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Saturday, 07 November 2015 14:16

SWM Genre Video Report - Nov 2015 Featured

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With all the hullabaloo about Supergirl, Jessica Jones, and the rest of the mainstream media ubergirls, it's been a while since we did a recap/report of some of the latest offerings by our genre producers.  Before the 2015 bumper crop of ubergirl shows like Supergirl and Jessica Jones hit, the genre producers were one of our only outlets to get our "fix" for superstrong and sexy women kicking ass.  We hope we'll continue to support these outfits so that they'll continue to make more of these in the very near future.

While KAK has being disappointing to many of us for their lack of "superness", they occassionally have thrown our genre a bone and given us a superheroine-themed video from time to time.  The is little doubt that the Kandy Girls are some of the most beautiful AND physically gifted genre actresses around.  That is why it always seemed such a "waste" to NOT have them endowed with superpowers and kicking even more ass than they normally do.  Well, time to rejoice cause KAK this past week just posted "Last Kandy Hunter" starring Kix in one of their best -- if not THE best -- storylines featuring a superpowered protagonist.  While Kix is not in a traditional superheroine costume, her powers are undeniable.  Invulnerability, throat lifts, bar bending and even a touch of superbreath are exhibited by the beautiful ubergirl in her own snarky style that is sure to please even the most discriminating purchaser.  This video was shot as a custom for one of our own members, so that you tell you that this one is a must see!  Trust me,!


TKS Productions

Amidst the hoopla of better know and more publicized genre outfits, TKS Productions has grown a strong following within the genre and has been cranking out solid uber-themed vignettes at an incredible pace.  His latest endeavor is titled "The Secretary" and is another solid production.  In my opinion, TKS has steadily improved his production values and FX, incorporating more "uberness" aside from his trademark throatlifts in some of his latest projects.  The Secretary is no exception with samples of bar bends and superbreath incorporated as part of her power set.  TKS videos are all action driven, and there is not a lot of fluff in the films, so I hope SWM fans will give this a second look -- as well as a third and fourth look!  I was privy to a sneak peek of one of his upcoming projects which is bigger in scale, and it looks really good!  There will also be some customs coming up in the near future featuring costumes that I know everyone will want to see as well!  But until then, make sure you check them out!


Project: Superwoman

With the depart of SSH and the Steeles, Project: Superwoman dominated for a while in the costumed girl-power arena for a while, but they've since been on a hiatus of sorts, with only a few products being released rather sparsely.  I have been told, however, they they are STILL in business, and the release of their photoset last week somewhat confirms that.  In addition, I was told there will be another release of a photoset featuring fan-favorite Ashley coming soon as well as a video starring AZ Powergirl which is now in post-production.  While their quality hasn't suffered, I look forward to them returning to a more regular schedule in the future.  Until then, make sure you check out their library of fabulous ubergirl videos!

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