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Supergirl Issue #1

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1. Fisks Rant

Clark’s eyes were sore and his body groggy. He was wearing a hospital gown instead of his blue and red tights. His arms were restrained and his strength greatly reduced. It was no secret what was doing this to him. The only question was, who was doing this to him.

“Do you believe in God Mr. Kent?” A deep voice asked.

Clark paid more attention to the sound of the voice then he did the question. The light above his confinement too bright, allowing him only to see the shadowed outline of the mysterious man.

“Who are you?” Clark asked.

The man ignored Clarks question and continued his own rant “I believed in God, Mr. Kent, but never more so as I do now, Now that you’re here”.

Typical bad guy Clark thought. Here he was defenseless and at this mans mercy and instead of acting or doing anything about it he was going to talk. Talk about how great he was. Gloat that he alone defeated the Man of steel. Brag until someone from the justice league breaks through the wall and turns the tide.

“My entire life, I’ve always known cash was king, After all Capitalism isn’t run by Governments, its run by Capital.”

“So what does this have to do with me?” Clark asked in an attempt to keep his captor talking..

“It has everything to do with you….It has nothing to do with you. You see Clark only one thing in life is important and that’s money. Don’t let the cynics fool you. Money buys everything. I know, I happen to have quite a bit of it. Money cures the sick, Money will buy love and to make a long story short, Money, indirectly, brought you to me”.

Clark had a disinterested look to his face “And what does this have to do with God?”.

“Clark, I’ll let you in on little secret. Money is God. And I have more money then anyone, so in a way, I am the messiah of God.”

“What a relief, for a second there I thought I was being held captive by a crazy person”

The man laughed loudly. “Let me explain Clark, I had everything. I was untouchable. Over half the police officers were on my pay roll. The mayor was put into office with a little help from yours truly. Anyone who thought they could take me down was either found dead or ended up in jail. And then I became lethargic. In my laziness I failed to see the threat that quite literally grew from underneath my feet. They had built an underground courthouse just outside the city. The court house was designed to trial America’s most notorious criminals. More specifically….me. Years of evidence had been compiled and then I was arrested. Imagine how shocked I was. With so many on my payroll, you would think someone would have known about this. You would think that the Mayor, Police Chief, Judges…Somebody must have known?. Somebody did know, maybe everybody knew, everybody but me. The jury was selected, their identity anonymous. I was charged with one hundred and twelve capital offences plus the usual tax evasion, loan sharking and what ever else they could throw at me. My money could not buy me out of the situation. All it managed to do was break the world record for most amount of money paid for bail. My faith was tested, My God no longer maintained the power it had before. And then, out of thin air, you came to me”.

An unsettling feeling began to overwhelm Clark. If what this man was saying was true, they should have known each other at a very personal level. Hell if not as Super Man then at least Clark Kent would have seen a blurb about him at the Daily planet. “We’ve never met” Clark managed to state.

“It’s far stranger then that. We’ve never even heard of each other. You, the most powerful man on earth, and me, the most…well, misunderstood man on earth. I’m Sorry where are my manners?. My name is Wilson Fisk, other people know me as The King Pin.”

“I don’t know what your game is, but you can tell Luthor that I’m not buying it”.

“I assure you there is no Luthor in this building or for that matter on this planet. You see Clark apparently at some point of time my reality merged with your reality. Don’t have any recollection of that do you?. Too bad, nor do I. But one person in your reality did, and ultimately found a way to send you here.

“How do I get back?” Clark asked

Wilson Fisk pointed with his cigar at Clark “By removing that band around your left wrist. That band apparently keeps you trapped in this reality. But don’t worry, I fully intend to send you back to your reality unharmed”.

The kryptonite binds were too tight and did not allow Clark the ability to verify if what this man was saying was the truth.

