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Welcome back everyone!

Summer is changing to autumn which means that Halloween is quickly getting closer by the day. Due to that, I wanted to look for stories that fitted into a trope I’ve developed a fondness for: Becoming the costume. 

There is just something interesting about the idea that a seemingly random choice of costume can have immense ramifications (for the better) on a character that just have an appeal to me. 

Diving into the story bank (and from a suggestion on our discord server) I found:

Galaxy by Whitepaw

This story manages to tick many boxes for me:

  • “Becoming the costume” - Check
  • Plenty of Superwomen - Check
  • And a rather OP superwoman as a lead - Check

The above is just a short list of things that I like about the story. 

The story also sets up some interesting plot points: A looming invasion, immensely powerful beings playing around with humans, and the main character’s struggle with her powers and identity. 

With all of that being said, the story ain’t flawless.

I ain’t gonna go deep, because I still think the story is worth a read, but Whitepaw really tries to make the story cinematic at times which just don’t work that well for me (Though, I’ll be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that I’ve wanted to try something similar), and the plot is a little difficult to follow along to, with none of them really being fleshed out before chapter 1 ends. 

I also have a nitpick about something said about Angie and her powers. It’s said she is powerful in some manner, but it's never shown, which I see as something of a missed opportunity. 

But again, despite the flaws and nitpicks that I have about it, I still think the story is worth a read (Just be aware that it is a loooooong one). 

All in all, a fine story that could become even better with some editing passes :-)