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Welcome back to another installment of the Spotlight-Series!

As I sat down to write another entry for this series, I ran into a tiny problem: I had quickly run through my first batch of stories that I felt needed more notice. So I looked a bit deeper and have abandoned my self-imposed rule of “Under a certain amount of views” in favor of having more stories to talk about.

I’m now ready with more Spotlights! And Today I want to talk about:

Ascension by Taliesan

Fun fact; Both Woodclaw and I wanted to talk about this so feel free to see this as a double recommendation!

This is an older one from the archives (2006!) and it is also one of the first stories that I remember reading from the site. I haven’t been here on the site since 2006 but that is not the point.

Ascension is a simple 4-part story about Ryan finding out that one of his classmates, Andrea, is superhuman. They begin to talk after she saves him from some bullies then she saves him again from a huge rock and romance begins to happen…

That is the simplicity of it anyway.

The story has some fine feats of superhuman powers and Andrea is a well-written character (in my humble opinion) but this story really is about the relationship between Ryan and Andrea. How can a relationship work when one of them can crush rocks, lift ships out of the water and fly around like Superman?

That is the core of the story and I like it! The idea that one can date a literal Supergirl!

Sadly, the story stopped after part 4 where they really begin to date and it really is a shame since I would like to know what happens next. The description of the story implies how there might be more “goddesses” around in the setting, and that a love story like this might not have a happy ending... All of that makes me quite excited about where it could lead.

Try giving it a read if you want a relatively short and sweet story about a romance between a normal guy and his supergirl.

So if you are out there Taliesan: Could you please continue it? Or give a rough outline for what you think might happen? Please?

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