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In the Lair of the Wolves

Written by drmuttoncops2 :: [Monday, 21 March 2011 00:39] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 17 June 2015 15:01]

"Up in the sky,look!" "It's a bird!" "It's a plane!" "It's Superwoman!"

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! This amazing stranger from the planet Krypton! The Woman of Steel: Superwoman! Posessing remarkable physical strength, Superwoman fights a never ending battle for truth and justice! Disguised as a mild mannered newspaper reporter, Clara Kent!

The Tarnow rail station was largely empty, it was a lot of times at around 11:17pm. Only a few people dressed in their coats and dresses milled about, having bought their tickets, and were now waiting for the next train to arrive. Unbeknownst to them, however, in the station's luggage hall, light, barely audible clicking noises were emmitting from a plain black suitcase that had been seemingly carelessly left behind. Suddenly, with a final click and a snapping sound, the suitcase went up in a bright orange fireball! The combustion blew a large chunk of the station away in the blast, and as black smoke began billowing out among the screams and moans of the wounded, flaming debris began raining down on the disaster area as the smell of gunpowder mixed with iron rich blood filled the air.

The headline in a leading Polish newspaper read "Tarnow Station Bombed;U.S. Aid Expected." a sub-headline read "American Troops Headed For Germany".

In his large, palatial office, adorned with swastika flags, a large wall map, and a giant globe on a cradle. By the light of day streaming in through several oversized windows, Adolf Hitler read a meticulously detailed report. Joesef Goebbels, head of the Ministry of Propaganda, and Hitler's aide, Martin Bormann, stood in front of the dictator's massive wooden desk. A frighteningly realistic looking painting of Hitler that stood behind the real man seemed to glare down at them accusingly with an ice cold stare. Goebbels nervously shifted his weight from his left foot to his right. Barely visible sweat poured down his bony, narrow face.

After he finished checking every minute detail of the document, Hitler's eyes, behind a pair of black rimmed spectacles, cut up towards the two nervous men. "So" he began, his voice already seething with rasping anger. "these Americans are already headed towards the Fatherland?"

"Y-Yes, Mein Fuhrer. They are." Goebbels said, trying to keep a brave face. His timid stare betraying him.

"Well, then. Why isn't something BEING DONE ABOUT THIS?!" The fascist leader asked, his soft voice being raised to a furious shout, saliva flying from his mouth, onto the faces of his suffering subordinates.

"We are already taking action, Mein Fuhrer! We've got the roads into the country all guarded, and we're already mobilizing thousands upon thousands of heavy artillery." Bormann explained, holding up his index finger for emphasis, his body slightly shuddering.

"On top of that, our latest message to the people states that we shall be utterly victorious. They believe us, Mein Fuhrer!"
Goebbels said, as if he was trying to convince himself just as much as his tyrranical leader.

Hitler sat back in his comfortable leather padded chair. He was now calm and silent, his right eyebrow crooked with deep concentration. Finally, he spoke up in a calm, controlled voice. "What of our plans to invade Poland?"

"They're going ahead completely on schedule. We are set to put the false attack plan on the radio station into operation shortly." Bormann conferred, his moist palms clapsed tightly being his back.

Hitler was silent once again, staring grimly ahead at the two men, his mad eyes narrowed, before finally speaking. "And what of the Americans human weapon who defeated several of our agents, and stopped our attack on their country? This so called.." the dictator strained at the words about to leave his lips. "..Superwoman?"

Bormann and Goebbels exchanged a brief fleeting glance of terror, before looking back at their horrific leader.

"No need to worry, Mein Fuhrer. Our finest scientists are already working on a device that will bring this so called "Superwoman" to her knees." Goebbels announced, his voice still shivering somewhat.

"You had better be correct in your assumptions, for both of your sakes." Hitler said coldly to the men with a death stare, letting the words cut as deep as possible. Before ordering "Get Stalin on the phone at once!"

In Metropolis, New York, the atmosphere was as thick as the late summer humidity that encompassed it. Particularly at The Daily Planet building. Day by day, week by week the front pages were beginning to fill up with news of the unrest in Europe, and the U.S. troops shipping out for enemy territory. The attempted attack on Metropolis and now the current situation had the paranoia that usually follows war in the air.

In the Chief Editor Perry White's dark, cramped and smoke filled office, White, his face moist with perspiration, puffed away nervously at the stub of the cigar in the corner of his mouth, the unsavory scent of tobacco filling the air. Ace reporters Clara Kent, dressed in her usual pink coat and dress, and Louis Lane, attired in his blue suit, stood attentively before him.

With a deep sigh, Perry exhaled another white smoke cloud into the air, saying "Listen, before you two go out, are you really sure that you want to cover this?"

