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No image Super-boss It was Sunday afternoon and Katia was double-checking some of the company accounting, since she was a very dedicated and hardworking account manager,... Sunday, 15 February 2015 09:01
Stealing Thunder, Part III Author’s Note: yes, I changed Captain Marvel, Junior’s power word. It’s silly that a hero can’t say his own name. My plan had succeeded beyond my wil... Tuesday, 13 January 2015 22:45
No image She's No Angel (But She Tries) Author's note: This story has been a long time coming. Originally it was inspired by “Rise of the Guardians” and it was meant for Christmas 2013, but... Tuesday, 20 January 2015 10:00
Stealing Thunder, Part II I’d put my plan into motion a few days ago and was biding my time until Black Adam arrived. I had cast some alarm spells on the surrounding area, foo... Tuesday, 13 January 2015 13:20
No image Stealing Thunder, Part I Note: This story makes reference to World's Finest #272. I recount some of the tale here, altering it slightly for my needs. It was the initial inspi... Tuesday, 13 January 2015 13:18
A Superworld – Shazam: Cherry Bomb, Part 1 Chapter 1 A young woman was driving a crowd wild. She did not have to do much to achieve that: she was a very beautiful and spontaneous person, with ... Wednesday, 31 December 2014 10:07
No image Lea and Clara Lisa changed into an elegant trousersuit and told Lea to do the same thing. The girl chose to wear white jeans, a pink top and a dark blue jacket wit... Wednesday, 10 September 2014 13:11
No image Over Doing It Pages 1-12 July 9th 679GR Paul jerked upright in his bed as a loud bang greeted his ears. His eyes opened and he found himself looking into darkness. Another ba... Monday, 21 April 2014 21:38
No image The Super Alliance “ What?“ she yelled. 14.00 Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Normale Tabel... Friday, 18 April 2014 13:23
No image A Special Treaty Superman landed next to Lisa without saying a word at first. Nor did Lisa, who was still lying on her back seemingly staring into the air. In reality... Saturday, 12 April 2014 00:02