Bounty Hunter

09 Nov 2007 07:48 #10816 by shadar
Bounty Hunter was created by shadar
The linked picture is seriously NSFW !!

I'm considering a new character for the Aurora Universe.

It's a credit to Velor that most Velorians remain focused on
Enlightenment goals, even when living off Velor. Their loyalty is
remarkable, given the freedom their powers bring them.

A few are cut from a different cloth.

This is Elektra. Born a Matra, she grew up off-planet, daughter of a
research scientist who traveled to many worlds. Having grown up with
a Velorian's powers, unencumbered by gold, she refused to return to
Velor with her father.

Now she's out there with a "For Hire" sign up, performing just about
any task that someone can afford to pay her for. Bounty hunting,
claims enforcement in the mining community, special law enforcement,
surveillance, espionage, bodyguard. She's even hired herself out as a
hit woman, although to her credit, she screens her clients and their
desired targets, accepting only assignments that will take a corrupt
or dangerous person (in her opinion) out of circulation. She's even
up for sexual favors, if someone can afford her astronomical fee.

In the later case, a very wealthy client has asked a strange favor of
her -- let's call it an exploration of power and invulnerability
combined with some rather personal exploration. I'll let you decide
what's going on if you choose to view the picture. It's definitely
adult, to put it mildly.

I haven't decided what to do with Elektra, but she could be an
interesting character, given she doesn't have the same moral
boundaries as other Velorians. Also, she's wanted by the
Enlightenment, so running into a Protector would not be good. She
moves around on Scalantran ships (diving wormholes would be risky for
her -- she's not trained to navigate them),always traveling in one
disguise or another until she connects with a potential client.

She intends to become wealthy enough to buy her own piece of the sky
-- a livable moon -- and start a colony for other expat Velorians who
don't want to return home. Sort of like rich people who buy islands,
she'd be able to claim political autonomy if she owned a world.

The politics of that world would be interesting. What would the
eventual inhabitants (perhaps both Velorians and Arions) do to make a
living? Same as Elektra? Would the Great Powers tolerate her?

The original photoenhanced picture caught my eye because the artist
depicted the slender muscularity of her legs exactly right, at least
as it relates to my image of what a Vel would look like. Same for
rest of her body. Also the skintight nature of her outfit is perfect,
albeit an odd design. Obviously, YMMV on these points.


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