“Lex sent with you a disk, The disk contained what you were capable of. It says you were from a planet called Krypton and that your only weakness is kryptonite. I’ve had my scientists in this reality look for that planet and for the alien rock. Conclusion is that in this reality your planet, your weakness simply does not exist. On the disc were the design plans to transfer your powers into another. Lex was on the verge of transferring your powers into him but stopped at the last second. He was told he had a 1 in 4 chance of survival, but to have so much power, it was worth the risk. Then, a second before they flipped the switch he aborted. In just a few short seconds before the switch was flipped he started to believe in fate, and believed that fate would not allow this transfer of power. He believed it would kill him. And so, to make a long story short he found away to send you to me.

There was a knock at the door.

“What is it Wesley?”

“The Girl is ready”.

“Have a good rest Clark, If you need anything, anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.


2. Amella’s story

Amella was born in Milan Italy. Her Father was Italian and her mother was Spanish. Her mother had passed away when she was very young and her father rarely found the time for her. When Amella was 18 her father moved them from Rome to Manhattan. It didn’t take Amella long to get noticed. Her long black hair went perfectly with her beautifully exotic face and bright blue eyes and naturally darker skin. She stood at 5 foot 11” She had legs that seemed to go up forever and her hips narrowed to an incredibly slim waist line. Her breasts were exceptionally large at double E and were surprisingly firm and perky for their size. She had arguably one of the nicest asses in New York. A perfect bubble butt, one of her ex boyfriends called it, as smooth as silk but firm to the touch.  She was approached by a middle aged man by the name of Tom. Tom owned a high class gentle mans club and after finding out that Amella danced in her native country, he offered her a job. The money was too good to pass up. She was introduced to the crowd as princess Jazzman. At first she thought that undressing for the large crowd would be somewhat unsettling. She was nervous initially but only until she unzipped her spandex top partly revealing her tight cleavage. She could see how hungry the men’s eyes were. She couldn’t help but grin at how much power her body had. They were all owned by her. They would throw money at her without even getting a touch of what her glorious body had to offer. She became a highlight of the club. Men from the west coast knew about her and if you weren’t rich, you could not afford her lap dances. Things were great, She was rich, she worked only one night a week and she could have anyone she desired. Then the mutant revolution happened. When it did Amella didn’t think much of it. She felt that mutants were the same as human and as such should be treated like humans. Mutants no longer had to hide their talents but rather were being hired for them. Tom hired Zanna. Zanna was a mutant shape shifter with some unusually powerful talents. Not only could she change herself to look exactly like the person she was imitating, but she could control the minds of those who became infatuated with her. She kept that power a secret. The spot light was soon taken completely away from Amella and put on Zanna. That was bad enough but Zanna crossed the line when she turned herself into a split image of Amella and did the most hard core xxx dance on stage. Amella was furious she rushed Zanna in the dressing room. It was her biggest mistake. After their fight Zanna looked into the men Amella dated and some of the women. And unknowingly Amella began giving her fortune away to Zanna. Zanna even began forcing Amella to use drugs as a means for her to lose her voluptuous figure. Her breasts began to lose their luster and their ability to hold themselves up with out the support of a bra. Amella began finding the most ugly men in the club attractive. She made a fool of herself at least once every time she was at work. No one knew that Zanna was directly responsible for Amella’s break down. Amella was 24 when Tom felt he had no choice but to fire her. Wilson Fisk was there the night she was fired. Wilson Fisk was also one of the few that could and had a lap dance by her back in the day when such luxury items were pricey. In a very rare show of kindness Wilson Fisk whispered into Wesley’s ear to find her a job.

Amella worked on the 23rd floor of Wilson Fisks building as a sort of errand girl. It was a 9-5 job and it gave her plenty of time to reminisce and wonder, what happened to her perfect life. She was 28 now, No boyfriend, only a few friends and living from paycheck to paycheck. Amella finished dropping off her mail and knocked on Gregory Nezbits door. “You called for me?”

“I did Amella, please close the door”

Amella closed the door.

“I’ve been instructed to tell you to go to the basement level for a meeting with Mr. Fisk”.

“Basement level” Amella asked nervously.