"Asolutely Chief. If it looks like war, we've got to find a way to put an end to it before it gets too serious. And if my hunch is right, and this station bombing buisiness was caused by the Nazi's, there's sure to be a conflict." Louis said assuredly.

"Same here, Chief. I feel that it's our responsibility to cover it." Clara conferred, a look of duty evident in the crystal blue eyes that sat behind the thick, round spectacles.

"Alight, get your passports in order and get ready to leave." Perry said, a weary tone in his voice.

"Right, Chief." Louis said briskly, donning his grey fedora, and beginning to open the door to the office.

"Wait a minute, both of you." Perry sternly ordered.

"Yes, Chief?" Louis asked as he and Clara turned back to face him.

"Be careful, both of you. These terrible Nazi characters mean buisiness." Perry gravely warned, his eyebrows raised in a rare sign of compassion.

"Don't worry, Chief, we'll be fine! We always are!" Louis said confidently with a smile, before again turning to leave.

[Thanks to Superwoman?] Clara added in her head before following him out the door.

While Clara and Louis' plane was en route to it's destination in Poland, the Nazi newspapaer Der Stürmer reported "Polish Militants Seize Radio Station;Broadcast Anti-German Message" a sub line read "The Fuhrer Calls For Action".

As soon as their plane landed, and the passangers disembarked, Clara and Louis could tell that there was something wrong. Various passengers were being herded into two lines, male and female, by the authorities, dressed in full police uniform.

As Louis was led into the men's line, he asked "Hey, hey! What's the big idea?!" in an angry voice.

The gentleman who was apparently the lead officer, a sullen looking man with short brown hair and a very lined face said in somewhat broken English "I'm terribly sorry, sir, but the Nazi's have just framed us for an attack on their country and the clouds of war are drawing near. Therefore, we cannot take any chances that they have hidden spies aboard this plane, so you will all be led into private office, where you will be bodily searched by one of our male officers or female employees. While you are being searched, your luggage will be inspected as well." in a very authoritive tone.

"This is an outrage! We aren't spies, we're Americans!" Louis exclaimed indignantly, Clara's face, however, remained resolute.

"Please, sir, do not make a scene." The Commanding Officer replied, before ordering "Now if you gentlemen will follow me, one by one in an orderly fashion.."

"This way, ladies. Follow me." A frumpy, middle aged woman with curly red hair in an airport worker's uniform, called to all of the females in one of the lines. As she filed down a bare, unpleasent looking hallway with the rest of the women, Clara was strangely calm for the fact that her identity might soon be exposed, her head held high, and her breathing steady and even.

Two hours later, it was over. Clara walked out of the office door and past the line of several other women waiting in line.
"NEXT!" The old woman called out hoarsely.

As Clara and Louis walked out of the airport with their luggage, Louis turned to Clara and said in a huffy voice "Well, look at Little Miss Clarybelle, looking as if nothing had happened."

Clara simply closed her eyes and shook her head slowly from side to side, saying "Louis, you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide."

About half an hour later, Clara entered her hotel room, a somewhat normally decorated affair with a low-level bed, and a square cedar dresser. Clara propped the larger of her two brown leather suitcases up on the bed, and opened it. "Good thing I was prepared." Clara sighed with relief. After removing all of her clothing from the case, she dug her fingernail into the stitching of the suitcases lining, and with only a small amount of pressure, dragged her fingernail across the entire lining,
pulled the fabric aside..and unfurled her neatly folded Superwoman costume from the suitcase's interior! "Now, let's see how things go." Clara said calmly to herself as she began to undress..

General Walther von Brauchitsch, a meaty looking man with vulture-like facial features, piled into a drab grey uniform stared at a team of eager, young  Luftwaffe pilots in a small, cramped stone room in front of a large map of Poland. "So, you have the details of your mission clear, gentlemen?" The General asked briskly and authoritively.

"Yes, Sir, Herr General!" The pilots said in an almost mechanical unison.

"Good." Brauchitsch replied with what seemed like a smile, before becoming stiff and humorless once more. "The Fuhrer has just relayed to me that the next stage of Operation Himmler is a success! The people believe that the Polish have attacked us first, and are behind us all the way!"

The men gave an appreciative nod.

"Now, to your planes, men! Soon, all of Poland shall be ours! Seig Heil!" The general commanded raising his arm in the Nazi salute.

"Seig Heil!" The pilots shouted, returning the salute, then rushing from the room towards their planes outside.

In the burnt remains of half of the Tarnow station, Louis stood talking to a conductor and several passengers, while Clara sifted through the rubble, snapping pictures with her camera, pausing after each one to insert a new flashbulb.

"So, could you please tell me how you avoided joining those poor civilians in their terrible fate?" Louis asked a pale, frightened looking conductor with short black hair and a pencil-thin moustache.

