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The Celebutante

Written by Gincognifo :: [Thursday, 21 May 2009 05:00] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 01 April 2021 20:25]

The Celebutante

by GeekSeven

Written for SWM Story Workshop 1.12

Author’s Note: This story contains violent scenes.

Part One: “Transformed”


  • U.S. Government declares bankruptcy.

  • China invades Taiwan.

  • NASA says asteroid will hit Earth in two weeks.


“Back to the main story we’re following today: it is now day three of the Kenzie Roman kidnap saga. The nubile 22 year-old heiress to the Roman fortune and star of the hit reality shows “Rich Girl / Poor Girl” and “Beverly Hills Bitch” was abducted outside the popular L.A. Nightclub ‘Darq’ on Friday night. Her entourage are still recovering in the hospital from exposure to an unknown gas that left them unconscious while Kenzie was being snatched.”

“Rival reality star Fatima Fitzgerald has dismissed the kidnapping as a hoax designed to boost Kenzie Roman’s flagging career. Ms. Fitzgerald was later seen stepping out at the buzz worthy New York hot spot ‘Nth Degree’ with Kenzie Roman’s ex-boyfriend, Marcel DuQuesne.”

“Kenzie Roman’s parents held a press conference this morning during which an emotional Mrs. Roman and a stolid Mr. Roman demanded that the kidnappers return their daughter. They said that they are willing to pay up to a million dollars for the safe return of Kenzie Roman and not a penny more.”

“Joining me now is our Celebrity Crime Analyst, Jackson McCarthy. Jackson, it has been three days and still no ransom demand or any other communication from the kidnappers. What analysis can you add to this lack of news?”

“Well Peter, they say that ‘no news is good news’, but I don’t think that truism applies in this case. If the kidnappers were interested in money, they would have made a ransom demand. It is much more likely that Kenzie Roman is now in a state of total or partial dismemberment. This digital reconstruction shows what she would look like with no arms or legs.”

“That’s a pretty ugly picture. Thank you, Jackson. We now go live to Los Angeles, where devoted fans of Ms. Roman are holding a vigil outside the nightclub where she was abducted. One of them describes herself as Kenzie Roman’s biggest fan and says that the reality star came to her in a vision...”


The short, greasy-haired man in camouflage pants and black T-Shirt turned the television off with barely restrained anger. “Idiots!” he snarled.

“Oh! My! God!” screamed Kenzie Roman. “Did you hear that bitch, Fatima? I hate her so much. She’s just jealous of me because I don’t have to work for a living like a common whore, which is what she totally is. By! The! Way!”

The plain-faced man turned to face her. “They have no news, but they still talk about you all the time. You see how devoted people are to you.”

“Whatever. I’m young, white and fabulous. They just wish you’d kidnapped me on a tropical island. God. My ‘entourage’ are such a bunch of whiners. It took me, like, I don’t know, an hour to get over your stupid gas.”

“They are unworthy of you. You should be surrounded by people who love you as much as I do. I’m your number one fan. I don’t care what stupid vision girl says.”

“You’re a loser!” said Kenzie. “You’re my number one psycho stalker loser!”

Kenzie’s abductor came closer to the large cage that he had built for Kenzie and shook his  head. His face was sad and pensive. “I’m not a loser, Kenzie. I’m the only one who truly loves you. When I have given you the gift of transformation, you will love me too.”

Kenzie grabbed the bars of her cage and screamed at him. “I will never love you! God! What a retard. What are you going to ‘transform’ me into? Is this, like, a ‘Silence of the Lambs’ thing? Are you going to totally, like, skin me and turn me into a coat, like a total loser would?”

“Of course not, my sweet. I would never harm you. When I am finished, you will become a goddess. The world will be your oyster, full of infinite possibilities.”

Kenzie huffed and shook her head. “The world is already my oyster, moron-boy! I’m young, white, fabulous and did I mention rich? I can do whatever I want, whenever I want!”

Her kidnapper laughed softly. “Really, Kenzie? Can you fly? Can you carry an 18-wheeler on your back? Can you walk through the heart of an inferno and feel nothing but gentle warmth?”

Kenzie sneered at him. “Of course not, dumbo. Ugh! Why did you have to be loony tunes? Why couldn’t you just want money from my parents? Who, By! The! Way!, are totally cheapskates. A million dollars? Puh-lease! Listen, stupid-head, all of those things are impossible.”

He shook his head. “Mot impossible, just very, very unlikely. Do you like the dress I made for you?”

Kenzie was taken aback by the abrupt change of topic. She looked over the dress that her kidnapper had put her into while she was unconscious. “I don’t know. It’s OK, I guess. It feels weird and it’s a total rip-off of the one I wore when I was a judge on that stupid fashion reality show.” It was a gold, halter-top mini-dress that showed plenty of leg, cleavage and side-boob. There was no way to wear a bra under it, but that was OK, because her boobs were the best that money could buy and did not sag like real ones did.

Her kidnapper smiled. “That was the only episode of that show I ever watched. You were brilliant.”

“I know,” said Kenzie, “I’m always brilliant. That’s what I do, retard!”

“The dress feels funny because the material is infused with carbon nano-fibres. It’s as hard as diamond, but flows like silk. It is almost indestructible. You’re going to need it.”

Kenzie rolled her eyes and did not respond. She took a moment to look at herself in the mirror that her abductor had placed in her cage. She had to admit that she still looked good, even three days since her last shower. She was medium height, with a slim figure and nice sized, surgically-enhanced breasts. Even after plastic surgery had smoothed out her inherited Roman nose, the beauty of her face was severe and fell naturally into a look of bored disdain that brought certain men to their knees. She could no longer recall her natural hair color, but right now her hair was a rich strawberry blonde that cost about $10,000 a week to maintain.