Gregory got up from his desk and walked to her. One of his hands grabbed her ass and the other cupped her soft breast. “I don’t have to worry about what you might say to Mr.Fisk do I?”.

“Of course not” she said uncomfortably.

“Because, if it wasn’t for me, you’d be street trash. You think Fisk cares about a used whore like you. Keep that in mind if he asks you how you’ve been treated. Keep that in mind if he asks you to transfer.”

Amella swallowed hard. This is how she had been treated for three years. She became kind of a joke on the 23rd floor. But she had to live and the job paid decently.  So she put up with it.

“Alright get out of my office”.

Amella walked out of the office. Every time she left Gregory’s office she was greeted with audible snickers by the receptionist. She ignored the whispers and the snickers and walked into the elevator and pressed the basement floor.


3. Perceptual reality

The device was a prototype. Developed by Dr. Sung the device targeted the frontal lobe. It’s purpose was to deliver false preceptors to the brain. Basically it simulated a false event and made the intended target not only believe it, but live it. The stage was set, now they waited. Amella’s father was killed by a massive blast before she even entered the room.

Amella walked into an office room with Fisk smoking his Cuban behind the desk.

Fisk stood up and in greeting offered his hand to her “Good afternoon Amella it’s a pleasure to see you again”.

Amella accepted his hand “It’s good to see you too Mr. Fisk. I never did get a chance to thank you for giving me a job”.

Fisk quickly scanned her. She looked nothing like Princess Jazzman. Her voluptuous and firm body was treated unkindly by the years. “No need to thank me Amella, it was my pleasure. How have you enjoyed your employment with Fisk enterprises thus far?”.

“I couldn’t be happier”. She lied.

“I’m glad to hear that. Amella I called you down here because I am in need of a personal receptionist, do you think your ready for a promotion?”

Amella was speechless

“It is quite the opportunity for a girl of your age”.

Amella was overjoyed. Finally she could get off the 23rd floor. Finally she was moving up, but still she wondered how Gregory would react. Although everyone feared and respected Wilson Fisk, Gregory Nezbit had been her boss for three years. She hated Gregory, she hated the 23rd floor and the people on it and yet she was afraid to leave it.

Fisk smiled at her politely. “The offer is on the table, there’s no rush for you to decide, but I should mention the position comes with a substantial raise in pay”.

Amella didn’t know what to say, she desperately wanted to take the job but was fearful at the same time.

“I’ll tell you what, when your ready let me know”.

“Thank you so much Mr. Fisk, thank you for everything”.

She shook Fisk’s hand and walked towards the doors. She felt a small prick on her behind and began to feel very tired. Her eyes began to close.

She had an amazing dream. She dreamed of Mr. Fisk and they were making love in his penthouse and then she was startled by her cell phone ringing. She was in a cab, apparently heading home, but she had no recollection of flagging a cab, Or for that matter leaving the basement level.

Amella answered her cell phone. “Hello”.

“Amella it’s your father come home quickly. It’s urgent”.

It had been years since her and her father talked. On one hand she was angry with him, angry about the years of his neglect. On the other hand it was her father, and ultimately she still loved him. She told the cab driver to change directions. On the way to her fathers house she day dreamed about Mr. Fisk. She never felt this way before about him, but for some reason, now more then ever she wanted him. Her hands moved under her panty line and she day dreamed.

She arrived at her father’s house and rang the door bell.

Her father answered the door and hugged her “Amella I’m so glad you came”.

His reaction to her was startling “What is it Daddy, what’s wrong?” she asked nervously.

“I have to leave the city immediately; I’m going back to Italy”.

“Why?. What’s going on, Tell me!”.

“I can’t get into details; you have to trust me on this. I recovered files at the place I work for. I need you to take these files and give them to your Boss. They prove that he is innocent. It’s all a conspiracy, they want his money and when he’s put away they’ll get it.”