"I-I don't know, Sir. I t-think it had something to d-do with the fact that we were eight minutes late t-to the station." He stammered, as Louis jotted the information down on a notepad.

The Luftwaffe now had the city of Wieluń in their sights, the buildings now evident like a small toy village beneath them. With a sharp, sudden command from the pilot to the bombadier, the planes began releasing their deadly payload from the bomb bay doors!

At a distance, women hanging their clothes out to dry, some of their husbands just getting home from work, and children playing in the streets, suddenly froze, their mouths agape in shock, as the sight of a whole fleet of large, silver warbirds came soaring from off in the distance! Just as the people realized what was happening, the birds' large eggs dropped from underneath them, toward the ground below! As soon as the bombs made contact with the ground, the effect was immediate. The ground erupted with large, angry red, explosive fireballs! Sending cars, buildings, and even people flying through the air!

Immediately, Clara heard the chaos far away with her super hearing, and rose from her crouching posotion on the ground, thinking [I hear bombs falling off in the distance! I think the German's are attacking!] she adjusted her super vision in the direction of the sounds, only to see the Luftwaffes, clearly marked with swastikas, dropping bombs onto the city! Clara's brows furrowed as she thought to herself [This is a job for Superwoman!]. However, as she looked around, there was nowhere in the station she could run to where she wouldn't be seen, what with the investigation going on. Seeing an exit in the damaged part of the building, Clara noticed that no one was watching, then, moving faster than the speed of light, she zoomed out of the building and reached a secluded forest area, and in a flash, removed her glasses, jacket, shirt, and skirt, and undid her hair bun, kicked off her shoes and stood revealed as Superwoman! Superwoman wasted no time whatsoever in leaping into the air and streaking through the sky so fast, that an earsplitting silent boom followed!

The planes weren't even halfway across the city, when Superwoman zoomed towards the squadron's tails, using her remarkable strength, she effortlessly grabbed each of the planes by their tailfins, one by one, which jolted the pilots foreward in their seats, and knocked the crew members off their feet! Shouts of "Was war das?!" [What was that?!] and similar exclamations fell from the frightened Germans' mouths.

With all of the multiple-ton planes' tail fins in both of her hands, Superwoman clashed  all of the fins together and melded the  metal together into a ball of crushed steel with a loud squeak that sounded like razor blades on a chalkboard. Superwoman then immediatley flew the mutated looking contraption down to the ground and turned the combined planes upside down and with great vigor, shook them with such force, that the pilots snapped out of their restraints and smashed them through the cockpit! The rest of the crew followed. As Superwoman floated above them looking menacing, her arms crossed across her large bosoms, her brows furrowed, and a scowl on her luscious full lips, the men took one look at her and fell to their faces, shuddering and begging frightfully in German "Bitte, Superfrau, nicht töten uns! Wir sind nur auf Befehl! Erbarmen! Erbarmen!" [Please, Superwoman, don't kill us! We are only under orders! Mercy! Mercy!].

Superwoman understood the men, but she didn't bother to answer.

Suddenly, a large Polish military convoy arrived at the scene. Soldiers lept from trucks and aimed their rifles, ordering the Nazi's sharply in German "Stay down! Don't move!" Suddenly their attention was caught by the hovering Superwoman, their mouths hung wide, and their hearts skipped several beats before they aimed their weapons at her asking "Kim jesteś?! Przedstaw się!" [Who are you?! Identify yourself!]

Superwoman held her palm outstretched to them, responding calmly "Pokoju. Jestem Superwoman was może słyszał. Jestem po twojej stronie." [Peace. I am the Superwoman you may have heard of. I am on your side.]

As the men lowered their rifles, their eyes widened in shock. [Could this really be true?] they thought.

Suddenly, a low boom came to the attention of Superwoman's super hearing. After pinpointing it's location, she turned back to the Polish soldiers, saying "Przykro mi, ale muszę iść! Jeśli nie, będę wdzięczny, gdyby mógł Pan uczestniczyć ofiar, które przeżyły." [I'm sorry, but I must be going! If you could, I would appreciate it if you would attend to the surviving victims.] and then zooming off in a red and blue streak of light. Neither the Polish, nor German soldiers, still lying prostrate on the ground, could believe their eyes!

The skies over the Polish penninsula of Westerplatte were yellow and black with salvo fire and smoke from the German battleship, Schleswig-Holstein. Golden tongues of fire, as if from the mouth of a dragon, spat from the ship's guns, launching heavy artillery fire at the penninsula, blowing several large holes in the brick perimiter wall protecting the coast, and setting several oil warehouses ablaze. Just as Polish military were getting their bearings straight, they noticed a blue and red blur zipped across the sky toward the battleship.

Inside the ship, one cadet shouted to the Commanding Officer "Sir, unidentified flying object approaching the ship at a high velocity!"

