Red Sonja

17 Nov 2007 20:30 #10927 by shadar
Red Sonja was created by shadar
I've always been intrigued by the Red Sonja character for a number of reasons, but one thing that never made sense was that a swordswoman wasn't covered in scars. Also that her arms were thin, yet she could out-duel any man with a sword.

Well, this drawing suggests the reason, given that she's walking unharmed out of an inferno. In AUVerse-terms, she's a Velorian Proto -- one of the products of early Galen experimentation with humans. Am early stop on the way to the Homo Sapien Supremis or, if you prefer, Kryptonians.

In this case, the Galen are already experimenting with gold as a control device, and she wears gold armbands around her upper arms to keep her strength low enough so as to not break her swords (steel of that age had its limitations), but still enough to take down any man. And she carries plenty of energy. Her skin can't be cut either.

Anyway... food for thought.

Other images of Red: (NSFW)


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