“I don’t understand”

“The trial Amella!. Everything is rigged!. The jury isn’t even a real jury. The Judge isn’t even a real judge. Please, don’t ask questions. Take these files and get them to Mr. Fisk he will know what to do, hurry!.” Amella’s father ushered her to the door. “When this all cool downs, I’ll come back and I promise it will be different between us. I love you Amella”. Amella opened the door and took two steps before webbing snatched the files in her hand. “Ill take those” Spiderman said while sitting along the wall of the house.

Amella began to feel dizzy again. When she came too she was tied up in the middle of her fathers living room and surrounded by Spiderman, Captain America, Dare Devil and the Black Cat.

“Did you see the files?”

“Where’s my Dad?”

“Answer the question bitch” The Black Cat said angrily and slapped Amella across the face.

Amella began to tear up. “I..didn’t see the files. I swear. Now please. Can I Please see my father”.

Captain America walked into her view. “Is this your father?” he asked while holding his dismembered head.

Amella began to scream uncontrollably and then she blacked out.


4. Change of Fate.

Amella’s eyes opened and she was greeted by Wilson Fisk sitting next to her bed. She began to tear up. She grabbed Fisks large hand “I know everything” she sobbed.

“There isn’t much time left Amella, you’ve been drugged.”.

Amella was filled with hate. The heroes of the city were a lie. They killed her father. They killed her. And they were going to put a great man like Wilson Fisk in jail for most likely the rest of his life and there was nothing she could do about it. “I know everything Mr. Fisk. I know that you committed no crime and the real villains out there are setting you up. My father gave me a file to prove your innocence but they took it from me”. She sobbed

“So now you know. Amella I don’t want you to take this question lightly. If I was to offer you unimaginable power, would you take it?”

Amella was speechless.

“Would you use it for the good of man?”.

“You can do that?”.

“I can Amella but its risky, there’s a chance, a good chance that you will be killed.”

Amella became excited; the answer was a simple one. “Yes Mr. Fisk Yes!”.

“Then come with me”.

Amella stood out of bed and became extremely dizzy.

“Careful Amella we used a counter agent against the drugs that were used against you, you’ll be dizzy for some time”.

Amella and the King Pin entered another room. She looked at the man on the stretcher curiously as she was guided to a medical device on the other the other side of the room.

“You will have to disrobe” the Doctor asked.

Amela unbuttoned her shirt revealing her purple push up bra. She put her arms around her back to undo the bra strap. She looked up and the doctors looked away hiding the fact that they eagerly awaited to see her impressive bust exposed. Years ago she would have eagerly taken off her bra. But now she was self conscience. Her chest would droop to the ground once her bra was off. “I would like to keep my bra and panties on if you don’t mind” she shyly asked.

“Of course” a scientist replied.

Amella became nervous as three men in lab coats began connecting wires to her body. “Will this hurt?” she asked.

“More then likely” The scientist answered.

“All set” The scientist said to the Doctor.

The Doctor looked over at Fisk awaiting his signal.

Wesley moved close to Wilson Fisk “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I have to ask. You and I both know what the verdict will be. You will go to jail for the rest of your life. So I have to ask, why is it her and not you that’s receiving this transfer?”.

The King Pin smiled and puffed at his cigar “Try to keep something in mind Wesley. Even in jail, I’m still the King Pin”. He nodded at the doctor and the doctor flipped the switch.

There was a low hum and the building lights began to dim. Amella was becoming extremely nervous. She watched as the unconscious man in the bed across from her began to convulse. One of machines blew up sending fragments all over the room. An energy surge moved from the machine and slowly toward her. The surge struck her and her jaw tightened and her fists clenched. It felt as if she was being electrocuted and if she could have screamed for them to stop she would have.

The Scientist looked at her in marvel. In theory it was the first initial surge that struck her that would be her killing blow. With her jaw still tensed Amella placed her hands on her hips. Her legs and arms began to tighten and glisten. Her waistline began to thin and her ass firmed and tightened, easily outdoing it’s once former glory. Her cleavage now started to get deeper and deeper. Her Bra straps now showed signs of surrender.

