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Tuesday, 11 August 2020 22:00

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Halloween might have been my favorite holiday growing up. It may still be. It’s part scary, part thrilling, part dress-upy fun. And to top it off, you get candy. Lots and lots of it. A bagful to be exact.

There’s just something magical about the whole thing. When you’re a kid, opening the package for the first time, the smell of new rubber and plastic wafting through the room, excitement rules the day. It’s fun to slip into the fabric of something you would never normally wear. Nevermind the fact that there are always unironable creases in the fabric. Nevermind the fact that the cheap rubber strings that are supposed to hold the mask on invariably break halfway through trick-or-treating. Nevermind the fact that your parents will bundle you into a jacket that hides most of the costume from view anyway.

As you grow up, Halloween morphs into a different sort of thrill. It’s a chance to dress up in something sexy that you would NEVER wear under normal circumstances. It’s a chance to be daring. To be someone, for one night, that you normally could not be.

I tried to capture a bit of the feel of the holiday with my story, Clothes Make the Woman. It didn’t work. Was never too happy with that one. ElF, however, managed to get it right. Just right. Right to the point where I have some serious writer envy. :)

One Halloween Night vy Larafan

Starting in front of the mirror (one of my favorite places to craft a scene), the story establishes the characters firmly from the outset. The dialog is natural and flows well. The transformation is crafted with care, invoking some witty alien banter. And the ending is just perfect.

The story manages to be funny, scary, heartwarming, thrilling, sensory, sexy, and entertaining. It captures everything that I love about Halloween.

If you’ve read it before, I would encourage you to read it again. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat! ;)

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