Good Intentions by Elliot Kay

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Found another ebook with some ubergirl action in it on Amazon.

Good Intentions is the story of Alex Carlisle, a nice but kind of geeky college student who starts out the book sneaking into a cemetary to get good pictures for his photography class and impress a couple of girls he has a crush on. The action starts almost immediately when he encounters what appears to be some cultists doing a ritual that involves torturing and raping a couple of women.

It turns out that they were not women, one is a demon - a succubus to be specific - and the other is an angel, and the ritual was intended to bind them into service to the cult leader. Naturally, Alex interrupts them and ends up bound to them.

The ubergirl action is somewhat limited - while Lorelei, the succubus, is stronger and tougher than a mortal human, her preferred style is seduction or, when that fails, stealth. The angel, Rachel, however, is more than a bit of a bruiser. At one point she runs across Seattle in two minutes to help Alex when he is in trouble. She crushes a guy's hand when he gropes her, and smashes a combat-type demon with a burning SUV.

The story is mostly a fairly straightforward magical girlfriend/harem story. Alex gets the girls - all the girls, pretty much - and a lot of the book is dedicated to his sexual encounters. Still, there is some action, and some of it is pretty decent ubergirl action. If you like a story with lots of sex, this is going to be a decent if not perfect ubergirl story. However, the ubergirl action is not the central point. Lots of problems are solved through other means - Lorelei is sneaky and mainpulative. There are a couple of witches (sexy witches, naturally) who use magic. Alex and his friends are able to handle quite a few problems with plain old mortal courage. And when all of that fails, there is a serious ass-kicking angel around to bust out the literal (and very violent) wrath of God.

Also, there are vampires and a werewolf. Pretty much mooks and a bit character, though - the major characters view vampires in particular as bottom feeders of the supernatural world.

There is a sequel, Natural Consequences. Rachel is significantly powered up in the sequel, but even more restricted by the rules that govern angelic behavior, though, so while there is some ubergirl action there, it seemed less satisfying to me. Still tons of sex, though - but even that is toned down. A bit.

Amazon link: Good Intentions by Elliot Kay
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