Amella could feel the changes to her body. She could feel such incredible power flowing through every part of her body. There was a loud snapping sound. Amella looked down at her breasts which had escaped their confinements, or in retrospect, blown away their confinements. Her bra lay in pieces at her feet. Her hands moved up her narrow waist line and moved to her chest. They were big, maybe even bigger then when she was younger but more importantly they were getting firmer and rounder. Her nipples stood at attention and she squeezed her breasts in absolute victorious delight. Another surge fired from a different unit, Amella embraced the surge this time. She smiled as it entered her body. Her erect nipples now turned red and incredibly hot. Her panties burst into flames but the heat caused her no discomfort. The transfer was complete.

Two workers grabbed fire hydrants and began dousing the flames on and around Amella. One of them put a towel around her. “Take her to the training room” Fisk ordered. Fisk watched her as she passed him. Her body had become goddess like and it was hard for him not to stare at her. Amella gave him a hard sexy stare as she walked past him opening her towel purposely so that he could get a better view of his handy work.


5. Super introductions.

“How are you feeling Clark?.” The King Pin asked.

Clark opened his eyes. The kryptonite binds were still on him but he no longer felt their effects. He stood up immediately realizing his powers were gone. “What have you done to me?”.

“I’ve lifted your burden, you should be happy”.

“And I take it you have put that burden upon yourself”

“No Clark. I’m as powerless as you. You are free to go. Oh, be sure to give Lex my thanks. Tell him, his gift won’t go….unappreciated.” Fisk said with a smile.

“I’m not going anywhere!” Clark said defiantly.

Wilson nodded, “I appreciate a brave man. But there are two men behind me. They are both holding fully automatic machine guns. If in 30 seconds you have not removed that band around your wrist you will be riddled with .30 caliber bullets, and then we will remove that band for you”.

“This isn’t over” Clark said defiantly.

“No, it’s not, but it will be, in 30 seconds”. With that Wilson Fisk nodded at the two armed men. The men cocked there weapons and pointed them at Clark. Wilson Fisk exited the room.

Clark was filled with rage. But it was useless, he was powerless and rushing the two men who had more then ten yards to react would be utterly pointless. Reluctantly, Clark pulled the band off his wrist and he faded out of the existence along with the only substance that was capable of stopping her, Kryptonite.

Wilson Fisk entered the training room, or at least what was once referred to as the training room. Solid steel weights were melted into ooze. Weight lifting bars capable of sustaining thousands of pounds were twisted into pretzels. And every wall sustained some sort of deep burn mark, some of the burns so deep that the next room was visible.

“Hello handsome”. She said seductively.

Wilson Fisk looked at the Goddess that stood before him. “Tittaness and the Black Cat are just two of the girls that once trained here. They never destroyed my gym”.

“I’m sorry Mr. Fisk but the things I can do, I’m so, so Fucking unbelievable powerful. Watch!”. Amella turned her focus toward the wall and unleashed her heat vision upon it. The room heated up and the wall melted before Wilson Fisk. “And if that doesn’t impress you!”.  Amella picked up a thousand pound weight as if it was a feather. She bit into the weight taking a noticeable chunk off of it. She began chewing it and signaled Fisk to be patient. She then began blowing a metallic bubble out of her mouth. She pulled the bubble out her mouth and handed it to Fisk. To Wilson Fisk it felt more like a heavy metallic sphere. “So, what do you think?” she asked.

“Impressive”. Fisk responded.

“And I owe everything to you Mr. Fisk”. Amella moved toward The King Pin seductively. Wilson looked into her beautiful eyes as she came toward him, but that’s not where she wanted him to look. Amella began to take in a deep breath forcing her breasts to expand and rip her top creating a sort of v neck line. “Oops” she said playfully. Wilson Fisk couldn’t help but look at her perfect breasts. She smiled seductively as she let Wilson take in the beauty that was before him. “Go ahead” she whispered. “Squeeze them, Squeeze them as hard as you can”.

