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Dawn of a Heroine - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Among Lesser Beings

Tears rolled down Sarah Kent's face as she drove the 1908 Ford Model-T down the long, even dirt road in the middle of the appropriately named town of Smallville, Kansas. Sarah was depressed to the point of death. How the Doctor had regrettably told her about the fact that she was barren. The terrible fact that she would never bear children, that she would never hold an adorable, squirming child of her own in her arms.

Then again, the life of a farmer's wife had more than it's share of disappointments. Whether it was a drought for several months that ruined the crops, a twister that took away property and lives, or even thieving politicians who taxed them to death.

Sarah was a fetching woman, tall and lean, with a full head of wavy, necklength auburn hair, a pearly white smile, and gem- like, shimmering green eyes.

She was born Sarah Godard in Omaha, Nebraska. She had had vivid dreams of being an agricultrualist and working with all types of plant life in rustic settings away from the hustle and bustle of the city. At the age of 18, She attended Omaha U., but after she was not satisfied with the curriculum, she decided that the city was too diatracting, and after trying her hand in her the rustic areas, and finding nothing available to her, she decided to give Kansas a try.

She would soon be glad she had. She arrived in the quaint town of Smallville, just several miles from Topeka, and enrolled in Smallville University. At an agricultural studies class , Sarah found herself sitting next to a tall, handsome man of around her age, of a very strong build, with short, straight brown hair, hard yet loving deep brown eyes, and a quite tan complexion.

As the two got aquainted, they got to talking, and he introduced himself as Ebenezer Kent, although he insisted that she just call him Eben, as that was how his friends referred to him. "Only my father and the police call me Ebenezer." he said in a slightly deep, husky voice that, despite his age, seemed already filled with the lifetime expieriences of a man of forty.

At lunch, the two got better aquainted. Eben, as it turns out, was from a very prosperous farming family right there in the town. Eben was actually 24 years of age, and the family fortune was already his, but he decided to further his education in the agricultural field.

Sarah had already decided that she liked this man, his good looks, personality, and his wit. Time would tell, however if that would last.

In the weeks that followed, however, it seemed like a dream come true! Eben developed a deep friendship with the young woman. He would take her out to dinner at the local resteraunt, and they would discuss classes, family, and their dreams for the future.

It finally happened during their third week of dining out together. After walking her back to Sarah's dorm, and saying their goodnights, Eben leaned his slightly muscular body foreward, and kissed her softly on the lips! Sarah had been waiting for this moment, and passionately returned the act of affection. Their tongues entwined, as Sarah embraced the young, tall farm heir's manly frame in her eager arms.

As the next couple of years passed, and the two had graduated near the top of their class. It was good enough for what they'd wanted to do with their futures, which already seemed to be projected directly in front of them.

There came a brief courtship, before the inevitable day when Eben arrived at the boarding house Sarah was staying at, in his buggy. After he had come into her room, they had talked for a short bit, before Eben suddenly announced "Sarah, I've been wanting to ask you this from the moment we shared that first lovely kiss." He then dropped to one knee and produced a small box from his faded brown trouser pocket. Tears welled up in Sarah's eyes, as she knew what was coming, she still wanted to be surprised, however.

Eben, somewhat hesitantly, opened the box, revealing a shimmering 24-Karat gold ring with an absolutely stunning glistening transparent diamond atop it. "Sarah Godard, will you marry me?" Eben asked timidly, a blush of embarrasment crimsoning his face.

The tears of joy were now pouring down Sarah's face! "Yes, Eben! Of course I'll marry you!" she shouted elatedly as she threw her arms around the dapper young man.

Then after that, the announcement, the planning, the church, the vows, then her knight in shining armor whisked her away to his castle - his large abundant farm in the countryside...after that...That's right. Sarah thought grimly to herself, then came the twenty wasted years of trying to bear a child...trying desperately to start a family, which facilitated the visit to the doctor. "...infertility...barren womb...So terribly sorry, Ma'am." Sarah's mind raced through the terrible speech the Physician, a clean shaven, heavily wrinkled man of about sixty-seven had given her, while staring through his biofocals.

As she felt the warm afternoon air against her face, she briefly looked at the completely clear blue sky above her and reflected on the fact that the weather forecast in that morning's paper, which had called for gloomy, overcast skies, had gotten it wrong again. Heck, life had been unfair, she thought, as she began to sob quietly to herself.

Suddenly, from somewhere up above came a faint noise. A sort of high pitched whistling.

Hmm? What could that be? Sarah thought to herself.

The whistling got louder and louder, continuing to slowly drown out the sputtering sound of Sarah's automobile. Then, suddenly, a medium sized fireball fell from the Heavens and smashed into the cornfield on her right side in a column of yellow and orange flame!

Sarah immediately slammed on the brakes, nearly skidding off the road! "Goodness gracious!" she shrieked. "Was that a meteor?!"

She exited her car with great haste, and cautiously approached the scene of the crash. By this time, there was acrid black smoke pouring from the location.

