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Hello everyone to another spotligt!

I come fresh (read: Exhausted) from work, but I ain’t gonna cheat you from a spotlight!

It’s going to be a short one though due to time constraints for different reasons.

This week, I bring you a story that I, sadly, haven’t completed (it’s in multiple parts) but I think it has an interesting origin/idea. 

In-Tune by Furlough

Yeah… It ain’t my first time giving this spot to Furlough but I do want to nail down that I do think that they have written some great things (See previous spotlights if you will XD )

The idea I find interesting here is the machine that sets the plot in motion: A seemingly strange device that emanates sound. Nothing exceptional? WRONG! This thing changes one depending on its dials, quickly turning our main character (in part 1) into something resembling an amazon, with part 2 seeming to promise even more changes are coming…

Sorry for the shortness of this week's entry, but I hope I’ll have a little more to say the next time it becomes my turn to write a spotlight.

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