Fisk had never in his life seen a nicer set of breasts. His large hand cupped one of her breasts. Her breast was astonishingly warm and firm. Fisk’s hands were known to break a man’s neck with but a squeeze but were barely making an impression on Amella’s super firm boob. Amella moaned graciously and moved her petite hand to her other breast. Amella closed her eyes and began kissing Wilson Fisk. Fisk kept his eyes open as he watched her hand move and squeeze her other breast. Having hands on knowledge as to how heavy and firm her breasts were it was, at that particular time, the most powerful act he had seen her do. Fisk’s erection became overwhelmingly obvious.

“Mmmmm, Let me handle that” Amella cooed as her small hand cut through his pants and enveloped his massive member.

Wesley entered the room. “Ahem, Mr. Fisk the jury has deliberated. The authorities are on their way”.

Amella was just a little bit annoyed about the interruption. “Can I vaporize him” she whispered.

“That won’t be necessary my dear. I do after all have to get ready for court”.

“Mr. Fisk, I very much doubt there will a court house left by the time you arrive”.

The King Pin couldn’t help but smile. His plan was going to work perfectly. His only concern was that he was overestimating her power levels. He was after all going to send her into the most heavily guarded facility on the planet. Fisk walked up to her and grabbed her arm and escorted her to another room.

“This costume came into our possession. For over a week I’ve had my people design it to fit the contours of someone much more feminine.” Fisk explained.

“It won’t fit her” a female voice interrupted. “Only days ago were we finally able to cut the costume using extremely powerful lasers. We sewed the cuts up using the most powerful threading known to man. But we were never able to stretch the costume. To get to the point, she is too top heavy for the costume”.

Amella smiled as she felt the fabric of the costume “May I?”.

“Be my guest” The designer asked.

Amella went behind a curtain and started with the red bikini. She pulled it up her legs and up to her thighs where they got stuck. Using a fair amount of her strength she pulled them up to her hips. The seams on either side of the panties showed signs of bursting as they stretched to their limits showing off her naturally tanned skin. She ran her hands across the material. It was so shiny and so smooth and it perfectly emphasized every contour of her perfect ass.

Amella then put on the red boots. The boots had stitching all over the place and while her feet were small the boots were made even smaller. Her foot easily entered the boot and she pulled the material up to just below her knees. She stood on her toes and bounced a little bit, they felt great.

There was only one more article of clothing left. Amella felt the fabric of the long sleeved shirt. There was stitching from the sleeves that rode all the way up the arm and down the shirt. ‘Well here goes nothing’ Amella thought as she pulled off her current top by simply pinching the fabric off. She put the blue shiny material over her head and let the fabric settle over top of her breasts. She then put her arm though one of the sleeves. She loved how the material clung to her arm so tightly. She proceeded to do the same with her other arm. Now came the moment of truth as she prepared to stretch the shirt over top of her breasts. Using more power, comparably, then she would have ever have dreamed, she pulled the S shield over top of her super firm breasts. The shirt barely made it over her chest and squeezed her breasts together tightly. The S shield warped to the massive curve of her incredible bust and her nipples poked out of the sheer fabric proudly. The shirt was barely long enough to cover the entirety of her breasts.

Amella stepped out from her concealment. “So, how do I look?” She asked concededly.


6. McFarland’s Run

Amella stepped in front of the entrance to McFarland’s court house. It really wasn’t much to look at from the outside. No bigger then a small convenience store. She simply walked through the glass doors. 8 guards were greeted to the sound of glass breaking. “Can anyone tell me where Wilson Fisk’s trial is being held?” she asked nonchalantly. None of the guards drew their weapons but rather stared in dumbfounded shock and amazement. She walked right up to one of the guards and grabbed the back of his head and stared him in the eyes “I really don’t want to ask twice” she said sweetly.

“Freeze bitch, don’t even think of moving!”. A female security guard yelled.

Amella stared at the female security defiantly, “Finally, someone around here with some balls”.

There was a muffled snapping sound and the man Amella held fell dead to the ground. Amella bent over and picked up the dead security guards gun. “Ill tell you what, you take your best shot, an I’ll take mine”.