There was a large black crater in the cornfield's midst. The thick black vapor continuing to pour from it, yet at the same time, beginning to dissapate.

Sarah inched further and further towards the crater's center. The pungent smell of burning earth now quite evident in her nostrils. The sizzle of frying leather made her step back quickly, however. This ground was obviously too hot to cross right now.

What appeared to be a four foot hatch in the rocket was slightly ajar, and now Sarah could hear what appeared to be a faint cooing from inside. What could that be? An alien?! She thought to herself, as her knees began to become weak with fear. Suddenly, the hatch swung open! Sarah immediately turned and bolted back to the safety of her car.

Once inside, Sarah got into a crouch position, hoping whatever was emerging from the craft wouldn't take notice of her. After several minutes, however, it didn't seem as though some beast was approaching her. She carefully poked the top portion of her head above the car's door, and was absolutely shocked at what she saw!

It was an infant. A human infant! It had a slightly olive complection, a patch of raven black hair atop it's head, and was clothed in a very unusual looking dark blue unitard which appeared to have a reflective surface, as if made of glass. The small child manuevered itself out of the rocket's hatch, and dropped to the scorched ground in a crawling position. As the tiny being made it's way across the crater's surface, Sarah wondered to herself in awe, how is she not burning herself? Has the ground cooled down already?

As the child reached the dirt road, it propped itself up into a standing position, which seemed unusual, given how young it looked, and toddled over to the Model-T.

Once the young child was next to the vehicle. It grabbed the door and, to Sarah's amazement, crumpled the steel entryway like it was aluminum with it's tiny bare hands! "Gracious!" Sarah hollered at the top of her voice, her eyes wide with shock and fear. The child, oblivious to the woman's terror, stretched it's hands outwards, wanting to be held, as it began babbling enthusiastically. It was obviously very happy.

It was then that Sarah came to a realization. Not only was this infant not of this Earth, but she had also recieved an answer to her prayers! A child!

Sarah cautiously picked up the child and held it close to her chest, praying softly to herself "Thank you, Lord! Thank you!" Before suddenly coming to a realization. "Oh, no! What will Eben say?" Things on the farm were hard enough finacially, what with bills, and property taxes being as high as they were, a baby certainly would cost even more money. Her heart sank just as fast as it had risen. Then, she had an idea! The Smallville Orphanage was on the way home, and she could drop the child off there, then go home and tell Eben about what's happened. In the meantime, she would just have to hope that no one else would spot the rocketship nestled in the cornfield crater. Sarah exited the vehicle, cranked the engine, and after the machine roared to life, she entered the car, placed the child delicately in her lap, and motored on her way.

The building was large and palatial in nature. It was about three stories tall, and was stretched about 50 feet in length. It was a block-like structure composed mostly of yellow painted concrete. There were two tall pillar-like objects comprised a small part of the building. The top was adorned with a large steel and glass sunroof with a four foot iron spire atop it. The back was concealed by a long white picket fence which stretched several feet past the institution in either direction, shielding the massive backyard where the orphans played from the outside world.

Sarah, the infant cradled in the crook of her right arm, pushed the front door of the orphanage open with her left hand, and walked up to the receiving desk. A young, fresh faced young lady sat behind it, going through a brief, when she noticed Sarah approaching.

"Good afternoon, Ma'am, and how may I assist you?" She asked with a polite smile.

Sarah drew a short breath, before responding "My name is Sarah Kent. On my way home, I discovered this child abandoned in a cornfield. I was wondering if I could leave it here with you while I try to convince my husband to let us keep it?" she concluded with a hopeful expression.

"Why of course, Ma'am." the young lady replied kindly, before opening a drawer in the polished oak desk, and pulled out a slightly faded white form, saying "Just fill this out, and we'll take care of the rest." before handing it to Sarah with a friendly grin.

Sarah sighed and said "Very well." Before sitting the child next to her and beginning work on the paper with a pencil that was on the desk. When she was finished, she handed the document to the young woman, who went over it, saying "Thank you very much, Mrs.Kent. We'll take very good care of the child."

"All right." Sarah said resignedly. She then turned to the child, who was staring at her with a cheerful grin, leaned foreward and kissed it on the forehead, saying "Don't worry sweetheart, I'll be back for you soon." before walking away, the child already beginning to babble and coo after her. Sarah resisted the urge to run back and embrace the infant, thinking, "Eben, please don't be angry with me."

"WHAT?! A baby in a space rocket?!" Eben, now a middle aged man with faded brown hair combed tightly back from his slightly wrinkled forehead, and a short brown goatee, asked in a loud, surprised voice, his eyes bulging out of their sockets.

"Yes, dear. Then it walked over to the car and compressed the door all by itself!" Sarah explained, her own voice still quite shocked.

"WHAT?!!" Eben spit the quick shout out of his mouth like a peiece of tobacco.

"I'm sorry, dear. I couldn't stop it!" Sarah told her husband.

Eben let out a slow, shuddering sigh as he ran his hands down his face, before resting them across his chest. "Alright, where is it now?" he asked, his voice now calm.

