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Home Run Shootout

Written by Gincognifo :: [Monday, 14 October 2013 14:17] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 29 May 2021 15:51]

Home Run Shootout

by GeekSeven


"And that one is out of here!"


Samantha watched the ball fly up and away. It looked like a solid hit, but it would take a little while until it splashed into the bay and for the spotter boats to get a distance. She was still in the lead by twenty feet, but she had no doubt that Lisa would be able to top that. She readjusted her Giants cap, swung her custom-made, solid steel bat over her shoulder and walked back towards the dugout. The home crowd erupted into cheers as the final distance came back. 4350 feet. A solid 200 feet past her previous mark. Lisa was walking towards the batters circle. Samantha nodded as they passed each other.


"Good luck, Lisa, " she said.


Lisa Tan was an Asian-American woman of medium height. Her slight frame did nothing to suggest the immense power contained within. She was wearing an Oakland A's. Baseball shirt and a pair of blue denim shorts over black tights. Samantha felt self conscious around Lisa, being so tall and blonde.


"Thanks, Sam. Looking forward to kicking your ass. "


Samantha stopped. "You ever wish they would let us play a real game instead of this super girl home run shoot out bullshit?"


Lisa stopped as well. "Every time we do this, Sam, every time. I'm an A's fan from since I was a little girl. All I ever wanted to do was swing a bat in a real game. Wouldn't be fair, though. Wouldn't be fair. Besides, the home run bullshit raises a lot of money for charity. Thought you were all about that? "


Samantha nodded. The crowd at Giants Stadium had gone quiet. It wasn't often that participants in the super girl home run shoot out would stop and talk. The rivalry between these women was real and went beyond simple civic pride in the cities they defended.


"It's just that I'm starting to wonder if any of this is worth it, " said Samantha.


"How long have you been San Francisco 's heroine? " asked Lisa. "Three years? "


Samantha nodded.


"That's normal, " said Lisa. "I've been protecting the East Bay for ten years now. About two and a half years in I really started to wonder what the hell I was doing. Everything about the cities was mad and self destructive. I worked through it. Look, let's go get a beer when I'm done kicking your butt. 21st Amendment okay with you?"


"Sounds good."


Samantha walked back to the dugout. She acknowledged the San Francisco fans with a short bow.


Lisa was true to her word. She drilled the next pitch over the wall and into the east bay at a distance of five thousand feet.




"You were holding back until the end, " said Samantha, accusingly, over a pint of Watermelon Wheat at the bar of 21st Amendment.  "You could have made that hit at any point."


Lisa shrugged and took a long swig of her black IPA. "Wanted to give the home crowd a little glimpse of hope before I shattered their dreams.'"


"I had no idea you were so much stronger than me."


Lisa laughed. "It's not about strength, girlfriend, it's about technique. I played varsity softball for three years before I manifested. I'm guessing that this event is the first time you ever held a bat in your life."


Samantha nodded. "Tennis was my game, growing up. Well, shopping, if I'm being honest, but my parents paid a lot of money to tennis coaches over the years."


"How did your folks take it when you manifested?"


Samantha's eyes went up. "Not well. They cut me loose. I had never had to work for anything in my life. I was going to marry a rich doctor or lawyer and spend the rest of my life as a lady whose biggest decision every day would be where to go for lunch. Then I manifested and I was disowned. They're not big on supergirls back east."


Lisa nodded. "After what the Viragos did to Boston, I can't say I'm surprised. Doesn't stop it sucking, though."


Samantha continued. "Suddenly I'm out on the street at 17 with nothing but super powers that I barely understood to make my way in the world. I came west. Seemed like the thing to do."


"I'm impressed, " said Lisa. "A lot of women would not have taken a heroic path under those circumstances.  A lot of women did not. The Viragos did not."


"I never wanted to hurt people. I just wanted a quiet life of pampered luxury. I got over it. Half an hour on the streets of this city will do that for you."


"If you're paying attention, " said Lisa. "A lot of people do not. Look, you're a good kid. You'll do fine. Just remember to take some time for yourself every once in a while. Right now people love us. One day they'll hate and fear us like they do on the east coast. The trick is to not take it personally."


"Thanks Lisa, you're cool. We should hang out more."


"Any time, Sam. Always happy to have a beer or knock a ball around. Of course, if you want to make it more interesting..."




Fifteen minutes later, the two superwomen stood at one end of an abandoned air force base on the edge of the desert. Samantha held her bat at the ready as Lisa wound up to pitch a sphere of recycled steel.


"Remember, " said Lisa, "out here you can cut loose."


Samantha smiled as the rough ball flew through the air towards her. She swung with all of her might, not worried about destroying the ball or accidentally hitting a skyscraper. She whooped with joy as the sphere flew up and away towards distant mountains.


"Nice hit, " said Lisa. "Make a ball and then it's my turn."


She gestured towards the pile of scrap metal they had brought with them.


Sam walked over and grabbed a handful. Using her bare hands she crushed the metal into a rough sphere. This was going to be fun.

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