“How are you feeling, my love?” asked her abductor. “Do you have any discomfort?”

Kenzie rubbed a spot on her arm where he had injected her with something while she was unconscious. “I still have that weird tingling inside me. It’s spread from the arm into the rest of me. What did you do to me, freak?”

The man laughed. “I injected you with nanites – tiny, self-replicating machines. When they reach a critical mass in your blood stream, which will happen soon, they will begin reconstructing your body using superior materials. You may feel a slight prickling sensation.”

“Self-replicating... what the fuck are you talking about?” shouted Kenzie. “I swear I am going to... ARGGGH!” Her tirade was interrupted by the worst pain Kenzie had ever experienced. It flooded through her body as if every part of her was being torn to pieces.

The man frowned. “It appears I may have underestimated the level of discomfort. Be brave, my love. Soon it will pass and you will never feel pain again.”

“Oh god!” screamed Kenzie. “This is it. You’re going to kill me. Just shoot me, please! I can’t take this any more.” The pain intensified and Kenzie could no longer talk, she just screamed and screamed until her throat was hoarse.

Her body seemed to disintegrate into a diffuse cloud of particles, then it solidified again. As her body came back together, the pain faded. She was surprised that she felt no ill effects from her ordeal. In fact, she felt great! Then she noticed that her kidnapper was pointing a gun at her chest.

“Oh my god!” she said. “I didn’t mean it! Don’t shoot me!”

The man ignored her. He pulled the trigger; the sound of the handgun firing in the small basement room was deafening. Kenzie flinched automatically and braced for the impact of the bullet. There was a light “ping” sound as the bullet hit the floor, having hit an immovable object that had sapped it of all momentum. It took Kenzie a moment to realize that the immovable object was her. The bullet had struck between her breasts, but had not penetrated her skin.

“You see?” said the man. “I made you bulletproof.”

Kenzie examined herself. At first glance it seemed that nothing had changed: she was still a skinny white girl with fabulous breasts. When she looked closer, she started to see differences. Her skin was perfect and radiant; the few flaws that she had not gotten around to fixing surgically had vanished, like the mole on her ankle, or the dry patch on her elbow. She was still thin, but her body now had a healthier, toned look to it. She looked she did in her photographs after they had been through Photoshop. Her boobs were now beyond fabulous; they were a little larger, but so firm and perfectly shaped that she was totally blown away. Those nanites did good work.

“Was that, like, a total trick?” asked Kenzie. “Like a magic trick?”

“Oh no, my perfect Kenzie, it was no trick. I have transformed you into the goddess you were always meant to be. Come to me and show me your gratitude.” He gestured for her to come towards him.

“Are you going to let me out?” asked Kenzie. “Because there are totally steel bars in my way, moron!”

The man smiled widely. “Then bend them, Kenzie! No mere metal can contain your power!”

“Whatever!” retorted Kenzie. Not believing anything the man said, she grabbed two of the inch-thick steel bars with her slender hands and made a show of trying to pull them apart. Except that it was no show; the thick metal bars snapped apart like twigs. “Um. What?” she said, confused.

Kenzie quickly made a hole in the cage that had been her home for the last three days. She had tested the bars dozens of times during her captivity and until now they had always been as strong as they looked. Now they were like jello in her hands. She did not even have to strain to pull the thick metal bars out of the concrete they were embedded in.

“What the hell is this?” she demanded. She advanced on her erstwhile captor with a determined stride.

“I told you, Kenzie: I have made you a goddess. You have immeasurable strength, you are invulnerable and you can fly. You may have a hundred other powers that you will discover in time; I don’t know for sure. Now can you see that I am worthy of your love?”

Kenzie was stunned. She immediately started thinking through the consequences. People thought that she was just a stupid, incredibly pretty, rich bitch; but there was a calculated cunning behind it all that was devoted to making sure that she got everything she deserved, which was anything she wanted, as far as she was concerned. “Does anybody else know about these nanites of yours?” she asked.

The man shook his head. “Oh no! They’re all my own work. Light years ahead of anything that anybody else is doing.”

Kenzie reached out and placed a hand on either side of his head. “That’s good to know,” she said. She twisted his head with her new-found strength, excited by how easy it was to snap his neck. She released her grip and let his lifeless body drop to the ground. “I wouldn’t want any other goddesses getting in my way, would I?”

She took a look around the basement where she had been kept for three days. Apart from her broken cage, the space was strewn with od equipment, boxes overflowing with old magazines and various other bric-a-brac. She eventually found what she was looking for: a container of paint thinner and an old cigarette lighter. She threw the boxes of magazines around the room, lifting the bulky containers as if they were no heavier than small boxes of tissues. When she was satisfied that there was enough fuel, she sprayed the paint thinner over the nearest pile of magazines and lit them with the lighter. The fire caught much quicker than Kenzie had expected and the basement was soon engulfed in flames. She was relieved to discover that she was as invulnerable to flames, heat, and smoke she was to bullets.

Her idiot kidnapper had said that she would be able to fly, but she had no idea how. Kenzie wondered if she should have kept him alive long enough to tell her how to use her new powers, but she dismissed the thought. She had made quick calculations and impulsive decisions all of her life and it always worked out fine in the end. Although, being born rich and beautiful had been a big help with that.

She tried to figure out how flying was supposed to work. She tried clenching her butt, reaching up with her hands and wiggling her toes; all to no effect. The inside of the basement was now an inferno, but it didn’t bother Kenzie in the slightest. Her special dress seemed to be holding up fine as well.

She jumped up, but failed to compensate for her increased strength; she was surprised to find that she soared upwards at incredible speed. She smashed through the ceiling of the basement, then through the structure of the house above, and then high up into the sky.