"The orphanage." Sarah replied meekly. She then stared at the ground collecting her thoughts. "Eben, could we please adopt it?" she finally asked.

"Are you out of your mind?! Have an alien child with destructive powers under our roof! Absolutely not!" Eben said furiously.

Now Sarah's face adopted a look of indignation. "Listen to me, Eben! We have been asking the good Lord for a child for years and years now, and he finally dumps one in our lap! Now, you know that both of us are kind, loving people. If anyone else got ahold of this child, and it displayed it's amazing abilities, they'd probably sell it to the circus, or something worse! Now we are going back to the orphanage, and we ARE going to adopt that CHILD!" Sarah spoke out loudly against her husband, concluding with a defiant shout!

Eben looked at his wife with a newfound respect. This woman could certainly hold her own. A faint smile crossed his lips. "Alright, dear. Let me get my hat." He said, his voice now a faint whisper.

As soon as the two entered the orphanage, several people, including the young woman, an older gentleman with a black eye, and a nurse walked up to them. The nurse was holding the child. "Are you the Kents?" the old man inquired.

"Why, yes, we are." Eben said, removing his brown fedora.

The man, the thinning white hair on top of his aged head matching his white Doctor's jacket, cleared his throat and said to himself "Praise the Lord!" Before directly addressing the two "My name is Dr.Grover Mulligan, I'm the head physician and administrator of this institution. You must please take this child off of our hands!" He said in a desperate tone in his voice, his hands clasped together in front of him, as if he was praying.

"My goodness, what seems to be the problem?" Sarah asked.

"Well, when I tried to give her an examination, she kicked me in the face and sent me across the examinination room!" Dr. Mulligan explained, pointing to the shiner.

"Oh, that's terrible!" Sarah said, before asking "Did you say "she"?"

"Yes, the child is a girl." the Doctor said. He continued. "We had to strap the child down after that. Then when I attempted to give her an innoculation..." Dr.Mulligan let his words hang as he produced a hypodermic needle from his pocket, and held it up for the two to examine.

Upon inspection, the two were shocked to see that the needle was completely bent into an arched shape! "My goodness!" both of them exclaimed at the same time.

"And that's not all, she also managed to break her bonds. Which were quite secure, mind you." Dr.Mulligan defensively stated. Not wanting to insinuate that he'd done a poor job.

The Kents looked at the child. She had a large smile on her face, seemingly proud of her achievement.

"Please, I emplore you. Take the child before she causes any further harm here." Dr. Mulligan pleaded.

"We'd be delighted!" Sarah enthusiastically said without hesitation.

The paperwork was eagerly put out in front of the couple and they began filling it out. When it came to the child's name, Eben asked his wife "Well, darling, what shall her name be?"

Sarah pondered this for several moments, before an idea struck her. "How about we name her after our mothers?" She proposed.

"That's a great idea, dear. Since you discovered her, it only makes sense that your mother's name should come first." Eben said warmly.

"Thank you, my sweetheart." Sarah said, kissing her husband on the lips.

Eben smiled, and looked down at the form, writing in the space, "Clarabelle Joan Kent".

Sarah looked down at the child in her arms with tears of joy in her eyes and said "Well, my darling Clarabelle, you have a name and a new life here. I love you."

The newly christened Clara just looked up at her new mother and giggled. She still wondered where her parents were, but these people were very nice too. She was going to like getting to know them.

"It's up here." Sarah pointed to her husband.

Eben pulled up to the blackened piece of Earth and gasped. "My word! You were right, Sarah, she must not be of this Earth! Stay here with the baby, I'll get the rocket in the car if I can." he said, opening the crushed remains of the door and walking out to the cornfield and touched the craft with his index finger to test the temprature. It was cool now, safe to move. Eben picked up the smashed in front of craft, and lifted. He only managed to get the side he was lifting on off the ground, and even that took straining to do. "NNNGGH.. Darling! Could you help me move this thing to the car?!" he called to his wife.

Sarah, who was feeding Clara, called back "I'll be right there dear!". When she felt the baby was no longer hungry, she plucked her from her breast and sat her down on the seat. "Now, you stay here, Clarabelle, I have to help Daddy with something." Sarah also exited the vehicle and walked to the crater. She dug her fingers under the other side of the ship and began to pull upward and barely budged the craft.

"RRRGHH! Do you think we can drive away with this thing?" Sarah asked between gritted teeth.

"UNGH! We can try!" Eben replied, straining under the ship's weight.

As the couple tried to waddle to the car with the rocket, the heavy ship suddenly jolted upwards and became practically weightless!

"What in tarnation?!" Eben exclaimed in surprise.

The two looked beneath them to see little Clara dutifully lifting the craft above her head with her tiny hands!

"Criminy!" Eben shouted and jumped back, landing on his behind.

Clara just stared at him, a smile of achievement stuck on her cherubic face.

Sarah beamed, proud of her new daughter's amazing strength. "This way, this way. Over here sweetheart." she said, guiding the young child towards the vehicle, waving both of her palms towards herself. The child obeyed.