The female security guard fired her weapon. Amella couldn’t help but ask herself how she was so sure she was bullet proof. She trained her eye on the bullet and asked her self a different question. ‘how could something moving so slowly possibly inflict any discomfort to her what so ever’. The bullet struck and flattened itself off the S shield of her spectacular bust and dropped harmlessly to her red boots. “Mmmm that felt nice, is it my turn yet?”.

All seven of the security guards opened fire on her. The bullets careened off her body after impact. Some security guards caught themselves in a cross fire and accidentally shot themselves. The security guard at the front desk got on the radio but before he could speak was blown backward by an incredible gust of wind. Amella pointed the gun and shot the two guards flanking her and then approached the female officer that had initially shot her. “Is it my turn yet” she asked.

The female guard was panic stricken and she reloaded her weapon slowly. Amella  continued to walk toward her forcing the guard into the wall. Finally the guard reloaded her weapon and raised her arms to place the muzzle of the gun square between Amella’s incredible breasts at point blank range. The guard depressed the trigger and the bullet bounced off Amella’s breast and rebounded straight back into the guard’s weapon. The gun blew up in her hand and she dropped her weapon in pain.

Amella laughed. “You’ll find that size in not an issue” She told the guard while placing the pistol point blank on her chest. “Firmness is” Amella stated and then depressed the trigger. The bullet entered the guards breast and blasted out of her back. The guard fell slowly to the ground. “I guess not every one is as firm as I am”.

Amella came back to the guard at the desk who was still groggy after getting blasted by super compressed air. “Be an angel and send the elevator” she asked. The guard did not respond. “Honey, I’m not going to count to three and I most certainly won’t say please”.

“Who should I say is here?”. The Guard managed to ask.

“Tell them a key witness for the Fisk trial is here” Amella instructed.

The Guard radioed below “I have a witness for the Fisk trial requesting clearance”.

Captain America personally supervised the security of the trial and had already witnessed the destruction above him through the surveillance cameras. The Court room was 100 feet underground and protected by the most modern and powerful weapons to date. Captain America witnessed the girl deflect bullets off her body and blow a gust of wind from her mouth. None of these talents impressed him but still he couldn’t help but feel concerned. He knew Fisk was very aware of the defenses surrounding the court house and wouldn’t dare send someone unless he somehow found a way. Or, perhaps this was a desperate move made by a desperate man. Either way, he couldn’t take the chance. “Negative, no unauthorized personnel is allowed in the court house” he reluctantly replied through the microphone.

The guard swallowed hard and looked into Amella’s eyes. Her eyes began to spark and a grin formed on her face. “Too bad for you” she said to the guard before he was incinerated.

The Captain drew in a deep breath, and wondered if there was a need to call for back up. He watched her approach the elevator. Her small fingers wedged themselves between the seams of the closed elevator and just like that doors were wide open and she jumped in. “Get to your stations” The Captain said to one of the Elite Guards. There was a crashing sound at the Elevator shafts doors. The Captain hoped that it was her dead body, after all mutant abilities were neutralized once they came within 50 yards of the underground source. There was a moment of nerve racking silence and then the elevator shaft doors began to squeal and then they opened violently.

Everybody was stunned at what they saw come through those doors, besides the Captain. This wasn’t some behemoth or unstoppable monster. It was a slender girl with a large rack representing a red S symbol in the middle of her chest. “You are under arrest. Lie face down and put your hands on the back of your head” The Captain ordered.

Amella smiled. “You really don’t expect me to do that do you?”.

“Missy you’re dealing with far superior weaponry then you did up stairs. I have no intention of killing you, but I will if I have too”.

The tone in his voice told her he wasn’t bluffing, but it was Wilson’s reminder to her that they possessed no weapon that could stop her that ultimately prevailed. Not wasting anytime she decided to vaporize the Captain, also the man who killed her father. Her eyes sparkled and two magnificent beams moved with lighting fast quickness toward its target. The beams struck an invisible force field just short of her intended target.

“Take her out!” the Captain ordered.

