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Sunday, 09 November 2014 19:28

End of 2014 Workshop

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Hi all,

After our most successful Image workshop ever, where over 130 votes where cast, I thought it's time for a written workshop, based on the image workshop.

So here is the specifications of the workshop

Start Date:    9th November 2014
End Date:    1st February 2015
Length:         Unlimited
Topic:        Based on image workshop image chosen
Prize:         To be set

As you can see we have an end date set for the start of february, this workshop will end at midnight (GMT) on that day, you will also see that there is no limit in terms of word count, I've thought that making this workshop as open as i can do really get the creative juices going.

You can find the images here

I'll make a dedicated thread for the work shop for people to ask questions and post comments.


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