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11 Aug 2015 05:02 #43564 by argonaut
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Kacy Catanzaro: 5' 0", 100 pounds, "American Ninja Warrior." I'd never heard of her, or the show, until I did a little research after seeing this commercial during an airplane flight yesterday:

Besides the gymnastic skills on display here, she can lift some impressive weight.

The U.S., Women's Soccer Team, Ronda Rousy, Kacy Catanzaro -- we're living in a time of kick-ass women.
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11 Aug 2015 14:05 - 11 Aug 2015 14:06 #43566 by lfan
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I'm a big ANW fan to the point where I am currently building a "small OCR course" being built in my backyard. :) Some of the athletes that compete on this show are truly amazing, including Kacy and a few other women. Kacy got knocked out early this year after her historic run last year, but she is still something to marvel. Her physique is my quintessential blueprint for an ubergirl -- short and lithe and packed with power!

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