When she was a few hundred feet up, her upward motion ceased and she started to fall back to Earth. She took a look at the surrounding landscape to try and figure out where she was. Her kidnapper had brought her to a plain ranch house in the desert; the nearest town looked to be about ten miles away. She fell, faster and faster, trying all the time to figure out a way to turn her uncontrolled plummet into graceful flight.

She smashed feet first into the ground at great velocity. When the dust settled she found that her legs were buried in the ground almost to the top of her thighs. She pulled herself out of the hole with ease and dusted herself off. She was in the yard of her kidnapper’s house, which was now completely ablaze.

“That should take care of kidnap boy’s research,” she said to herself. She looked down to see how dirty her feet were and noticed something strange about them: they weren’t touching the ground. “Huh,” she said, “I’m totally flying.” She concentrated on the sensation and started to figure out how it worked.

Kenzie decided that it was time to return to Los Angeles. She made her way to the nearest road and started walking in the direction of the town she had seen when she had been high up. As she walked, she started to wonder how fast she could run. The only running she had ever done was on a treadmill, but she understood the general principle. She started out with a light jog and was gratified to find that she was not winded at all. She increased her speed to a fast run, then to a sprint. Soon she was running faster than a German sports car on the autobahn and she was not even close to topping out. She was barefoot, but her perfectly pedicured feet felt nothing from hitting the rough terrain of the back road with the force of a hundred jackhammers.

As Kenzie approached the outskirts of the town, she eased back and resumed walking at a normal pace. She let herself stagger and fall into the dusty road, then she picked herself up and made for a nearby gas station. She swung the door open, taking care not to tear it from its hinges.

“Help me! Help me, please! I was kidnapped, but I escaped somehow,” she said in a weak, tremulous voice. She let herself collapse onto the floor and the gas station attendant ran over to help her.

“Grace! Come quick! It’s that rich girl from the TV!” he shouted.

Kenzie let them think she was helpless and exhausted from her ordeal, all the time planning the things that she would do with her powers when she got back to civilization. There was going to be a lot of revenge to go around.

Part Two: “Negotiations”


  • U.S. Sells Maine to Canada.

  • China threatens India with nuclear attack.

  • NASA says second asteroid on collision course with Earth.


“Back to our main story. The kidnap ordeal of celebrity heiress and reality show star Kenzie Roman is over, after a daring escape and a mysterious fire which claimed the life of her captor. She celebrated her freedom by dancing the night away at several Los Angeles nightspots. According to several accounts, nobody could keep up with her lust for life and dancing. Several of her dance partners were hospitalized for dehydration.”

“Rival reality star Fatima Fitzgerald repeated her claim that Roman had faked her abduction, saying that Kenzie probably took the time to have work done on her ‘saggy boobs.’”

“With respect to Ms. Fitzgerald, Kenzie’s boobs have always looked just fine to me and they look spectacular now!”

“Kenzie is rumored to be negotiating to sell the rights for a movie based on her ordeal; a movie that she plans to star in herself.”


Matthias Stoddard, veteran studio executive, started laughing when Kenzie laid out the terms of her participation in ‘Snatched: The Kenzie Roman Story’.

“With all due respect, sweet-cheeks,” he said, “you’re a reality TV star and not a terribly good one. I wouldn’t pay that much for Julia Roberts and I’m certainly not going to pay that much for you!”

Kenzie shook her head. “I’m really going to have to totally insist. I’m planning on being the biggest star on Earth, in every possible, you know, genre. Being the biggest movie star means getting the biggest paycheck.”

Matthias just laughed harder. “Good luck with that! You going to become a pop star and write a book as well?”

Kenzie was not laughing. She looked directly into the man’s eyes with her steely blue gaze. “Yes I am. I’m going to be everywhere and nobody can stop me, certainly not a balding, pudgy piece of crap like you.”

“That’s it! I don’t care how rich your Daddy is, or how famous for being famous you are: get out of my office!” shouted Matthias.

Kenzie rose from her chair and reached over his desk. She grabbed his wrist with her left hand and clamped down hard. The look of shock in Stoddards’s face showed that he really was not expecting her to have a grip like a steel vice.

She spoke slowly, emphasizing every word. “Never talk to me like that again.”

“Or what, sweet cheeks? You going to go running to Daddy?” sneered Matthias.

Kenzie smiled an unnerving smile. “No. If you don’t do exactly what I say, then I will also remove your other hand.”

The corpulent producer looked confused. “What do you mean, ‘my other hand’?” He looked down to where Kenzie was gripping his wrist with unbelievable strength.

“There’s nothing you can do to stop me taking the first one,” said Kenzie.

She slowly closed her grip around the man’s wrist; he screamed. Kenzie jammed her other hand into his mouth to block his cries of pain. As his wrist disintegrated under her relentless grip, tears ran down his face. She reached the bones in his wrist with her narrowing grasp and they crumbled easily. When she finally closed her fingers around his wrist, his hand fell onto the desk and blood spurted out of the stump that remained. Kenzie slammed the palm of her hand down hard onto the man’s severed hand and watched with a smile on her face as pieces of it decorated the walls of his office.

“I can stop the bleeding,” she said, “but you have to promise not to scream. If I hear one little squeak out of you, I’ll watch you bleed to death and I’ll make a deal with your replacement instead. Nod if you understand.”

Matthias nodded frantically. Kenzie pulled her right hand out of his mouth. She could tell that it was taking enormous effort on his part to keep from screaming his lungs out. She picked up a letter opener from the man’s desk. Rubbing it quickly between the palms of her hands, she brought the metal implement to red-hot temperature in a few seconds. She ran the hot metal over the bloody stump of his hand until the wound was cauterized. From the look on his face, the pain must have been intense.

“Now then,” said Kenzie, “are you ready to make me a star, or do I have to, like, start working on your other hand?”


Across town, she found a music executive who was only marginally more cooperative.

