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We are Moving

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hi all,

I'm pleased to make this announcement that with all the kind donations we are now able to move to the new server.  We have been hosted by Hostgator for over 4 years and it's time to move onwards and upwards, we would like to thank hostgator for the hosting that they have provided but all good things must come to an end.

I have been working on finding the best hosting for the site and this has taken more time than i expected but i have found an excellent host and that host is, we will be using their cloudVPS hosting package so it will mean a BIG jump in available resources.

When will it happen and what will happen.

OK, I've set the date of the Thursday 4th July will be the move day, the process will be as follows.

At 10am BST (5am EST, 11am CET) the site will go to read only.  what that will mean that you will be able to read any forum posts, read the stories but you wont be able to reply to any forum messages nor post any new material or comment on the stories.

During that time I back up the site, and download the back up, load it on my home server and make some important changes to the site, this process will take 2 hours.

I will then upload the site backup to the new server this will take 90 mins or less, once the backup is on the server I will restore the site to the new server.

While I’m doing this the address ( will have it's DNS records changed so that it will point to the new server and not the old one, this part will take anything from 1 min to 24 hours for people's web browser to point to the new server this part is outside of my control so if it takes longer i'm sorry there is nothing I can do.

Once the site is on the new server and is up and running I will then be happy.

There might be bugs, issues and even a server crash in the week after the site moves, if there is there will be a ton of info on the facebook group page to let you know what has happened.

Once again thank you to all the donator's who are making this possible.


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