The floor became electrified and Phase pistols blasted in a continuous and relentless barrage. Turrets popped out of the ceilings and showered her with .50 caliber bullets. Amella smiled as the lasers were simply absorbed by her body and the bullets simply bounced off her. What really impressed her was not only was her body holding up, but so was her costume.  The blue and red sheer fabric showed no signs of fatigue and she moved into the barrage.

The captain watched in nervous awe as she moved slowly toward the energy shield. The girl’s eyes flashed and a turret was blown off the roof. Her eyes flashed again and another turret exploded. She stepped closer and spikes fired beneath her. The spikes moved at tremendous velocity but stopped dead in their track when they struck the bottom of her feet or the lower side of her ass and crotch.

Amella approached the energy shield and placed her hand on it. A wave of energy traced her hand as she probed it.

Captain America became worried. There wasn’t a hero he knew of that would not have been vaporized by that energy shield. His worries grew even more when the S on her fantastic chest touched the energy shield and her breasts began to compress hard against her body. The shield began to spark and show signs of give. Lights of the entire complex began to flicker and then she stepped through it.

Amella looked at one guard at a time and with each stare guards became nothing more then ash. When all were dead she smiled at Captain America “Alone at last”.

“Why are you doing this?” The captain asked fully realizing that the only defense he had now was negotiation.

“How can you ask that after what you did?” Amella said with anger in her tone.

“What did I do?” The Captain genuinely asked.

“You don’t remember, well allow me to demonstrate.” Amella moved toward the Captain.

Captain America made an acrobatic move backwards and threw his shield at her. The shield struck Amella square in the head. She didn’t even flinch. In an incredible burst of speed Amella appeared in front of Captain America grabbing his big arms with her petite hands. Captain America’s eyes widened and his body went into shock as he heard the crunching sounds of both his arms. One of her hands then went to his neck and she hoisted him into the air. Her vice like grip choked Captain America and she watched him slowly die. Feeling it was time to now end it she squeezed his neck as hard she could easily popping his head off.

Amella opened the court room doors and asked the judge who was aware of the situation where she could find the jury.

“You won’t get away with this”. The female Judge said.

“I don’t think I was asking if I was going to get away with this” Amella replied as she trained her x ray vision to search through the court room. She spotted sixteen jurors huddled in an air tight room in the next room. “Never mind I’m pretty sure I know where they are”.

The female judge stepped in her way. “I can’t let you do that”.

Amella’s bust bumped into the judge forcing the judge to stumble backwards and stare in disbelief at Amella’s wondrous breasts. Amella smiled at the judge and then looked down at her breasts. “Intimidating, aren’t they?” she asked. The judge swallowed hard. Amella walked up to he judge and grabbed her out fit and hoisted her up. “Here, have a closer look”. Amella grabbed the back of the judges head and pressed her face into her left tit. She held her there with one hand softly as the judges hands flailed and finally went limp.

Amella continued walking toward the jury. She opened a heavy steel door that was not locked and the jury stared at the Super Girl in stunned disbelief. Amella immediately realized that the room, although fairly large was air tight.

“What’s going on”, one of the jury members asked.

“Who are you?” another Jury member asked.

Amella just stood there smiling continuing to breathe in through her nostrils. Amella’s breasts began to swell as she took on more and more air.

One of the Jury members attempted to sneak out but found that the steel door was impossible to budge. The air pressure in the room was changing dramatically and the Jury members began to suffocate. Amella continued breathing in until the tightly sealed room became a vacuum killing everyone.

Her task was complete, and she could hardly wait to tell her lover how easy it was. She could hardly wait to show off her new powers. She could hardly wait to punish those who hurt her, physically or emotionally.

Amella looked up at the ceiling and instinctively knew what she could do. Bending her knee’s Amella launched herself at the roof, Bashed through the underground facility blasted through 50 feet of earth and shot up into the clouds.

“World!, Get ready for SuperGirl!”


Next issue:

Super Girl faces off with Spider Man and Shows off just exactly what her new body is capable of to a few of her friends.

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