“An album, Kenzie? I love it!” he enthused. “You’re young, hot and rich. The image sells itself. I’ll set it up.”

Kenzie smiled. “I am going to need the best producers, songwriters, music video directors and a major marketing push. Also, I’ll need totally better terms than you give to your other artists.”

The executive shook his head, sadly. “Kenzie, Kenzie, Kenzie! I can only give you so much. You’re hot, but you’re not super-hot, you know?”

Kenzie laughed. “I think you’ll find I’m, like, super-everything these days.” She rose from her chair and advanced on the man with a menacing gleam in her eyes.

When she left his office, the music executive was missing his wisdom teeth, but had agreed to a very generous 4-album deal that would be backed by the full weight of his company, on literal pain of death.


By the end of her first week back in Los Angeles, Kenzie had launched her movie career and her singing career; she had a book deal; she would be on the cover of almost every magazine coming out in the next year; and she had three new television shows in development. Luckily she did not need to sleep and had endless reserves of energy, so she was able to keep up with all of her commitments quite easily. She had left a string of maimed executives in her wake and each of them knew that it would be in their own best interests to keep quiet about what she had done to them.

To celebrate, she went to her favorite nightclub with her ever-increasing entourage of sycophants, yes-men and personal servants. She turned it into her own private dance club, only allowing her friends and a few of the yummiest men to participate.

She was having trouble with her ordinary clothes bursting apart, unable to contain her super powerful body. In the course of two hours of frantic dancing that left her companions exhausted, she ruined six different outfits. The biggest problem was with her breasts. Her nipples were now harder than diamonds and when she got excited, they grew and firmed up even more. Whenever she moved or stretched, they would tear apart whatever she was wearing. She could delay the inevitable a little while by gluing a pair of small metal discs over her nipples with extra-strong duct tape, but eventually the metal would give way under the incredible pressure of her breasts and her outfit would tear again.

The only outfit that could keep up with her was the gold mini-dress that her captor had made for her, but she was damned if she was going to wear one outfit all the time. She was going to have to find more clothes that were invulnerable.

At the end of the evening, she grabbed the two best-looking boys who had not yet collapsed into puddles of sweat from trying to keep up with her. They struggled briefly, but she clamped her steely hands around their wrists and marched them outside to her limo.

When she had brought them back to her mansion in Beverly Hills, she treated them to a night of passion that they would have remembered for the rest of their lives, had they survived the experience.

Part Three: “Unrivaled”


  • GOP proposes tax cuts to avert asteroid impact.

  • Russia and Japan invade Northern China.

  • NASA says Earth is “fucked”


“Our main story tonight: it’s KenzieMania! The young celebrity heiress is bursting out of her reality TV bubble and is taking over the world of pop culture. She has inked deals to star in several high-profile movies, is working with top producer “Z” on an album and will publish her autobiography in the summer. Word is that she will also be cover girl for the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. It seems like there’s nothing this young woman cannot do and everybody is falling in love with Kenzie!”

“In Fatima Fitzgerald news, the curvaceous young reality star dashed rumors that she and former Kenzie Roman boyfriend Marcel DuQuesne are engaged. She said that Mr. Marcel’s experience with Kenzie Roman has left him so emotionally scarred, that he may never be capable of trust again.”

“Kenzie Roman released a statement through her publicist saying that she was saddened by Fatima Fitzgerald’s comments, adding that she has always respected Ms. Fitzgerald for having achieved so much in spite of her weight problems, low intelligence and poor breeding.”


Kenzie Roman flew carefully over the Sierra Nevada mountains towards her family’s secluded holiday “cabin” (which was 10,000 square feet and contained every luxury imaginable). She was starting to really get the hang of flying. The secret was more about letting go of gravity than actively trying to fly; she did not think she would be able to explain the process to anyone who could not themselves fly.

She was wearing her normal workout gear, which was prone to bursting apart at the seams when she did anything too “super”. The only clothing that could contain her powerful body was the special dress that her kidnapper had made for her. Getting her hands on a wardrobe of indestructible clothes was now her number one priority; well, number one after making that bitch Fatima pay for the nasty things she had said about Kenzie in the media.

When she reached the cabin, she stripped off her battered clothing and took a luxurious shower; she cranked the heat up all the way past the point that would have seriously scalded a normal human, filling the bathroom with steam. When she was done, she changed into her indestructible mini-dress. Her hair naturally fell into place and her skin was now so flawless that she did not need makeup. She considered putting on lipstick, but decided against it. She selected a pair of heels from her massive shoe collection. They would be crushed before the night was out, but she didn’t want to start out barefoot. She pulled on a pair of white silk gloves, taking care not to tear the fragile material with her steely fingers.

When she was satisfied that she looked fabulous, she walked out onto the enormous wraparound deck and jumped into the sky, quickly ascending to a height far above the flightpath of any commercial airliners. The thin air didn’t bother her: she no longer needed oxygen and her invulnerable body was untroubled by cold or low pressure.

Fatima was in New York and Kenzie was in California. Navigating cross-country was something she had never had to do by herself. She decided to do it the easy way. She kept flying higher and higher until she was far enough out in space that the whole of the United States was laid out like a map in front of her. She took a moment to close her eyes and relish the sensation of floating above the Earth in the vacuum of space, completely unprotected yet completely unaffected. A normal human would be dead by now, but she could survive out here indefinitely.

Kenzie opened her eyes and turned her gaze back to the globe of the Earth. She aimed for the island of Manhattan. She did not really know her way around the city, since she always had a driver, but Fatima had an apartment in one of the tallest, fanciest buildings in New York and she was pretty sure that she would be able to find it. She did not want to take a cab, because she had no intention of letting anybody know that she had ever left California.


Marcel DuQuesne, heir to a French shipping fortune, tried to stick his tongue down Fatima Fitzgerald’s throat. As usual, she pushed him away. They were in her apartment, drunk and high after a night out on the town being seen in the right places with the right people.

