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10 Nov 2005 12:37 #3453 by Cycore
Nobody you'd know was created by Cycore
A small thing to read if you will, well sorta long, sorta incomplete, and sorta not the typical thing you're used to. I tried to relate one of my experiences to better describe myself, but got off topic in a ramble. Read if you will.

Oh god, what am I doing here? :shock:

I warn you before you continue, I'm not a good story teller in person, for I barely say a word and shy away from any details. I'm not a good story teller online, for a ramble off topic with random details. Good luck, and if your sanity feels endangered, bail out.

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10 Nov 2005 12:38 #3454 by Cycore
Replied by Cycore on topic Re: Nobody you'd know
Encounter: A Babel Session By Cycore


I suppose I can't properly tell my tale without revealing one of my deepest secrets. I shall try my best to fill in the details where I can.

I suppose it was three or more years ago now. I forget what I had been doing that day, but I know that it had been a pleasant, if exhausting break from sitting in front of a computer screen.

I'm not much of an athletic person, more along the lines of a hermit. I keep to myself, have few but very close friends and a morally healthy if a little sarcastic, love for life in general. None of that changes the fact, that I love the concept of a woman having super strength. Of course, who doesn't, especially around the sites I travel?

It never started out as a fetish, more of a curiosity... but don't they all. I suppose when I was young, I was for one strange day in the care of two older girls, just while my parents were visiting. I'm talking real young, somewhere between 4-6 years old. It was the first time I had held particular interest in any other toy other than building blocks. Sheera!

Not only did they play with the dolls, but had made themselves shiny paper costumes in favor of the show and spent many days role-playing. Since I was new to the deal, I was naturally cast as the villain, whose job was to try to sneak around, pretending to be evil. Of course, as soon as I was found out, I was to flee. Which wasn't hard to pretend to do, the girls were a lot bigger and stronger than me, so when they say I couldn't win against them, I held no arguments. There are so many other details to that day, but I am rambling, and this is not the story I wish to tell.

Skip ahead to my VCR days, when during my growing appeal to low budget movies I find a sudden fascination with particular titles featuring tough looking, or actually super-strong female characters. I took me many years to finally figure out that was the trait all the movies had in common. Staying up so many late nights, VCR control mounted in my hand, watching super-feats in slow motion, frame by frame. Throatlifts became my favorite. The absolute domination by a woman to grab her opponent in one hand and lift them... well you've heard that before. Needless to say I became fixated watching movies, searching for what many call TL's.

Skip ahead past the tragedies of VCR's and tapes to the purchase of a video camera, by family spending of course. By then, I had already had my first encounter. Here, I suppose I've wasted enough of your time not to at least touch upon that experience.

At the time my family was vacationing up at my grandma's cottage. I forget if my Grandpa was still alive, it doesn't matter. I wasn't in high school yet, but pretty close to finishing public, I think.


In the dead of the night, I found myself lying awake staring at the ceiling in darkness from the mess of my sleeping bag. I never was one to stay still in the night and the thing had ruptured at the zipper. Deciding to have a stretch. I walked outside on the back veranda, keeping the lights off of course. The bugs eat you alive up there at that place. I remember thinking to myself about a movie I had watched the same night, disappointed me because of its lack of uberness, even though the actress looked like she was unstoppable. Forget the title, not important anyway. I remember trying to picture the scene in my mind where I would re-write the part to my liking.

I suddenly shuddered and looked around into the stillness of the wilderness. I had just had what I later learned was one of my panic attacks. I'm not sure why it hit me at that moment, but it did. I felt chilling breeze down my spine, even if only a warm one was tickling my pajama legs. I re-entered the cottage and my first thought was natural instinct, bathroom break. I crept down the dark hallway, being as quiet as possible. Not realizing, I was revisiting old childhood memories of creeping about, having to watch out for warrior women who would capture me with their superior strength. What do you know, I bet that game was spawned by the Sheera experience too, weird.

The bathroom was a small room, tiled white to reflect the light, trying to make it look more inviting, than the rat traps and dead bugs on the sink suggested. After conducting my business, I sat on the toilet, pondering in random thought, when the light above me, flashed erratically. I guess I'm on a sucker for a blinking light. Hey, my light just flickered as I typed this, creepy! Did yours? Well, I stood upon the seat to see if there was a big interesting bug bumping the bulb, not that I've ever seen a bug interfere with a light, watched too many cartoons I guess. I'm not one for heights, another anxiety thing, so I focused, not looking down, but looking at the ceiling. As I leant forward and peered around the light fixture something happened that I didn't expect.

