Rasmus Thunberg

Rasmus Thunberg

Wednesday, 15 December 2021 10:56

Admin Story Spotlight Theatre #50

Hello everyone, and welcome to another spotlight!

I hope people enjoyed the Halloween workshop, and that people are having a great time (‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ after all!)

Today’s entry ain’t that old, and it’s technically a multi-chaptered story, but I’ll write about it anyway!

Jimmy by Shadar

Yeah, I know, It’s another Shadar story, but give the guy some credit! The man knows how to write fiction about superwomen!

First and foremost, don’t let the title fool you, the story is more than a story about Jimmy Olson (even if he is our main POV character). It’s about a budding romance between Kara (Supergirl) and Jimmy. 

It touches upon how a relationship with a superwoman realistically could play out: Kara’s strength makes some matters difficult, her culture is different from Jimmy’s, and lots of other things that are spoilers. 

The chapters show a nice romance that is beginning to blossom, especially after a thing happens that might make things more interesting. 

As is the case with a lot of writings in this genre, the story doesn't seem to be completed, but the current 3 chapters are an enjoyable read if you want some superpowered romance, with a sprinkle of Shadar’s typical world building. 

You can find Part 2 and 3 here.

Wednesday, 17 November 2021 13:57

Admin Story Spolight Theatre #48


  1. Without will or conscious control.
  2. Against someone's will; without someone's cooperation.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another spotlight!

This week, I’ve chosen a story that I’ve kinda tried to push back on, not wanting to swarm my spotlights with only the same author (I’m trying!). Despite that, I was reminded about this story about a week ago when I got an idea for a story that I realized would have some similarities with it. At that point, the decision had been made, I was gonna make a spotlight about it. 

Without further delay:

Involuntarily Djinn by DKC (Part 2; Part 3)

Yeah, this is another multi-part story but this is honestly also one of my favorite stories in general! 

DKC has crafted a nice plot for this one: Our main POV character, Maria, finds a stone that seemingly turns her into a powerful, and beautiful, superwoman. Her new powers are awesome but she soon finds herself inexplicably attracted to her son’s best friend, making her soon experiment more with her powers, and making her do things she never thought she would do to get his attention..

While it is never explained in the text, the title gives it away upfront: Maria is not just some superwoman, but this detail is fairly minor until we reach part 2 and 3 (which will likely be spoilers).

Maria herself is well crafted and I enjoy reading about her, and how she uses her powers. While she isn’t out and being a hero, she also isn’t holding back on using her powers during the story, even brandishing a new power out of the blue (telekinesis) which I absolutely loved (and I hoped she would have used it more). 

The narrative is well crafted, and definitely works, but I also have a little annoyance with it: Maria is implied to have a potential (which is a spoiler) that I think that she and her husband could/should have taken advantage of around part 2, instead of doing what they did (which does make sense in context, I rather that they did something else XD )

Part 3 starts with a twist that was set up in part 2, and from there we see someone using that potential that I’ve hinted at in the last paragraph. 

All in all, DKC has crafted a great story, with some nice twists, using elements I can’t recall having been used recently. I just wish that there was more of it, and perhaps an alternative chapter or two XD

Thursday, 02 September 2021 11:15

Admin Story Spolight Theatre #46

Welcome back everyone!

Summer is changing to autumn which means that Halloween is quickly getting closer by the day. Due to that, I wanted to look for stories that fitted into a trope I’ve developed a fondness for: Becoming the costume. 

There is just something interesting about the idea that a seemingly random choice of costume can have immense ramifications (for the better) on a character that just have an appeal to me. 

Diving into the story bank (and from a suggestion on our discord server) I found:

Galaxy by Whitepaw

This story manages to tick many boxes for me:

  • “Becoming the costume” - Check
  • Plenty of Superwomen - Check
  • And a rather OP superwoman as a lead - Check

The above is just a short list of things that I like about the story. 

The story also sets up some interesting plot points: A looming invasion, immensely powerful beings playing around with humans, and the main character’s struggle with her powers and identity. 

With all of that being said, the story ain’t flawless.

I ain’t gonna go deep, because I still think the story is worth a read, but Whitepaw really tries to make the story cinematic at times which just don’t work that well for me (Though, I’ll be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that I’ve wanted to try something similar), and the plot is a little difficult to follow along to, with none of them really being fleshed out before chapter 1 ends. 

I also have a nitpick about something said about Angie and her powers. It’s said she is powerful in some manner, but it's never shown, which I see as something of a missed opportunity. 

But again, despite the flaws and nitpicks that I have about it, I still think the story is worth a read (Just be aware that it is a loooooong one). 

All in all, a fine story that could become even better with some editing passes :-)

Wednesday, 04 August 2021 10:32

Admin Story Spolight Theatre #44

Hello everyone!

I’m back with a new spotlight, and this week it’s one that I rediscovered as I looked for a new story to talk about.

It’s actually among some of the first I found on the site, so I remember reading it back then and liking it. Reading it again to make sure I remembered the plot correctly, I still liked it.