“For the last time, Marcel,” she said, “keep your hands off me!”

“But we’re a couple, baby!” slurred Marcel.

“We are not a couple, Frenchie! I’m only seen out with you because I want to make that bitch Kenzie jealous.”

“Then why did you invite me up to your apartment?” he asked.

“Duh! To make Kenzie jealous. Now go sleep on the couch like a good French poodle!”

Marcel was not in the mood to take “No” for an answer; he had been through too many nights like this already. He grabbed Fatima by the shoulders and pulled her towards him. “Come on, baby!” he slurred. Fatima desperately tried to push him away, but the burly Frenchman was too strong for her.

At that moment, Kenzie walked into the room. She had flown through a window into the emergency stairwell of Fatima’s building. When she had found Fatima’s apartment, she had easily broken the door lock with a twist of her hand and let herself in.

“Hello, Marcel. Hello Fat Ima,” said Kenzie. She liked to say “Fatima” as two


Fatima immediately stopped struggling with Marcel and embraced him closely instead.

“Kenzie! What a surprise. I didn’t know you were in town, or that my door was unlocked. Marcel and I were just engaged in passionate making out! I understand your own relationship with him was completely lacking in passion.”

Kenzie sneered. “Whatever, Fatty. I really, really don’t care about my cast-offs.”

Fatima bristled. “Well, OK then. Maybe Marcel and I will get married.”

Kenzie thought for a moment. “Of course, just because I don’t want him, doesn’t mean that I want anybody else to have him. Especially you, Fatty!”

Kenzie and Fatima had once been “friends”, which is to say that they secretly loathed each other, but pretended to get along when the cameras were rolling. They had starred together in the hit reality TV show “Rich Girl / Poor Girl”. Kenzie had been the rich girl and Fatima had been the poor girl. When the show made Fatima comfortably wealthy, interest had tanked and the show had been canceled. The two women had moved on to other projects and they no longer disguised their mutual hatred.

Kenzie grabbed Marcel by the shoulder and tugged, easily pulling him away from Fatima and dislocating his shoulder in the process.

“What are you doing?” screamed Fatima.

“Like, whatever I want to,” replied Kenzie with a sneering tone.

Kenzie spun Marcel around so that he was facing her. She put one hand behind the back of his head and brought him close to her. She clamped her mouth hard over his and breathed in, deep and long.

Kenzie had been surprised to find that even though she did not need to breathe, her lungs were incredibly powerful. She was able to draw in so much air that it condensed in her lungs as a liquid; she could then blow cold gas out of her mouth and freeze things solid with her breath.

She only wanted to breathe in enough to remove the air from Marcel’s lungs; she did not want to suck his internal organs out and end up swallowing half of his insides. She breathed in what she thought was the right amount. Marcel was struggling to escape her grip and his face was starting to turn blue. She breathed in a little more and his lungs collapsed, no longer able to stay intact around the vacuum that Kenzie had created inside his chest. Incredibly Marcel

was still alive, flopping around like a fish out of water. Kenzie continued her death kiss until the man was still and then she let him drop to the ground.

Fatima looked at Kenzie with horror. “What did you do? What’s going on? I don’t understand!” she cried.

Kenzie looked at her with pity. “No you don’t understand, do you? You never did and you never will. Do you know why I will always win? Because I am the product of generations of fine breeding and you are nothing but poor white trash. I have everything because I’m special and soon you will have nothing because you are not.”

Fatima was shaking. “Shut up, you bitch! Why are you such a bitch? I HATE YOU!”

“I hate you too, Fatty,” said Kenzie. Fatima was far from fat, but she had a curvier body than Kenzie, which Kenzie had always resented.

“Don’t call me that. Why did you hurt Marcel?”

Kenzie shrugged, already bored with the conversation and annoyed at having to explain herself to a low-class piece of trash like Fatima. “Because I wanted to and because I could. God, you are so pathetic.”

Fatima ran over to a desk in the corner of the room and pulled a small handgun out of a drawer. She fumbled around and worked to load it as Kenzie slowly walked over to her. By the time the gun was loaded and Fatima had figured out how to disengage the safety, Kenzie was right on top of her.

“Oh, you have a gun!” said Kenzie. “How sweet. Are you going to shoot me? Are you going to shoot me like a little puppy in the street? You should aim carefully, I’m not as big a target as you are.”

“SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!” screamed Fatima. She jammed the gun into Kenzie’s stomach and started to pull the trigger.

Kenzie moved faster than the eye could follow and pulled the gun out of Fatima’s hand before she could fire. “On second thoughts, I don’t think we should disturb your neighbors. The gun will come in handy, though.” Kenzie tucked it between her breasts.

Kenzie put one arm around Fatima’s waist and with a smooth motion bundled the young woman under her arm. She walked over to the lifeless body of Marcel and put him under her other arm. Carrying the couple with ease, she flew out through a large plate glass window and up into the night sky.

Fatima screamed her heart out, but she went unheard over the noise of the city. “I don’t understand!” she repeated. “How is this happening?”

Kenzie turned to her former rival and current plaything. “I could try to explain, but your pea-sized trailer-trash brain really couldn’t follow it. Let’s just say that I’m totally all-powerful and leave it at that.”

She flew out of the city and into upstate New York. She scanned the roads below for cars; she was able to see quite clearly at night and her eyes could pick out the smallest details, even from thousands of feet in the air. She saw a likely candidate: a BMW 7-Series breaking the speed limit on a twisting, otherwise abandoned back road.

Kenzie landed on the road a couple of hundred feet ahead of the BMW. She dropped Fatima and Marcel’s corpse by the side of the road. The BMW saw her standing in the middle of the road and started to brake, but it was going too fast to come to a complete standstill before hitting her. She held out her hands and brought the giant auto to a stop.