"Fire! Fire!" The Officer immediately ordered. The ammunition was quickly loaded as the guns were aimed toward it, and then fired at the object.

Superwoman, soaring at the Schelswig, noticed the artillery shell flying straight at her, but pressed on, knowing it wouldn't affect her. Sure enough, when the shell struck her at it's maximum velocity, there was a large orange-red fireball in the sky, from which Superwoman instantly emerged without the speed or course of her flight being affected at all!

"Sir!" the cadet, staring out a window, yelled with fear "Object completely unaffected! Continuing toward us!"

"What?!" The Commander shouted, taking a pair of binoculars and staring through them. As soon as he had a clear picture of the object in sight, however, he jerked his head back in surprise! "Oh, No! It's Superwoman!" he exclaimed in fear.

Superwoman quickly zipped up to the ships guns, and quickly and easily tied the solid steel guns into knots as if they were
shoelaces! Without wasting a second, Superwoman then dove straight into the water.

Under the ocean, Superwoman took hold of the massive battleship's keel and jolted upwards, jettising the large warship into the sky above! To the naked eye viewing the spectacle, it appeared as if the ship was hovering in mid-air!

"Wh-What's happening?!" The Commanding Officer, his eyes bugging out, his face in a cold sweat, and his bady trying it's best not to fall over, asked his men, as the ship swayed side to side.

"I-I don't know, sir! I- I think w-we're airborne!" A Cadet replied, shivering and stuttering, his knees about to give way.

To the Polish troops' amazement, Superwoman flew with the gargantuan ship in her two upheld palms, and descended with it down to an unoccupied nearby section of the penninsula and then set it on the ground as gently as she could, to avoid causing the ground to shake too much. Despite her best efforts, the ship still managed to cause minor rumblings on the ground.

As the troops moved towards the ship, Superwoman turned her attention to the burning oil warehouses. Inhaling deeply, she exhaled through her pursed lips, causing an almost hurricane gale wind that put the fires out almost immediately!

As the soldiers arrived, they stopped in their tracks and looked upwards toward Superwoman, before cheering and applauding. Superwoman grinned at the young men, and gave a casual wave of the hand, before soaring off to look for anymore signs of German attcks she could prevent, as the Polish soldiers aimed their various weapons at the ship, and ordered the German's to surrender. Moments later, the sounds of muffled gunshots emitted from inside the ship. Several of the soldiers began to raise their rifles in defense. The head of the team held up his hand and said "Hold, men. They've just done themselves in."

Louis had just finished his interview with another witness of the train station explosion, Louis turned towards the rubble pile where Clara was, saying "Okay, Clara, let's.." then upon seeing Clara was nowhere in sight, he exclaimed "Clara! Clara, where are you?!" he then turned his attention to the well dressed, but nervous looking Conductor. "Sir," he asked quickly and nervously "have you seen my friend, the female reporter taking pictures over there?"

"I'm sorry, Sir, but I simply don't know. She was simply there one minute and gone the next." He explained with a shrug.

Louis sighed deeply and replied "This is becoming a routine for her."

Just then, a police officer with an uneasy demeanor walked up briskly to Louis and whispered "Sir, you are from the American Press, yes?"

"Y-Yes." Louis said somewhat hesitantly. "What's the problem?"

"I am afraid that you must come with me, Sir. We appear to be at war." The Officer said with a stone-faced expression.

"WHAT?!!! THE SUPERWOMAN?!" Hitler screamed at the top of his lungs, his eyes practically bugging out.

"Yes, Mein Fuhrer. She ruined all of the squadron single-handedly, and turned the men over to the Polish forces." Herman Goering, his rotund frame stuffed into his uniform with it's multiple medals adorning it's chest, holding his hat in his trembling hands. His heart racing with panic.

"Your men were captured...AND DID NOTHING TO FIGHT BACK?! YOU PITIFUL EXCUSE FOR A GENERAL!" Hitler yelled, rising from his desk and marching over to Goering, who began to wince, knowing what was coming. Sure enough, Hitler delivered a powerful backhandslap to the left side of his face, and then shouted directly at him "YOU AREN'T FIT TO WEAR THESE MEDALS!!" saliva spattering on Goering's cheeks and the bridge of his nose. Hitler the proceeded to quickly and uncerimoniously strip every single medal from Goering's uniform. He then called out "GUARDS!" At this, two guards immediately entered the room. "Take this man out of my presence and have him shot!" Hitler ordered.

"Yes, Mein Fuhrer." One guard answered.

"NO! NOOO! NOOOOO! PLEASE! PLEASE, MEIN FUHRER!" Goering called out as he was pulled out of the room.

Just then, Martin Bormann rushed into the room and said quickly and tensely "Mein Fuhrer, Americans have begun invading the coast, and the Superwoman has just run the Schleswig-Holstein ashore! All of the crewmen aboard are dead! We must evacuate to the bunker!"