I had a vision. They are like dreams, except you get them when you are awake, and you don't have the use of your subconscious to convince you the impossible is happening. Sorry, I study dreams, another hobby.

The bathroom was replaced with a large white room, with white spiral pillars and white wooden screens. Light was reflecting off everything, shining onto itself like the gleam of a glistening lake. The ceiling was very far away, about two times the height of a normal one, much taller than that of the bathroom. I am unable to talk, and hesitant to move, but I do look around. I'm not gazing long before an earth shattering entrance captures my full attention. I look forward and see a giant hole, smashed through the side of the far wall of the large room. I can't see anything inside, for there is more white light streaming from the opening.

A woman steps through, a big woman. Long before I had ever seen one on the Internet or in a movie, she was some mass of muscle, twice my size, far taller than any normal man. Everything about her, screamed power! She wore white garments that did not reflect the light, only that and her pale white hair had no added illumination. She wastes no time approaching me, smashing huge columns to pieces to either side of her.

I don't remember what I say to her, probably an expression of puzzlement. Her skin deals with the light another way, and after a while of seeing this massive, powerful woman, dressed in some warrior gown, I realized the light from the room and everything else was emanating from within her skin. Sure enough behind her, where she had come from was a shade of darkness and the hole in the wall, barely visible. She looked down at me and smiled. Not a friendly smile mind you, but not cruel either. Now that I think about it, her smile filled me with anticipation at the time. It conveyed to me, she knew what I was doing here, even if I did not.

She pushed me in the chest, and my body flew back against the wall. Before I had even the slightest notion of wondering if I was hurt, she was upon me again. Her muscles may have been massive, but her small hand disappeared from view as it wrapped itself around my throat and lifted me against the wall. I wish I could describe what exactly happened next, but the truth is, it happened a little too fast for me to follow, or perhaps I drifted in and out of consciousness.

I remember struggling at times against her grip, not in any effort to get away mind you, just in the sheer amazement, of how I was so helpless against her strength, and that this was really happening to me. I was pulled close into her chest at times, probably buried between her breasts. Sorry, I can't really describe them for you since they were under her gown. At a time, she lifted me to the ceiling by my neck, in such a way that my legs dangled to either side of her arm. She then bounced me up and down upon her arm muscles. I believe I blanked out again after only a bit of that. And this is really strange to say these things, because, although I like ubergirls, I generally prefer the very opposite to the type she was. But I had never in my wildest dreams experienced anything so real, so pure, and so powerful.

Now the question I must ask myself after nearly re-telling everything I remember in my mind, is did this goddess, this muscle woman rape me? Well, I'll let you decide. I don't recall any acts of sexual contact, and believe me I was very ill taught in such things and only learned about what an erection was through a few movies just before I discovered the internet. I told you, I'm like a hermit, I had many other things to occupy my time, and many other things to remain ignorant of until later in life.

In an instant, which is what I'm assuming it was, even though it felt like hours... I climbed down from the toilet as if not a single moment had passed. Hell, my legs get weak with regards to heights and I didn't lose my balance during that whole experience. I did find myself mysteriously wet in the groin region. Being the ignorant child I was, I assumed for many years, that I somehow I was so scared during the experience that I pissed myself. How embarrassing, but now looking back on it, I bet it wasn't the case at all. Regardless what actually did happen, I liked it!

Can you imagine what a foolish obsession it is to wait until the middle of the night go to the bathroom and try standing on the toilet seat, hopping to rekindle some of whatever happened that day. I still to this day do stand on toilet seats when I can't sleep. Not that I still hold hope of seeing that woman again, old habits are hard to break.

Oh wow, again, this isn't the tale I wanted to tell, but merely a prelude to what I wanted to say. If you haven't figured it out by now, I ramble. I type the words as I dictate them in my head. After all this isn't some story I'm being creative with. With those, I keep re-writing them endlessly, hardly ever finishing any. This is more of an opinion on an event that happened in my life that was really strange. And believe when I tell you, strange experiences aren't something new to me. My mom's side of the family had a flicker of psychic energy, and I think that contributes to it. I have very rarely had visions when I am awake. And man, there's so much I could talk about visions, but damn it, I'm here to discuss a most shameful, well it would be to tell any of my friends. I only tell my mom some of my secrets. My parents are very open minded, but well I'm a shy guy, a hermit, and I have enough trouble getting my life in order. But I hope this interesting memory has brought you a tad of enjoyment. Sorry it's so long and sorely disjointed.

