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Welcome back to another Spotlight!

Some time ago, Hiker wrote about a story that had featured in the very first workshop held on this site. This recommendation made me take a look at some of the other entries back then, and I must say that there was one in particular that I enjoyed. 

Which leads us to this week’s Spotlight  entry:

Super Relic Hunter by Shadar

Many of you people are probably familiar with Shadar and their writing since they have been around for at least one and a half decade at this point. They have had a major hand (to my knowledge, which honestly is beyond flawed) in the creation of The Aurora universe, a collection of stories about races of superwomen and their fights against each other. 

It’s a spectacular collection of stories which i'm sure is worth checking out if you have the time for it. 

But enough about the author and more about the story, yeah?

This story is based on the picture that accompanies it: One with the legendary Lara Croft taking off with a huge artifact in her hands. 

This story doesn't feature that exact scene but my god  do i think this is a good read!

The story begins some months into the future from where the main plot is happening. Lara returns to an archeological society to announce a great discovery which ends with her declaring herself the goddess Isis after having demonstrated some of her newfound powers.

After that, we return to the past where we follow Lara and how that came to be. 

Before reading this story, I had a vague idea that it would be nice to read a story where Lara Croft gets superpowers from an artifact that she has found. After reading this one?

I want more, PLEASE!!!

There are some really interesting elements to the whole thing, like how the scenes where Lara uses her new powers show how she struggles in the beginning, how she comes to terms with her not being the strongest one around, and the the fact that reality is being warped around Lara to fit this new reality she finds herself in. 

I particularly get excited by how Lara gets herself out of trouble, close to the end, by tricking Isis to manipulate reality in one particular way, which for me opens the door for amazing opportunities in future chapters!

Yes dear reader, you read right, this story ends on a cliffhanger with the promise of a continuation… which doesn’t seem to have appeared in the meantime which makes me kinda sad since I really want to know what happens next on Lara’s journey to possible godhood. 

So if you read this Shadar… Could you please consider writing a continuation to this story? The world needs Super-Lara :-)

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