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Sunday, 08 March 2020 00:00

Admin Story Spotlight Theatre Featured

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Welcome to the first episode of Admin Spotlight Story Theatre, where the admin staff at SWM picks and spotlights a personal favorite or forgotten gem, plucked from the vast archives of the SWM Library.  With nearly 1000 stories in our ubergirl archives, it's easy to miss, and sometimes forget, some of these stories.  So Fats, Woodclaw, and myself will be spotlighting a different story each week in hopes everyone, especially those who have recently joined SWM, will give it a read and maybe comment on it.  So without further ado, here is the first featured story of Larafan's Literary Likes:
Christina McCallister: Part 1 by 007
When Woodclaw asked me which story I was thinking of featuring, this one came to mind rather easily for a variety of reasons.  Those quite familiar with ubergirl fiction might remember this tale fondly from back when Diana the Valkyrie's library was worth visiting on a daily basis.  In my mind, it was one of the first stories back then (circa 1997) that really showcased a sexy protagonist being super and relishing in the experience in a wonderful fantasy-fueled tale.  How much did I like it?  Well, when I started the now-defunct Supergirls, Inc site, it was the first story I remember loading in the library.  Flashing forward to the early days of SWM, what do you think was the first story that was loaded in the library?  Yep, CMac!  
On a personal note, CMac was the story that actually prompted me to pick up a and begin to write my own stories, the first eventually becoming the screenplay of The Awakening!  Several stories later, I have 007 to thank, or blame, depending on your perspective.  Shortly after CMac appeared, 007 did a second story called Gym Conqueror which featured one of the sexiest and rather X-rated gym scenes you'll find in ubergirl fiction.  It was just as fantastic, but then...
007 disappeared like the stealth secret agent he is, never to write another genre story (that I am aware of).  Many years later, as part of one of the SWM writing workshops, a sequel to CMac called aptly Christina McCallister Part 2 was submitted under the nom de plume of 008. It just wasn't the same. I don't say that to diss the author because I can come clean now and admit that myself and Conceptfan wrote it under the 008 moniker. I did contact 007 prior and get his blessing prior though, begging for more from him, but I didn't get anything other that his blessing to go ahead with the sequel.
Ironically, 007 popped up recently this past year in discord, and we've chatted a few times.  He talked about possibly writing genre fiction again one day, but to this date he hasn't submitted anything that I know of.  And that is just fine cause he already gave us a great legacy with Christina McCallister, Part I.  I hope you'll check it out by simply clicking on the title if haven't already or maybe go back and give it another read. It's worth it!
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