But I'll tell you one very important fact that will link them together, so that if I ever continue this thing, you can draw your own conclusions. In each encounter, which is always different in every way, I can never recall a single feature from any the women's faces. I know they had faces, because they used them to smile, to speak and they had the most beautiful faces. I study dreams as a side hobby, and I am very good at remembering details about how characters look and act, even if I make them up. But these encounters, the faces are blocked from me. I can remember everything I felt when seeing the various expressions, but not a single positive feature of their face. If you knew the full tale you'd know how important this detail was and is.

Now for any who are completely lost in my madness and think I should possibly check myself into the nearest asylum. I say to you this...

I wish it would be that easy... But the truth is, reality is a bit more complex than what we'd like to perceive and in this particular instance, I just wish I could return to that moment in time and be with that amazing woman once more.

APOLOGY (sorry had to)

By the way, if you read my nice intro again now, you'll notice it doesn't match up the story I told because I got off topic.

So, so, SORRY, *begging* forgive me!!

Okay, I'm going to shutup now.

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10 Nov 2005 14:32 #3456 by jdrock24
Replied by jdrock24 on topic Re: Nobody you'd know
Very interesting. I'm not sure about the "standing on the toilet in order to fall asleep" part, but I can identify with most of the rest of it. :wink:

Welcome to the board.

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11 Nov 2005 12:36 #3477 by Cycore
Encounter, Part 2: By Cycore

Now that the messy introduction is out of the way as such, I'm going to take another stab at trying to tell the main experience. I've spent some time reviewing the information in my head first, so as to stay on topic for a change. Here it goes. There were a number of loose ends left with the previous rambling, sadly this won't tie them all.


Since the first encounter, I had been hopelessly addicted to my fantasy of a woman being incredibly super strong and unstoppable. An obsession, that at many stages throughout my life, I had pushed away from and eagerly returned to, failing to keep my mind free of such things.

My younger sister used to beat me up in my youth and push me around. Once we were a little older, that animosity, between us siblings, died down to an understanding of respect. However, with the arrival of the video camera, I was fascinated with movie making. For fun, we would use it to film her beating the crap out of me, in pretend of course, even though the inspiration of the events were based upon the real pummelings of my youth.

I even once convinced her to pretend to throatlift me, but the footage never got edited and near the final years of high school, the video camera was taken at some point. Probably pawned by one of her fake friends.

As for the footage, I remember it was quite amateur, one take stuff. A scene where she pushes me against my bedroom wall. Another where she places her hand around my neck and I would struggle, unsuccessfully. Well, okay, I had to do a few takes of that, since every time I grabbed her arm, she'd start giggling. A floor shot, of my feet rising against the wall. For that one, she lifted me by my armpits, which was a lot easier for her than I thought it would be. And the classic, standing on a chair, as it looks like she's holding me up to the ceiling. I also had an unknown sports watch fetish at the time, so we pretended, that it was her watch that made her super strong.

The Internet arrived into our household, a little while before the camera went missing. And at the time, I used our dial up connection to yahoo search for "throatlift" stories late at night. Graphics in games had evolved and I found myself reveling in the ones where the main character either was female or the hero got his ass handed to him by some villainess. A trend that stills continues to this day. Once I started finding clips of super-strength taken from movies, I was hooked. But although my searching for such content was constant, I wasn't entirely accepting the fact I was spending so much energy upon this secret hobby. Now would come the moment of acceptance...


Three years ago roughly, when I was still living back in Stoney Creek. I had been quite exhausted that day, but proud that I had spent an entire day getting much needed exercise, by staying away from my computer. But one day is all I would really want to spend at a time doing such a thing.

I lay in bed, dreaming soundly, when I awake to a noise from the door to my room. I sit up and realize my door is shut, which is unusual, because I keep it open to let the cats in and out at night. Another most unusual thing is that the two cats that sleep with me were no where in sight. I mean, they always sleep on my bed or near. One of them cries if he can't be around me all hours when I am home.