She quickly ran around to the side of the car and pulled the door open. The driver looked at her with confusion and fright in his eyes. Kenzie pulled the gun out of her dress and shot the man in the head. She pulled his corpse out of the driver’s seat and left it at the side of the road.

Fatima was groaning and getting to her feet when Kenzie returned to get her. “Come on, Fatty,” said Kenzie, “we’re going for a ride.”

Kenzie carried Fatima and Marcel’s dead body over to the BMW. She put Marcel in the back seat. She put the gun that she had used to shoot the driver in Fatima’s hand and forced Fatima to fire it into the air so that she would have gunpowder residue on her arm and that her fingerprints would be on the gun. She threw the gun onto the backseat next to Marcel’s corpse. She plopped Fatima into the passenger seat and climbed into the driver’s seat. She engaged the child locks and hit the gas.

She drove down the road as fast as the BMW would go, hitting autobahn speeds in next to no time. Fatima started to panic and grabbed for the seat belt, but Kenzie reached over and snapped the strap so that it was useless.

“What are you doing?” screamed Fatima. “Slow down! We’re going to get hurt.”

Kenzie turned to her and smiled. “You might, Fatty, but I won’t.” Kenzie was not wearing a seat belt either.

The powerful car flew around curves in the road with tight precision. The superb engineering of the car, combined with Kenzie’s superhuman reflexes combined to make for an easy drive. For Kenzie, at least. Fatima gripped the edge of her seat in fear, trying to steady herself against the wild ride.

Kenzie sighed. “OK, Fatty. It’s been a blast, but I think it’s time to bring this drive to an end.”

She spun the wheel and pointed the car at a large tree; the vehicle smashed into it at 150 miles an hour. Kenzie and Fatima were both thrown from their seats and through the windshield. Kenzie flipped as she flew through the air and landed on her feet with grace. Fatima’s face was cut to ribbons during her exit from the car; she struck the tree with such force that her body crumpled into an unrecognizable mess.

Marcel’s body was thrown from the back of the car and out of the shattered windscreen. Kenzie looked over the crash scene. It might not fool a determined investigator, but it was unlikely that anybody would come close to the truth and she had been careful not to leave fingerprints.

With a sigh of pleasure at a job well done, Kenzie leaped into the air and began the short flight back to California.

Part Four: “Inheritance”


  • 48 hours until the end of the world, says NASA.

  • Russian “Space Ark” destroyed by angry mob.

  • Argentina claims responsibility for nuclear attack on Brazil


“Back to our main story. Fatima Fitzgerald: carjacker! The reputation of the curvaceous reality star and longtime rival of America’s darling, Kenzie Roman, lies in ruins; as does Fatima’s own body. She and her boyfriend, a Frenchman, carried out a brutal carjacking in the small hours of the morning; a senseless crime that ended with their own deaths in a violent auto wreck.”

“Celebrity heiress, movie star, music idol and author, Kenzie Roman said that she felt sorry that Fatima Fitzgerald had not been able to move beyond her lower-class roots and had inevitably fallen into a life of crime.”


Kenzie had done some research and discovered that the only people who were close to reproducing the process that her kidnapper had used to make her indestructible dress was a small research company owned by her father’s conglomerate. With her trust fund and the income from her new media ventures, she was richer than ever, but she was still short of the hundreds of millions that would be required to duplicate the research. There was no way that she could approach the company without arousing suspicion unless she was in charge. It was time for her to claim her inheritance.

First of all, she checked on the status of her parent’s will. With her super strength, super speed and enhanced senses, it was a trivial matter to break into the offices of her parent’s lawyers without being detected. She located the will and confirmed that it was full of all kinds of nonsense: bequests to various charities, money for a bunch of relatives and hangers-on,

and a web of trust funds designed to keep Kenzie from frittering away her inheritance. She replaced it with a forgery that was made a lot more sense: everything going to her with no strings attached.

Two partners in the law firm had signed the old will as witnesses and Kenzie had carried their signatures over to the forgery. She did not want them to challenge the authenticity of the new will, so she paid each of them a visit during the night.

The first partner was very old, so Kenzie had to be careful not to kill him too quickly before she had obtained everything she needed from him. His brittle bones snapped under her immensely powerful fingers with hardly any effort. His threshold for pain was very low, so it didn’t take long for her to torture out of him the location of other copies of the original will and a list of names of people who had read it. When he had told her what she needed to know, she snapped his neck with a casual flick of her wrist. What was the life of one old man next to the billions that were rightfully hers?

The second partner was young and good looking. When Kenzie had extracted the information she needed from him, she decided to treat herself to a little fun. She tore his pajamas into strips and tied one around his mouth as a gag. She liked to watch a man scream as she caused him pain, but the sounds became tiresome after a while. This way she would be able to see him suffer without having to listen to all of that tedious shrieking and blubbering.

She used more strips of cloth to tie the man to his massive four-poster bed. The posts of the bed were so far apart, that she had to pull both of his arms out of their shoulder sockets in order to make them reach. His knee joints likewise came apart with a sickening crack when she pulled his legs into position and tied his feet to the bottom of the bed.

“Now then,” said Kenzie, licking her lips, “I suddenly find myself in need of legal representation.”

In spite of the pain from his dislocated limbs, the lawyer desperately struggled against his bindings as Kenzie straddled him with her super-strong body and took what she wanted from him. Pain and pleasure were not distributed equally: he received all of the pain and she received all of the pleasure. Kenzie had never been interested in equality.

When Kenzie was done with her fun, she finished up the night’s work by quickly destroying every copy of the old will and killing everybody who had read it. She was in no mood to drag things out any more, so she simply snapped her victims’ necks with the slightest twist of her hands.