This weeks spotlight is:

How To Make A Bat Sandwich by Au Goose

This is a fairly short one-shot story with a simple enough premise: Powergirl is trying to convince Batman to have sex with Supergirl, so that Supergirl’s assets migt swell a bit more.

Simple, i Know. It is mostly about sex after all, BUT I do also like it for the details put into it.

Batman/Bruce definitely feel realistic to me, how he is unwilling to commit to it, but as soon as he is finally convinced to do it? He takes charge. Even Karen let him, deferring to the Batman as he “teaches” Kara about sex.

Bruce is portrayed in a manner that feels faithful to his character while taking the needed freedoms to make him fit into the narrative.

Kara and Karen are also well portrayed. While it is Kara that is to have sex with Bruce, this story is almost just as much about Karen and her battle to make Bruce give in, to make him help Kara.

And if you’re reading this, and want more masterfully crafted narratives? Consider reading more of Goose’s stuff. There are some for almost anyone.

Wednesday, 07 July 2021 12:05

Admin Story Spolight Theatre #42

Hello everyone, I’m back with another spotlight for you all!

I’ve been slightly back in the archives and dug this story back up. I have already tried to read it a couple of times but never quite finished it (due to different reasons). 

Still, today I present to you:

Supergirl and Superwoman by Ace191

I should probably get this out of the way first: I still haven’t read it in its entirety, though I have skimmed the parts I haven’t read earlier. 

The story is an interesting one for a couple of reasons. As the title implies, it will feature both a supergirl and a superwoman, to which it delivers. 

The story is about a young woman named Kelly. She isn’t popular in school and she doesn't like her foster mom. One day she finds a ring that is capable of doing anything. Soon after this revelation, Kelly ofcourse turns herself into a supergirl, outfit, power, and all. 

She hugely enjoys these new powers, but they come with a downside: If she wants to keep them, then she has to take a single life. Each day. 

Distraught, she quickly creates a persona, one to be the one to take lifes: Superwoman, an embodiment of sex and power. 

The story shows how Kelly goes from a sweet girl to more and more embracing her Superwoman persona, the ring having completely corrupted her. 

With all that being said, I think the story has some flaws here and there, but I won’t get into them here (This is after all to promote stories, not necessarily review them ;-) )

So if you want a fairly decent length story about a sweet girl turning into a sexy Superwoman, then this story might be for you! 

Wednesday, 09 June 2021 22:59

Admin Story Spolight Theatre #40

Hello everyone to another spotligt!

I come fresh (read: Exhausted) from work, but I ain’t gonna cheat you from a spotlight!

It’s going to be a short one though due to time constraints for different reasons.

This week, I bring you a story that I, sadly, haven’t completed (it’s in multiple parts) but I think it has an interesting origin/idea. 

In-Tune by Furlough

Yeah… It ain’t my first time giving this spot to Furlough but I do want to nail down that I do think that they have written some great things (See previous spotlights if you will XD )

The idea I find interesting here is the machine that sets the plot in motion: A seemingly strange device that emanates sound. Nothing exceptional? WRONG! This thing changes one depending on its dials, quickly turning our main character (in part 1) into something resembling an amazon, with part 2 seeming to promise even more changes are coming…

Sorry for the shortness of this week's entry, but I hope I’ll have a little more to say the next time it becomes my turn to write a spotlight.

Wednesday, 12 May 2021 21:53

Admin Story Spolight Theatre #38

Hello everyone and welcome to a, very, delayed entry. 

Due to time constraints (And a self limiting rule about avoiding too many of the same authors) I have in the end settled on a very lovely story that I like. 

It’s as such quite simple, has some nice ideas that I admire, and is generally a very sweet story (especially if coupled with its sequel). 

(Super)Ladies and gentlemen:

Cos-play by Anon/Woodclaw

Before people say I’m biased, since it's basically me and Wood that is writing these entries at the moment, I genuinely like this story. 

At its most simple, the story is about a young woman that gets her hands on a special costume that gives her the powers of Supergirl while she is wearing it. She uses it to have fun, and have quite a lot of it during the story (especially with her new friends!)

The description of her costume is really good, and reading about her experiences (back when I first read it some years ago) was very entertaining. The large use of flight is also a thing that I’m a huge fan of in my superwoman fiction. I can’t exactly pinpoint why but properly applied flight in this kind of story? And I’m already almost sold on it!

There is also another thing I want to point out in Wood’s writing style: It’s genuine, it’s often very sweet stories with an emotional impact you don’t always see in stories on this site (Not to say that there aren’t such stories, I just want to highlight Wood’s writing). 

Like “She ain’t no angel”, Cos-play has a very satisfying ending to it, though the endings do differ, if still having a few similarities. 

It gets even sweeter when you realize that Cos-play has a sequel that goes into what happened shortly after Cos-Play’s ending. 