Sarah pointed to the back seat of the Model-T. "Here, put it right here, Clarabelle, dear." she said in a soothing voice.

Obediently, little Clara, standing on the tips of her toes, placed the small ship in the back of the car, the vehicle already lowering further to the ground under the tremendous weight!

"Heavens.." Eben said breathlessly.

"Come on, Eben. We've got to get this thing out of here." Sarah said, scooping Clara up in her arms.

Eben nodded without saying a word, and twisted the crank in front of the car and the family entered the vehicle, then they were off. The undercarriage scraping the dirt ground beneath them on account of the extra weight. Thankfully, there were no traffic police to pull them over on their way back home.

Soon, they had gotten back to the farm. After the couple hoisted the craft from the backseat, Clara effortlessly picked it up again.

"She's amazing. Isn't she, Eben?" Sarah sighed with awe in her voice.

"Yes, sweetheart, she's quite a wonder." Eben said appreciatively, before adopting a worried look. "But we've got to hide that rocket. No one must ever know about this."

Sarah nodded her head in agreement.

The two then got out their shovels and dug a decent sized hole in a little under half an hour, then, after Clara had put the rocket down, the couple shoved the craft into the hole, and began to bury it.

Time passed, seasons and years came and went. Clara grew into a cute, healthy young girl with a full head of raven black hair. She was an otherwise normal girl, only she couldn't seem to understand why she seemed to be much faster and stronger than the other boys and girls. When she would ask her parents, they would reply "Well, you're just special, sweetheart." or "That's just the way the Lord made you."

One day, when she was five years old, Some neighbor children were playing in a wooded area near the Kent's house. Clara approached them and asked if she could join them. The kids, all boys, belligerently told her "No, stupid! You're a dumb girl!" Incensed, Clara spotted a slightly thick, nearby tree, rushed over to it, and pushed it. Even though she hadn't put much pressure on it, it became uprooted from the ground, and fell on most of the boys, pinning them underneath! Ignoring their screams of fear and distress, Clara rocketed home.

Upon reaching her house, Sarah, still in her cooking apron, asked her, "Clara, darling, where have you been?"

Clara joyfully explained with a prideful smile on her lips.

Sarah was livid! "Clarabelle Joan Kent! How could you?! You are never to use your abilities to hurt anyone!" She angrily said, switching Clara's behind with her wooden kitchen spoon. The spoon cracked, and Clara showed no sign that she had been hit. Ignoring this, Sarah went on to say "Just because you're stronger than those boys doesn't mean you can hurt them when they tease you! Do you hear me?! Every human life is precious! Even if they're mean or malicious! Now I want you to go find those boys, lift that tree off of them and apologize! Understand, young lady?!" she shouted.

As Clara went back to the wooded area, she was angry that her mother had yelled at her, but her words had taken effect, and deep within her psyche, she had began to change her view on life.

Then, about a year later, Clara and Eben were in the stable, readying the horses. Clara was standing behind an ornery bronco called Thistle, who didn't like Clara's position. So instictively, he lashed his right rear leg out to kick her. However, upon his hoof making contact with Clara's abdomen, the horse whinnied in pain an collapsed to the floor! Eben, who had witnessed the whole thing, examined Thistle and determined that he had broken his leg. He couldn't believe the amazing gifts that this child had!

Shortly after Clara turned thirteen, she began moping around the house, and seemed to lose her appitite. Her parents often asked her what was wrong, but she would tell them it was nothing. Finally, Eben confronted Clara in the living room, and asked "Young lady, just what is the matter with you?"

Clara just looked up at him introspectively and asked faintly "Pa, was I adopted?"

Eben just sighed and put his face in his hands, then said "I think You should sit down while I get your mother, Clarabelle."

Once Sarah had been fetched, the family sat down together with looks of unease on their faces. "Clarabelle, Dear. You asked if you were adopted." Sarah began, before taking a deep and labored breath. She then continued. "The answer is, yes, you are."

"I knew it!" Clara exclaimed. "I have all these powers, and I don't look like either of you! Besides, I've been having these visions of a strange couple in a fantastic enviornment."

"It doesn't matter whether you're our natural child or not. You're still our daughter." Eben said firmly.

"Then why can I do these types of things? Where did I come from?" Clara asked, confused.

"Well, dear, it's not easy to explain, but you fell from the sky in a rocket." Sarah explained.

"What?! You mean I'm an alien?!" Clara exclaimed in surprise.

"Yes, dear. I'm sorry." Sarah said, her voice soft with emotion.

"No, Ma, It's okay." Clara explained. "I'm glad you told me."

Shortly thereafter, the Kent's took Clara out to the area where the rocket was buried, and Clara volunteered to dig it up for them. It only took one scoop of the shovel for her to uncover the craft.

As Clara looked at the rather well preserved silver intersteller ship she had arrived in, she muttered with wonder "I can't believe this! This is incredible!"

Some time later, rain was pouring from the sky by the bucketful. Sarah saw that Clara was staring outside the open, slightly rusted, screen door at the many raindrops slapping against the faded old wooden front porch.

