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After featuring one of my relatively recent favorites, I decided to go as back as possible. I discovered this community during the final year or so of the old website and of Larafan's first experiment Supergirls Inc and I think that the first story that really caught my eye was the often praised Serena by Yohashuan. While I can't deny that was my first real dip into the genre, it's not the story I want to feature today. This one is from the same time period, but from a completely different author and perspective. For the Woodclaw's Warehouse of Wonders, allow me to introduce:

Titaness Part 1 & Part 2 by Stoneyman a.k.a. JNW550

Titaness is a story that might surprise those that know me well. More often than not I tend to write (and enjoy) stories that dwell into the lower end of the superpowered spectrum, because I like the struggle and the hard choices needed to come up on top, but this early foray in the upper echelons of superwomen really captivated my imagination. The set-up is very basic, but I think the description of the transformation in the first chapter really pushed the boundaries of what I considered an erotic description back then. The scene is hotter than a volcano and to this day it remains one of my favorites in terms of details. The main character is insanely overpowered and carefree, without stepping into the typical slippery slope of evil. She comes out as egocentric, but ultimately good-natured, in a very She-Hulk way.
Chapter 2 opens up the narrative even more, introducing a second superwoman and moving the clock forward a few months, giving us a little glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes... but unfortunately, the story is incomplete. While JNW550 is still an active part of this community -- he posts daily on our Discord server under the name of D3adelite -- he left the writing field a long time ago. I know for a fact that every now and then he puts together some small vignettes, but he hasn't posted a new story in years. Even so, his corpus makes him one of our earliest and most enthusiastic contributors. 
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