Well, that’s what I had for you this time, and be sure to extend your gratitude to our librarian while you’re here: He certainly deserves it with all the work he is doing for us.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021 13:14

Admin Story Spolight Theatre #36

Welcome to another Spotlight everyone! It’s going to be a relatively short and quick one this time, due to me almost forgetting to write this entry, and other reasons!

This week's story is one I stumbled upon relatively quickly after joining the site some years ago. 


The Mask Of Zorro by Argonaut


This is something of a “what if?” story where a woman from a franchise without superpowers suddenly has them. It’s never explained why but it does hint that Argonaut at least, at the time, had plans for a potential sequel. 

While short, I think the story does a good job at both being a crossover/What if story, while also being a classical “New Superwoman needs to save her lover” story! 

It is classical and doesn't really do anything that hasn't already been done before in similar stories and yet, introducing superpowers into the “Zorro” setting just works.

The plot is fairly simple: 

Our titular hero has been captured and needs help escaping. Who comes to the rescue? Our new Superwoman, in this case, the beautiful Elena!! Using all the classical superwoman powers at her disposal, she breaks Zorro out of prison and trivialises combat before escaping with Zorro. 

As with this spotlight, the story isn’t terribly long but it works well and definitely has me interested in a follow-up, despite me knowing very little about the canon of Zorro. 

The story comes with my recommendation and a wish that a (or more sequels) can one day be made. 

Tuesday, 16 March 2021 21:24

Admin Story Spolight Theatre #34

Welcome back to another Spotlight entry!

Let me be honest for a second: I had a plan that I would have read another series so that I could have considered that for an entry, but I’ve had to allocate my time on other things and have left me to look through my drawer of favorite stories from the site!

Which leads us into this week's entry:

Makes No Difference Who You Are by AuGoose

AuGoose might be one of my favorite writers on the site, with several of his stories being in my “favorites list”. Goose has a way of crafting well-made narratives in this genre where the plot in many stories often has been repeated before. 

He has a way of making both his superwomen and their powers interesting, and make them feel powerful. Even his drafts feel incredibly well crafted (If you haven’t checked his thread “The Honking of Geese” yet then please consider doing it after you’ve read “Makes no difference…”)

He has also angelic superwomen in a lot of his works, which I’m a huge fan of (Just take a look at my workshop entry!)

But enough of Goose as a writer, let's now talk about the story, hmm?

The story starts out with our two nameless protagonists chilling in a hot tub, after having accidentally dropped a particularly lucky quarter. They joke around some, both making some wishes before the woman proposes a “what if” idea: What if she looked better?

From here, things slowly begin to escalate as they slowly realize that she changes every time she comes up with a “what if” culminating in an incredibly well-written transformation scene! (okay, the one before it is also freaking amazing)

The story contains many elements that I like but mentioning them could spoil the story to a degree I don’t want.

If anything, I wish the story could either have a sequel, a spiritual successor or just that Goose will return someday with a new story or render for this one. 

Thursday, 04 February 2021 18:14

Admin Story Spolight Theatre #31

Welcome back to another Spotlight!

Some time ago, Hiker wrote about a story that had featured in the very first workshop held on this site. This recommendation made me take a look at some of the other entries back then, and I must say that there was one in particular that I enjoyed. 

Which leads us to this week’s Spotlight  entry:

Super Relic Hunter by Shadar

Many of you people are probably familiar with Shadar and their writing since they have been around for at least one and a half decade at this point. They have had a major hand (to my knowledge, which honestly is beyond flawed) in the creation of The Aurora universe, a collection of stories about races of superwomen and their fights against each other. 

It’s a spectacular collection of stories which i'm sure is worth checking out if you have the time for it. 

But enough about the author and more about the story, yeah?

This story is based on the picture that accompanies it: One with the legendary Lara Croft taking off with a huge artifact in her hands. 

This story doesn't feature that exact scene but my god  do i think this is a good read!

The story begins some months into the future from where the main plot is happening. Lara returns to an archeological society to announce a great discovery which ends with her declaring herself the goddess Isis after having demonstrated some of her newfound powers.

After that, we return to the past where we follow Lara and how that came to be. 

Before reading this story, I had a vague idea that it would be nice to read a story where Lara Croft gets superpowers from an artifact that she has found. After reading this one?

I want more, PLEASE!!!

There are some really interesting elements to the whole thing, like how the scenes where Lara uses her new powers show how she struggles in the beginning, how she comes to terms with her not being the strongest one around, and the the fact that reality is being warped around Lara to fit this new reality she finds herself in. 

I particularly get excited by how Lara gets herself out of trouble, close to the end, by tricking Isis to manipulate reality in one particular way, which for me opens the door for amazing opportunities in future chapters!

Yes dear reader, you read right, this story ends on a cliffhanger with the promise of a continuation… which doesn’t seem to have appeared in the meantime which makes me kinda sad since I really want to know what happens next on Lara’s journey to possible godhood. 

So if you read this Shadar… Could you please consider writing a continuation to this story? The world needs Super-Lara :-)

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