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We have moved

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hi all,


Welcome to the new host, and welcome to the new improved SWM.  It's taken a whole lot to get here but here we are.  I would like to thank all the people who have put their hands in to their pockets and put some money to making this site a better place.   


So what has happened and what should I see


First of all you will see a new masthead (big graphic at the top) this item was a collaborative effort between Lfan and G7 and i think it's rather good.

Second you will notice the new theme, this theme has some nice features some that are in place and some that will come in the weeks ahead.

Third the image galleries are back, with the ability to upload images to your own gallery, but a large note of caution, i'm monitoring them very carefully, anyone who abuses the galleries by posting content that is either illegal or is hotlinking the images to their own website will be BANNED, there will be no warning, just a straight ban.  This is to protect the site and to prevent any additional costs to the site.

Forth you will notice that i've reintroduced the IM system that allows users to real time chat with each other there is also a chat room that can be used, we will retain access to the irc chat room but that will be used as a backup/emergency chat room rather than the main one.

Fifth the tag cloud is back, it's one of the most requested features that i've been asked for and it's back.

Sixth there are a number of little setting changes in the background that would make the site better


I would like to thank everyone's patience in the move it's been a real headache that it has taken so long for the DNS to be sorted but now it has full steam ahead.

I would also like to put my personal thanks to Lfan, G7, the donors and people who has offered me help and support, thanks guys.





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