Jodie Marsh

29 Nov 2007 21:27 #11018 by shadar
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I see one of the biggest problems of using superstrength, heat vision, flight powers, etc, is that they would all demand immense amounts of energy, far more than could be satisfied from metabolism.

My Velorians solve that problem by storing Orgone energy in their breasts (the most easily expandable part of the body). A neat trick of genetic engineering. A cup to DD cup, is all a matter of how much they'd absorbed.

Which means, if you are going into a fight against a Vel, her bust size is going to tell you a lot about how long she can fight. Big boobs are intimidating (a strange thought on its own).

And if she's on our side, you definitely want to help her get seriously charged up before a fight, even if none of her clothes fit afterward.

If that's all true for Ms. Marsh here, she's going to be like the super-Energizer bunny... she'll keep going and going and going and going.

I hope to heck she's on our side. Otherwise, we're doomed.


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29 Nov 2007 21:51 #11019 by paulsamiga
Replied by paulsamiga on topic Jodie Marsh
And th think shes a super Energizer bunny with out super powers. :wink:
imagine her with super powers. :shock:

Also she and Katie Price are rivals so think of the all the destruction they would do fighting each other. :shock:

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