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Friday, 16 January 2015 15:56

Melissa Benoist IS Supergirl!!!

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Well, it's now official -- we have our Girl of Steel! If you had seen it on our forums from earlier, it should come as no surprise that Melissa Benoist (Glee, Whiplash) has been cast as Kara in the upcoming Supergirl TV series on CBS.  Still, the final word from the studios makes it ever so sweeter and moves it from speculated rumor (though their wasn't any doubt in my mind :P) to confirmed news!
If I'm being honest, I can say that I never ever heard of Melissa Benoist until I started chasing down the rumored lead that I picked up on.  I have never watched Glee (ok, ok....I used to be a Gleek, but I stopped watching after season 2!) and I haven't seen Whiplash (though I think I might now).  So when I heard the news, I admit I was a little taken aback and a little disappointed it wasn't a bigger name like Claire Holt or AnnaSophia Robb.  That is, until I started doing my research (aka Google) on her.  I'm now solidly on Team Melissa, and I look forward to seeing her sailing through the skies for many years to come (don't f**k this up, CBS!).

While not what a lot of us would initially imagine physically as our ideal Girl of Steel (mainly due to the hair color), she seems to have that perfect blend of "beautiful face" combined with that "wholesome, every woman look" that CBS CEO Nina Tassler seemed to be looking for.  And, if you watch clips of her performing on Glee and on the talk shows, she has this incredible likability factor that fits perfectly with the Supergirl that seem to be casting for.  As an "added bonus", she seems to have some decent acting chops as well! :)

David Rappaport and his casting crew really deserve kudos for this one, IMO.  And if their past successes -- especially with Glee alumni in superhero roles -- are any indication, they've hit another homerun with Melissa Benoist!  Now, hopefully they won't screw up the costume with something like Melissa's first foray into the superheroine genre):

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