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Saturday, 01 November 2014 15:03

"I Wish I Was Kryptonian" Contest Winners!!

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Well, the votes have been tallied and the SWM Members have spoken!  Please help me in congratulating the winners as well as all of the participants for their incredible entries. Also, since everyone had their favorites (EVERY entry received points), I would encourage you consider commissioning them in the future! Thanks again, everyone, for making this contest such a huge success!
It was a tight race at the top but here are your TOP 3 entries based on your voting point totals:


kkr222 lana flight tn


1st Place  - $200 Grand Prize

Lana Lang (Flight) by KKR222

Recently gaining the powers of Superman and Supergirl, Lana Lang starts a new life in the super hero business and becomes the newest addition to the Justice League.  With no jurisdiction, she's free to go wherever help is needed.  (1 of 3 in the series)

Artist:  KKR222


KFour9 daphneVelma tn  

2nd Place - $125 Prize

Daphne/Velma by KFour9

 While investigating the mysterious goings-on at the Farnsworth Pharmaceutical factory, Daphne and Velma are captured by the Toxic Terror and flung into a vat of chemical waste--which unexpectedly endows them with super-powers! The daring duo easily overcome the factory's armed security force before rescuing their teammates from the fake phantom--who turns out to be Mr Farnsworth himself!

 Artist:  KFour9

fradarlin batgirl tn  

3rd Place - $75

Batgirl by Fradarlin

Cornered by Supergirl and Batgirl, Lex Luthor fires his "de-super-izer" at the Maid of Might. But when Batgirl throws herself in the ray-gun's path, the powers draining from Supergirl are transferred to her! Until the dauntless damsels find a way to reverse the effect, the criminals of Gotham City will come to fear a new nemesis--Super-Batgirl!

Artist:  Fradarlin







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