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Tuesday, 07 April 2020 20:47

Admin Story Spotlight Theatre #4 Featured

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When I look through the many stories of our site, one of the hardest things to do is finding a common theme that isn't just "my favorites over the years". Even restricting the choice to my (criminally small) list of favorites, I still have trouble to figure out a path, so for this week of Woodclaw'sWarehouse of Wonders, I'm going to feature a story that isn't particularly old... (April 2015... WTF), but it really never received the love it deserved:

The Lioness:  The Blacksite Affair by AuGoose

I admit I have something of a vested interest in this story since I was a beta-reader for it and I spent a crapton of time discussing it with AuGoose on the site chat first and on Discord later. In his intentions, this was meant to be the first installment of a long-running series featuring the titular character in a series of paramilitary/espionage missions. Many of the ideas were later channeled into AuGoose's Quantum Tarot series (also very worth reading), but Lioness has a rather unique approach to one of our favorite elements: how to cope with powers. More often than not, our heroine and villainesses tend to come in one of two flavors: some gain a pre-installed guide on how to use their powers from the start, others have to figure out everything by themselves. Lioness is a very intriguing third choice: a character that supplements her really high power level with some hard-earned military training, trying to blend the line between our genre and military fiction.
Now, this might look weird to some, after all "Supergirl vs Military" is one of the most common tropes we use and it's absolutely present... with a twist.
Instead of being a blunt item trashing enemies by the dozen, Lioness is a surgical instrument, trained to hit her target with maximum force and precision. Some superbeing might be insanely powerful, others might have received the best training available, but Lioness is the complete package: powerful, skilled and with an entire team to support her... while working on their own agenda.
As I said I've a vested interest in this story: I know where AuGoose wanted to go with it and I hope, one day, to see it come online.
Until then, stay safe, people.
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