrifying: an ambush, a betrayal, a bond broken.  She watched, unable to respond in horror as Siren's song continued to influence her.  Before she had a chance to process the experience, she saw a glassy eyed Steele approach her.

Steele lived up to her name indeed.  Her kiss was cold, harsh, and metallic.  But from some experience not belonging to her, Liz knew just how to kiss, how to arouse Steele with the gentle pull of her lips and the flick of her tongue.  In that instant, she felt another consciousness flow into her.  The bruises on her body disappeared, but Liz was too entranced to know this.

"Now me," Siren said as she stopped her song, stepping over the soulless bodies of Allure and Steele around Liz's makeshift bed.  Tears flowed down Siren's face as the barrier was about to be breached.  "Please survive this.  You have to do this for all womankind."

Liz could taste Siren's salty tears on her kiss.  The effects of her song were starting to wear off, and Liz began to feel overwhelmed by the conflicting memories that were completely unfamiliar to her.  Just as the confusion was about to overwhelm her, she felt a third and final consciousness enter her mind.  Siren's body went limp, and Liz screamed.

Liz's eyes slammed open.  The sun shone in her eyes through a huge crater in the ceiling.  The electronics were out everywhere, wires buzzing and jumping with nowhere to go.  Conflicting thoughts ran through her head.  We have to get out.  Will she be able to stop them?  Are they still here?  I never told my family...

The rubble blocking the front door blew open.  One of the invading men stepped in, bleeding from the ears, and saw Liz sitting on the table.  "She's in here!" he yelled, much louder than necessary.  Get out of here Liz!  Jump through the hole in the ceiling!

Jump through?  There's no way I can make that jump.  Maybe you couldn't, but I could have.  Still dazed and confused, Liz tried to follow the instructions she was hearing.  She stood up and jumped, only to fall right back on the table and smash it to pieces.

"Hey, Siren's dead!"  The man exclaimed.  "We don't got to worry about it anymore!  And look what we got here!"

Liz began to cry.  She had somehow been nursed back to health, only to be put into the same situation she was in before.  Don't cry.  Fight!  

The man ran down the stairs and grabbed her by the wrists.  "Who are you and what happened here, you little wench?"  Liz didn't answer.  "Say, you're a mighty fine piece of ass.  They told me having this power meant that I could do whatever I want with women."  He began to take off his pants.

Liz's first reaction was to be terrified and cower, but a sudden surge of pure hatred leapt through her body.   Without a second thought, she broke the man's grip, put her hands around the side of his face, and screamed.

The soundwaves shattered the building behind her as the man's head began to vibrate.  He tried to scream and duck away, but he was unable to break Liz's grip.  She held him in place as she stared furiously into his eyes, increasing the intensity of her cry.  Blood began to pour out of his nose and eyes, his face began to turn purple, and he ceased struggling.

The surge of hatred subsided, and Liz looked at the damage she had caused.  This was unbelievable.  The sight of his corpse made her retch.

Apparently her act of violence had not gone unnoticed.  The only other remaining super knelt at the door, hands over his ears.  As soon as he was able, he turned and ran.  Liz felt the earth shake, a scream, and then no more.

"Well well Siren, looks like you've still got your magic touch," said a British voice from around the corner.  "But you don't s'pose that would work on Tank, now would it?"

Tank stepped through the door.  He was certainly built like one, muscles on top of muscles.  It was hard to tell where his neck ended and his head began.  Liz focused on his shoes, huge combat boots which he apparently used to create earthquakes.  Tank saw her, a look of utter confusion on his face.

"You're not Siren!  Who the bloody hell are you?"

Get him now, while he's confused!  Liz sprang into action, walking, no, sauntering, up to Tank with a confidence she didn't know she had.  Tank watched her in awe as she undulated her way to him.  "Allure?" he asked.

"Did you miss me, baby?"  Liz heard a husky version of her voice say.  "I'm right here."

Tank gulped.  "You... you should be a vegetable!"

"Mmm Tank, I didn't know you liked that!  This vegetable is...," Liz licked her lips, "ready to harvest."

Without warning, Tank's fist connected with Liz's face.  A moment of fear seized her as she flew back into the wall, landed on her ass, completely unharmed.  Then the confidence returned, and a seductive laugh filled the room.  Her arms, no longer under her own control, removed the patient gown around her body.  "Are we done with the foreplay?"

Tank was obviously trying to resist, the sweat pouring down his face, his neck muscles bulging at the prospect of taking Liz.  Using her newfound voice, Liz began to hum a little song, and Tank's last vestige of self control evaporated.  He ran at her fullspeed, arms wrapped around her naked body, crashing through the wall onto the dirt floor.  He ripped off his pants, already completely hard, and entered her.

Liz continued to laugh as Tank pounded into her, causing earthquakes in a much less deliberate manner than he had before.  Between the sound of Liz's voice and the feel of her body, Tank did not last long, and shot his seed into her body.  With every spurt, Liz felt more and more power within her.

Apparently it wasn't over yet.  Liz felt herself roll on top of Tank.  "We're not done yet, are we Tanky?" she sang.  Tank stirred underneath her and stared at Liz, ready to do anything she asked.

Liz pumped up and down his shaft, sitting with her back straight up, gripping her breasts as hard as she could.  No matter how hard she squeezed, she seemed to feel no pain.  Focusing back on Tank, she smiled, lay down on him, hips still pumping, and whispering in his ear.

He moaned and shuddered and came again with less force as Liz began pumping with more and more.  She wasn't strong enough to move the earth before, but now the land seemed to be unable to resist her rhythmic thrusting.  The plan worked, a voice in her head said.  We can do this.

"You liked it rough with me, didn't you?"  Liz asked.  She slapped him on the cheek, hard, as she continued to bounce up and down.  "Like this, right?"  She slapped him the other way.  "You thought it was fun."  Another slap.  Bruises began to appear on his face.  "You told me it should be fun for me too."

"Well, is it fun for you?"  She formed a fist and slammed it straight onto his nose, breaking it.  Wait, a voice cried, not yet.  She watched as blood flowed freely from his unrecognizable mess of a face.  Liz began sing a whisper quiet melody, intended only for one person.  Tank began to thrust gently in rhythm with her song.

They moved as one, Liz's haunting melody controlling Tank's movement completely.  She increased the intensity of her song, rising in fervor and volume and he followed obediently, thrusting faster and faster.  She reached the climax of her song, her voice echoing through the farway trees, sending the birds flying.  Simultaneously, she felt the physical strength seep into her body as the man below her stopped moving.  It wasn't until Liz felt the presence of Siren fade that she realized she was sobbing uncontrollably.

She stood up and examined the body.  Crushed pelvis, battered face.  She stamped her foot on the ground, and his corpse jumped from the impact.  Slowly but surely, she felt the hysterical crying stop.  He can't hurt you anymore.  This is the start of a new era.  A new beginning.  Liz gulped.

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