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Admin Story Spolight Theatre #36 Featured

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Welcome to another Spotlight everyone! It’s going to be a relatively short and quick one this time, due to me almost forgetting to write this entry, and other reasons!

This week's story is one I stumbled upon relatively quickly after joining the site some years ago. 


The Mask Of Zorro by Argonaut


This is something of a “what if?” story where a woman from a franchise without superpowers suddenly has them. It’s never explained why but it does hint that Argonaut at least, at the time, had plans for a potential sequel. 

While short, I think the story does a good job at both being a crossover/What if story, while also being a classical “New Superwoman needs to save her lover” story! 

It is classical and doesn't really do anything that hasn't already been done before in similar stories and yet, introducing superpowers into the “Zorro” setting just works.

The plot is fairly simple: 

Our titular hero has been captured and needs help escaping. Who comes to the rescue? Our new Superwoman, in this case, the beautiful Elena!! Using all the classical superwoman powers at her disposal, she breaks Zorro out of prison and trivialises combat before escaping with Zorro. 

As with this spotlight, the story isn’t terribly long but it works well and definitely has me interested in a follow-up, despite me knowing very little about the canon of Zorro. 

The story comes with my recommendation and a wish that a (or more sequels) can one day be made.