Now that she was secure as the sole beneficiary of her parent’s will, it was time to usher mummy and daddy out of the way.


The next morning, Kenzie’s parents boarded their private jet and set out for New York City. Somewhere over Colorado, they were intercepted by Kenzie moving; the jet was crushingly slow by her standards.

The plane was flying on autopilot and the cockpit door was closed, so the passengers did not immediately notice that anything was wrong when Kenzie straddled the cockpit window, punched through the glass and dragged the pilot out of the plane. She threw him over her shoulder and immediately lost interest in him.

Kenzie flew along the side of the plane until she reached the window that her father was sitting next to. She flew up to the window and hovered in the air, matching speed with the plane. She tapped on the window, hard enough that it would be impossible for her father to ignore, but not so hard as to punch out the glass. Her father turned to look at the disturbance and sat there with an astonished look on his face at the sight of his daughter flying alongside his plane and sticking her tongue out at him. Kenzie’s mother came over to the window and looked out as well, just as astonished as her husband.

Kenzie decided to have some fun. She moved so that she was flying just in front of the engine on the left wing of the plane; her parents had a clear view of what she was doing. Kenzie pretended to be frightened of the jet engine as she slowed down slightly and let the plane catch up with her a little; the ends of her bare feet were inches away from the turbine intake. She started to make swimming motions and looked back with mock nervousness, as if the jet engine was a shark that was chasing her through the water.

Her parents were shouting and banging on the window as Kenzie moved herself close to the engine and then a little further away and then closer and then further. When she tired of teasing the engine and her parents, she stopped dead and let the engine run into her. The engine exploded into a shower of flame and metal as Kenzie’s invulnerable body passed through it. The plane tilted and began to fall towards the ground.

Kenzie flew under the belly of the plane and straightened out its flight. She flew up to the other side of the plane and tapped on another window. Her parents ran over and looked out at her. She said “Ta Da!” and posed in mid-air as if she had just pulled off a magic trick. Her parents watched intently as she moved to the tip of the right wing and grabbed on with her slender hands. Kenzie once again stopped her forward motion and laughed as the wing tore off. She let the wing fall beneath her and flew back over to the side of the plane.

Without power and lacking one wing the plane began to spin erratically. Kenzie could see her parents being thrown around inside the cabin; her mother was unconscious, possibly dead already, and her father was puking his guts out. She flew up, spun around and then flew down through the plane, smashing the fuselage in two. The front portion, containing her mother, she let fall. She grabbed her father from the back half and let that portion of the plane fall as well.

She hovered in the air, thousands of miles above the ground, holding her father at arm’s length so that he would not spew vomit on her dress.

“Why? How?” he managed to ask.

“Because I’m special and I deserve it. Isn’t that what you always used to say, Daddy?” replied Kenzie.

She dropped him and he plummeted towards the ground. Kenzie let herself fall at the same rate, keeping him company as he fell. His screams were  gratifying to her; to watch a titan of industry and high society reduced to a screaming animal by her immense power was one of the greatest thrills of her life. They hit the ground at the same time: she crushed the rock beneath her feet into powder when she hit; he was reduced to a broken mass of meat and bone when he hit.

Kenzie flew west to claim her inheritance.


When Kenzie walked into NanoCloth Research Inc., she was pleasantly surprised to find that their research into near-indestructible cloth was much farther advanced than she had thought. What had once been her father’s conglomerate, which was now hers, tended to keep new discoveries quiet until they were ready for market.

Kenzie immediately brought in a select group of designers and paired them up with the NanoCloth technicians to begin making her as many indestructible outfits as possible. The first one she tried on, which she thought was appropriate for her new role as a captain of industry, was a pinstriped mini-skirt and matching jacket over a tight white blouse. She marched around the facility giving random orders to her workers and relished the exercise of a new kind of power.

The designers and technicians were working into the night, on her orders and with the promise of a generous bonus. One of the scientists came up to her at around 10pm. With a nervous quiver in his voice, he asked: “Ms. Roman, would it be possible for me to go home to my family now?”

“In the morning! I need my wardrobe completed ASAP,” said Kenzie.

“But, Ms. Roman, an asteroid is going to hit the Earth in fourteen hours and I’d really like to spend that time with my wife and kids,” pleaded the man.

“What asteroid?” asked Kenzie. “I didn’t see anything about that on the TV!”

“Nova ran a special about it last week and the BBC has been talking about nothing else,” said the man.

“Hmph! Well there was nothing about it on E! How big is the asteroid?” she asked.

“Um, the first one is about three miles across, which is about the size of the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, and there’s another one a day behind it that’s seven miles across. One of them would destroy human civilization, both of them will probably wipe out all life on Earth.”

Kenzie thought for a moment. This was the perfect opportunity to introduce herself to the world as “Super Kenzie” and to become the most beloved person on the planet. First she had to decide what to wear.

She looked over the outfits that her team had assembled so far. She could not decide whether to go for practical (a combination of tight black workout shorts and a tight black workout halter top with a racer back) or glamorous (a black silk cocktail dress). In the end she decided to go with the workout clothes, since they gave the impression of taking the plight of common humanity seriously, that she was “mucking in” with the rest of them. Also, she loved the way that the top accentuated her cleavage and the way that the shorts clung to her shapely backside.

“Excuse me,” she said to her assembled staff, “I’ll be back after I’ve saved the world. Oh, and nobody goes home unless they want me to rip their hearts out, and I do mean that literally.”

To the shock of everybody, Kenzie leaped into the air and flew through the roof of the facility at high speed. They quickly lost sight of her as she made her way into outer space.

Part Five: “Superior”


  • End Of The World Is Nigh.

  • Humanity Doomed!

  • Dolphins Abandon Earth.


