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With Fats off flying around Europe, delivering much needed supplies to people in need (thanks, Fats!), Woodclaw and myself will be helping him out and picking up the slack in the short-term.  So, you're stuck exclusively with our literary tastes for the time being.  Therefore, I bring you another installment of Larafan's Literary Likes:

Lucille's Lingerie by Vortigern

It still amazes me sometimes how LONG it's been and how fast the time has flown since some of these stories were posted. In doing the "research" for Lucille's Lingerie, I practically fell over after seeing that it was submitted in the Spring of 2012 -- EIGHT years ago!
Based soley on it's 'shelf age', I'm sure this story has escaped the watchful eyes of some of our readers, especially the newer visitors to SWM.  Lucille's Lingerie is a classic tale that you'd find in any  "Beautification & Superpowers via Mystical Clothing" section of your local ubergirl bookstore. While it doesn't have nearly the depth or plot as some of the stories at SWM, one will find it hard to not recognize Vortigern's formidable skills on display with turning a mousy girl into a swan--a Super Swan, no less!  Despite the rather short length, the story packs a lot of steamy sexiness and beautification along with some classic ubergirl feats of strength. I always appreciated this story, and when we came up with the Story Spotlight, I always knew it would be one of my early choices. The author, Vortigern, wrote another story, Darkness Rising, as a followup but then sadly disappeared from the ubergirl fiction scene, disappearing across the ubergirl fiction horizon like so many other authors do... 
But wait! 
Quite concidentally, a wonderful new series, A Common Weakness, recently was posted to our library by a new author, Dumanoir.  I sent him an encouraging note with some feedback, as I sometimes do, and we ending up striking up a conversation over a series of emails.  Well, lo and behold, Dumanoir has written some stories earlier under the the name--yep, you guessed it--Vortigern! Never since the whole "Einhorn is Finkle, Finkle is Einhorn" thing had I been so surprised, pleasingly as well, especially since I was actually getting ready to feature it in this column. Dumanoir actually gave me permission for the pseudonym reveal for this writeup as well, so thanks to him for that as well as he's fantastic stories.
 I hope you'll check it out Vortinoir's (or is it Dumagern?) story, Lucille's Lingerie, by simply clicking on the title if haven't already or maybe go back and give it another read and tell him you loved it. If nothing else, with some added encouragement, we'll get a lot more Common Weakness!
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