I was too tired to get out of bed, so I lay back down, to gather my strength. I was planning to get up and open my door so whomever on the other side could enter. As I was laying there thinking to myself about random thoughts, a flash of light blinded my eyes. It didn't seem to come from my room. Actually it happened so instantly that I have no idea where it could have come from.

Suddenly I find myself standing in an open meadow on a dull, but warm day. I am dressed in some sort of armor, but as I look myself over wondering if I had fallen asleep, my attention is diverted to an army of soldiers walking toward me. They hold their weapons at their sides and gather before me, with panicked faces. I felt like I was in some medieval setting, which I am always a sucker for those type of movies.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"My lord, she's coming! We cannot stop her. All of our defenses have failed."

"Who's coming?" They never answered me. Their gaze and mine flew far across the grasslands over to a figure off in the distance against the background of the dull yellow sky.

A woman stood upon the furthest hill, her height no taller then any of the soldiers. For a strange reason I could see her, even though I know my eyesight could never reach half that far. She had dark hair that stopped at the outline of her shoulders. She wore a simple leather top, to which I could see her half mounds rising from her beautiful body. Small straps of leather were wrapped around all the major joints, but mostly her flesh was showing. She held in her hand the bloody form of a dead soldier, whose legs dragged on the ground as she walked forward.

"What shall we do?" The soldier asked me in a panic, but I hadn't an answer for them. I was too busy being entranced, watching this warrior goddess, grace across the land before me.

"Protect his lordship!" Finally one announced and many of the warriors, who hesitated in fear, finally drew their weapons and began a half-hearty charge toward the beauty.

I watched, as she stopped walking, and let go of the dead man in her grasp. Before the body had hit the ground, she had impossibly moved the rest of the distance up to engage my protectors. It wasn't like a blur… I saw every fluent motion. Time remained constant, but somehow she had moved faster than time itself.

The woman was upon the army, picking up the soldiers and snapping them to pieces, in halves, beheadings and letting their bits drop to the ground. She would take her time, grabbing one or two at a time and dealing with each before moving on to the next. The weapons and the blades just seemed to bounce off her body… as if not her armor, but her very skin was steel, far stronger than any could imagine. She never smiled, she never frowned… she just killed.

In just a few moments of slaughter, my army was reduced to half and bodies were beginning to bounce along the ground and fly through the air, in my direction. I didn't dodge out of the way as much as I did duck, but never dared to take my eyes of the carnage that frightened me and at the same time aroused my very being.

She continued to slap, lift and slam the remaining pathetic men to their deaths. I could swear I heard the crouch of one such fling as the body sailed off into the distance and disappeared against a castle wall. When I turned back, everyone was dead and the woman was standing only a few feet from me, her expression of some secret purpose, unflinching.

She reached out and grabbed my chest armor. The armor crumpled in her grip, as easily as one would crunch a piece of paper. I used both of my hands to tightly grip her arm as she lifted me off of the ground. She reached up with her other slender hand and gripped another chunk of my armor, right next to the first. In a single fluid motion, she separated her hands, tearing my heavy thick armor in half down the middle, and off of my body.

Where the armor had touched my flesh during its removal, it felt like the numerous small scratches had been made with a hot poker. My arms were numb, but surprisingly not broken. I found myself dropped to the ground, as the armor had ripped away. I stumbled backward but kept my balance. As she approached me once more, I unexpectedly leaned backward and fell over.

"Get up." Were the first words I ever heard her say. I obeyed. She grabbed me by my neck and threw me backward a couple feet. I lay on my back, feeling bruises all over my body. I thought I felt blood running from my wounds, but saw only sweat. She walked up and stood over me, in her warrior leather boots.

"Get up." She tells me again, a little more impatient.

"No." I say, in a half pleading, half resisting tone.

She crouches down without bending and grips me by my throat. After standing straight, letting me dangle, she throws me once more, a little further this time. She keeps her distance as I gaze at her in my painful state.

"Get up." She repeats, not moving forward.

"Why?" I ask her, tears in my eyes.

"We're not there yet."

I didn't understand what she meant, but I felt a small comfort in the fact that she was willing to talk to me. Hell, she had brutally slaughtered, whatever army I was supposed to be the ruler of. I hesitate a moment, waiting for something to happen, she doesn't move, doesn't speak. Just continues to look in my direction. Finally I stand up, though very slowly and feeling very sore.

