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On this installment of SWM’s SPOTLIGHT series, I’m going to talk about a story I think is unique in its nature compared to other stories I have read here:

She’s No Angel (But She Tries) - By, our own, Woodclaw

As of writing this (July 2020), it ain’t really that time of the year where we can look outside the window where the snow falls, hear Christmas songs on the radio and look towards spending time with our families…

This story is a very unique one, in my mind, compared to what is mostly posted on this site: While there are feats of power and a beautiful superwoman, that isn’t what feels like the true center of the story. It doesn't feature much sexy either but that doesn't matter in this case.

This story has a unique feel to it, dripping with an atmosphere that pulls you in. Seeing the world through a woman that truly wants to help people but knows she can't be there for everyone.

It is set in that time of the year that is associated with what I mentioned above: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” according to Andy Williams at least…

I’m going into some spoiler territory, so be warned:

Nicole, our protagonist, accepts a gift and becomes the new guardian of Christmas. While she might change herself to look like a supergirl, and certainly has the powers to back it up, she isn’t truly invulnerable: She struggles with being alone while her husband is overseas in the military… and yet she finds the strength to help others and take on the fight that Santa couldn’t overcome: She embraces the despair and tries her best to mitigate it instead of ignoring it, or try to destroy it. She accepts it and tries to help.

This story feels deeper than most other stories I think I have read on this site. The keyword might just be Feel.

How often do we come across stories that truly make us feel something about them, make us introspective? If a piece of art has made us feel or think something, it has truly become more than itself.

It’s a story about taking over the mantle of a legendary figure. It’s a story about overcoming your own fears and doubts so you can help others.

It’s a story that can inspire hope.

So give it a try, or wait until December when it is more “fitting”, I won’t judge!

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