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Admin Story Spotlight Theatre #5 Featured

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Howdy, all!  Welcome to another installement of Larafan's Literary Likes where I help to spotlight some of my personal gems of the past in our extensive SWM library.  This week, I feature a "one-hit wonder" dating all the way back to December 2005:

A New Leaf by Helix111

A New Leaf should please a lot of "bad girl" fans in the crowd here, as it was written and submitted for SGI's* Workshop 1.06, "An Ubergirl Changes Sides from Good to Bad".  A New Leaf tells of the tale of Katie Thurmond who finds herself the beneficiary of supergirl-like powers while away at summer camp.  Katie assumes the classic role of do-gooder in her town, assuming the mantle of WonderGirl, as she fights crime in her local city until one night she receives a visit from her old roommate at camp that causes her attitude and overall moral compass to start to slowly shift.  I won't spoil what happens or give any of the details but,  just as you can judge from the title of the workshop theme, you can probably write WonderGirl off as the darling superheroine of her city by the end of the story!
The original concept and goal of the workshops were to help encourage and solicit more new authors which proved to be successful in the early days.  This was illustrated here by Helix111's participation, as he/she/they had never (to my knowledge) written an ubergirl story prior.  Yay!  Sadly, after submitting A New Leaf, we never got a sequel (it kinda begs for one) or even another followup story after.  Boo!  I'd say it was a great story for a first time writer, but it's a great story, period!  While it covers a bunch of commonly used tropes, it has a good blend of sexiness and storytelling that has always made it one of my favorites -- probably cause it uses a lot of the commonly used tropes. :P
Hopefully, it'll resonate with some of you as well, so give it a read by clicking on the title above and telling him/her/them you loved it in the comments.  With any luck, Helix111 might be still lurking (or using a different username) and hopefully is out there still listening.  If you are, Helix, I got two words for you......See Quall! :)
* Author's Note:  For those not familiar with the history of the site, 'SGI' refers to Supergirls, Incorporated, a website run by Larafan, which was the precursor to SWM.  The story workshops started over at SGI and continued till the site was shuttered sometime in 2007.  Those workshops were then converted over to SWM when it was launched.
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