"Don't let that revelation get you down, dear. Your father and I love you very much." Sarah said, attempting to comfort her daughter.

Clara turned around slowly, there were tears in her eyes as she explained "No, Ma, it's not that. It's just.." She said, pausing and looking downwards. "..there's so much suffering in this world." She then wiped the tears from her eyes and said, with a slight smile, and much hope evident in her voice. "Ma, I want to use my powers to help other people."

Tears now came to Sarah's eyes, as she kneeled next to her daughter and embraced her. "Oh, my darling Clarabelle!" her voice, choked up with emotion, managed to say. "You're such a considerate little thing!"

The years went on and on, Clara's body bloomed, then blossomed! She became a beautiful, full figured 16 year old, with a tall, elegant figure that slightly dwarfed her parents, which she held regally. Slightly long, ravishing black hair, healthy looking olive skin, and a pearl white, winning smile.

Sarah wasn't really surprised that Clara had never recieved "The Gift", she was from another planet, after all.

Clara's intellectual faculties had supremely increased as well. She had graduated her Junior High at the top of her class. And at Smallville High, her sheer brilliance in all levels of academics led her class and the rest of the school to predict that she was most likely to graduate as the school's Valedictorian.

She had also began to take ballet around this time, to hone her agility. All of the other girls in Clara's dance class were very envious of Clara's natural talent and abilities, as she could leap higher and pirouette more gracefully than anyone else.

It was in her first year that Clara got her first taste of true love. During the first semester, she had noticed a handsome young man that sat in her history class named Norm Baxter. Norm was a tall, well built teen with slightly pale fair skin, blonde scruffy hair that resembled a tuft of hay, and blissful green eyes that were full of life. Norm was a reciever for the school's football team, and was a very diligent student. Occasionally, Clara would be involved with Norm in some school studies project, but never really had the courage to open up to him.

That was, until, the day one day at the beginning of Clara's second year. She was leaving her dance class, still in her black leotard, and a towel slung over her shoulder, when she saw a couple of boys, who were known delinquents, cornering Norm in the hallway. One thug, a husky boy with premature stubble, was holding Norm against the wall by his shoulders. Other than the four of them, there was no one else in the hall.

"Listen, Baxter! You'd better fake that broken arm and let Halpurn take over in the second quarter, or Reggie and I are gonna give you one for real!" The hooligan said threateningly. Suspiciously, however, he seemed to be talking in a whisper, although Clara could hear him as though he were practically yelling!

"No!" Norm said defiantly. "I'm only going to do what the Coach asks!"

"Nuts to the Coach!" Reggie, the other thug, a quite muscular young man with a cast iron jaw, and cruel, nearly black eyes, and matching curly black hair yelled angrily "You're gonna take that dive, or else!" holding his fist up to Norm's face.

Clara knew that things were about to get ugly. She had to do something, but she didn't want to be recognized. So, thinking quickly, she took the towel and wrapped it around her hair, nose and mouth, and hoped that her crystal blue eyes wouldn't give her away. She then lept into view, boldly announcing "Hold it right there, you scallywags! You won't be harming anyone!"

After an initial surprised stare, both of the bullies burst out into raucous laughter. "I don't believe this! A girl telling us what to do?!" The chubby delinquent said with tears in his eyes, before calming down "Sorry, darling, but we don't have time to play, so why don't you run along?" he continued, finishing with a "shooing" motion with his hand.

Clara rolled her eyes and said carefully "Look, I don't want to hurt you boys. So why don't you just leave him alone?"

Now the ruffians were mad. "Hurt US?!" Reggie asked furiously. "Now you're gonna get it, sweetheart! Let's get her, Marty!" Both boys then produced knives from their pockets!

Norm adopted a look of fear on his face. "Look out!" He shouted.

A fuming mad Reggie slashed his knife across Clara's chest, only to have the sturdy steel blade snap clean off! While both boys stared awestruck at the now useless weapon, Clara stared intently at Marty's knife, she was angry at the nerve of these fools attaking her, that and she felt a strange hot sensation on her corneas, it didn't hurt at all, but it got hotter and hotter, until finally a red beam suddenly shot from each eye! It zapped the knife, heating it up very quickly. Marty dropped the knife, grasping his burning hand amidst a stream of profanities.

Norm and Reggie both couldn't believe their eyes! They just stared silently, their mouths agape with shock!

Then, Clara effortlessly lifted Reggie and Marty over her head by their throats, saying in a mock scolding tone "My, my, you boys shouldn't bring such dangerous weapons to school! I'm going to have to take you to the Principal's Office!" Then, she very lightly clashed their heads together, knocking them out cold. Then, at super speed, she zoomed off towards the Pricipal's Office, becoming a black and white blur, shooting down the hall!

Norm, still in shock quickly regained his voice, calling out "Wait!" But it was too late, she had already vanished. For several minutes, he just stood there in awe, before saying "Wow! What a gal!"