"In good time, in good time, Bormann. We still have a great amount of defense on our side. Besides, we have the Soviets as well." Hitler said, confident of his own words, some sanity returning to his eyes. "It's not as if this Superwoman is indestructable, right?"

The ports in Keil were unusually quiet at night, especially this particular night. Two uniformed guardsmen stood on watch in their tower. Waiting, just waiting, for a ripple in the water to look  out of place, then the alert would be sounded and the pitiful Americans in their pathetic little boats would meet their end at the brunt end of some artillary fire. Suddenly, a faint, low buzzing noise came to their ears. "Karl? Do you hear that?" One guard asked the other.

Karl, a square jawed, butcher block bodied man, cocked his head to one side as if he were an inquisitive dog. "Yes, I think I hear a plane approaching."

Then, something sounding like a large swarm of giant angry bees filled the air!

"What the...?" Frederich, the other guard, a slightly well built young man with somewhat effiminate features excalimed, as several fighter planes suddenly appeared out of the large black sheet of the night sky, and converged upon the two men's location!

"THE ALARM! SOUND THE ALARM!!" Karl screamed. But it was much too late. The planes began dropping their destructive payloads right upon the shipyard and the guard tower, blowing them to pieces and incinirating all of the nearby men stationed there in angry orange clouds of flame, before advancing onward.

Just as this was happening, multiple German military vehicles and soldiers, armed to the teeth, were crossing the border between Germany and Poland. Polish forces were already on them, opening fire. The Nazi's quickly returned it however, striking several Polish soldiers immediately and killing them, causing most of the platoon to begin backing off. Large Panzer tanks rolled past the border, firing their guns, shuddering the earth and blasting apart the sides of several buildings at the same time. Acrid smoke now filled the air, and sirens wailed, matching the screams and moaning of the wounded, as the German forces continued to advance, the Commander of each flank, sensing victory, shouted "We've got them! Close in! Close in!"

As the authorities were attempting to get Louis back to the airport, he continued to object to them from the back seat of the police car "You don't understand! My friend is still missing! My things are still back at the Hotel!"

A well-weathered officer in the front seat said gruffly "No, Sir, YOU don't understand! This country is at war with a deadly force! As for your friend, we will find her if we can, but we can only assume the worst about her."

Louis looked out the window at the black smoke rising in the distance, thinking somberly to himself [Clara, please be alright.]

All of a sudden, several bullets pierced the vehicle's windshield with a shattering of glass! The car ran of the road and into a tree, smashing the hood in with the sickening sound of crunching metal. "Criminy!" Louis shouted out in fear. As Louis looked at the two officers in the front seat, he could tell by their blood smeared faces and frozen expressions that they were dead.

Several uniformed German soldiers approached the vehicle, they aimed their rifles at him and said in stilted English command "Hands up, American cockroach, you are now a Prisoner of the State!"

Louis begrudgingly complied, thinking desperately to himself [Superwoman, wherever you are, please help me!]

The German forces continued to advance into Poland from every angle, yet the Polish forces were not about to give up. They continued firing their rifles, tank and artillary guns in a flurry of fire at the Nazi offensive, yet the Germans were slowly but surely gaining the upper hand with their element of surprise and larger numbers.

In the capital of Warsaw, two of the German tank forces were just approaching the majestically large and wide Royal Castle. They aimed their long guns in it's direction, when suddenly, like a bolt of lightening, Superwoman appeared! Leaping in front of the mammoth machines, she grabbed the two tank guns with her hands, and, with barely any force at all, crushed them closed like aluminum tubes! Acting swiftly, Superwoman then lept atop the two tanks and easily pried the lids off of them both! Tossing them aside, she reached inside the tanks and grabbed both drivers and gunners by the collars of their shirts. As the men began screaming and kicking, Superwoman merely clashed their heads together, knocking them out cold. She then quickly removed the men's belts and used them to tie their arms to a high limb of a nearby tree. Superwoman then lept back into the air back towards the action.

Superwoman soared towards the Nazi soldiers advancing toward the Polish, who were slowly but surely backing up. Superwoman then began rapidly descending, feet first, towards the German invaders. The Nazi's noticed this and immediately began shouting "The Superwoman! Quickly! Open fire!" And the rest of the Germans aimed their rifles at her and began firing. The hot ammunition flung upwards like an inverted lead shower towards her, but the bullets merely bouned off the heroine's body like they harmless rubber balls!

