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Sunday, 10 January 2016 13:09

And the winner is... Featured

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Hi all,

It's about that time that I announce the winner of the 2016 winter workshop.  but first i would like to firstly say a few things this workshop was a experiment in running more than one story idea and i have to say it's worked we have had eleven stories that have taken the ideas and made then their own.  We've had stories from old writers and new writers and we've been treated to to nothing but the best.


So who won?

The winner of the contest is d_k_c with his story titled KINGS of EMPIRE a hearty round of applause goes to him and a SuperGirl costume from Sarge395 will be winging it's way to you.


The Results in full


1.   KINGS of EMPIRE by D_k_c

2.   Amanda by Hdmk2

2.   Worth a Shot by Dru1076

4.   Freya's Story by Shadar

5.   In denial by Pansardum

6.   Living Well is the Best Revenge by TwiceOnThursdays

7.   A Pretty Rotten Bastard by Castor

8.   One Hero: Made to Order by Brad328

8.   A Shot in the Light by Brantley

8.   Shot at by Blueriver

9.   Losing Her Patience by Geekseven


I would like to thank all who have entered and we will be announcing the next workshop soon.


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