Later, at the end of the day, Clara's history class had just let out. Clara was retrieving her books from her locker, when suddenly, Norm approached her!

"Hi, Clara!" Norm said cheerfully, his green eyes glittering.

"Oh, hello, Norman." Clara responded nervously, her face reddening with a blush.

Norm turned his attention to the floor, he seemed to want to say something, but he couldn't seem to get the words out. Finally, he cleared his throat and looked back up, saying "Um, Clara, would you like to spend some time with me down at the park, sometime? Rowing a boat in the river, or just taking a walk?"

Clara's heart began fluttering like a hummingbird's wings! Her breath became short, and her palms began perspiring. Norm had never been this social towards her! Could it be that he realized it had been she who had rescued him?

"Umm, of course, Norman. That sounds like fun!" Clara said, her pulse quickening.

"Great, it's a date!" Norm said happily, he leaned foreward, gave Clara a quick smooch on the cheek and jauntily went on his way.

Clara just stood there, a happy, wide grin frozen on her face. Finally, Clara retrieved her things from her locker, walked outside, then waited until no one was watching, then she let out a joyful squeal and shot off faster than the speed of light towards her home, the dirt on the road kicking up like a like a long dusty tail behind her.

Once she reached her parent's house, she dug her heels into the ground to stop herself, this caused so much friction that by the time she stopped, there was a small pile of dirt in front of her!

The Kents were sitting on a creaky old wooden swing that creaked with each time it's rusted chains moved foreward. The couple were old and grey now. With thinning hair, wrinkles, and biofocals.

"Ma! Pa! Guess what?! I rescued a boy from two bullies at school today!" Clara said ecstatically.

"Heavens, Clarabelle! You didn't use your powers in public, did you?!" Eben asked wide-eyed beginning to rise from his seat.

"Y-Yes, Pa, I did. But I had to do it to protect him! Besides, I had my face covered!" Clara spoke up defensively.

Eben sat back down and put his wrinkled face in his old crinkled, bony hands. "Oh, Clarabelle, what are we going to do with you?" he said wearily.

"But that's not the best part, Pa! At the end of the day, Norman, the boy I rescued, kissed me! My first kiss!" Clara said, happily jumping up and down, the pile of dirt seemed to jump with her. As Eben continued to cradle his head, Sarah, her greying hair pulled back in a bun, clapped as enthusiastically as her aching joints would let them. "That's wonderful, dear! I'm so happy for you!"

"I know, Ma! I'm so happy! I finally have a boyfriend!" Clara said elatedly, and jumped high for joy!

However, after a few seconds, Clara noticed something, her feet still hadn't touched the ground! She looked down, and saw the house, and her astonished parents gaping up at her from about thirty feet below! Clara couldn't believe it, she was floating! "MA! PA! LOOk AT ME! I CAN FLOAT!" Clara screamed ecstatically at the top of her lungs!

"Clarabelle! Good Heavens! Get down here at once, young lady!" Eben said in a terrified voice. Sarah just held her hands fast to her mouth, her eyes wide with shock!

Clara was not about to give up this incredible experience, however! "One moment, Pa! I've just got to try something!" she called back. Clara then extended her right arm foreward and cocking her left arm back,doing the same for her legs. She then began soaring through the air, picking up more and more speed as she went along, her pitch black long hair and light purple skirt fluttering in the wind!

As the Kents watched in shock as their daughter boldly defied the laws of gravity, Eben once again called out to his daughter "Clarabelle! I said come down this instant, young lady!"

With a regretful sigh, Clara obeyed her father and slowly and carefully floated as gracefully as a feather back down to the ground, keeping her long, fluffy purple skirt down with her hands to conceal her undergarments. Upon her black leather shoes making contact with the ground, she threw her arms up triumph, and announced proudly "Tah-Dah!"

However, Eben was quite livid! "Clarabelle Joan Kent, you are never to use those abilities in public ever again!" he said with a furrowed brow, before rising from his seat and angrily throwing open the screen door, going inside the house in a huff.

"But Pa!" Clara objected. It was then that she felt the warm brittle hand of her mother on her arm. Clara looked at the old woman.

"Don't worry, dear, he'll come around." She said with a warm smile.

Clara nodded and smiled back.

The days, the weeks, and the months continued to go past. Clara and Norm began dating, and developed a very steady relationship. However, Clara chose to obey her father's warning, and did not display any of her amazing powers to him. Norm also didn't let on whether or not he believed Clara to have been the one who had rescued him. All in all, they were quite content.

As her time in High School progressed, Clara's academic abilties contined to impress her teachers and fellow classmates, as easily mastered all of her subjects. She even took a job as a reporter for the school's newspaper. It was a decision that would shape the course of her life.

Finally, it all came to a head, as graduation neared, it was announced that Clara was indeed to be the class' Valedictorian! Clara was thrilled, and she and Norm celebrated with a romantic ride out on the lake where another passionate kiss was shared.

As Clara embraced Norm, she thought how wonderful it would be to spend the rest of her life with this wonderful boy... Life was so good!