She smiles, slightly. I am reminded of my first encounter, though I didn't think about it at the time. In an instant she stood in front of me and pushed me gently in the chest. I say gently, because at the moment, it didn't look like she was trying to strike me. Never the less, I flew the furthest distance yet, slamming into the side of a grassy hill, my form still sliding upward, dragging my armored boots through the disturbed ground. I closed my eyes in agony and when I opened them again, the woman of course was right there, standing over me.

"Good." She said and kneeled down over top of me, pinning my lower body and legs. Before I could ask what I was thinking at the time, her hand shot out and gripped my neck once more. She started to pull my head forward, and slam it back to the ground. I grabbed her arm with both my hands just to hold on. After a while, she held my neck to the ground tightly, and I began to feel very funny, with the lack of oxygen.

Suddenly, my vision is kind of blurry and I am starring at the ceiling of my room. What I notice right away, is I'm still having trouble breathing. I try to sit up and find that I cannot. I reach my hands up to my neck and to my horror, they feel something that shouldn't be there. I trace the form of the woman's invisible hand, down to her arm and grab onto what should be empty air, but it isn't.

My bed begins to creak as I struggle, and a moment later, I am back on the battlefield, lying on the hillside, my tormentress still holding me down, laughing as she bounces upon my groin region. When I open my eyes in the waking world nothing is there and as I close them, I am back again, underneath her. I had never had such a strange and scary experience. Finally she stops bouncing as all my remaining strength is taken from me as I soak myself. She disappears from my vision and I am back in my room. I feel horribly drained, but grateful I can breathe once more. I start to jump out of bed when I black out.

The next morning, I find myself lying at the opposite end of my room, next to a fresh dent in my wall and a nice welt on my head. Not that my head hurt much, I've been sustaining such injuries most of my life. I had no idea what had happened. I tried to recall as much as possible and the events you just read are all I can remember. Naturally I try to picture the face of the mysterious woman, and again as in my first encounter, I just can't get it right. I spent all that time looking at her, and as much as I try I can only get every other feature, than the one I want.

That day I used the power of the Internet to see if I could find out if there was any meaning behind anything that happened that night. I spent a few hours searching about and came across an article on Succubi and how it was believed that they would strangle you in the act of sex and steal your soul. How some legends tell about them targeting virgins and try to seduce them into their power. Parts of the legends sounded eerily similar but there were always things that never fit, and although I wanted to believe I had discovered something, I had a feeling, it would take a little more work than a few hours to unravel.

I used the Internet to research everything I could about a Succubus and finally started looking through the google image search. The concept of such a creature isn't new to me, since I played enough games before hand. As I was looking over and lusting for some of the images being displayed, my whole computer shuts down. Even my beautiful battery backup, fails instantly. After my usual cursing, I stare at the blank screen, holding my head in hands. For an instant, if just enough to let me look, I see the image of a woman looking at me, in the reflection, as if she were standing right behind me. Of course I turn around, what else is one supposed to do. I even feel outward into the empty air just to make sure she isn't still there.

I never saw her again, but my mind was made up. Whatever happened, I survived, and had the experience of a lifetime. During the next few months I lay in bed wishing she would return, but she hasn't until this day.


What were those women, who allowed me to play out my deepest desires, which were even still a little unknown to me? I wish I at least had a name, since I don't have a face. But like I've said, I have a very open mind, so a lot of strange stuff happens to me.

There's reality that is accepted by all. There is fantasy, which I dream up. And then there is the reality that I know is in-between and not everyone will believe. These experiences fall in the unproven category with all the other stuff with which you have to be careful who you mention to… less they think you mad.

Anyway, I'm totally sold on my super strength fetish now. And although I do write stories, I try to distance them from my experiences. Though my experiences sure inspire some of my work. If you ever notice my yahoo user posted anywhere as lord_cycore, that is part of the reason I still keep it. For it doesn't matter what rank or title you have, because an ubergirl can outmatch you just be being what she is, superior!

Okay, that's all. I've never written a short story about a super strong woman, (I usually write long stuff, and toss in some super feats for some of the characters) but if I ever do, I'll be sure to post it. It also feels great that after all this time, I have finally recorded all that happened to me. Anyway I feel happy and I'm going to shut up now, since I can't seem to find a way to end this.


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