Happy Holidays!

24 Dec 2009 23:21 #17833 by argonaut
Happy Holidays! was created by argonaut
My personal life has been "high-maintenance" lately, and I haven't been very active on the forum. I'm hoping to do some catching up over the next few days -- reading the new stories, joining in some of the conversations, and hopefully finishing the new chapter of "The Supergirl of Smallville."

In the meantime, here's my traditional holiday poem -- SWM's equivalent of all those cheesy Christmas specials on TV:


'Twas the night before Christmas at Argonaut's house.
Argo logged off with a click of the mouse.
He'd read all the posts at his favorite site,
And now what to do with the rest of the night?
He straightened the star at the top of his tree
And put on his Christmas with Elvis CD.
Stoking the blaze on the hearth with a log,
He poured some Jack Daniels into his 'nog,
Then settled way back in his comfiest chair
As strains of "Blue Christmas" were filling the air.
Maybe he'd have a late snack by and by
(There was leftover turkey, and blueberry pie)
But for now he leaned back and rested his eyes ...
Then he sat upright again in surprise.
What's that? he wondered. What's going on?
For he clearly heard footsteps out on the lawn.
He strode to the window and peering outside,
He beheld ... Could it be? His eyes opened wide.
For standing outside in the winter-y cold
Was a beauty whose hair fell in ringlets of gold.
Her cape was bright red -- her miniskirt too --
And her blouse -- like her eyes -- was a deep, vivid blue.
And enblazoned across her superlative chest
Argonaut saw a familiar red "S."
He blinked -- then again -- then he let out a yell,
For he knew right away it was KARA ZOR-EL.
The damsel leapt up from the snow-covered ground
And in through the window she came in a bound.
She shook a light dusting of snow from her cape
And giggled as Argonaut stood there agape,
She presented a gift, while curtsying low,
Wrapped in red paper and tied with bow.
"And now," said the damsel, "I really must go!
I'm flying all over the planet tonight,
Visiting everyone else from that site:
With a toss of her head and a wink of her eye
She sprang through the window and into the sky.
And as she flew off Argonaut heard her say

Happy holidays to everyone at SWM!


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25 Dec 2009 04:58 #17834 by brad328
Replied by brad328 on topic Re: Happy Holidays!
Here's to another four years, at least, of this holiday tradition.

Much like A Charlie Brown Christmas, this is required for each holiday.

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25 Dec 2009 18:14 #17836 by Sarge395
Replied by Sarge395 on topic Re: Happy Holidays!
Well I'll be leaving my door wide open tonight in anticipation!

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26 Dec 2009 20:29 #17840 by Random321
Replied by Random321 on topic Re: Happy Holidays!
Top notch Argo ~ thanks! haha :D

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30 Dec 2009 00:08 #17851 by sgfan05
Replied by sgfan05 on topic Re: Happy Holidays!
Sorry I didn't see this before, great work Argo.

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