As Superwoman landed in front of them, her hands on her hips, her chest thrust out, another large German tank aimed it's gun directly at her inviting chest, and fired! As soon as the shell hit her, the image of Superwoman was lost in the subsequent explosion and smoke. "We've got her, Men!" The Commanding Officer said to his men with a broad smile on his face. Various chuckles and congratulations were exchanged. The looks were quickly wiped off the men's faces, however, as Superwoman calmly and confidently strode out of the smoke and fire without a scratch. Superwoman then walked over to the tank that had shot at her and grabbed it's gun. Then, with a gentle tug, she ripped the gun, along with the entire front half of the vehicle clean off! This exposed the terrified gunner and driver inside, who held up their hands to shield themselves.

The Polish soldiers, seeing this, began to advance toward the Germans once again. Superwoman held the enourmous tank gun and turret in her hands like that of an irate wife with a rolling pin, addressing the men in their own tongue with a look of fury in her shimmering blue eyes "Die Herren sollten lieber jetzt aufgeben, falls Sie mit diesem weg gefegt werden wollen! [You gentlemen had better surrender right now, unless you want to be swept away with this!]" Without a word, the men dropped to their knees with their hands atop their heads and a frightened look on their faces.

Superwoman then turned to the Polish soldiers and said "Amerykanie powinni być pomoc Tobą. Muszę teraz iść, jak już ktoś znaleźć w tej chwili. [The Americans should be assisting you shortly. I must go now, as I have someone to find at the moment.]" Superwoman then tossed the turret aside like a used dishcloth and quickly took to the air, the soldiers on both sides looking on with amazement.

Louis, nude and strapped to a rickety wooden rack, had a black eye as he looked up at his captors, two nasty looking, meat faced officers with bad teeth, who grinned sadistically at him, having gone over him once already to their disgusting enjoyment. The three of them stood in a bare cement walled cell with dirt floors, which besides the rack, only contained a black shelf filled with various instruments of torture, which was only illuminated by a single naked bulb hanging from the ceiling by a flimsy piece of string. The nausiating smell of urine there was extremely prevalent.

"Okay, American reporter, we know that you are in league with the Poles, spying on our country!" One of the officers, a balding man with a pencil thin moustache and terrible halitosis screamed at Louis, pointing a thick index finger at him.

"I-I'm not! Go to B-Blazes!" Louis managed to stammer as he attempted to catch his breath.

"Very well! Remember, American scum, you asked for this!" The obtuse officer responded.

In the skies above the German countryside, Superwoman continued to adjust her super hearing, which was quite difficult, what with a large battle going on down below, but still, the Maiden of Might persevered, thinking to herself [Louis, where are you?]

As she continued to filter out the other sounds, of gunfire, shouts and screams of terror and pain, she had to restrain herself from going down towards the location to help, knowing that the Allied reinforcements would be there soon. Then, as the sounds of combat begin to fade, she heard a sadistic sounding accented voice saying "Well, then, let's see how this pesky American's ribs hold up to the whip, yes?"

Immediately, Superwoman's heart skipped a beat. [Louis! It's got to be him!] She thought. As she looked around, she spotted what appeared to be a square concrete shelter in the middle of the forest, using her x-ray vision in combination with her super vision, and spotted the terrifying scene of a bound and unclothed Louis preparing to be lashed by one of the two horrid Nazi officers. An indignant Superwoman then put her fists foreward and went into a sudden dive.

Just as the officer was leaning back, preparing to strike the first blow to Louis, and as the reporter cringed and braced for the cruel bite of the whip on his tender skin, The wall to the officer's backs suddenly burst apart in an explosion of concrete and dust! After the initial shock, all three of the men stared at the settling dust in horror. "We've been ambushed by the enemy!" One of the officers, a mildly stocky man with a brown crewcut shouted.

The dust dissapated, revealing the slender, yet muscular body of the Woman of Steel! "Oh, No! It's Superwoman!!" The other officer shouted in terror.

"M-My hero! Thank God you're here!" Louis did his best to exclaim with joy, despite being exhausted.

Immediately upon seeing him, the man she loved, in such a dire situation, Superwoman wanted to rush over to him and embrace him, to tell him that it would be alright, that she loved him dearly, but she knew she couldn't, her duty as a heroine in this time of turmoil must come first! She was quickly upon the two men, grabbing them by their collars and lifting them high in the air. "Where is Hitler?! Tell me!" She angrily barked at the two men.

"We'll never tell you, caped whore! We'll never betray our Fuhrer!" The older of the two men stubbornly spat.

Then suddenly, both men's eyes glazed over and they went limp in Superwoman's hands. The scent of bitter almonds came to her nostrils as she realized to herself [Cyanide! They must've swallowed some while I was focused on Louis.]

Superwoman then carelessly tossed the men's bodies aside and swept over to Louis, easily snapping the rope bonds off of his limbs. "Don't worry Louis, I'm here now." The Maiden of Might said reassuringly as she helped the bruised reporter to his feet.

"I know. Thank you, Superwoman. I love you." Louis said faintly, managing a smile.

