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Wednesday, 17 November 2021 13:57

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  1. Without will or conscious control.
  2. Against someone's will; without someone's cooperation.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another spotlight!

This week, I’ve chosen a story that I’ve kinda tried to push back on, not wanting to swarm my spotlights with only the same author (I’m trying!). Despite that, I was reminded about this story about a week ago when I got an idea for a story that I realized would have some similarities with it. At that point, the decision had been made, I was gonna make a spotlight about it. 

Without further delay:

Involuntarily Djinn by DKC (Part 2; Part 3)

Yeah, this is another multi-part story but this is honestly also one of my favorite stories in general! 

DKC has crafted a nice plot for this one: Our main POV character, Maria, finds a stone that seemingly turns her into a powerful, and beautiful, superwoman. Her new powers are awesome but she soon finds herself inexplicably attracted to her son’s best friend, making her soon experiment more with her powers, and making her do things she never thought she would do to get his attention..

While it is never explained in the text, the title gives it away upfront: Maria is not just some superwoman, but this detail is fairly minor until we reach part 2 and 3 (which will likely be spoilers).

Maria herself is well crafted and I enjoy reading about her, and how she uses her powers. While she isn’t out and being a hero, she also isn’t holding back on using her powers during the story, even brandishing a new power out of the blue (telekinesis) which I absolutely loved (and I hoped she would have used it more). 

The narrative is well crafted, and definitely works, but I also have a little annoyance with it: Maria is implied to have a potential (which is a spoiler) that I think that she and her husband could/should have taken advantage of around part 2, instead of doing what they did (which does make sense in context, I rather that they did something else XD )

Part 3 starts with a twist that was set up in part 2, and from there we see someone using that potential that I’ve hinted at in the last paragraph. 

All in all, DKC has crafted a great story, with some nice twists, using elements I can’t recall having been used recently. I just wish that there was more of it, and perhaps an alternative chapter or two XD

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