The day came, when Clara, now 18, donned her coal black robe and motorboard with it's happy little yellow tassle hanging from it.

It was one of the few times that Clara's parents actually drove her to school, congratulating her all the way.

As the parents filed into the heavily crowded auditorium, Clara sat onstage with Norm, their hands interlinked, "Wish me luck Norman!" She said to him tenderly.

"Good luck, Valedictorian Clara!" Norm said happily, giving Clara a quick peck on the lips.

One by one, the students names were called, and their diplomas were given out.

When Clara's name and title were announced, the entire crowd rose to their feet, giving her a standing ovation! Clara waved and smiled appreciatively as she stepped up to the podium, was given her diploma and medal. Flashbulbs from the local press went off at a steady volley as Clara prepared to give her speech, when suddenly her enhanced hearing caught the familiar sound of Norm whispering to someone, and a girl giggling. Clara squinted her eyes at the stone wall where Norm had disappeared to. Her X-ray vision kicked in, only to reveal the horrible sight of Norm enthusiastically kissing Rebecca Woolworth, one of her classmates, a quite beautiful girl with long brown hair and a black freckle under her mouth, on the lips! Their hands eagerly massaging each other's backs!

Tears of betrayal and rage came to Clara's eyes "Excuse me!" She exclaimed to the crowd, before dashing from the stage. Rushing right past the entwined lovers.

The Principal, an elderly, easygoing man with large glasses approached the podium in an embarrased fashion. "I apologize ladies and gentlemen, our Valedictorian appears to have been overcome with emotion. Could happen to anyone given such a high honor. Now if you'll excuse her sudden departure, there are refreshments on the far table..."

As Clara sat angrily in the stall in the women's lavatory, she was mulling over the thoughts in her head. She was angry that Norm had cheated on her, and yes, she had desired to hurt, even kill both of them. She knew that she had the power to do it. However, she knew she had done the right thing by simply walking away. The cloud of gloom began to slowly wafte away from above her head if she wondered if it was too late to go out and apologize to the crowd and actually deliver her acceptance speech, when suddenly, Abigail Guthswaite, a girl whom was friends with Clara, burst into the restroom, calling out urgently. "Clara! Clara! Are you in here?!"

Clara emerged from the stall, her tears wiped away, and a smile on her face "Yes, Abigail, what is it?" She asked curiously.

"You must come quickly!" Abigail said in desperation, her face pale as the winter snow. "Your father's had a stroke!"

"PA!" Clara exclaimed in horror, she quickly hurried after her friend.

Clara and Sarah sat despondent by her unconcious father's hospital bed. As Sarah slept soundly in her chair, questions raced through Clara's head at a frantic pace. Why wasn't I there? Could I have saved him? Will he be alright?

Then, Eben began to stir! Clara quickly tapped her mother on the shoulder. "Ma! Ma! Pa's waking up! Get the Doctor!"

After the Physician examined Eben, he said that it looked like he would be okay, but he would have to take things easy from now on. He then let the family spend some time alone together.

Eben struggled to speak just a little above a whisper, Clara had to adjust her super hearing to listen to him. "Clarabelle, dear, I'm sorry for all the things I said about you in the past...Y-You can use your powers in p-public if you'd like. B-But you must be c-careful to only use them when they are n-needed."

Clara's face lit up with happiness "Yes, Pa! I promise! I will!" She said elatedly, before cautioning him "Now, you just get some sleep now, and take things easy like the Doctor said. Alright?"

"Y-Yes, of course, dear. I l-love you, my little a-angel." Eben whispered.

Clara's eyes began to tear up with joy. "And I love you too, daddy. Goodnight." Clara said. She and Sarah finished saying their goodbyes and get well's and then walked out the door.

That night, as Eben slept, he suffered another stroke, and breathed his last...

At the funeral, Clara, wearing a long black dress, was inconsolable. Between her gasping sobs, she remarked about how it wasn't fair, about how her father was getting better.

The Pastor went through his rehearsed routine, "The Lord is my Shepherd...Ashes to Ashes..." But Clara was too depressed to listen. Eben was laid to rest in the family plot, and then Clara and her mother returned home for the wake.

The next year, as Clara conferred with her mother about University options, the stock market crashed! The Kent's farming industry, which had put about half of it's finances there, was completely gone! Sarah couldn't believe the terrible misfortune she was having. She could now only send Clara to a small community college just outside of town. Clara didn't seem to mind, however. She said, "Don't worry, Ma. I can still get a proper education there. Besides, it'll help me for what I want to be, a journalist." But Clara had a reason for choosing this vocation. She had already made up her mind that she would become a crimefighter! And a journalist position would be a perfect way to stay on top of all the crime and injustice wherever she was!

After Clara left for college, Sarah, now all alone, had to begin employing cheap labor around the farm to keep things moving, as Clara had used to do most of the tilling and reaping herself, with ease.

Meanwhile, Clara was lodging at Tynsdale Community College, where she dilligently studied as hard as she could each day, once again rising to the top of the school! She focused mainly on her course in journalisim, however, she also began taking accent removal classes to remove her slight southern drawl, as she felt it would come in handy someday.