Superwoman blushed intensely, her heart began pounding at a rapid pace. But again, she knew she must be proffessional about this. She maternally smiled back, and then, remembering her partner's indecency, she noticed his clothes in an untidy heap beside the rack. She quickly handed them back to him, still blushing, her eyes closed, as she said "You'd better put these on." then briskly spun around.

Louis was confused, but he did as she said, clothing himself as tidily as possible. When he was done and had said so, Superwoman turned back around, taking Louis in her arms, she ran towards the busted out wall, then once outdoors, lept into the sky above.

Once back at the Polish airport where they had entered the country, Superwoman dropped Louis off at the entrance, saying "As soon as this mess is taken care of, they should be sending your luggage to you. I'm sure this airport is still operating, getting people out of the country. I'll see you back in the States, Louis." she then turned to leave, but Louis stopped her.

"Wait, Superwoman! I came here with my friend Clara! What about her?!" He said, exasperated.

Superwoman's eyes widened in surprise [Me! He actually cares about me!!] she thought ecstatically, before composing herself and smiling warmly "I just took care of her, Louis. She's nice and safe." She explained, before becoming serious again and saying "Now if you'll excuse me, I have an important appointment with a dictator!" before rocketing upwards from the ground and heading back towards Germany.

As Superwoman glided through Berlin, she was amazed at how quickly the Americans had responded. Bomb craters littered the ground, smoke and fire poured from damaged buildings, tanks and soldiers battled each other in the streets, Air Force planes soaring overhead.Superwoman tried to put the distressing sights and sounds out of her mind. She then looked foreward with her supervision towards a smoldering, yet regal looking building, and thought to herself [That must be the Chancellery!]. Adjusting her super hearing to filter out the sounds of combat, and focusing on the building itself, she could hear the muffled sound of a man speaking.

She amplified the sounds and now heard the man clearly speaking in German. ".. Sowjets helfen uns, sondern Mein Führer, sind diese Amerikaner treffen uns mit allem, was sie haben! [..Soviets are assisting us, but Mien Fuhrer, these Americans are hitting us with everything they have!]"

This was followed by a furious voice that obviously belonged to Hitler, shouting "Nur für den Augenblick, Bormann! Wir werden über sie erheben! Unsere Zahlen sind viel größer! [Only for the moment, Bormann! We shall rise above them! Our numbers are far greater!]"

Deep in the concrete bowels of the Führerbunker, a Senior Officer rushed into the small room Hitler and Bormann were standing in, yelling urgently "Mein Fuhrer! Lookouts have just spotted the Superwoman headed for the Chancellery!"

Hitler's eyes widened in surprise, before they narrowed. With a great boom in his voice, he shouted "Tell the engineers to man the Sonic Intensifier! We'll show that costumed strumpet who shall reign till the end!"

As Superwoman neared the Chancellery, A section of the roof slid to the side, and a rather large, silver, cyllindrical laser
gun with a large speaker attached to it's oversized barrel sprang out, attached to a long silver pole. Superwoman, however, didn't let the sudden appearence of the device frighten her. Instead, she increased her speed!

In the darkened control room, two technicians stood over a glowing operating board. At the command "Fire!" from one, the other pressed a button on the board.

A strange, purplish beam of light, followed by a deafening roar emitted from the large gun, shattering windows all around the city, and temporarily causing all soldiers and civilians on the battlefield to fall to their knees covering their ears and groaning in agony. The sound didn't affect Superwoman one bit, but as soon as the beam hit her, she felt the strange sensation of being pushed back, as  a great amount of resistance was being applied to her. However, she quickly deduced in her mind [Hmm, looks like I'll have to resist this resistance.]. Then, after assuming a standing position in mid-air she drew as deep a breath as she possibly could and opened her mouth, letting out a high pitched, extremely piercing scream that caused so much noise that it immediately fried the laser gun's circuits, sparks and smoke poured out of it, as the interior immediately caught fire.

As Superwoman's sonic scream continued, the technicians grabbed their ears in pain as their control board began to sizzle and pop with surges of electricity. Even in the bunker far below, Hitler was screaming above the noise as dust rained down on his head. "What is that infernal racket?!!"

"I think it is the Superwoman, Mein Fuhrer!" Bormann shouted back.

As soon as Superwoman was satisfied that she had both the weapon neutrilized and the enemy reeling, she stopped screaming, and headed right for the Chancellery like a Kamikaze pilot! She burst through the buiding's wall, then executed a jacknife right down the floor, through several layers of concrete, and right into the Führerbunker!

In the explosion of impact and the large cloud of dust, everyone was disoriented. There were shouts of "What was that?!" and "What's going on?!"

