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Hello everyone!

I’m back with a new spotlight, and this week it’s one that I rediscovered as I looked for a new story to talk about.

It’s actually among some of the first I found on the site, so I remember reading it back then and liking it. Reading it again to make sure I remembered the plot correctly, I still liked it.

This weeks spotlight is:

How To Make A Bat Sandwich by Au Goose

This is a fairly short one-shot story with a simple enough premise: Powergirl is trying to convince Batman to have sex with Supergirl, so that Supergirl’s assets migt swell a bit more.

Simple, i Know. It is mostly about sex after all, BUT I do also like it for the details put into it.

Batman/Bruce definitely feel realistic to me, how he is unwilling to commit to it, but as soon as he is finally convinced to do it? He takes charge. Even Karen let him, deferring to the Batman as he “teaches” Kara about sex.

Bruce is portrayed in a manner that feels faithful to his character while taking the needed freedoms to make him fit into the narrative.

Kara and Karen are also well portrayed. While it is Kara that is to have sex with Bruce, this story is almost just as much about Karen and her battle to make Bruce give in, to make him help Kara.

And if you’re reading this, and want more masterfully crafted narratives? Consider reading more of Goose’s stuff. There are some for almost anyone.

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