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Hello everyone and welcome to a, very, delayed entry. 

Due to time constraints (And a self limiting rule about avoiding too many of the same authors) I have in the end settled on a very lovely story that I like. 

It’s as such quite simple, has some nice ideas that I admire, and is generally a very sweet story (especially if coupled with its sequel). 

(Super)Ladies and gentlemen:

Cos-play by Anon/Woodclaw

Before people say I’m biased, since it's basically me and Wood that is writing these entries at the moment, I genuinely like this story. 

At its most simple, the story is about a young woman that gets her hands on a special costume that gives her the powers of Supergirl while she is wearing it. She uses it to have fun, and have quite a lot of it during the story (especially with her new friends!)

The description of her costume is really good, and reading about her experiences (back when I first read it some years ago) was very entertaining. The large use of flight is also a thing that I’m a huge fan of in my superwoman fiction. I can’t exactly pinpoint why but properly applied flight in this kind of story? And I’m already almost sold on it!

There is also another thing I want to point out in Wood’s writing style: It’s genuine, it’s often very sweet stories with an emotional impact you don’t always see in stories on this site (Not to say that there aren’t such stories, I just want to highlight Wood’s writing). 

Like “She ain’t no angel”, Cos-play has a very satisfying ending to it, though the endings do differ, if still having a few similarities. 

It gets even sweeter when you realize that Cos-play has a sequel that goes into what happened shortly after Cos-Play’s ending. 

Well, that’s what I had for you this time, and be sure to extend your gratitude to our librarian while you’re here: He certainly deserves it with all the work he is doing for us.