“Back to our main story: has an angel come to the city of angels? Over the last week, dozens of people have reported seeing a beautiful young woman flying over the streets of Los Angeles. Mass hysteria, a sign from above, or something else entirely?”

“Marjorie O’Toole, celebrity psychic, what do you make of these sightings?”

“Well, Peter, I think that the spirit of the late Fatima Fitzgerald has returned to Earth to protect us all from the coming cosmic apocalypse. I spoke to the late Ms. Fitzgerald myself, and she told me that humanity’s only hope was to buy as many copies of my new book as possible. She also said that Kenzie Roman is a skank.”


Kenzie had never flown so far into space before. The blue and white disc of Earth shrunk behind her as the ugly lump of space rock loomed ever larger in front of her. The feelings of exhilaration she felt from moving at such incredible speeds through the vacuum of space had been replaced by a nervousness in the pit of her stomach as the reality of having to stop a massive asteroid all by herself came closer.

She shook the self-doubt away. She was Kenzie Roman: born to be wealthy, powerful and adored. The idea that an inanimate lump of space debris could stand in the way of her destiny was laughable. Self-doubt had no place in the mind of a goddess.

Kenzie’s knowledge of physics was limited, at best, but she had a vague understanding that overcoming the mass and velocity of the asteroid would require a huge application of force. Her slender body could provide that force in spades, but she was unsure of the best way to apply it.

Flying into the asteroid at top speed might split the asteroid into smaller pieces, but the pieces would still hit Earth; and besides, people would not necessarily believe that she was responsible. If she was going to save the Earth and make humanity adore her, then she was going to have to make a show out of it. After all, she was not just a super-powered billionaire industrialist, she was a goddamn reality TV star!

Kenzie let the asteroid come to her and matched its velocity, pressing her hands against the cold rock. She reduced her velocity slowly, gently bleeding off the asteroid’s forward motion without shattering it. She was pretty sure that the slowing of the asteroid would start people talking back on Earth, building anticipation for her big reveal.

She did not attempt to steer the asteroid off course; she and the rock were both still heading for Earth, but now she was in complete control. They entered the atmosphere and slowed even more from friction with the air. Kenzie and the asteroid both glowed red hot from the heat of re-entry.

Kenzie tested her control over the asteroid now that she was deep into Earth’s gravity well; she could lift and steer it with ease. She shifted her position so that she was underneath the asteroid, supporting it above her head with her hands.

The original projected impact site of the asteroid had been more or less dead center in the Pacific Ocean. That did not suit Kenzie at all. When she reached an altitude of two miles, she made for the West coast of the United States, one of the greatest concentrations of broadcast media in the world.

The sight of a three-mile wide lump of rock flying across the ocean towards Los Angeles was sensational enough to grab the interest of nearly half of the media outlets in the city. When the first telephoto lenses caught sight of the relatively tiny figure of Kenzie Roman beneath the asteroid, the rest of them jumped on the story as well.

Kenzie flew the asteroid above downtown Los Angeles. The city should have been basking in the noonday sun of another beautiful day in Southern California; instead it was shrouded in darkness under a sky of solid rock. Kenzie waved for the cameras below, supporting the megatons of asteroid with just one hand. Her super-vision could pick out cheering crowds below, and her super-hearing could easily hear the chants of “Kenzie! Kenzie!”

She briefly considered letting the asteroid drop to flatten the city and the crowds below, but she dismissed it. She enjoyed the sensation of being feared, but she enjoyed being adored by millions even more. She could make people fear her later.

Now she just had to find a place to set the asteroid down safely. She decided to place it in the desert near Edward’s Air Force Base, where the Space Shuttle usually touched down. There was plenty of room out there and the base was set up to handle a media event.

She carefully lowered the asteroid to the ground and scooted out from underneath it, just before it slammed into the desert. The surrounding area shook, but there was no significant damage.

Kenzie flew to the base where a small gaggle of Air Force and NASA personnel had watched the whole thing. The only camera visible was a camcorder held by a mechanic. Kenzie stopped in mid-air with a flourish and addressed the group.

“I’m going to go back out there to stop the other asteroid and bring it back here. I suggest you tell the media to get their butts out here, pronto!”

She turned her perfect backside to them and launched herself back into space. She yelled with delight as she propelled herself at unimaginable speeds. Rich, powerful and adored by billions; it did not get any better than this.

Part Six: “Beloved”


  • Kenzie Roman Saves Earth.

  • President Declares ‘Kenzie Roman’ Day.

  • Billionaire Super Heroine Adored By All.


“Back to our main story: The tedious saga of the twin asteroids on a collision course with Earth got a fabulous shot in the arm this afternoon, when super-powered celebrity heiress Kenzie Roman took control of the situation. The nubile reality star of steel flew deep into space and intercepted the deadly rocks, neutralizing their threat once and for all.”

“Stunning pictures captured by the Hilton Space Telescope, show the super-celeb flying into the path of the first asteroid and stopping it in its tracks. She safely carried the three-mile wide lump of space rock to Earth and landed it just outside Edward’s Air Force Base.”

“A hastily assembled media circus captured this footage of Kenzie landing safely with the second asteroid, a few hours later. As you can see, the lovely young starlet appears to have little difficulty lifting the seven-mile wide rock above her perfectly coiffed head. Actress, singer, author and now savior of the Earth: is there anything Kenzie can’t do?”

“A few trouble-making haters have suggested that the revelation of Kenzie’s superpowers opens the question of her possible involvement in the bizarre deaths of Fatima Fitzgerald, Kenzie’s parents, and a number of lawyers in Los Angeles. These suggestions were put to Kenzie and they made her cry. We think it’s clear that anybody who would deliberately make such a wonderful young woman cry cannot be right and almost certainly hates America.”

“What is next for Kenzie Roman? With the world at her feet, it might be better to ask what isn’t next for Kenzie Roman?”

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