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After several teases on their Judgment Girl YouTube channel, it appears as the team at Wicked City Girls are nearing the completion of their post-production and ready to unleash their own brand of uberness to the masses.  As their production team name suggests, I wouldn't expect their girls to be rescuing too many cats out of trees, but I might be wrong.  But I doubt it.....

Anyways, WCG was kind enough to provide SuperWomenMania with some exclusive peeks as to what is coming in the VERY near future.  I don't know when the exact release date is set for (oh, I asked), but I would highly anticipate it being sometime in September.  And even better, we can expect not one, but THREE initial releases from them which will not only star Jess but also a few other superpowered beauties.  So, here is a brief synopsis on two of their planned releases  along with a few sneak peeks (click images for larger view):

Charlotte, a down-on-her-luck college freshman, sees her world turned upside down when she begins developing superhuman abilities. Charlotte's new-found powers are then put to the test when her evil doppelganger Charlie shows up. 

Speculum 001 Speculum 004 Speculum 005


Unbound: Nemesis
On the day before her 18th birthday, Callie is told by a mysterious warrior that she has been chosen to fight an ancient war between good and evil.  Of course, Callie has other plans in mind...

Nemesis 001 Nemesis 002 Nemesis 004
Nemesis 008 Nemesis 006 Nemesis 009


I sincerely hope you all support them and buy their videos when they launch, as this high-quality type of uberness doesn't grow on trees in our little corner of the internet.  And remember to stay tuned here for the latest updates from Wicked City Girls as well as all your other favorite "girl power" producers.


UPDATE 9/4/14

Trailer for Nemesis now released:



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