THe Rebirth of Supergirl

04 Feb 2010 02:18 #18159 by deathgeonous
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Ok, my personal favorite supergirl story is a fan fic. A fan fic that has been written on and off for the last eleven years, is extremely long and has to my joyful happiness just been updated with three new chapters.

The fic does not truely have a name, so I personally just call it 'The Rebirth of Supergirl.' It is the 'core universe' in a bunch of universes based off of DC, with some Marvel thrown in. The site it's on is called 'The Continuum Worlds', and it is the subsection called 'The Multiverse'.

It's basic premise, to start off with because it goes all over the place, is that the origanal Kara Zor-El that died in 1985 in the original Crisis, comes back to life in the Marvel Universe thanks to Rao, Access, Reed Richards and Steven Strange. And then it takes off like a rocket, leading to such highlights as a Kara/Rouge Relationship, Kryptionian Rouge, Green Lantern She Hulk, Pocket Universes, Dark Earth, and finally getting shunt out of the Marvel Universe and into a crazy DC/Marvel fused universe that has of all things, a GOOD EX-PRESIDENT LEX LUTHER!!! That meeting was something, let me tell you that.

If you like the original Supergirl and felt she got the shaft, and enjoy well written, if slightly uber and crazy, fan fiction, give this fic a try. I not to good with links so jsut look up 'The Continuum Worlds' and look for 'The Multiverse' Now, i personally will be taking advantige of my extreme case of the flu to reread this entire fic plus the first three new chapters in about two years.

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05 Feb 2010 01:02 #18169 by eavatar
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give us the link!

Going ahead is the only one way to go to the future.

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05 Feb 2010 01:15 #18170 by Raa
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It has been a long long time for me on reading that site. It was always entertaining. So here the link if anyone wants it.

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