As her graduation neared, Clara knew someting was wrong when her mother sent word that she wouldn't be able to make it, as she wasn't feeling well.

Then, a week later, with just three days of school left, a telegram appeared from the family attorney that Sarah had passed away, and that she was required home for the funeral...

On the train ride home, Clara silently sobbed to herself and wondered why every time she was about to accomplish something, something terrible would happen...

The funeral was somber and sad, the same things seemed to be said, the same "So terribly sorry, dear...If there's anything we can do..." from extended family and neighbors. It was then that Clara thought to herself that her mother hadn't died of "Natural Causes" as the telegram had said, but of loneliness. Her father was gone, and she was off at College. The thought that her mother had died all alone with no one to care for her, saddened her even further.

The meeting with the family lawyer didn't cheer her up any. According to him, because of the ongoing depression, the farm and house were now hundreds of dollars in debt, and the only way out of the finacial burden that had been placed on Clara's shoulders, was to sell them both to the bank.

With a heavy sigh, Clara agreed, and filled out the necessary paperwork. She then had to hop on the train the next day to return to the College for her graduation. It was far from a happy occasion.

After graduating, Clara said a bitter farewell to her aquaintances, and took a train back to Smallville to clean out the house. As she emptied out her parents closet into a drab brown cardboard box, she discovered something strange, a small, blue, somewhat reflectant unitard! "W-What in Creation is this thing?" Clara said to herself, confused, then it hit her! "Yes... Yes! This must be the oufit I was wearing when I arrived on this planet..." Her thoughts then turned to her parents, and she, full of grief and rage attempted to tear the outfit apart! However, no matter how much of her super strength was applied to the clothing, it just wouldn't rip! Clara, confused, tried a different approach, she used her heat vision on the unitard to burn it! However, upon the heat beams emitting from her eyes making contact with the material, instead of bursting into flames, to Clara's astonishment, the clothing began to expand!

Finally, the outfit seemed to be as long as Clara's body was! Intrigued, Clara stripped and tried the outfit on. To her amazement, it fit like a glove! Clara tried a few of her old dance routines, surprisingly, the material wasn't too tight, although it did show off her ample assets a little too much for Clara's tastes, in fact so much so, that it seemed like a second skin! "I can't believe this! It's a perfect fit!" Clara rejoiced with a smile!

It was then that she came to a realization. "Wait a moment! This could be my crime fighting outfit!" she said, before thinking to herself, Hmm, but I'll need a few extra accesories. Plus, I'll need a disguise to wear, so I won't be recognized as the heroine.

After dressing, and taking a quick trip down to the store, Clara returned and added to the outfit, red swimming briefs with turquoise belt and a gold buckle, and red boots. Then, Clara had another idea, she went out in front of the barn and effortlessly dug up the rocket she had arrived in, and stripped off the velvet-like material in the interior, buiried it once more, returned to the house, and applied the lining to the neckline of the outfit with the best adhesive she could find, forming an elegant looking cape!

But now Clara felt the uniform needed one more finshing identification symbol, one the nation could recognize. She then had a glorious inspiration! She thought of her time in the university, her professor in theology talking about the concept of hightened beings "Supermen" and "Superwomen" Yes! That was it! "Superwoman!" Then, using the skills taught to her in art class, she painted a medium, inverted black shield-like triangle in the middle of the outfit's chest. She then outlined the shield in yellow, then, after the black had dried, she applied a large red "S" on top of it.

Clara once again disrobed and donned the outfit once more. Looking in front of the full length mirror she furrrowed her brows, placed her hands on her hips, and boldly thrust her chest out! Her large bosoms stuck out of the material, the tight six pack of her abdomen, her rather large, meaty biceps,and her firm, tightly toned thighs quite evident. "Yes! I truly look like a heroine!" Clara said confidently "I know that I'm able to do anything!"

After putting some clothing on over the outfit, a white dress shirt, a lime green necktie, a candy pink long hemmed skirt with a matching jacket, and flat, black leather shoes, she was satisfied that they completely concealed her costume. Now came the disguise. She decided to disguise her civilian identity rather than her heroine one, since she felt that a heroine needed to be more open to the public.

Remembering her ballet days, Clara did her hair up in a tight, yet somewhat fat bun behind her head, and some large, round, black framed, reading glasses that her mother had been perscribed several years ago. Given her super vision, however, Clara was able to see completely through them at all times! "Wow!" she exclaimed in surprise "I look like a completely different person!" After trying different poses in the mirror, to relieve tension, she made a face at herself.

It was at that time that Clara decided to give the city of Manhattan a try, as it seemed like a lot of newspaper buisiness happened there.

After withdrawing the rest of her money from the bank, saying her goodbyes to her neighbors and relations, Clara boarded a train at Smallville station, her two suitcases in hand, thinking to herself as she took her seat, I can't believe it! I'm actually going to begin my career fighting for truth and justice! Look out New York, here I come!


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