Using her Super Vision, Superwoman saw straight through the dust, and straight at a reeling Hitler, who was kneeling on the floor, coughing into his fist. As Superwoman stepped through the cloud and straight at the dictator, he caught sight of her and his eyes grew as wide as saucers! "MEN!! MEN!! ATTENTION! THE SUPERWOMAN IS HERE! DON'T LET THE SLUT TOUCH ME!!" he shrieked at the top of his voice. Immediately, several of Hitler's officers drew their sidearms and began firing! Superwoman didn't even bother to turn around as the deadly lead bullets bounced off her back like useless wads of paper. So several of the men, including Bormann and Goebbels lunged at her, snarling like mad dogs! However, Superwoman merely gave the men a simple push, which slammed them against a far wall, knocking them out cold, and leaving little cracks in the concrete! Superwoman then grabbed Hitler by the lapels and lifted him off of the ground, staring into his frightened eyes, saying coldly "Zu sagen, dass du in Schwierigkeiten bist, ist eine Untertreibung. Also lass uns einfach gehen abholen kleinen Freund Stalins, sollen wir? [To say that you are in trouble is an understatement. So let's just go pick up your little friend Stalin, shall we?]" Without waiting for a reply from the petrified fascist, Superwoman rocketed upwards through the hole she had made, toting the kicking and screaming dictator behind her.

In his office in the grand, yellow Yusupov Palace, Joseph Stalin sat puffing away at a cigarette, reading a briefing. He had to admit that this "Superwoman" buisiness had him concerned, although he knew that his friends in Germany would destroy her. After all, surely one lone woman couldn't take down an entire superpower. Suddenly, a uniformed officer burst into the room!
"Lieutenant, what is the meaning of this?!" Stalin asked.

The Lieutenant saluted briskly and said in a quick, rushed voice "My apologies, Comrade General Secretary, but there is an unidentified flying object moving at a high rate of speed that seems to be headed right for the Palace! I think we had better move you to a safe location!"

"What?! An unidentified flying obj-" The words were scarcely past Stalin's lips and moustache when all of a sudden, Superwoman, carrying Hitler's body smashed in through the window! "THE SUPERWOMAN! KILL HER LIEUTENANT!! KILL HER!!" Stalin exclaimed. However, just as quickly as the Lieutenant drew his pistol, Superwoman, using only her free hand, immediately crushed it and punched him square in the face, sending him right through a wall, Superwoman then quickly grabbed a fleeing Stalin by the back of his collar and dragged him towards the smashed in window, stating cheerfully "Come on, Boys, we've got a date in Geneva!" as if she was taking them on a picnic. Superwoman then took a mighty leap out the window, both men held weightlessly in the crooks of her arms.

In Geneva, at the entrance to the League of Nations building, Superwoman landed and uncerimoniously dropped Hitler and Stalin off at the door, before taking off into the sky again. Almost immediately, several guards emerged from the building and aimed their rifles at the men, commanding "Don't move! You're under arrest!" The two men cast angry glances at each other, before resignedly raising their hands.

The next day, newspapers around the world and America proclaimed the headlines: "WAR ENDS AS SOON AS IT BEGINS!" "MYSTERIOUS FLYING SUPERWOMAN CAPTURES DICTATORS, ITALY AND JAPAN SURRENDER IN FEAR!" "TURMOIL OVER! HITLER AND STALIN RECIEVE STIFF LIFE SENTENCES" and the Planet's headline read "PEACE IN EUROPE RESTORED, THANKS TO SUPERWOMAN AND ALLIES" the byline read "Story by Louis Lane" a sub line read "President Roosevelt to Honor Superwoman; Heroine Nowhere To Be Found".

As Louis sat back in his chair, reading his work with his one good eye, there was a sharp knock at his door "Come in." he answered.

The door flung open, and Clara, carrying a boquet of roses rushed over to Louis and embraced him, reminding herself not to squeeze too hard, exclaiming joyfully "Louis! Thank God you're alive!" and giving him a quick peck on the cheek, leaving some of her lipstick behind.

Louis just looked wide-eyed at Clara and said dumbfoundedly "Uh, Good to see you too, Clarybelle.."

Clara looked into Louis' eyes and smiled "I'm just happy that you're alright. I was so worried. War is such a terrible thing." she said in a relieved voice, before handing the bouquet to him. "I bought these especially for you."

A warm smile then crossed Louis' face and he said "Thanks, Clara. I'm glad you're all right too. You're a real good friend. To tell you the truth, I didn't think I'd see you again either." putting his arm around Clara's shoulder.

Clara just smirked and said "Hey, give me a little credit, will you." She then let out a deep sigh, saying in a relieved voice "Wow, I'm sure glad that that whole war buisiness is over."

"Right, Clara! Thanks to Superwoman!" Louis added.

Clara turns to us, smiles heroically, pulls down her glasses and winks.


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